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Period Mail: What’s the best tampon for a beginner?

Period Mail: What’s the best tampon for a beginner?

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AP asks: “I’m 14 years old and I’ve had my period since I was 10 . Now that I’m entering my freshman year of highschool, I wanted to transition from pads to tampons . My question is what is the best tampon brand I should use if I’m not that experienced with tampons?”
The Period Blog answers:

Hey AP,

Awesome question! I wish I knew the answer to when I first started wearing tampons!

The first tampon I ever used was a cardboard applicator tampon and it was only later when I tried plastic applicator tampons did I realize it was sooo much easier with a plastic applicator.

For your first tampon, I would suggest a regular absorbency tampon with a plastic full size applicator.

I find these tampons easier and more comfortable to insert.

Inserting your first tampon can get a bit confusing, so I would also suggest for beginners a plastic full size applicator which is a bit more simpler to use than a compact one.

Plastic applicators have a rounded tip covered by the plastic applicator while cardboard applicators have tips that expose the top of the tampon or our covered by the cardboard applicator. The rounded tip on plastic applicators make a first tampon insertion more comfortable than cardboard applicators.

Playtex Sport Super applicator rounded tip

Playtex Sport tampon with a rounded tip

Plastic applicators also have a smooth barrel which will glide in easier than cardboard.

The round tip and smooth plastic barrel will help beginners insert their first tampon easier especially if you are nervous.

tampon parts

Learn how to insert a tampon in 4 easy step PLUS pictures!

When wearing tampons, you must wear the lowest absorbency needed for your period. If you have a normal flow (not too heavy, not too light), it is safe to wear regular tampon. But if your flow is a little heavier, it is still safe for you to wear a regular tampon. If you don’t fill up your regular tampon in 3-5 hours, then switch to a lighter absorbency. With practice, you will get a better idea of which tampon you need for your flow and when to change your tampon.

sleeping with a tampon in bed

Here’s why it’s not safe to wear a tampon more than 6 hours.

Here are my recommendations for first time tampon users:

Playtex Sport Regular Tampons S2

Playtex Sport Regular Tampons: An all time favourite among girls!

U By Kotex Sleek Tampons box

U By Kotex Sleek Regular Tampons: A great tampon with a super easy to use applicator!

I hope this helps AP!

Your friend,
The Period Blog

Which tampon did you use for your first tampon?

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