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How to find your vaginal opening

Find your vaginal opening in 3 easy steps

The easiest way to find your vaginal opening is by feeling with your fingers and looking with a mirror. You can find your vaginal opening during your period or when you’re not bleeding at all.

I know it’s kind of weird to explore down there and period blood can be kind of icky at first but there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s your own body and your own period blood. You cannot break anything down there by feeling and looking. If you get period blood on your hands just wash it off.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll learn about the parts of your vulva in addition to finding your vaginal opening.

Step 1: Use a hand mirror and place it in between your legs so you can see your vulva. You’ll see something like this:

Vaginal opening

Quick fact!
Your vulva is all the parts you can see outside of your body. Your vagina is inside of you.
Step 2: Use your fingers and spread your inner lips apart

vagina parts
vagina parts

Your vaginal opening is located in between your inner lips so use your fingers to spread your lips apart. You will see something like the above diagram.

Wait but mine doesn’t look like the diagram!
Don’t worry! There are as many different looking vaginas and vulvas as there are different looking faces!
Some inner labia are long and flappy, some stick out, and some are hidden inside the outer labia. Some are longer and some are shorter. They are all completely normal so don’t worry if yours doesn’t look like the diagram. (That’s like saying your face doesn’t look like this :-) smiley face!)

Hmmm but I still can’t find or see my vaginal opening!

Your vaginal opening may not look like an open hole like it is in this diagram. That’s because the vaginal opening isn’t just an open space you can see.

When you look at your vaginal opening, it probably looks like there is something blocking the opening. Your vaginal opening leads to the vaginal canal and what you see blocking your opening is just your vaginal canal in its relaxed state.

Think of your vaginal canal as a flattened muscular tube that can become stretch to open up.

Your opening can stretch up to open up like you see in the diagram and can shrink or flatten to its relaxed state. (Remember the vaginal opening can stretch to give birth to a baby!)

Step 3: Push your finger in between your inner lips into the vaginal opening

insert tampon
Use your index finger and insert it into the opening.

Remember your vaginal canal isn’t perpendicular (straight up and down). Your vaginal opening is PARALLEL (sideways) to the ground. So to slide your finger in comfortably, insert it at an like in this diagram here. Just pretend the applicator is your finger.

Your finger will slide inside your vaginal opening and into the vaginal canal. This is exactly how a tampon applicator slides inside.

Your finger should slide in effortlessly. It may feel a bit weird or uncomfortable since this may be a new feeling to you but it should not be very painful.

In this step, you can choose to hold your inner lips apart or not. Whichever you’re comfortable with. Whatever works for you.

What if I break my hymen?
Don’t worry, it is unlikely that you will break your hymen by sliding your finger or tampon applicator inside. The hymen is like a stretchy ring of tissue that can stretch to fit your finger or tampon applicator.
What if I accidentally put my finger in my pee hole instead?
It is impossible to accidentally put your finger or tampon applicator inside your urethral opening or pee hole. The urethral opening is too small and doesn’t stretch. Your finger is also too big.

Are you still having trouble finding your vaginal opening?

Don’t worry! I have some very helpful tips to find your vaginal opening by looking and feeling:

  • Remember to relax! If you are nervous and tense up, you will also tense up your vaginal opening and it will be harder to slide your finger or tampon in. Sometimes it will just take multiple tries before you become comfortable and relax.
  • Remembering to relax means relaxing your finger too. Don’t just poke at yourself! Your finger will slide in easily if you allow your finger to bend, following the natural angle of your vaginal opening.
  • If you are having trouble sliding your finger or tampon in, try using some personal lubricant. If you are comfortable touching your period blood, that works too.
  • If you are on your period, feel with your fingers where the blood is coming from. Your period blood leaves your body from your vaginal opening.
  • It may be helpful to not look at all and just feel for your vaginal opening using your fingers. It is the only hole your finger can slide into.
  • If you find that you are still tense, just give it a rest and try again in a day. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get comfortable with your body.
If you still haven’t found your vaginal opening yet, leave a comment and tell me which step you are having trouble with.

