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Always Infinity Pads Review

Always Infinity

The only sanitary napkin of its kind, Always® Infinity® offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel™ that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing® design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots™ designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity hygienic pad is amazing.


Always Infinity pads are made with their revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection.

The absorption for the Always Infinity line include “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight” but the absorption performs the same for all pads. They all absorb 4X more than you may need and the only difference is their size.

The pad is made up of two foam layers. The top one has micro-dots and those are the holes that you see. They act as one way tunnels that quickly absorb your period, locking it in the second layer where it spreads out and is stored securely away from your body so you can feel dry and fresh.

When you go to change your pad, you can clearly see the layers in action. The top layer looks really clean like it’s barely absorbed anything but the bottom layer will look very full!

The pad allows your skin to breathe and unlike other Always pads, it doesn’t trap any moisture or sweat. The cover works to wick away fluid to keep you feeling dry and keeps the pad from sticking to your skin. It remains comfortable and breathable throughout the wear even on a heavy day.

During Exercise: Hiking

I had committed to a hiking adventure and coincidentally gotten my period on the same day. I was going to wear a tampon but I wasn’t familiar with this trail so didn’t know how long it would be until I got a chance to freshen up again. So I went with Always Infinity.

Throughout the hike, the pad stayed in place and I experienced zero shifting or lifting. It is super thin too so I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper. The pad flexed with my every move and didn’t crease at all. The cover also felt very soft against my skin and didn’t stick to my skin. Thankfully, it was very breathable throughout the entire four hour hike! Even when I felt sweaty, I didn’t feel sweaty down there.

During one part of the hike, my friends and I stopped and sat down by the river to eat lunch. I cringed at the thought of sitting down on a full pad… I could already hear the squishy sound. But to my surprise, it didn’t feel squishy! My period was locked into the bottom layer, and the cover still felt soft. When I stood up, the pad still flexed with my body without sticking to my body. A+!!!

Finally at the end of our hike, I had the opportunity to change my pad in an outhouse. I know I said this already but after a four hour hike, the pad really didn’t stick to my body and didn’t seem to trap any moisture.

Recommend for: Normal to heavy flows, overnight wear, sport wear
Not recommend for: Lighter flows, save these for the heavier days!


The adhesive is held by the plastic wrapping and sticky enough to keep the pad in place during exercise and sport wear. They have long wings to wrap around your panties to ensure they stick and stay in place. I didn’t experience any lifting or shifting at all.


The pads are individually wrapped coloured plastic according to their absorbencies. Regular flow is yellow, heavy is green, and orange is overnight.

Wrapped: 12.0cm by 9.75cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 25cm long by 8cm to 10cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.5m by 10.5cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 27cm long by 8.0cm to 10.0cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.5cm by 12cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 30cm long by 8cm to 10cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

Always Infinity

The only sanitary napkin of its kind, Always® Infinity® offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel™ that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing® design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots™ designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity hygienic pad is amazing. Absorbency Always Infinity pads are made with their revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection. The absorption for the Always Infinity line include “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight”…

Review Overview


Summary : Revolutionary absorption power and a super breathable cover that wicks away moisture makes this pad a winner! Always Infinity is a must try for every girl.


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About Dedy Wong

Dedy lives in Vancouver, BC and is a 2014 graduate of the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in Psychology. She is the blogger, writer, photographer, and tester for all the reviews and articles on the blog.Her menstrual cycle is around 35 to 40 days long and she has tried just about everything from menstrual cups to reusable pads.


  1. I hate these pads. Overpriced and so uncomfortable. They stick to you like glue, well maybe not to you but your pants, no adjustment for being active. Not comfortable at all.

  2. I love these pads!! I am a heavy flow girl especially overnight!! Other pads just feel so uncomfortable and huge and very moist & give me rashes but infinity handled my 6 hrs of sleep with heavy flow.. I felt super great and dry in the morning. Nothing leaked anywhere.. For the first time my sheets were safe :). My only concern is the size they seem just a tiny bit short.

  3. This is the first time i have ever left a comment but i am so upset, i bought these pads for the first time to try something new. I got the heavy so i can wear them over night, when i woke up there was a pool of blood in the upper part of the pad and the lower part was sticking to my skin. When i tried to take it off my underware the whole thing fell apart. Parts of the wing and underside of the pad are still on my underware that i can’t remove. Would have been worse if it actually did absorb then would have been a bigger mess. Never again will i buy these, so disappointed.

    • Hey Shellshell!

      I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you! I would recommend you contact Always because that sounds like you got a bad batch of Infinity pads!

