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Embarrassing Period Story: The whole class saw my period stain!

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embarrassing period story

Embarrassing Period Story submitted by Anna

Anna writes:

So, I was in 3rd period as usual, Math. I thought that it was lunch so I got all excited to use the bathroom (change my pad).

So I got in the classroom, remembered I had three periods before lunch and sank in my chair. It had passed 30 minutes before my teacher let me use the bathroom. And when I got up I didn’t look at my seat, just pulled down my jacket.

When I got in the bathroom I check for a blood stain, and there it was, a bright red period blood stain.

Then, I walked back in the classroom and everyone stares at me. I’m not talking about just 3-5 people, I’m talking about 18-20. Yeah, so I sit down all nervous and junk.

Then, my bff leans over and says there was something red on your seat! She then explained how when she saw it she told the WHOLE CLASS, but it gets EVEN BETTER, OUT LOUD!?

Yeah, to then add, my cousin asked if “it” was on my pants. Then, I got called to go stand up, yet again, and go do makeup work.

So, I get to the bathroom again, pull out my phone, and call my mom. She then tells my GRANDPA! Of all the people, my GRANDPA!?

So, yeah that was my embarrassing period story… Well, hope this inspired you to wear thicker pads and also maxi if your heavy. Stay clean and DRY!

Love, Anna

P.S. I am in 6th grade and this happened last week!

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