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My Period Diary: My Always Thin Dailies Pantiliner leaked!

I leaked even with a panty liner?!

I don’t remember the last time I was so excited to get my period but when I got my period exactly one week before my vacation… I was so happy!!! I had a lot of lounging by the pool and beach tanning planned and it would have really sucked to do that on a heavy flow.

I had two really heavy days and I decided that these were going to be strictly tampon days. I work all day and wearing a pad just isn’t comfortable when I’m sitting down and getting up all the time. Because you know sometimes it can feel like this:


On one of the heavy mornings, I woke up to a little leak on my panties and I was half asleep and late for work so I just changed my panty liner without giving it a second thought. I put on my favorite Always Thin Regular Pantiliners.

Always Thin Regular Pantiliners

Later on in the day I thought about it and wondered why was there a leak on my panties even though I was wearing a liner? I thought that okay maybe that didn’t happen because I wasn’t really paying attention in the morning and it was just an old stain. I’m not exactly a morning person.

Then during my break, I felt a bit wet down there so I knew it was time to change my tampon. My panty liner was really wet and I had leaked a lot already but I thought my liner would take care of that.

I peeled back my liner and WTfunk?!?! There was a giant leak on my panties right under the liner! And it was bright red and still wet so I knew that my period just seeped right through the liner.

I was SO MAD because I had been feeling crappy since my period started, I’m losing a lot of blood, I’m tired and PMSing!


See that deep blue color? That’s where there is no leak proof backing. Liquid just seeps right through!

I was really upset because this happened at work and if I waited a little longer, my period would have seeped through my panties and onto my pants. So I wrote to Always and told them about my upsetting experience. Here is their response:

I got a customer service type of response but I understand where they are coming from. I’ve worked in marketing and customer service before and the Always brand is HUGE so they can’t exactly just put out a statement saying there is a bad batch based on my one experience.

I went through a few more liners and found that they were all the same so I’m not exactly sure if this was a bad batch of if this is just how their product is designed (but why would they design a panty liner that lets liquid seep through?!).

It is fair to say that these liners are only meant for daily use like for vaginal discharge but even then, I expect the liner to have some sort of backing so any liquid doesn’t seep through.

My period is over so I’m not upset about this anymore. I bought the big 120 count bag and it is still one of the liners I find myself reaching for every day… BUT I have changed my rating for these liners. Even though Always recommends them for lighter period days, I strongly advise all ladies to NOT use these if you’re bleeding at all.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a panty liner?

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