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Period Mail: What do I do if I get my first period at school?

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‘School Scared’ asks: “I am 11 years old. I started puberty about age 9. I have a little kit in my backpack already (I got that off another post ) with 3 pads and extra panties. I haven’t started my period yet but I am afraid that I will start it at school and won’t know who to tell. I have thought out all of the possible worst scenarios and can’t think of a good 1!!!!!! Is there any good scenario?!?! And if I do start it at school, who do I go to?”

The Period Blog answers:

Hey ‘School Scared’,

It’s good to hear that you are planning ahead. You’re right. Getting your first period at school is not ideal but there are steps you can take to make it a better first experience even if you get it at school.

When you get your first period, you may have noticed that you felt a bit wet down there and decided to go to the washroom to check your panties. Or you may have just discovered your period when you decided to use the washroom.

In either case, if this happens – the first thing you want to do is just clean yourself up. Use toilet paper to wipe away the blood. Clean off any blood on your panties if you can.

Your next step is to put on a pad so if you don’t have that in the washroom at the moment, go grab it then go back to the washroom.

If your panties are too soaked, then put on your spare pair.

Then follow these instructions on how to put on a pad.

If you feel comfortable dealing with your first period by yourself then you don’t necessarily have to tell anyone if you don’t want to.

But if you need help, you can always reach out to your parents, an older sibling, teacher (or if you don’t feel like reaching out to your own teacher, you can tell a different one) or the school nurse.

The pad should last you until the you go home but if you feel that the pad is getting full or you feel uncomfortable, then go ahead and change it. That’s why we recommend you carry at least 3 pads with you at all times.

Your friend,
The Period Blog

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