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Always Infinity Pads Review

Always Infinity

The only sanitary napkin of its kind, Always® Infinity® offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel™ that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing® design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots™ designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity hygienic pad is amazing.


Always Infinity pads are made with their revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection.

The absorption for the Always Infinity line include “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight” but the absorption performs the same for all pads. They all absorb 4X more than you may need and the only difference is their size.

The pad is made up of two foam layers. The top one has micro-dots and those are the holes that you see. They act as one way tunnels that quickly absorb your period, locking it in the second layer where it spreads out and is stored securely away from your body so you can feel dry and fresh.

When you change your pad, you can clearly see the layers in action. The top layer looks really clean like it’s barely absorbed anything but the bottom layer will look very full!

The pad allows your skin to breathe and unlike other Always pads, it doesn’t trap any moisture or sweat. The cover works to wick away fluid to keep you feeling dry and keeps the pad from sticking to your skin. It remains comfortable and breathable throughout the wear even on a heavy day.

During Exercise: Hiking

I had committed to a hiking adventure and coincidentally gotten my period on the same day. I was going to wear a tampon but I wasn’t familiar with this trail so didn’t know how long it would be until I got a chance to freshen up again. So I went with Always Infinity.

Throughout the hike, the pad stayed in place and I experienced zero shifting or lifting. It is super thin too so I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper. The pad flexed with my every move and didn’t crease at all. The cover also felt very soft against my skin and didn’t stick to my skin. Thankfully, it was very breathable throughout the entire four hour hike! Even when I felt sweaty, I didn’t feel sweaty down there.

During one part of the hike, my friends and I stopped and sat down by the river to eat lunch. I cringed at the thought of sitting down on a full pad… I could already hear the squishy sound. But to my surprise, it didn’t feel squishy! My period was locked into the bottom layer, and the cover still felt soft. When I stood up, the pad still flexed with my body without sticking to my body. A+!!!

Finally at the end of our hike, I had the opportunity to change my pad in an outhouse. I know I said this already but after a four hour hike, the pad really didn’t stick to my body and didn’t seem to trap any moisture.

Recommend for: Normal to heavy flows, overnight wear, sport wear
Not recommend for: Lighter flows, save these for the heavier days!


The adhesive is held by the plastic wrapping and sticky enough to keep the pad in place during exercise and sport wear. They have long wings to wrap around your panties to ensure they stick and stay in place. I didn’t experience any lifting or shifting at all.


The pads are individually wrapped coloured plastic according to their absorbencies. Regular flow is yellow, heavy is green, and orange is overnight.

Wrapped: 12.0cm by 9.75cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 25cm long by 8cm to 10cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.5m by 10.5cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 27cm long by 8.0cm to 10.0cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.5cm by 12cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 30cm long by 8cm to 10cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

The only sanitary napkin of its kind, Always® Infinity® offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel™ that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing® design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots™ designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity hygienic pad is amazing. Absorbency Always Infinity pads are made with their revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection. The absorption for the Always Infinity line include “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight”…

Review Overview


Summary : Revolutionary absorption power and a super breathable cover that wicks away moisture makes this pad a winner! Always Infinity is a must try for every girl.


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Dedy is the founder of The Period Blog and creator of The Little Red Kit. Her period is around 30 days long and likes to use pads and tampons -although she has tried just about everything including menstrual cups and period subscription boxes!


  1. I have used Always for years, have found them very reliable. I’m 38, have a moderate to heavy flow, and have been this way since I started (my weight has gone up over the years!) But just recently I noticed that my purple 3s weren’t protecting me as much, and I was leaking a lot more, in particular two months ago when I was in our city centre and I had a horrible debacle in the toilet rinsing my underwear and tights – it was that bad and it ruined my day, to be frank. I read the other day that Always have a new system where pads are based on dress size rather than flow. Not only do I now know why my usual pads aren’t protecting me the way they used to, I find it absurd and unhelpful. In my 25 years+ of having periods, I have found that length rather than width, combined with absorbency levels, is what matters most when it comes to pads. Pads were one of the few things where size didn’t matter. You chose them according to your flow, and that could vary whether you were a size 0 or a size 32. Where you didn’t have to feel like crap for choosing a different thing. It felt equal somehow, like we were joined in a common experience not set apart from one another as we are in the fashion industry because of our dress size.
    Always, I’m sorry but big ass does not equate to heavy period. I don’t know where you got that from, but it’s not working for me. And it just makes me feel discriminated against, weirdly, which I never imagined it would, but it does. It gives me a strange feeling. How are the slimmer women with heavier periods served? It’s about length and absorbency. That’s it. Not width, not ass size.
    I wanted to put this out there because I don’t know if other women feel the same as me, especially those of us who have been having periods for years and are well accustomed to the process. This method based on primarily on dress size rather than absorbency just feels wrong. If dress size were so important, why has choosing via absorbency worked perfectly well for me since I was 13, regardless of my size? I have never leaked in all that time as I have done lately, and thanks Always – now I know why 😕

  2. I have an allergic reaction to major brands except Always for 20-30 years. Recently started using the Infinity line. Find the absorpency sucks up natural (non-menstrual) coating around the vulva. and then rips the delicate tissue when removed. These are too absorbant for me. Going back to regular Always…

  3. Before I started using the always infinity pads I suffered a lot. I hate it my period so much, and I tried different brands but I didn’t like it.
    When finally I discovered this pads I was atonish and amaze by the perfection of this pads. They are the best, they are so light it’s doesn’t bother a lot. I like to jog a lot too and if I’m on my days that’s not a problem because of this great pads. Couldn’t be any happier.

