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11 Tampon tips to help you prepare for your first tampon

Trying to insert your first tampon can be a little scary

It's completely normal to be nervous about trying your first tampon. Tampons are a little more complicated than pads so it's completely normal to be scared.

Many girls choose to wear tampons because they are more comfortable than pads but lots of girls also need to wear tampons to participate in activities such as water sports, dance, and gymnastics.

When you learn more about how tampons and your body work, you'll become more comfortable and confident when inserting your first tampon.

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11 Tips On Using Tampons for the First Time

1. Learn the parts of your reproductive system!

One of the reasons so many girls and women are scared of trying a tampon is because they don't know how their body parts work. And that's a completely valid reason because unlike boys, your reproductive system is inside your body where you can't see it. But you can see your vulva using a mirror.

Become comfortable with your own body by learning the parts of your vulva, identifying them on the diagrams and on your own, and by learning the purposes of each part. Once you learn what each part does, it's not so much of a mystery anymore and inserting your first tampon becomes less scary.

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2. Learn how to insert a tampon

When you're trying something new, you should learn how to do it properly. Check out our illustrated easy to follow guide here where you can learn how to insert a tampon in 4 easy steps.

Learn how to use the applicator and how to tell when a tampon is inserted correctly. (It's actually really simple!)


3. Find your vaginal opening with your finger, not the applicator

If you can successfully identify all the parts of your vulva including your vaginal opening, the next step is to find it with your finger.

Finding your vaginal opening is much easier to do with your finger when you can touch and feel. It's even easier to find during your period. Just follow where your period is coming from with your finger - that will lead you to your vaginal opening. It sure beats poking around with a plastic applicator!

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4. Yes! You have a vaginal opening!

Unless you are actually a boy or some sort of medical miracle, you have a vaginal opening. Your period leaves your body from your vaginal opening so don't worry, you have a vaginal opening. Even if you have a hard time finding it, yes you have a vaginal opening!

5. Yes, the tampon will fit in your vaginal opening. Your vaginal opening is not too small.

Like the vagina, the vaginal opening can stretch easily. It is a fact the your vaginal opening can stretch just like it is a fact that your hair will grow!

If you are having a hard time inserting your first tampon, try the light absorbency tampons. They are smaller and some girls find it easier to insert.

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6. It's impossible for a tampon go get lost

The vagina is a cul de sac - this means it has a closed ending. Your vagina is a muscular tube that ends at your cervix. Your vaginal muscles hold the tampon in place and there is literally no where for a tampon to go so it is completely impossible for a tampon to get lost in your vagina.

In the case that you lose the string some how, you just have to get it out with your hands. It's not lost - it's just in your vagina and you just need to take it out. Simple!

7. Your tampon can't get stuck

Your vagina is a tube - that's it! There's nothing for it to get stuck on to.

Even if the tampon is not fully saturated yet, you can still pull out a dry tampon. It may be a bit uncomfortable and may even hurt a bit but even then it's impossible for your tampon to get stuck.

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8. It's impossible to insert a tampon into your urethral opening or pee hole

Nope! You just can't! Just like it's a fact that your vaginal opening stretches easily, your pee hole CANNOT stretch at all. Your pee hole is also tiny so your tampon or finger will definitely not fit in there.

9. You can't lose your virginity to a tampon

A girl loses her virginity when she engages in sex - that means when a penis enters your vagina. A tampon is not a penis so no, you cannot lose your virginity to a tampon.

10. It's unlikely your tampon will tear your hymen

Your hymen is a stretchy tissue that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening. For most girls, your hymen will be able to stretch to allow a tampon to pass through.

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11. Relax! Just keep trying!

When you're tense or nervous your vaginal muscles also tense up making it harder for you to insert your tampon. I know it's hard to just relax when someone tells you to and honestly my best advices is to just keep trying.

If you haven't tried to insert your first tampon yet and you need to for swim or dance, just go for it! Even if you don't get it on your first try, just keep trying. As you keep trying you will become more comfortable with your body and the idea of wearing a tampon. You will become more relaxed, making easier to insert your first tampon :).

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