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About Dedy Wong

Dedy lives in Vancouver, BC and is a 2014 graduate of the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in Psychology. She is the blogger, writer, photographer, and tester for all the reviews and articles on the blog.Her menstrual cycle is around 35 to 40 days long and she has tried just about everything from menstrual cups to reusable pads.


  1. Hey
    Im 16,
    Im a virgin and i am afraid of having sex. would it open my vaginal hole? And when im not having sex will it look still big and opened up?

  2. hi I used a mirror and everything but all I see it a little ball where I’m assuming the opening should be, so do I just push through it or is it something else? I know my hymen isn’t fully closed cause I have had my period for a year and it happens every month but I have never used a tampon and idk if the ball there is just something I have to push through or if the opening is above or below that ball. thanks ! :-)

    • Hi J,

      Does the ball look like the clitoris in the diagram above? The clitoris is higher up above the vaginal opening so look a little lower. Also if you have your period right now, just use your finger and feel for where your period is coming from. That will lead you to your vaginal opening. I hope that helps! Let me know if you find it!

      Good luck,
      The Period Blog

  3. I am 14 (started menstruating 6 months ago) and until today was super confused. Looking at my vulva with a mirror when i parted my labia minora i could see my “pee hole” (or urethral opening) and then a little further back (where everyone said your vag opening was) i saw a little mound (i think its skin) that pointed down. I figured out that when using a finger to push this towards my “pee hole” i uncovered my vag opening. I thought that this may be helpful to anyone else trying to find their vag (maybe im the only one with this though?). And also when i got my finger in my vag (i havent put it in very far yet because im trying to take it slowly) it was quite moist and kinda bumpy…

  4. Hello, i still can’t find my vaginal hole. The vulva part is so thick that i can’t stretch them fully apart in order to see

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      If you can’t see, try using your finger to feel for the opening :). Your vaginal opening is hidden by your lips so sometimes it is easier to just feel for it with your fingers.

      Your friend,

  5. i put it under her vagina but not discharged in it , can she get pregnant?

    • Hi Am,

      Are you saying you had sex with a girl but did not cum inside her? Pulling out is not 100%. I would highly suggest you use other methods of protection.

      Kind regards,

  6. can you insert a tampon in the wrong hole? how do I know when its inside my vagina? please help

    • Hi Ruby,

      No you can’t insert it in the wrong hole. The pee hole is too small. It’s really impossible to put it up there. And the other hole would be your anus where you poop from and you know where that is :). If you got it in and it’s not in your anus, then it’s in your vagina :). I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Your friend,

      • Thank you for your advice. I tried to insert a tampon earlier today and I still can’t find it , I try different spots but i just hit different spots and it hurts. How can you tell when its in the vagina?

        • Hi Ruby,

          Try using your finger to find your vagina first. It will be easier to use your finger to feel for it than to poke around with your tampon :). You will know when its in your vagina when it is inside you. It is the only hole it can go into. The pee hole is much too small (impossible really so don’t worry) and your anus is all the way back there and you know where it is :). Unlike a tampon, you can use your finger to find your opening even when you’re not on your period. But if you are on your period, just feel for the blood and follow where it is coming from – it will lead you to your vaginal opening.

          I hope that helps.

          Your friend,

  7. Hi I’m 12 and I’ve been trying to find my vagina but I can’t find it. Is your vagina the same hole as from where you poop?

    • Hi Sophia,

      No, your anus is where your poop comes out and that is much farther back from your vaginal opening. Look inbetween your vaginal lips like in the diagram. The vaginal lips hides and protects the opening. When you have your period, you can use your hand to feel for where the period is coming from and that will lead you to your vaginal opening.

      I hope that helps Sophia. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Your friend,

  8. I have been trying to do this for a while, and your article gave me all the information I needed! Thank you! One concern: when I stick my finger in my vagina, it doesn’t feel good at all. I know there’s nothing I can do about it, and I probably just need to explore some more, but is this common?

