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Can you still feel your tampon?

What to do if you can still feel your tampon vagina with touch and pressure sensitivities labelled

When worn correctly, you won't be able to feel your tampon.

The tampon is worn in the upper or inner two thirds of the vagina. This is the part farthest from the vaginal opening and it is not sensitive to touch, that's why you can't feel your tampon when it's inserted properly.

This part of the vagina is less muscular and has more nerves that are sensitive to pressure. You don't notice the pressure from wearing a tampon which is also why you can't feel your tampon inside you.

If you're worried that you inserted it wrong because of the angle - don't worry because it doesn't matter how you insert it - if you've got it in, it's in. But if you can still feel it, then that means it's still too low in your vagina. Don't worry, there are several things you can do to fix it.

What should I do if I can still feel my tampon?

Just use your finger to push it up higher

  • Wash your hand and make sure your finger nails aren't pointy. Now instead of using an applicator, your finger will act as the applicator.
  • Insert your finger inside your vaginal opening just like you inserted the applicator.
  • Feel for the bottom of the tampon and push it up higher until you can't feel it anymore


If it hurts when you push it up higher, that means your vagina is too dry. It hurts when a dry tampon rubs up against your vaginal walls because the outer third of your vagina closest to the opening is very sensitive to touch.

If it is not too painful or uncomfortable, you can keep pushing it up until you can’t feel the tampon.

Or you can start all over

Now that you know that a tampon needs to be up higher, this time when you insert the applicator push it up higher and do not pull the applicator out until the plunger is all the way in.

Can you feel it now?

If yes and it still hurts when you try to push it up higher with your finger, start all over again but this time wait until there is more blood. Your blood will act as lubrication to help the applicator and tampon slide in easily.

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