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Girl Code: Large Red Stain And Surrounded By Boys!

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Large Red Stain writes:

It was the day after my birthday and it just so happened to be Ash Wednesday. ( I attend a Catholic school so students are required to attend mass.)

My stomach had been cramping the day before on my birthday. I assumed the pain was from eating too much cake! I mean, where else could the pain come from?

I started taking birth control pills one month prior and I assumed I would no longer have periods as long as I took my pill. Of course, you can never have your cake and eat it too (no pun intended.)

I was sitting in mass amongst many of my male classmates when I felt something wet on my inner thighs… I immediately looked down and noticed a large, bloody red stain.

My eyes filled with tears because I knew I had at least another hour to endure this.

I was sitting in an entire aisle of boys without a single one of my girlfriends near me, it was about to be a long mass service. When the priest called the students up for communion, everyone was required to take communion or receive a blessing. I walked toward the alter to receive a blessing  in front of my whole school, hoping nobody would notice my leak.

Unfortunately, a senior boy approached me and told me that I had blood on my pants. He was so kind and even walked me to the office so I could have permission to leave.

Even though I bled through my pants, he still thinks I’m cute and he even asked me to prom. (:

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