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Funny Period Story: I got my first period at a Halloween Party!

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Slender Woman writes:

Alright. This is the funny story of my first period! I was 12 years old and It was Halloween. I go to this boys and girls club after school and we were aloud to dress out so, I dressed up as Slenderman. I was so short though…

My crush went to the boys and girls club too and we went to the hill to wait for the bus. We got on the bus and my crush left his stuff and we got there. I was allowed in the Teen Center, so I stayed there for the day.

I sat on the couch and I felt a weird squishy stuff coming out of my vagina, but I thought I was having a mini orgasm or just vaginal discharge so I ignored it.

When I got home, I was waiting for my cousin to get there so we could go trick or treating, So I went to the bathroom. I saw some brownish,poop stuff in my underwear and I knew it couldn’t be poop. My cousin came in and I pulled her into the bathroom. She said it was period and my mom and her mom came in and said it was period.

My cousins mom screamed “YOURE A WOMAN!!” And that’s my first period. I’m so glad I was wearing two pairs of black pants that day, but I had to go to Disneyland the next day. XD

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