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Mother’s Day Period Stories: It ran down my leg and my mom helped me cover up!

This Mother’s Day we asked our readers to send in their most memorable period stories with their mom. Here are our top 5 stories!

when you sneeze on your period meme

Period Story #1 : It ran down my leg and my mom helped me cover up!
Becca writes:

We were on the way back from a family holiday to France, during which I had broken my leg. I was wearing a pair of denim shorts as it was very hot and they were the only thing that fit over my massive white plaster cast (which went from my toes all the way up to my hip).

On the day of our one-hour plane ride back home, I was on day 1 of my period. And although it was only day 1, I decided to wear a night pad, which I changed just before getting on the plane as my periods are usually quite heavy.

When we arrived back in England we had to wait for everyone else to get off of the plane before us because of my leg.

So when I eventually I stood up – MY PERIOD JUST FLOODED.

It went on the plane seat, my leg my shorts, everywhere. I was hoping to get away with it since I was wearing dark denim shorts.

My little sister sat down on my seat after I got up but when she stood up and saw the blood, she started screaming and crying thinking that she cut her leg!

By this point, blood was actually running down my leg and my Mum clicked on what had happened. She said to my sister, ‘No love, it’s not you that’s cut yourself its your big sister’.

But my sister had made such a fuss that the plane staff had come over and they were like ‘Oh no, how did you cut yourself and where?’ etc, and they kept going on and on about it, even saying that they could go and get me a plaster. It went a bit far when this random man offered to call an ambulance so that I could go and get stitches! Lol!

Looking back it was hilarious but at the time I was absolutely mortified!

…blood was dripping everywhere, running down my leg, all over the floor, and even on my mum’s shoes!

An airport man offered to carry me to the lift off the plane, I was like ‘No thanks, I’m okay’.

I stood on the bus ride back to the airport and blood was still dripping everywhere, running down my leg, all over the floor, and even on my mum’s shoes!

My Mum was standing behind me so that no one on the bus would see and kept saying ‘Don’t worry we’ll get it sorted soon’ and wiping the blood off her converse with a tissue.

Oh yeah, and the blood was also running right down my WHITE plaster cast.

Meanwhile my poor Dad didn’t even click what was going on and said to my mum ‘Mary, do you think its the cast that’s cut her leg? Maybe she does need stitches!’.

When we eventually got to the airport there was a guy with a wheelchair waiting for me and I felt so bad because I left a big bloodstain on the seat in the plane, bus and wheelchair!! Yuck! Horrendous day! Plus we had to use white paint to cover the bloodstains on my cast!

Thanks for being there for me when I needed you most Mom!!! You’re the best!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Girl Code: My Period Story Went From Bad To YAY!

Reader Submission


Tomboy writes:

I was at my locker rushing to get my stuff from my locker because the bell had rung and I was the only one left in the hall. Suddenly, one of the really cute guys from my Math class came out to get something from his locker. We talked every now and then so when he saw me, he started talking to me. Even though I was late for class and my Social Studies teacher was gonna kill me, I decided to stop and talk because I had a crush on him.

A few minutes in to the conversation, he stopped and said “Hey, do you smell that?” and he wrinkled his nose in disgust..

I smelled it too but I didn’t know what it was so I shrugged it off. My best friend had come out in to the hallway a few seconds before so when I noticed her, I waved. She waved back but a few seconds later, her smile turned into a look of horror. She grabbed a plastic bag full of what looked like clothes out of her locker and quickly ran up to me.

“Um, excuse me (his name), I need to tell Angie something really important and personal so if you could just….” she said and sort of swatted him away. Thankfully, him and my best friend were sort of friends so he didn’t mind and just went back to class. My best friend gave me her jacket and told me to wrap it around my waist. When I asked why, she just insisted that I do so. A few other kids came into the hallway (to go to their lockers, go to the bathroom, nurse, office, etc.) so my best friend grabbed my arm and dashed to the bathroom.

When we got in the bathroom and I asked her what was wrong, she told me I had a huge blood stain on my jeans. I looked in the mirror and I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much blood had stained my jeans. There was so much, it was dripping down my jeans. That was the source of the terrible smell.

I started crying because I had no pads, no tampons and no extra clothes plus the nurse was currently out. Luckily I had the best friend ever and she handed me a bag of clothes and pads/tampons. I was kinda upset because I was a little bit of a tomboy and all my friend had was her girly clothes and her choir uniform but beggars can’t be choosers so I had to wear a skirt.

I thanked my friend and went back to class. My teacher was really upset but when I (privately) told her what happened, she thankfully understood and didn’t even dock any points for tardiness. I told everybody else I had spilled soda onto my jeans. Everybody seemed to believe it and my crush later told me I looked cute in the skirt. Everybody’s wins!

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Girl Code: Large Red Stain And Surrounded By Boys!

Reader Submission


Large Red Stain writes:

It was the day after my birthday and it just so happened to be Ash Wednesday. ( I attend a Catholic school so students are required to attend mass.)

My stomach had been cramping the day before on my birthday. I assumed the pain was from eating too much cake! I mean, where else could the pain come from?