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  4. I will not ever buy these pads again. I rarely ever rate products, but I need to make an exception for Always Infinity. I normally have heavy periods and wear two pads for coverage. I went to work today and sat down for a long period of time. I got up and blood just flowed down my leg like someone stabbed me with a knife. I immediately thought I should go to the hospital because the blood was streaming down too fast. By the time I stopped panicking and made it to the restroom, I realized that the pad did not absorb any of the blood.

    I was totally embarassed and will never ever use this product again. I cannot believe I remained loyal to the Always brand for this many years and this now happens. Unreal!!!!

    • Hi Chris,

      That sounds awful! I would really suggest you contact Always about this because it really doesn’t sound like their pad worked :(. I love their Infinity pads so I’m surprised they didn’t absorb anything. They work great for me so I hope you give them another chance. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us!

      Your friend,

  5. anonymousconnard

    Worst. Pads. Ever. I am totally raging on these Always pads that I have to write something about it. To help you guys. Ignore all the positive comments because I am a regular (or very athletic 14 years old girl who doesn’t have fat on her body) girl. I never used Always Infinity but I use Always ultra thin. well used infinity couple times but not my usual ones, guess what, Always Infinity and Ultra thin is the SAME! More like ”Always undependable infinity” or ”Always Ultra fat”. Always ultra thin, not so thin. It is not very thin, the pads marks are very visible. On the website, you can see that the absorbency is different according to regular flow, heavy flow or night time. Well they are all the same, just different length. I guess my everyday flow is a more than night time flow then. These pads are so tiny that I have to connect multiple pads to have a safe 3 hours without changing. And the flaps are screwed up. They are supposed to be flexible but then they are pretty screwed up and creates a huge mess. But if my regular period is more than a night time flow, how do I spend my night time? Always Maxi (the biggest one) is capable of holding it. BUT still somehow the blood goes to the end of my underwear so need to attach a pantyliner or whatever. But I need to use it because great price a Costco, and I wouldn’t take the risk to use other products.

  6. I was very disappointed with these pads and the size of package I bought of them. They absorbed fine, until I sat down, then it was a mess of blood on my clothes! I would Not recommend these pads to anyone!

  7. I like these pads, they are really absorbent and pretty comfortable. They soak up a lot and don’t leak! However, I think the other Always pads are more comfortable. Nevertheless, you should at least try these pads because they definitely work. Highly recommended.

  8. These are seriously the best pads. I bought them because I had a coupon, and I was amazed at how thing they are but so absorbent! I recommend there to every girl I know, and it doesn’t even feel like you’re sitting in your own blood! 5-stars

  9. Wow!!! These are amazing!! My only suggestion to make these even better is to have a wider version for nights. I have recommended Always infinity to all my female friends and family. Excellent product!!

  10. I tried the pantiliners at first from this particular brand (I really like Always brand) because I found them on sale. Then I had two coupons available to use from the box itself and figured I’d use one for the pads, I am not a tampon gal. I was skeptical about how thin they were at first but figured I’d at least try them. I was so surprised as to how comfortable they are and how much they endure. They are fantastic! I really like them.

  11. These pads changed my life. I was super skeptical about using them, since they are incredibly thin. I was used to wearing the huge bulky pads which had zero absorption properties. When I tried this pad, I was dumbfounded. No leaks (if any) and unbelievably absorbent! I only change this pad once a day (my flow is fairly heavy around the second day). I will say the regular ones are not that great to stop leaking at night, so I would suggest their “next size up” option if you toss and turn. Nevertheless, these pads are my holy grail.

  12. theses are my favorite pads by far!

  13. Love these pads. Very absorbent, keep you dry with no plasticy feel.

  14. I used always pads for the last 15 years I just recently purchased a pack of always infinity they are awful they burned my skin to the point where it was raw for at least 5 days after my period. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.


  15. I bought these today and I am very disappointed… Had to change clothes 3 times so far today and I bought the overnight pads horrible pad can’t wait to go to the store tomarrow to buy something different these are ridiculous .

    • anonymousconnard

      I feel you. I’m an athletic 14 years old, and a night time pad can’t even hold my regular day time because it is wwayyy too small. I usually have to connect multiple pads which s a huge waist of money and also for the night time, what I do is use the Always maxi, buy the biggest size. It can cover the whole underwear or leave a little gap at the end. Some of my underwear is meant for periods and are pretty huge and has a small gap at the end. I usually use a pantyliner or a regular pad to cover it, or else it will create a mess. Hope t helps.

  16. I love these I was skeptical about buying them due to them being so thin . I usually buy always overnight big bulky kind , because I’m a heavy bleeder. This thin pad can soak up some blood tmi I know. But I went from using 6 a day or more to about 3 pushing 4 . I don’t have worry about changing every time I go to bathroom. I wear cotton underwear so I haven’t experienced the wings or adhesive not sticking. I’m a sistah with some meat on her far from skinny I can fit the pads . I haven’t woke up in a puddle either . I give these pas 4 1/2 stars. Check your local Sundays papers for coupons. Some chick made a YouTube video about them which made me wanna try them.

