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How to find your vaginal opening

Find your vaginal opening in 3 easy steps

The easiest way to find your vaginal opening is by feeling with your fingers and looking with a mirror. You can find your vaginal opening during your period or when you’re not bleeding at all.

I know it’s kind of weird to explore down there and period blood can be kind of icky at first but there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s your own body and your own period blood. You cannot break anything down there by feeling and looking. If you get period blood on your hands just wash it off.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll learn about the parts of your vulva in addition to finding your vaginal opening.

Step 1: Use a hand mirror and place it in between your legs so you can see your vulva. You’ll see something like this:

Vaginal opening

Quick fact!
Your vulva is all the parts you can see outside of your body. Your vagina is inside of you.
Step 2: Use your fingers and spread your inner lips apart

vagina parts
vagina parts

Your vaginal opening is located in between your inner lips so use your fingers to spread your lips apart. You will see something like the above diagram.

Wait but mine doesn’t look like the diagram!
Don’t worry! There are as many different looking vaginas and vulvas as there are different looking faces!
Some inner labia are long and flappy, some stick out, and some are hidden inside the outer labia. Some are longer and some are shorter. They are all completely normal so don’t worry if yours doesn’t look like the diagram. (That’s like saying your face doesn’t look like this :-) smiley face!)

Hmmm but I still can’t find or see my vaginal opening!

Your vaginal opening may not look like an open hole like it is in this diagram. That’s because the vaginal opening isn’t just an open space you can see.

When you look at your vaginal opening, it probably looks like there is something blocking the opening. Your vaginal opening leads to the vaginal canal and what you see blocking your opening is just your vaginal canal in its relaxed state.

Think of your vaginal canal as a flattened muscular tube that can become stretch to open up.

Your opening can stretch up to open up like you see in the diagram and can shrink or flatten to its relaxed state. (Remember the vaginal opening can stretch to give birth to a baby!)

Step 3: Push your finger in between your inner lips into the vaginal opening

insert tampon
Use your index finger and insert it into the opening.

Remember your vaginal canal isn’t perpendicular (straight up and down). Your vaginal opening is PARALLEL (sideways) to the ground. So to slide your finger in comfortably, insert it at an like in this diagram here. Just pretend the applicator is your finger.

Your finger will slide inside your vaginal opening and into the vaginal canal. This is exactly how a tampon applicator slides inside.

Your finger should slide in effortlessly. It may feel a bit weird or uncomfortable since this may be a new feeling to you but it should not be very painful.

In this step, you can choose to hold your inner lips apart or not. Whichever you’re comfortable with. Whatever works for you.

What if I break my hymen?
Don’t worry, it is unlikely that you will break your hymen by sliding your finger or tampon applicator inside. The hymen is like a stretchy ring of tissue that can stretch to fit your finger or tampon applicator.
What if I accidentally put my finger in my pee hole instead?
It is impossible to accidentally put your finger or tampon applicator inside your urethral opening or pee hole. The urethral opening is too small and doesn’t stretch. Your finger is also too big.

Are you still having trouble finding your vaginal opening?

Don’t worry! I have some very helpful tips to find your vaginal opening by looking and feeling:

  • Remember to relax! If you are nervous and tense up, you will also tense up your vaginal opening and it will be harder to slide your finger or tampon in. Sometimes it will just take multiple tries before you become comfortable and relax.
  • Remembering to relax means relaxing your finger too. Don’t just poke at yourself! Your finger will slide in easily if you allow your finger to bend, following the natural angle of your vaginal opening.
  • If you are having trouble sliding your finger or tampon in, try using some personal lubricant. If you are comfortable touching your period blood, that works too.
  • If you are on your period, feel with your fingers where the blood is coming from. Your period blood leaves your body from your vaginal opening.
  • It may be helpful to not look at all and just feel for your vaginal opening using your fingers. It is the only hole your finger can slide into.
  • If you find that you are still tense, just give it a rest and try again in a day. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get comfortable with your body.
If you still haven’t found your vaginal opening yet, leave a comment and tell me which step you are having trouble with.

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Dedy lives in Vancouver, BC and is a 2014 graduate of the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in Psychology. She is the blogger, writer, photographer, and tester for all the reviews and articles on the blog.Her menstrual cycle is around 35 to 40 days long and she has tried just about everything from menstrual cups to reusable pads.


  1. Hi me and my boyfriend tried having sex and it didn’t work only the tip of his penis went it then the rest wouldn’t go in it hurted alot .but when i use my finger to open it more and it wasn’t a problem it went completely ..

  2. Hii …
    I did find my vaginal opening using my finger thanks to your tips … but this doesnt mean that i ve lost my virginity right ??

    • Hi Tera,

      Don’t worry! No you haven’t lost your virginity. The only way to lose your virginity is to have sex. Your finger does not count.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  3. Hi, my boyfriend and I were trying to have sex, but i was too scared he was going to put it in my pee hole, is that possible?

  4. Hii….i m married girl..wen me n husband are trying
    to have intercourse we are not able to…we stil hevnt lost virginity….may b vaginal hole is very small due to which even if my husband tries to insert his penis insyd d hole it is not happening n wen he tries i feel so painful that i hev to say stop for that…also other hand in few months we want to plan a family but stil i m virgin though efforts…m really worried…are we
    not able to find a hole or wat is bothrng…one yr has passed nw….plz guide.

    • Hi!

      Have you tried using your own finger to find your vaginal opening? It is also easier during your period as you can just follow your menstrual fluid to find the opening. Good luck! I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions?


  5. So just making sure, the barrel goes inside your vag and then you push the applicator? I have just been putting it to my skin around my vag and then pushing the applicator. Is that why I have not been able to do it?

  6. Hi Dedy! I’m 14 and I have always used pads, but I hate them. They are just so messy and in the way. I have tried using tampons, all different types, but I can’t ever get it in. I have tried both applicator and non-applicator tampons yet neither work. With applicator tampons, I could get the tampon about 1/2 inch in before I started stinging and I could barely even touch my vaginal opening before it started stinging with non-applicator tampons. I hate pads so much and I am desperate. Is something wrong with me? Maybe I’m not even using the right hole? All I see are two holes when I look in the mirror. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hi Alexandra,

      1. It’s the right hole. If you can get it in, it’s the right hole. It’s impossible to put it in your pee hole and I’m sure you didn’t put it in your anus :).
      2. Wait until you have your period and use the blood to lubricate the applicator. It will help the applicator glide right in :).

      Let me know if these tips help and if you have any more questions.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  7. Hi I had sex for 5-6 hours today! Do u know how to not get pregnant if you do have sex? My boyfriend did not want to use a condom.

    • Hi Madison,

      If you don’t want to get pregnant and have decided not to wear condoms then you need to stop having sex. You and your boyfriend need to BOTH do your research before you have anymore unprotected sex because there are other options out there. No one else can do this for you so take the time to do the research yourself.

      Good luck,
      The Period Blog

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