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My First DivaCup Story: Emma

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Emma writes:

I had read a lot of information online on the Diva Cup before purchasing it ($40 at London Drugs! But now the UBC Womyn’s Centre sells it for $19). Most of people who reviewed it, loved it. Naturally, I assumed I would as well.

I bought Model 1 which the product information states as for “women under 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by caesarean section”. I had watched Youtube videos on the different ways that it can be inserted; the two main ways are the U fold and the Push-Down fold.

The Push-Down fold is infinitely easier because of the scoop-like shape it creates; it’s much easier to ‘slide in’. Unlike a tampon, I couldn’t insert it standing; I had to crouch down. As someone who’s always used pads, I found that an awkward position to be in. I couldn’t insert it with the U fold but the Push-Down method got it in on the second try. You have to not be squeamish about your blood because it will get on your fingers during insertion.

Maybe women who regularly use tampons would find this more comfortable but I felt a little discomfort. I felt like I could feel it. But I also attribute some of that discomfort to the fact that I was consciously aware that there was a cup of silicone inside me. My main problem with the cup is the stem. I could feel it poking me when I sat down (of course, you can always trim it with manicure scissors).

I didn’t have any problems with leakage. Much better than tampons in my opinion. I always leak with tampons.

The removal was a bit messy at first– I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. It’s easy enough to pull out and again, your fingers will get bloody but the cup sort of ‘pops’ (the suction is what makes it leak-proof) when you pull it; I ended up spilling some blood on the floor.

I haven’t been using the Diva Cup, mostly out of laziness and a conscious desire of not wanting to stick things up my vagina.

However, I would recommend it for friends who are tampon-users and are more accustomed to insertion. For everyone though, the process of insertion and removal will take getting used to. I haven’t given up on mine yet! Will wait for next month (at least, I’ve trimmed the stem this time!).

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