  9. OMG where is my vaginal opening I am 10 and I’m looking and looking when I go to the toilet but I just can not find it even though I haven’t got my period what is the beast thing on how to find it I don’t know if I have to stick my finger up but I need advice on getting advice on my period I haven’t got it yet and I am really really scared I hope you will help me

    Plz plz plz plz plz message back
    xxxxx Braelyn

    • Hi! I’m 12 and I have already started my period. If you can’t find your vaginal opening you should try looking with a mirror. If you still can’t find it, you should relax and try to find of with your fingers. Of that doesn’t work, wait until you start your period, or go to the doctor. I hope this helped! :)

    • Don’t fret when I was10 the same thing happened I went on a website of the diagram and just followed and if you still can’t find it touch your labia lips go to the bottom sorta like where the six is on a clock and starto opening the lips towards the bottom and feel I recommend get it wet firstand start feeling


  10. I am 23 and have not had my period yet is that normal?

  11. Hi,
    Im 13 and ihav got my period but what does the vaginal opening feel like?

  12. I am 17 yrs old and am a virgin and have never used a tampon before. I have tried and have done all the steps you mention above but I am just wondering how big a vagina opening is supposed to be because mine is very small less than a cm I would say when relaxing so I just want to know is this normal? How should I go about stretching it? Thank you ;)

  13. hi, i am almost 18 yeas old and i have never used a tampon. because i can NOT fing my vaginal opaning! every time i try to find it i just see my pee hole and after that just a big chunk of muscle and skin. and when i try to find it when i’m on my period and follow the blood i can only see blood flowting from my pee hole! and only from there. pleace help me i am so deasperate and i dont have any one to ask\talk to about it. i am so afraid that somthing is seriosly wrong with me.

    • The ‘pee hole’ is probably is your vagina. Your urethra isn’t very visable and your period blood wouldn’t be coming from it anyways. Good luck :)

  14. Thanks so much for the detailed information! Last time I tried to insert a tampon I couldn’t find the hole, now I know it’s probably because of the vaginal canal blocking the opening. So what do I do? Just push through?

  15. Hi I still can’t find my vagina. I followed all the directions but in its place is a lump of skin or tissue or something that is sensitive to the touch. I have a really light period and I can’t even tell where the blood is coming from I have been trying to find mine for at least a few months, and now I’m just really frustrated, because I want to use tampons for when I go on vacation.

  16. I found my hole I can see it but I still can’t put a tampon in they saythe right way is that when your fingertips touch the skin but mine can’t even go halfway

  17. I found thbe hole and i can see it but my tampon wont go in
    They say for it to go all the way in that your fingertips can’t touch the skin mine can’t even go further than a couple centameters what should i do

  18. Hi, when I open the inner and outer lips of my vulva, I can see my clitoris but not my urethra. Also, I see what I think is my vagina. It is a very small, dark hole with a lumpy purple thing in the way, is this normal? I have had my period for 5 years now and I am a virgin.

  19. I haven’t started my period yet. I have been trying to find my vaginal opening but all I feel is a lump of skin. Also, is it safe to try to put in a tampon when your not on your period as I want to try it before i start.
    Please reply!!

    • Hi Tinatang,

      No you shouldn’t try to wear tampons before you’ve had your first period. You can practice wearing pads but not tampons.

      The Period Blog

      • I can’t find the opening, I see where my pee comes out but when I look further down I see another bit of skin almost like a lump (but not in an unatural way) do you have any idea what that could be? Thanks,

  20. Is my vagina opening supposed to be really tiny? There is two things and when I squeeze I can see them open up and a small hole appears between the two. Is that my vaginal opening?

  21. I just got my first period and I tried do using a tampon but it hurt so I didn’t try anymore! What did I do wrong?

  22. I have tried everything but I only seem to find a big chunk/ball of muscle or skin where the opening should be. I’ve tried putting a tampon and a pinkie in but it doesnt work Do you know what that is and i have not had my period yet

    • Hi potato,

      Wait until you have your period and use your finger to feel where the blood is coming from. That will lead you right to your vaginal opening :). It sounds like you haven’t found the opening yet. I hope this tip helps! Good luck!


  23. And i really need help and im afraid to ask my mom because shel freak

  24. Hi, thanks for the article but like one of the other comments on here, I have tried everything but I only seem to find a big chunk/ball of muscle or skin where the opening should be. I’ve tried putting a tampon in and it hurts a lot. Do you know what that is and why I can’t use a tampon? Thank you!

