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My First Period Story: I thought I broke my butt!

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Upbeat Teen’s first period story

Upbeat Teen writes:

I was playing outside with my best guy friend’s little brother (and btw I had a major crush on my best guy friend).

I thought it would be cool to build a type rope to walk across so we found this long piece of rope and tied it to the two trees in my front yard.

I got at least half way across when I suddenly hit the splits and fell over! I told my best guy friends brother that I thought I broke my butt! LOL

I ran in the house and went to the bathroom to see if my butt was split in half and I saw blood so I called my mom.

She said it was just my period. I was like no mom I’m pretty sure I broke my butt! And I even told her what happened.

Any way try thats the story of how I got my first period!

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