  4. I used this a few times throughout the years and can say I am not so thrilled about them. I have heavy periods and even with the wings, the blood goes all around and over the pad. They scrunch up too so useless on the lighter days. I even had an accident at work, I got up and I felt blood dripping down my leg- I found that the foam did not absorb and instead the blood just slipped over the edge. Very embarrassing. Now I know why I don’t buy these often.

  5. Hi.

    I just wanted to share that I love my Always maxi overnight, my purple dinosaurs I call them, they have helped me not be afraid to go out on heavy days. I feel very secure, and with these on my purse everything is going to be okay.

    Lorraine Gregg

  6. So I usually use kotex but I bought a box of always flex foam pads and I got a burning and itching feeling a d Im wondering if there’s styrofoam in them or latex as Im allergic and I never have this problem with kotex brand

  7. Hey!

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem with the infinity as I do – they make A LOT Of sound. I sound like my child in his diaper when I walk – and its worse when I”m wearing loose clothes.

    Something else to make note of – if your cycle is thicker (those with thick cycles will understand) these are great on your days before or your just in case days when its more watery. I find that the quick absorption pulls the wet away fast BUT causes the foam to split and crack making uncomfortable areas – and I also find that when I go to remove it, the back pulls from the rest and sticks – making one heck of a gross mess.

    I’m not a fan of these pads at all – I keep trying them thinking they’ve done product changes (mild ones) but so far, no luck.

    • Hi Kathy K!

      Thanks for sharing your experience! If they’re making a lot of sound, I would suggest you try wearing these with more snug fit panties – it will keep it closer to your body and hopefully move around less, making less noise.

      I’m not sure about the pad coming apart when you remove it though! I haven’t experienced that. I would suggest you contact their customer service to let them know.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  8. I used always infinity once and i really loved it. Been looking for it everywhere in lagos stores but i cant find it. Can someone recommend where to get it

  9. I used the always infinity for the first time they are great but I just finished my period and now i may have a uti can I be allergic always because every time I use any always pad this happens

    • Hi Tammy,

      It’s possible that you may be allergic! You may also want to discuss your personal health with your doctor if this keeps happening! Good luck.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  10. I tried the always infinity flex foam for the first time yesterday. I think it’s the most comfortable pad I’ve ever worn. I had some itching toward bedtime though and began to wonder if these have latex in them, which I’m allergic to. It does not say yes or no on the package, their website or any other website I’ve tried. How frustrating! Now I’m not sure if I can keep wearing them. Switched to always ultra thin and no itching so far. I wish they would put info on latex or say latex free on the box!!!

    • Hi Amanda,

      Hmm I’m not sure if there is latex in it either! The foam is their own invention though. I would suggest you email their customer service!

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

    • Amanda – I’ve been researching this all day and I think you’re right!! Like you, I can find no confirmation, but here’s my experience with these pads. I apologize in advance if this is TMI. I just gave birth to my 4th child. Before I was due, I ordered all the supplies I’d need post partum, including these pads from Amazon. I didn’t tear with this delivery, so I expected an easy recovery, but a few days post partum I was itching and burning like I had 3rd degree tears. I thought maybe I’d just forgotten what post partum recovery was like, but after a week or so of this nonsense I started trying diff things for relief. The pads are weird, kind of chemical smelling, right? And the weird memory foam… I read other reviews on Amazon and a few people mentioned latex. I’m allergic to latex. I googled and googled today and found a few other people who had come to this conclusion. I’m going to contact Always. This is insane.

      • I have the same story! Bought these for post-pregnancy and here I am broken out in hives! I am not technically allergic to latex but have odd and random reactions to things like this. Ugh, what a waste! Throwing them away.

  11. I like these pads. I use the super without wings. I have a very heavy period, and since I started using these I haven’t had any leaks. I wish they had them when I was in my teens, they would have been perfect for using in school when you can’t change as often.

    The only downside is the price. I use these for the heavy days in the beginning and go back to kotex for the end. (kotex super long is what I used before, much cheaper buy tend to leak and fall apart at the back end of the pad. these don’t fall apart but I have noticed the wide end splits in half)

    • Hey KH!

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I agree they are a little pricey. Sometimes the Always Radiant pads/tampons come with coupons. It will say on the box so keep an eye out for those :)!

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  12. I love always infinity pads; they are my lifesaver.i get very heavy flows every month because I had fibroids. It is still heavy even I had the fibroids removed. I have used many different kinds of maxi pads, none of them can prevent leakage. I had to run to the bathroom every one or two hours to change a new one. It isn’t always convenient to do so at work. I felt very stressed out when I am on my period because of the leakage problems. If the heavy days happen to be during the weekend, I would stay home and not hang out with friends. Until I started using always infinity pads, even on heavy days, I still feel clean and dry. I am not as worried. Periods are not as messy anymore. These pads are amazing! I strongly recommend the infinity pads to any girls who suffer similar problems.

  13. Hi,

    I just want to thank you for introducing New Always Maxi 100 percent protection. I have been using many brands and some of your products that I would not feel comfortable when I am around people during my periods because of heavy flows. Even when I sleep, I would spoil my pyjamas and my bed but after I have used this packet of New Always Maxi 100 percent protection, I do not have any menstrual laundary to do. What I have found also is this, it is affordable(cheaper) than I have thought and I do not have to worry of the blood stained that are left on the chair. You know how embarrassing to be in that situation.

    Thank you–u—u–u once again.

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