  25. hi. so I’m 13 and i haven’t gotten my period yet. All my friends have and I know it happens later for some people but could there be something wrong with me? Thanks

  26. Ok…. So I tried to put in a tampon for the first time today. It’s only like my 3rd period. So when I put the tampon in it wouldn’t go any further and I could still see it. I tried twisting it around. Didn’t work. It also hurt. So what should I do?

  27. Hi I had really bad lower and Abdominal pain. I went to the doctor and hospital for testing and had different results. Finally I had another test and it turns out it’s my period that is “stuck” inside me. It can’t come out. I can’t find my hole and I’m going to the doctor again. I’m worried what will happen :( help

  28. ive had a period for 5 years now and I’ve looked at so many sites, but I still can’t use anything other than pads, when I’ve looked there’s what can only be described as a think chunk/ball of skin inside the opening, I know its not the hymen so I was wondering if this was normal or not

  29. I’ve done lots of research on how to use a tampon and I know how to use one but it won’t work on me :\ The applicator only goes in about half an inch and then it won’t go any further. If I try to push it in any further it really hurts as if i’m just pushing against muscle/flesh. It’s really starting to annoy me that it won’t just glide in like it does any normal woman/girl. And i tried it when my blood flow was really heavy and I was in a comfortable position and relaxed and it still wouldn’t work

  30. Thanks so much for the article. I’ve had trouble finding my vagina. But this helped.

    Before I knew where it was, I thought I didn’t have one. Stupid, right? But it made me think, what if I can’t have kids? Is it possible to not have a vagina?
    Plz reply. ☺

  31. Hi I am thirteen years old and I still haven’t got my period! Is this normal?
    Also, I’ve been trying to find my vagina (eek!) because I want to be comfterable with it and know what is where, but I’ve tried and tried and I still can’t find it! At least, I think I haven’t, because I can only slide in my pinkie about halfway and then it’s surrounded by walls of flesh. Also, if I put it in and let it curve like you said, it bumps up against this kid of circular spot about the size of my finger tip, and it is WAY more sensitive than the rest of my vagina. I tried messing with it a little to see if it opened up (like you said the thing is closed when it relaxes but it can open) but nothing happened, and even though I was doing it gently, it kind of hurt a little. Can you please help me understand?

    • Hi Raina,

      Yes that is normal. Your period will come when it is ready :). Every girl gets their period at a different time.

      It also sounds like you have found your vaginal opening :). Some parts of our vagina are more sensitive than others and that is normal too :).


  32. I can put my finger in my vagina but not a tampon the tampon is to big but the absobent is small so it doesn’t get smaller it hurts when I try to push it in there but it fail ether because to big or it hurts to bad and unbarable

    Please help me
    Thank you

    • Hi alabama girl,

      Good job! It sounds like you are very close to getting in a tampon! If the tampon is too big then I would suggest trying a Light Absorbency tampon. Those tampons are more thinner and smaller, making it easier for beginners to insert. Also, wait until there is lots of blood so the tampon will slide in easier. I hope that helps! Please update me when you get it in! Good luck :)

  33. Hi, thanks for this article but I still can’t find my vagina hole. I am a virgin and when I open my inner lips all I don’t see any hole anywhere! I have a period so I know it’s not completely closed but why can’t I see anything not even a super tiny hole?

  34. This article is awesome I must say. You helped a lot of girls out there on this problem. Good job :)

    Actually I just met a doctor and saying that I might possibly have a yeast infection (this is so embarrased). So she gave me this cream to apply inside the vagina. So instead of using my finger, can I straight away find the opening using the tube and slid it in? Will it be painful? Actually I’m quite scared. Do reply thank you so much! :)

    • Yes, I think it helps a lot of girls, but I think there are still some girls that don’t understand still, one of them being me! I need help, and it would be great to meet her in person. I think she’s an awesome lady that took her time helping people like us. she’s like a second mother. I would talk to my mom about this, but she doesn’t like talking about puberty and all that, so I’m grateful for people like Dedy that are willing to help girls like me all over the world.

