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Premenstrual Syndrome aka PMS

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Premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS, is the name given to a set symptoms experienced 1-14 days before your period begins and may also persist into your period. PMS is completely normal and is just another part of getting your period.

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A majority of girls experience few or mild PMS symptoms. But different girls experience a different set of symptoms.
The reason PMS symptoms vary and differ from girl to girl is that our bodies respond differently to the hormones that drive our menstrual cycle and the individual lifestyle choices we make.


Cramps happen when your muscles work super hard to push out your period. Your uterus has a layer of muscle and together with the muscles in your lower tummy area, they contract during your period to push your period out from the uterus and exiting from the vagina.

Cramps may hurt but they don’t have to when you follow our ultimate tips for cramp relief!


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