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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Period FAQ
When will I get my first period?
Who should I tell when I get my first period?
Will I get my period when my friends do?
Will anyone be able to tell that I'm on my period?
Will it hurt when I get my period?
How much will I bleed?
How long is a menstrual or period cycle?
How do I keep track of my period cycle?
Why do I need to keep track of my period?
What can I do about my cramps?
What are some things I can't do when I have my period?
Why do I feel tired when I have my period?
What is PMS?
Pads FAQ
How often should I change my pad?
What do I do if I have no pads?
Can I swim with a pad on?
Tampon FAQ
How do I insert a tampon?
When can I use tampons?
*What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?
Can I flush tampons?
Can a tampon get lost inside your body?
Can a tampon go in too far?
Will a tampon break my hymen?
What happens if the string breaks?
Vaginal Discharge FAQ
What's that white stuff on my underwear?
Why does the gusset of my panties look like they are bleached?

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  1. forget my other comments can you make a quick vid or blog about SEA SPONGE TAMPONS they’re reusable have good thing for you instead of chemicals that could harm you and i heard they’re easy for beginners like a first tampon also i really want to try kotex so pretty but please tell me about these tampons

    • Hi Sabriye,

      I haven’t tried sea sponge tampons though they are very environmentally friendly – they are not exactly the most consumer friendly product. I would not say they are easy for beginners. They are super absorbent but not exactly something that’s easy to change or take out when you are in a public washroom. If you try it – please report back and tell me how it goes :)!

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  2. hi again thanks Dedy Wong for answering my last one but today i noticed well i always have today i decided to try to learn more about discharge my discharge always starts white milkly and always liquid like but hours later it turns to this light brown i still don’t have my period but everything says after or A FEW DAYS BEFROE your period i already know I’m months away from my period so please answer me

    • Hi Sabriye!

      The light brown may be light bleeding. It may be blood that is old and is only now leaving your body resulting in the brown color. It sounds like your period may be coming soon. It’s hard to say how soon but soon enough that you should have some period supplies stocked up at home :).

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  3. Hi!
    This may seem a little odd but I have started feeling wired things, like really wanting boys to notice me and wanting to touch myself, I know it sounds weird but what should I do to get rid of the touching feeling? Please answer!

  4. Hey. I was just wondering if it is normal for your period to skip a month. I have only had my period s couple of times .

  5. Hey Dedy,
    i have a huge problem you see for the past few weeks i’v been learning about periods and puberty for some time and i personally feel like I’ve started my trip to becoming a young women but you see in a few months my mom is moving .Well not away what i mean is my parents are separating I’m completely cool with because me and my older sisters always knew so I’ll have 2 home 2 different places to stock with lady products and i feel like my first period will come in November the real problem is it’s awkward my dad alone having to know his sew little almost 11 year old girl is growing up as youngest i know he kind of wants me to stay his little girl and my mom has to deal with buying pads tampons and more for 3 we aren’t really rich but i,ve been trying to save up but how so please help

  6. Hey! I’ve been searching around this website for the answer, but nothing is coming up. Can someone please explain the following?

    I know this sounds weird, but when ever I actually get my ‘period’, there’s no vaginal opening. (I am not kidding, there is LITERALLY no vaginal opening) This happened a couple of days ago, and i’m not sure if i should be worried about it. There’s still blood coming out of SOMEWHERE, but I don’t know exactly how OR where. At this point i’m 12, so i’m kind of freaking out. Anybody have the answer?

  7. Doctor, i started my period on 16th feb to 19th feb 2016..then had sex on 04th march . i was also supposed to start period on 16 march but dint see my period up to this day. but i have sighns of periods like breast tenderness and sometims i could feel stomach pains..Can i be pregnant? or have the dates changed?

    • Hello,

      I am not a doctor. If you are seeking medical advice from a doctor – I suggest you see one in real life. If you think you may be pregnant, please see your medical provider. Good luck!

      Your friend
      The Period BLog

  8. hi!
    pls advice! by my calculation i saw the thicky gum discharge on 2 february 2016 which i feel it my ovulation, and on the 4th, i carried out a manual pregnancy test strip thinking i should be positive after 3days of sex on the fertile days. but now it showing negative… how long do i check after sex to know if am pregant? and does pregnancy symptons shows immediately using urine?

  9. is it true after your period regulates you stop growing? because thats what one of my doctors told me.

    • Hi Crystal!

      Your doctor is only a little right because it is not completely true that you stop growing. Usually girls find that their menstrual cycles will become regular in 1-2 years. After this time, your body definitely keeps growing! You may still grow taller, develop breasts, and your brain still has a long time to grow too!

      Remember some girls start their periods as young as 8 and if their periods were to become regular in the average time of 1-2 years then she would stop growing once she reached 10! And it is definitely not true that you stop growing after 10.

      I hope taht answers your questions Crystal :).

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  10. Amhh

    Is there any way

    Anyone can’t have a vaginal opening
    Is it possible


  11. Hi Dedy, I was wondering if you have any tampons that you would recommend for beginners? Also, I don’t feel comfortable using my fingers to find my vaginal opening is there anything else I can use?

  12. hi dedy,
    i only started my period last year but its super heavy (i have to wear a pad and a tampon and i still sometimes leak). after reading your diva cup review i started to wonder if it can hel me get throug school what i want to know is if theres any age that you seggested to start or not start useing it?

  13. Marianne Anderson

    Got my period on the 26th March 2015 till the 31st March 2015. It was due again on the 16th April but has not arrived yet. There was 21 days in my cycle, which is normal for me but my period has not come on the day it was due…could that mean that i am pregnant?

    • Hi Marianne,

      Often when your period is one day late and you have either just started your period (within last two years) and have not been sexually active without protection then it is okay. Periods vary from girl to girl and from individual cycle to cycle – sometimes they are a little early and sometimes a little late. If you suspect that you may be pregnant, it is best to see your doctor. You will not find any definite answers online.

      Good luck.

      Your friend,
      The Period Blog

  14. What should I do if a tampon fell in the toilet, and I flushed it?


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