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Trouble inserting your tampon? Try these tips!

Trouble inserting your tampon? Try these tips!

Insert your tampon easily with these tips

Playtex Sport Regular Tampon

It usually takes quite a few tries to insert your first tampon so don’t feel discouraged or embarrassed if you’re having trouble. Don’t worry about wasting tampons too if you have to keep starting over – that’s why there’s so many in the box ;).

If you’ve followed our How to insert a tampon guide and you are still having trouble inserting your first tampon then follow these tips & tricks!

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3 Tips to help you insert your first tampon
1. The Twist & Glide

If you’ve managed to get your tampon applicator in even 1 cm, then you’re ready to try the twist and glide.

Once your tampon is in, twist the applicator by turning it and pushing it in at the same time. The twisting and pushing motion will help your tampon applicator glide in easily.

Tampax Radiant Tampon applicator rounded tip

Twist the tampon as you insert it to help the tampon glide in smoothly!

2. Lubricate the applicator

Wait until there is a lot of blood at your vaginal opening and then try to insert the tampon applicator again. The blood will act as a lubricant, making it easier for the applicator to slip into your vagina.

This also works if you’re using non-applicator tampons.


If you’re still finding it hard to even get the applicator in, then you may be tensing up too much! When you’re nervous, the muscles in your body will tense up. Your vagina is actually a muscular tube so when it tenses up, it makes it harder for you to insert your tampon.

I know it doesn’t help to just tell you to relax because when does that ever work right? The best way for you to relax is to just keep trying. The more you try, the more comfortable you will get and then your muscles will relax. Remember, you can do this!!!

Did these tips help you? Share with us in the comments section below!

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About Dedy Wong

Dedy is the founder of The Period Blog and creator of The Little Red Kit. Her period is around 30 days long and likes to use pads and tampons -although she has tried just about everything including menstrual cups and period subscription boxes!


  1. I got my first period when I was 11 but didn’t use my first tampon until I was 19. We were at a holiday resort and wanted to go swimming so I had to be quick because everyone was waiting for me so we could walk to the pool together. These are my tips for first-timers:

    1. Try a plastic applicator. In the UK we don’t have Kotex or Playtex tampons and the feminine hygiene shelf in the resort shop only had Tampax tampons with a choice of cardboard or the Pearl plastic applicator. I chose the Regular Pearl and didn’t even feel it going in so highly recommend trying a plastic applicator to get used to putting tampons in.

    2. Use a mirror to see what you’re doing. I had 4 unsuccessful attempts and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going in no matter how much I tried to twist and push it in, until I realised that it probably wasn’t going in the place that I thought it was. I then used a hand mirror to see what was going on and got it in straight away.

    3. Try lying down. The aforementioned 4 unsuccessful attempts were all done in varying standing positions (one leg on the toilet seat, squatting etc.) So mum suggested lying on the bed, with a towel underneath for any leaks, and legs bent as though you are doing ab crunches. This also helps you to relax so the tampon can glide in easily and painlessly.

    4. Put some music on. The more I tried to relax, the more tense I got. Putting on some music creates a distraction so you’ll relax without thinking about it :)

    Good luck and don’t worry if you can’t get it on your first few attempts, you’re not alone!

    P.S. this blog was a major help when I was thinking about using tampons for the first time, the articles are incredibly useful!

  2. Hi :) i was practicing inserting a tampon not on my period (i know im stupid) and it didnt go in all the way so i tried pushing it further in and i felt something pop so i panicked and quickly took it out and then started bleeding. I’m really scared right now. I read about this band i think i ripped the hymen or whatever? How do i insert a tampon without popping anything there in so scared :/ btw this website is really helpful

  3. Hi Dedy :) !!!

    I always wore pads, and they’re really uncomfortable. Anyways I started wearing tampons lately, at first they hurt but then I used “Vaseline” as a lubricant and it really helped!! The tampons now go in easily without any pain, I thought I should share this trick :)

    Love xoxo

    • I’m only 14 and I’m so scared to use a tampon I have tried but I can never get it all the way up with out freaking out I don’t know how to do it and I only had my period once please help

  4. Can you use lubricant on non-applicator tampons, or will it keep the tampon from absorbing blood because it’s covered in lubricant?

    • Hi Adaire,

      Yes you can use lubricant on it. I would recommend a water based lubricant and not silicone or oil as it may affect absorption of your tampon more.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  5. Hey, today was the 4th time i tried to insert a tampon . I’m having issues getting the barrel in.i tried lube; however it went in only a little bit more.Any more tips? The barrel refuses to go in any deeper :( My family doesn’t use them so I’m kinda riding solo. Should I try the twist and push?

    • Hi Leslie,

      Yes try the twist n push! The lube or blood (w.e you choose to use is up to you) will really help it glide in too. Also try a light absorbency tampon – they are a little smaller and may be easier to insert for a beginner. When you insert the barrel – can you get it up to the grip? Also try aiming it towards your lower back instead of straight up and down if you aren’t already doing that.

      Let me know if that helps.

      Don’t worry it sounds like you almost got it in :)!

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

      • Is it okay to use actual lube even if you are on the slightly younger side? (Just barely a teen now) Because I never know if I’m like *dripping* blood (enough for painless insertion) and the tampon applicator doesn’t hurt but the tampon does. (which make sense since it’s dry)

        • It’s even kind of scared me off from trying tampons again because it HURT (even though it’s only for a second and then I can’t feel it once it’s in)

        • Hi Katie,

          Yes you can use lubricant. It is designed to be used on your private parts so it is safe to use. Like any product, if you find that it is irritating you, then you should stop using it.

          With practice, I think you will be more comfortable with inserting a tampon even when your flow is a little light :).

          Your friend,
          The Period Blog

  6. So I try putting in a tampon and I know I’m nervous cause I’ve never used one before and I’m really tense and it doesn’t work. And I can’t relax and then if I keep trying I get frustrated which makes me tense and I really have no idea what to do. HELP!

  7. Whole family uses Pads but I don’t like the way they feel when I’m on my. How should I talk and I want to use tampons

    • Hi Hailey,

      Just approach your mom or sister and ask if you can talk to her about your period. Ask what her thoughts are on using tampons and let her know you are interested. Do you think that’s something you can bring up with your family?

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  8. Hi Dedy! This post was so helpful, but I still have some questions. So, I put my tampon in and it went in, but I could still sorta feel it. So I used a clean finger and tried to push it in more, and it kinda worked until I relaxed my body and could still sort of feel it. Now when I stand I can like REALLY feel it. What should I do? Should I just take it out?

    • Hi Maxine,

      Hmm I would say try again – either try to push it up higher with your finger or just take it out and try all over again but push it up higher.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  9. I love this website so much I feel like it could help so many girls

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