  17. I am very disappointed with these pads. The wings don’t stick to my underwear and end up getting bunched up and the pad moves around. The other thing is that the back of the pad tears if I wear them to work, so I need to change several times a day even though the pad hasn’t been used for more than 2 hours. Lastly, and this is most likely a personal issue, but my period creeps forward, rather than backwards or straight down, so most of my flow ends up in the front of the pad, and if I don’t position the pad far enough forward, I end up with blood soaking through my underwear, which is especially annoying since the front of the pad is so small and so short. I’ve tried putting the back of the pad to the front and wearing backwards, but the back of the pad still tears, and I end up with the same problem of blood on my clothes.
    I’ve been having my period for 12 years now, and pads have gotten worse and worse over the years, but none have disappointed me nearly as much as these stupid things. They have a good idea going, but maybe they should have a better control group when they test these things out before they decide to put them out on the market.

    • Maybe you had a bad batch.

    • anonymousconnard

      I understand, I agree. Happened the same for me. Every woman is different, but for me, the blood flows way to back and ends up getting on my butt a lot. and I need to ask a friend every time because I cannot turn y head where my butt is. :(

  18. I’m considering these . they look cool! Any body else like them?

  19. I am a pretty big girl and these are not made for women my size. The wings do not fit around the crotch of the panties. They DO stick to my body, and break me out. They are more absorbent than average pads by a smidgen. I will have to sick with stayfree. And the adhesive doesn’t make them stay put.

    • anonymousconnard

      Not only for big girls, (you’re beautiful, no matter what) I’m an athletic teenage girl, and I agree that the thingies never sticks properly. And the blood goes everywhere, tthe pads are too small! It isn’t you. It’s thee cheap dumb pads.

  20. Dear ladies,
    If you enjoy waking up in a puddle of blood, screaming because you think someone stabbed you in the vagina, these are the pads to buy!!!
    They can’t handle a regular period. My period is regularly light and it never goes heavy. These can’t handle a light period for 9 hours while I sleep! They’re perfect! So, if you want to think someone has stabbed you in the vagina, and you’re gonna die, but when you realize you’re not , you have to clean blood off everything you were layin on, including the matress you got less than a year ago, BUY THESE!

    • Hi!

      Yikes! I’m sorry you had a bad experience! Which size did you use? Did you use the overnight?


      • I tried these for the first time today. They are EXPENSIVE and do NOT absorb. I have normal periods and have had no problems before with other overnight pads. I tried these because they were new and supposed to be quite absorbent yet light/thin. They are AWFUL. Worst value for money I’ve ever spent in the last ten years I’ve had to buy pads.

    • anonymousconnard

      YAASSS totally agreeing with ya!! Even a night time cannot handle a normal day period.

  21. I just bought the infinity pads and I love them they are light feeling it feels like I am just only wearing underwear I don’t feel all bunched up I would defiantly buy this again and recommend it to everybody thanks so much for such a great thing

  22. Hi ladies! Why don’t you chec out this napkin that is purely cotton, no plastic at all and can absorb up to 4x the regulat napkin can during the heavy days.

  23. Do these have plastic that touches the skin? I can’t wear pads because I am so allergic to whatever plastic they use that I break out (down there!) every time. I have considered trying these since they are foam, but was concerned they might still have plastic touching. Thanks.

    • Hi Curious,

      I’m not sure if the cover is plastic but it is plastic-like and definitely not made from cotton. They are cottony soft though.

      For 100% natural cotton pads, try the Maxim or Natracare.


    • Hi Curious :-) Have you considered trying cloth pads and/or menstrual cups? Many women who have issues with the plastics find relief in the soft fabrics. (The youtube channel preciousstarspads has lots of information on these if you’re interested). Alternatively, you can also get organic pads from companies like Natracare that while being more expensive actually are 100% cotton :-) good luck!

  24. I recommend these pads theyre comfortable and very absorbant! Best pads ever mad honestly! :) 5 stars!

  25. im tinking of trying these for my next period. does anyone knoe where i can get coupons?

    • anonymousconnard

      DO NOT BUY THESE! If your period is couple drops of blood then go ahead. I am athletic, 14 years old, I would consider myself as skinny and built. A night time pad cannot handle my regular day flow. I need to connect multiple pads to feel safer. During the night I use always maxi, the biggest size on the shelf. But if you still want to try it and experience the pain yourself, you are welcome to try it.

  26. These r my fav. im wearing 1 right now

    • I wishing had a light period and could just wear thin pads. If u have a light period consider yourself lucky..I have to wear a night pad during the day!!

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