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Instead Softcup Preview

Instead Softcup

Softcup is a flexible cup that is worn internally, around your cervix. It collects, rather than absorbs menstrual flow. It’s hypo-allergenic, latex-free and completely safe when used as directed.

Instead Softcup is great for busy women, or women who just don’t want to have to think about changing a pad or a tampon every few hours. Athletes rave about how the Softcup carries them through a long race. Travelers don’t leave home without it.

  • You can wear Softcup for up to 12 hours
  • Softcup is comfortable during swimming and sports
  • Softcup eliminates menstrual odor, since the menstrual flow isn’t exposed to air
  • Softcup loves making love . . .you can wear Softcup during intercourse for less messy sex on your period
  • Softcup is comfortable—you can’t even feel it once it’s inserted
  • Most women typically use fewer Softcups than tampons or pads because of the long wear-time
  • Softcups have no wings, no strings. . . just freedom!

The Instead Softcup is a disposable menstrual cup and has some unique features that I have never heard of before. It is worn around the cervix which is located higher up in the vaginal canal. Other menstrual cups are worn at the bottom of the vaginal canal, close to the vaginal opening.

Instead Softcup recommends you try to insert the Softcup before your period starts just to get the hang of it. Well I tried before and during and did not get it in! The learning curve for this cup is very high. I spoke to several other friends that tried this and they could not get it in either. It was just messy and I ended up wasting a lot of cups.

The band feels flexible but at the same time it is very sturdy and always bounces back to shape.

I can’t use these anymore as I have and IUD. If you have an IUD, speak to your doctor before using these. I think the concern here is that the Softcup may get caught on the IUD tail and somehow pull it out of place.

During Intercourse
During intercourse, the penis slides under the cup and its unique placement keeps the Softcup in place to prevent your period from spilling.

One reader asked: “Does penis size matter when using the Softcup during sex?” I asked Instead Softcup via twitter and here’s their answer below:

Twitter Convo

I think it will really depend on the size of both partners. I hear you can feel the cup in certain positions and you can’t in others so try different positions to see what works for you and your partner.

The Instead Softcup measures:
~22cm in circumference
~7cm in diameter
~9.5cm in length when squeezed flat
~4.5cm in cup length
~1.0cm in width for the pink band

The one I have pictured here is the old model. The newer models look similar and have more structure and shape to its cup.

Instead Softcup

Instead Softcup

Instead Softcup

Instead Softcup

Instead Softcup

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  1. I purchased these in hope for some extra protection as I am a very heavy bleeder. Unfortunately they did not work for me. I tried a few times and I still leaked. I used to use a diaphragm so I know how to put one in correctly. :(

  2. where can i buy thsee?

  3. I’m a bigger girl and I tried these out on my last period. I could not for the life of me get these in place! I made such a mess and wasted so many of these. Has anyone gotten one in successfully? I really want to wear these. I bought a whole box and they are a little expensive. I don’t want these to go to waste. Please help!!

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