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My Period Diary: I got my period in Tokyo!

My Period Diary: I got my period in Tokyo!

I got my period on vacation!
Recently I took a 1 week trip to the amazing city of Tokyo. I had been planning this trip for a longggg time and it was really tough getting the vacation days I wanted so I didn’t plan this trip around my period by any means.

When I was packing, I thought to myself… well I just got my period two weeks ago so I’m not due yet.. but JUST IN CASE I’ll pack some supplies. So I just threw the ziplock of pads and tampons I had packed from my last trip in my luggage.

In the middle of the week I could feel that something was happening in my uterus.. it was cramping a bit and my boobs were so big! These are all my tell tale signs that my period is coming very soon which was ODD because I wasn’t due yet!!

I really didn’t want to get my period on vacation because we were walking around a lot and I hate trying to find a toilet and constantly checking to see if I’m leaking.

The next day, I had spotted quite a lot so I thought for sure that my period was coming early so I changed from a liner to a pad.

And OF COURSE, the day I put on an Always Infinity pad and walk all around Tokyo, there is not a drop of blood. -___-

period meme

At the very end of my trip, I got my period on the flight home which is about exactly 3 weeks since my last period. Thankfully I still had some supplies to use on the last leg of my trip!

Check out my photos from Japan:
japanese pads

Can you spot the Always Infinity?

Can you spot the Always Infinity?

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How was your last period?

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