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Frequently Asked Questions

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Period FAQ
[su_spoiler title=”When will I get my first period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] This one is a bit tricky to answer because it varies from girl to girl. Most girls will experience their first period between the ages of 9 to 16.
Here are some good indicators of when to expect your first period

  • 2 Years after your breasts begin to develop
  • After you start to grow pubic hair and underarm here
  • After you start to secrete vaginal discharge (the clear whitish fluid you see on your panties)

It may be weeks, months, or even a full year until you get your first period. So it’s a good idea to be prepared by always carrying pads with you. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Who should I tell when I get my first period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] You should at the very least tell your mom, dad, or your main caregiver. If you aren’t comfortable telling your parents, you can tell an older sibling and they can tell your parents for you. Who you tell is up to you.

It may be a little awkward or weird telling them but they are probably expecting it so they won’t be too surprised. Your mom and sister has gone through this before too so they know what to do :)!

If you get your first period at school and need supplies, you can go to your school nurse or your teacher if your teacher is a girl.
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Will I get my period when my friends do?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] You may or may not.
Every girl’s body is different and will go through puberty in a way that is right for her body.
Most girls get their first period between the ages 9 to 16.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Will anyone be able to tell that I’m on my period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Only if you tell them :).[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Will it hurt when I get my period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Yes and no.
Bleeding from your period isn’t like bleeding from a cut so it doesn’t hurt in that way.
But the muscles in your uterus work hard to push it out your period and sometimes that causes cramps that may hurt.  [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How much will I bleed?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] You lose around 5 tablespoons (150mL) of menstrual fluid during your period but only 1 to 2 tablespoons (30mL to 60mL) of that is blood. The rest of the menstrual fluid is your endometrial lining your body sheds and other vaginal fluids.
Your period dribbles out a little at a time, with most of it coming out the first couple days when your flow is heaviest.
Not all girls bleed the same amount. It varies from girl to girl and from period to period.  [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How long is a menstrual or period cycle?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] The average length of a period cycle is 28 days.
Not all girls have 28 day cycles. Lengths of cycles vary from girl to girl and can vary from period to period. Some girls have shorter cycles and some girls have longer cycles and that is completely normal.  [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How do I keep track of my period cycle?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Learn how to keep track of your period cycle with our easy to follow tutorial.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Why do I need to keep track of my period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] It’s a good idea to keep track of your period so you know when to expect your next period and prepare and so you know what’s normal for your body.
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”What can I do about my cramps?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] There are lots of things you can do to relieve menstrual cramps.
Placing a hot water bottle on your tummy will help relax your muscles and relieve you of cramps. That usually does the trick but there are lots of other things you can do too.
Learn more with our Ultimate Guide to Relieving Menstrual Cramps.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”What are some things I can’t do when I have my period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] You can do everything you normally do when you have your period!
You have probably heard some period myths but despite what you may have heard, when you have your period:

  • You CAN wash your hair
  • You CAN eat cold foods (ice cream included!)
  • You CAN eat fried foods
  • You CAN exercise
  • You CAN go swimming
  • You CAN go outside

What are some other period myths you’ve heard? Ask your mom and grandma. They might know some other ones too![/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Why do I feel tired when I have my period?” style=”fancy” anchor=””]The loss of blood from your period can cause you to lose iron and this can make you feel tired.
You can eat iron rich foods such as meat, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and eat foods high in vitamin C that will help absorb the iron such as oranges, bell peppers, and strawberries.  [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”What is PMS?” style=”fancy” anchor=””]PMS stands for pre-menstrual syndrome. It is a group of symptoms that you may experience 1-14 days before your period and may also persist into your period.
Some of these symptoms may include:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Breasts feel tender
  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Changes in Appetite
  • Food cravings
  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Feeling bloated
  • Feeling moody
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling tired

You may not experience all of these symptoms or any of these symptoms at all. Every girl experiences a different set of symptoms.

Pads FAQ
[su_spoiler title=”How often should I change my pad?” style=”fancy” anchor=””]You should change your pad as often as it is needed to feel comfortable and clean.
Depending on your flow and what type of pad you are wearing, this may vary from 2 to 4 hours. You can change your pad when it is partially saturated or until it is completely saturated.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”What do I do if I have no pads?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Don’t worry! We’ve all been there and thankfully we have Girl Code!

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Can I swim with a pad on?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] No, you cannot wear a pad to go swimming.
The pad will absorb all the water and we don’t want that to happen! If you want to swim during your period, you need to wear a tampon or a menstrual cup.[/su_spoiler]
Tampon FAQ
[su_spoiler title=”How do I insert a tampon?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Check out our easy to follow tutorials on how to insert a tampon:
Tutorial: How to insert a tampon with an applicator
Tutorial: How to insert a tampon without an applicator [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”When can I use tampons?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] You can use tampons whenever you are ready :)! Some girls find it easiest to start with pads until they have become more comfortable with their periods but you can use tampons from your very first period if you like.
But before you use tampons, you need to understand how to use it properly and how to use it safely to avoid TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
Tampons are different from pads because they fit inside the body. When using tampons, you need to remember to change them frequently and use an absorbency that matches your flow.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”*What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Coming soon. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Can I flush tampons?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] No, despite what they say on the box, you should not flush them down the toilet. Tampons are designed to expand, not break down in water. They will eventually clog your pipes and it is expensive and troublesome to fix.
Instead of flushing them just wrap them up in toilet paper and dispose it in the trash like you would with a pad.
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Can a tampon get lost inside your body?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] No, there’s no where for it to go.
Tampons are worn in the vaginal canal which leads to your cervix. Your cervical opening is much too small to let a tampon go anywhere so it is pretty much a dead end. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Can a tampon go in too far?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] No but it is possible to wear it incorrectly by not pushing it in far enough.  [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Will a tampon break my hymen?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] It is possible but highly unlikely. Your hymen is a stretchy tissue that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”What happens if the string breaks?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] The string is securely fastened to the tampon so it’s highly unlikely that the string will break.
But if it does happen, don’t worry because the tampon is not lost and you can still get it out easily. Put your finger inside to feel around for it and pull it out. If you still cannot remove it, you can see your doctor and they can easily remove it for you.  [/su_spoiler]
Vaginal Discharge FAQ
[su_spoiler title=”What’s that white stuff on my underwear?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] That white stuff is vaginal discharge.
It’s a clear whitish mucus like fluid secreted by your vagina. It is completely normal and keeps your vagina clean and healthy.
The amount secreted varies throughout the cycle. Sometimes it may feel like your vagina is leaking or drooling all day and this is completely normal too. You can wear pantiliners to help you feel fresh throughout the day.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Why does the gusset of my panties look like they are bleached?” style=”fancy” anchor=””] Vaginal discharge is naturally acidic and unfortunately for our panties, vaginal discharge is acidic enough to eat away at the color.
Overtime you may notice that gusset may become lighter in color or even have holes in it. This is normal. You can wear pantiliners to protect your panties.[/su_spoiler]

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