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Little Things For Good: Tampon Tins with a side of LOL fun

Little Things For Good: Tampon Tins with a side of LOL fun

“Why should the only solution be to hide the fact we carry tampons around?”

When we think of periods, it’s not normally something we look forward to every month with joy but we can’t deny that all girls have LOL period stories.

Enter Little Things for Good, a socially conscious company that makes LOL tampon tins that ‘tell it like it is’ featuring slogans on the front from real women about periods.

Little Things for Good was founded by Lizzie Earl after finding a lack of products to carry and organize tampons – but rather than creating a product which hid the fact it was to carry tampons, she wanted one that was loud and proud and challenged the taboo of periods in a fun and engaging way.

These little cases also do good like their name suggests – with 15% of the proceeds going towards charities St Mungo’s Broadway in the UK and Sunshine Action in Hong Kong to help provide homeless women with period products.

The tins have been been bought by people from around the world – everywhere from London England to Virginia USA, Hong Kong to New Zealand – and have been supported by magazines like Stylist and Cosmopolitan.

The tampon tins are priced at £10 and ship worldwide.


Which LOL tampon tin do you like?

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