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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Period FAQ
When will I get my first period?
Who should I tell when I get my first period?
Will I get my period when my friends do?
Will anyone be able to tell that I'm on my period?
Will it hurt when I get my period?
How much will I bleed?
How long is a menstrual or period cycle?
How do I keep track of my period cycle?
Why do I need to keep track of my period?
What can I do about my cramps?
What are some things I can't do when I have my period?
Why do I feel tired when I have my period?
What is PMS?
Pads FAQ
How often should I change my pad?
What do I do if I have no pads?
Can I swim with a pad on?
Tampon FAQ
How do I insert a tampon?
When can I use tampons?
*What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?
Can I flush tampons?
Can a tampon get lost inside your body?
Can a tampon go in too far?
Will a tampon break my hymen?
What happens if the string breaks?
Vaginal Discharge FAQ
What's that white stuff on my underwear?
Why does the gusset of my panties look like they are bleached?

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  1. Hello
    Is it normal that you didn’t have your period for one month, but it usually comes the next month? Also I’m a virgin so I never had sex before. My period is still normal because I noticed I get it every month, or one month it doesn’t come, and the next month it comes. I would ask my mom, but it seems so awkward, plus she wouldn’t know anyway. PLZ I really wanna know if it’s normal :/

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  4. Hello
    please I still can’t find my vaginal opening, it’s as if a tissue is covering it and whenever I have sex I don’t feel anything at all. I don’t even know maybe my man enters or not.
    please what can I do?

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