  35. This article is awesome I must say. You helped a lot of girls out there this problem. Actually I just met a doctor and saying that I might possibly have a yeast infection (this is so embarrased). So she gave me this cream to apply inside the vagina. So instead of using my finger, can I straight away find the opening using the tube and slid it in? Will it be painful? Actually I’m quite scared. Do reply thank you so much! :)

  36. I had trouble finding mine until I was 19 or 20. I found-and still find-it more easily when aroused. We have animalistic, instinctual knowledge that have allowed us to have vaginal intercourse and to give birth since the dawn of time. I had trouble finding it because I think and worry all the time. Once I stopped, I knew.

  37. I have read stories of girls and wives that have their significant other do the insertions happily and very easily because they have the advantage of seeing and feeling the process with great accuracy! Enjoy the super GOOD companionship, he is a KEEPER! God bless you for having such a wonderful partner, don’t lose him!

  38. Thanks for the great article. Over the last five years I’ve tried to use a tampon every now and then, but struggled with finding the opening and gave up. When I did think I found it, even with slight insertion of a tampon or my finger I started to feel dizzy and pretty strange. I don’t know if I just psyched myself, but it’s put me off since. I have a feeling I have a really small opening, and that’s also the problem. Any thoughts — whether getting dizzy is possibly just a psychological thing or if it should be something to be concerned about?

  39. Hello! your article is by far the most comforting one I’ve discovered yet on this topic, however I’m still having a fear of inserting even just a finger inside.

    Can you please give me some advice? I’m 20 years old and have never had anything inside of there. It’s depressing because I’m in a relationship and we recently brought myself a sex you so I can go at my own pace, but I don’t want to go from a sex you, straight to a penis. If I can’t even work a finger in, how am I supposed to use a you! please please please respond. :(

    • Hello Kris,

      Thanks so much for your comment! There are many young women who are 20 years old and have never explored their vagina and that is okay. I am happy to hear you are going at your own pace. Whatever you are comfortable with and works for you is the best pace to go.

      I used to have a fear of putting my finger inside too but as I became more comfortable with my body, it became easier to feel comfortable with the idea of tampons too. Just remember to have short finger nails and wash your hands first. Using your finger is the easiest way because you can feel for the opening with both your finger and your vulva skin area. Just explore your body at your own pace and eventually you will become more comfortable and relaxed with the tampon insertion process.

      Let me know if you have any questions okay Kris?


    • Boy how I wish this was actually going to get posted without moderation. You have got to have one of the best times at parties with the stories that these girls tell you! What the hell do they think they have down there? A tooth snarling fire breathing sacrificial bloodletting that occurs once a month? Don’t get your fingers near it, it has sharp teeth! I bet they would believe that too! I think they need to make a tampon shooter for these girls! It’s the same as a salad shooter but you just load your favorite tampon and fire away. One of them is sure to hit the spot! For the girl below that sees 7 holes, perhaps a tampon shooter that takes tracer rounds and has a tactical flashlight and a mirror so you can fire into those 7 spots and possible hit one!

      Thanks for making my morning on this one. I will be thinking of this all day and laughing. ….Quack!

  40. Thanks so much!! I can finally wear a tampon… Thanks for making such a useful site!

  41. Thx so much up can finally get rid of the pads and start fresh with tampons!

  42. I need help they say there is only 3 wholes but I see like 7 there is whole inside of whole and I can’t find my vagina

    • 7 Huh? Perhaps you need to go to the Optometrist before trying this again. I suggest you have someone else drive too!

    • Hello Red_favs sister,

      Your “area” will normally appear to have 2 holes and your anus would be the third that people talk about.

      Your vagina (the main hole) also has a series of glands inside of it which sometimes are visible. which would be the Bartholin’s Glands — Which produce the lubrication (Mucous)

      There is also another gland which some women don’t have or aren’t as visible as others, that would be the Skene’s Glands and they are widely discussed at the moment and it has been associated with female ejaculation.

      So, if you can ejaculate, that means you have something that some women don’t have and you should feel a bit special to be honest! Female ejaculation is supposed to feel way better than a regular orgasm (But both feel fantastic!)

      Anyway, good luck!

      – Tina

  43. Thanks so much!! I can finally wear a tampon now!!

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