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My First Period Story: I bled in the hot tub and thought I was going to die!

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Thought She Pooped Herself writes:

Well, I was a happy twelve year old girl, and when it first came, I was wearing purple undies. Of course, red on purple looks brown!!!

When I first saw my panties, I thought “Uh-oh! Oh noooo! I pooped myself!” (LOL)

I was at home so I just changed my panties and forgot about the whole situation. My family was going to visit my cousins to try out their new hot tub but on the drive over, my tummy was aching the whole time. My mom knew something was up and she told me to sit up because slouching would only hurt my back and stomach more. So I did, but it still hurt, and I was a shy kid so I didn’t want to mention that I pooped my pants earlier.

I stuck it out and when we got there, I went in the spare room with all my other girl cousins. We got into our bathing suits and walked to the basement, where the hot tub was. Anyway, my aunt’s friend was invited, and I’d had a crush on her son Damien since I was FIVE.

I got into the hot tub with the rest of the kids and we chilled for a bit, me and Damien sat next to each other. The other kids got bored eventually and got out. I was left with Damien.

We talked for a bit and he was about to kiss me, but then a pool of red came up from behind me, turning the bubbles around me a deep crimson color before he screamed and ran away, shouting “Ew! EW! EW EW EW EW! You’re disgusting! That’s awful! EW!”

And I was left wondering what the heck had happened??? My mom hadn’t told me about puberty or anything yet, and I thought I was bleeding from the inside out and that my whole life was gonna end in that tub!!!

My mom came down, wondering what all the noise was. I cried as I told her I would surely die, and then she said “We’ll have a little talk when we’re home, I think” and told me about everything, and we both laughed. Until this day, I haven’t told a soul, but as you don’t know me personally, I decided to tell you guys!

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