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Beginner’s Guide To Periods

Beginner’s Guide To Periods

Take the expert crash course on periods!

Welcome to the world of periods! If you just got your first period, this guide will give you a crash course on everything you need to know about periods and you’ll feel more prepared to deal with your period!

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You’ve probably heard your older sister or friends talk about “getting their periods” and using “pads and tampons”. And you’re probably asking yourself what is a period?

Asking questions is a great place to start! The more you learn about your body, the more you will be prepared for your period!

menstrual cycle

In this section you’ll learn what the four phases of the menstrual cycle are and how each day of your cycle maps onto these four phases.



Keeping track of your menstrual cycle can help you prepare for your period and better predict when your next period will be.

By the end of this post, you will have learned how to count your period cycle and other helpful tips to predict when your period is coming.


In this section, we’ll compare pads, pantiliners, tampons, and menstrual cups.

Whatever you choose is up to use is completely up to you! The choice is yours :)!

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About Dedy Wong

Dedy is the founder of The Period Blog and creator of The Little Red Kit. Her period is around 30 days long and likes to use pads and tampons -although she has tried just about everything including menstrual cups and period subscription boxes!


  1. I am 13 and I have had discharge for a while. Maybe 7 months or more, I haven’t had my period yet. Is there something wrong? I mean, I’ve had some pretty irregular discharge for a long time, is there something that stops the period from coming for a short amount of time? I’ve read that too much salt is bad for your period, is that true? And if it is, do I need to stay away from any and all salt, or just excess? I hope you understand what I’m talking about!

  2. Ive had my period for about a year or two now but Ive developed a problem. Im 13 btw, But my inner labia its purple and hanging. It looks dead to me and IM SO WORRIED! Im scared to ask my mom since she’ll make a BIG deal and im scared to go ask the doctor. This happened when I got my period but three months later. Please help!! Is this part of puberty or my period?!

  3. Hi, I really appreciate such informational websites. Keep up the good work. This website has helped me with alot of questions

  4. Hi, Nat
    I know this is late but when I first got my period it was just spotting. I got blood the next month. Just wait.

  5. Hey Nat. I had that same concern as you. I’m 13 and I just got me period today. I’ve also had discharge and a couple of months after. …… Boom. Don’t worry it I’ll come

  6. hi
    So i have had many cycles by now, i am on my 7th period cycle, and i have never once gotten cramps. Is this normal? I don’t have any other period symptoms either, the only real symptom is tender breasts and that’s only during PMS. Is this normal?

    • I haven’t gotten my period yet, but from all of the research I’ve done on them, not everyone has all of the ‘regular’ symptoms of periods. Some people don’t have cramps, all people are different. There is nothing wrong with you for not having all of the ‘regular’ symptoms.

  7. So I just started my period yesterday in school, I am worried because I am heavy. I just simply need tips

  8. Hi ,
    What are irregular period ? Like what are they suppose to mean ? Some people says that not having your periods in 2 months or having your period more than a time in 1 month .. So .. What is it exactly ? Thanks ! 😊

    • Hi Anon,

      Great question! An irregular period means your period does not follow a normal cycle. Irregular periods may show up early, late, or be skipped altogether. They are a bit unpredictable. If you continually experience early, late or skipped periods then you may have an irregular period. I hope that helps Anon.

      Your friend,
      The PEriod Blog

  9. Update just got some spotting but not a lot it’s stopped

  10. HI I am nat I am eleven and have discharge for about six months and it’s going froM REALLY HEAVY TO LIGHT and now it’s super light now when do you think I’ll get my period my mom got hers when she was nine years old I always carry a period kit with me but I don’t know how to prepare I don’t ever wear pantiliners how do I prepare ?

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