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My Period Diary – My PMS makes me feel depressed

My Period Diary – My PMS makes me feel depressed

I spent the entire day in bed feeling sad

About 1 week before my period started, my PMS symptoms began… First I started to get really irritated at things that normally wouldn’t irritate me. Rude clients at work.. clients not listening to me and wanting to argue when I was just trying to help them. I knew I was feeling off because normally clients don’t get to me and I just brush off their rudeness.

Then that night I felt very depressed. The kind of feeling where you just want to lay down and do nothing. I felt like I was failing at a lot of things in life and I just wanted to lay down and do nothing. That’s exactly what I did the next day – all day… I laid in bed and slept.

It’s weird to think how much my hormones and period disrupts my life sometimes. Cramps, cravings and period diarrhea – that I can deal with. But my PMS can really disrupt my mood and literally my entire day sometimes. #PERIODBRAIN

The next day I felt better and although still emotional and feeling a bit down, I got through my day, went to work and did my usual stuff.

A few days later my flow started just like I expected.

My boobs really hurt right now too. They are swollen and it hurts just walking down the stairs… girls that have experienced this.. you know exactly what I mean!

And while having a period is just so annoying (LOL), I am grateful that I have my period. Several weeks ago I was experiencing some tummy problems and went to see my doctor. She made me take a pregnancy test just to rule that out and though I knew I wasn’t pregnant – the thought of that reality scares me!

Anyways I’m on my period right now. The flow is slow so far and I’m not feeling as irritated as I was a week ago. I’m still feeling emotional though like the kind where watching this commercial can just make me start sobbing! LOL

How is your period? Share with me in the comments section below!

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