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My First Period Story: It came during Church!

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Church girl, 11 (Jamaica) writes:

Well mine started at church last year August 24. It was during service when I felt something wet down there. I also needed to go pee but the service was awesome so I waited until it was finished.

When I got to the restroom and pulled down my underwear, something red caught my eye. I was shocked and thought I deficated on my underwear! I sat there thinking what it could be so I smelled it and OMG it was blood!

I called my girl cousin who is 14 and started her period three years earlier. She told me to go home which is right next door to the church.

I wanted to tell my mom but I was too shy to say the word “period” to my mom so my cousin told her for me. Since I started puberty at 6 years old, my mom and I have developed a good relationship so I could tell her anything. My mom had already given me the talk because I was maturing so fast. At 10, I was already developing the breasts of girls in 9th grade. It felt really weird.

My cousin gave me a pad but I didn’t know how to put it on so my mom helped me put it on my underwear. My mom also gave my cousin and I the period talk – what you can and can’t do during your period.

Later that night every female in my house knew I had started my period. They shared that they all started their period at 11 or 12 so I though to myself: How could I start in 4th grade?!

I wanted to tell my best friend about my period but my mom said it was a bad idea because my she was afraid my friend would tell everyone!

Well guess what! It turns out my best friend also started the same time as I did!!

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