I started taking birth control pills one month prior and I assumed I would no longer have periods as long as I took my pill. Of course, you can never have your cake and eat it too (no pun intended.)

I was sitting in mass amongst many of my male classmates when I felt something wet on my inner thighs… I immediately looked down and noticed a large, bloody red stain.

My eyes filled with tears because I knew I had at least another hour to endure this.

I was sitting in an entire aisle of boys without a single one of my girlfriends near me, it was about to be a long mass service. When the priest called the students up for communion, everyone was required to take communion or receive a blessing. I walked toward the alter to receive a blessing  in front of my whole school, hoping nobody would notice my leak.

Unfortunately, a senior boy approached me and told me that I had blood on my pants. He was so kind and even walked me to the office so I could have permission to leave.

Even though I bled through my pants, he still thinks I’m cute and he even asked me to prom. (:

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Girl Code: Even my brother followed Girl Code!

Reader Submission

movie theatre

Fanny writes:

In 2009, I went to watch the movie G.I Joe with my brother. I had my period and it was heavy. I knew it was heavy because after I stood up…

…All my period blood gushed out and flooded my jeans!!!

I told my brother and we went to the other exit. We ended up on the balcony and then we went to the floor level. I was walking but I started to limp as if I was injured like I was stabbed or something just to make the situation better.

We made it to the car where my brother had to put his jacket on the passenger seat because of my bloody jeans.

We made it home where my mom saw that her daughter was all bloody from the pants down O_O.

…And that’s why I don’t watch movies during my period anymore.

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Girl Code: I stained everything

Reader Submission


Linda writes:

In the middle of summer, I started to have really really heavy period and it lasted for over a month and I’m not even kidding. I used over 5 overnight pads a day.

My mom and I really started to worry and so she brought me to a doctor and as it turns out, I have a hormonal imbalance. The doctor said that I lacked progesterone and I would have to take a few meds to regulate my cycle but she told me not to worry because it was apparently very common to teens (I’m 15).

But that wasn’t what worried me the most. It was the fact that school would be starting in a few weeks and with my condition, there was a very high possibility that I’d leak.The first week of school was horrible, I leaked more than once while wearing a tampon (for heavy flow) and also an overnight pad but it wasn’t till a few weeks after did I have the most embarrassing period experience.

It was lunch time and I was sitting with my friends in our usual table when I felt a lot of blood spill. My best friend noted the look of horror on my face and asked if I needed to change. I nodded but as I got up, she quickly yanked me back down.

She told me that I had a huge stain and not only that but I also stained the white bench that we were sitting on!

I completely panicked and I didn’t know what to do but luckily my friends were so understanding that they helped me cover.

One of my friends purposely spilled her drink on me (and the bench) and my other friends played along so that everyone else would think that it was just juice on my pants and the bench.

After that they helped cover me as I went to change in the bathroom. I really don’t know what I would have done without them.

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Girl Code: Spare clothes come in handy!

Reader Submission

spare pants

Jackie writes:

On one of my first periods I had a really heavy flow and wasn’t wearing a good pad. I was in one of my first classes when I felt it leak. I told my friend and made her walk right behind me so no one would see it.

I tied a jacket around my waist to cover it up until I was able to tell my girl teacher. The teacher couldn’t leave her class so she told another teacher to take me to the office to get some clothes.

That teacher took me to the counselor and I told her what happened. She took me into a room full of clothes for me to try on. I really didn’t want to wear any of the clothes they gave me. I was so embarrassed and stressed out, I went in the bathroom and cried.

After I finished crying I told the teacher they didn’t fit so she took me to go and tell the nurse what had happened. The nurse told me that I needed to call someone to tell them to bring me clothes and the only person I could ask to bring me clothes was my mom’s boyfriend. I had to call him in the nurses office to tell him to bring me pants and underwear… in front of a girl who told all my friends and 2 guys!

I had to tell a total of 6 people just to get some pants and underwear!

Now I always keep spare pants and underwear in my locker!

This all happened before lunch time and ironically the same thing happened to my friend after I returned to class! She bled through her pants too! I guess it can really happen to anyone!

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Girl Code: Thank goodness for hoodies!

Reader Submission


Ketchup Girl writes:

I was in high school and sitting at the lunch table with a group of friends, not expecting to start my period at all since I never kept track of it. After eating, the bell rang to dismiss us from lunch and I stood up, but instantly sat back down when I saw what had happened.

I started my period, and I had leaked a lot onto the bench that I was sitting on!

Boy was I glad that I had some awesome friends. I didn’t even feel myself leaking so it came as a huge shock. They all saw it and knew what it was, but they passed it off as ketchup.

One friend let me borrow her hoodie to tie around my waist so that I could get through the rest of the day without being embarrassed about a huge period stain on my pants.

I wiped it off the bench with a paper towel as soon as I had the hoodie, and then went to the bathroom to make a makeshift pad out of toilet paper because I didn’t have anything on me and the nurses office only had tampons (which I wasn’t able to use).

Lesson of the day: Track your period and always have pads on-hand because your period can totally take you by surprise.

Also, note to school nurses: KEEP PADS and don’t assume that all female students use tampons, because they don’t.

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Girl Code: My friend let me borrow her thong!

Reader Submission


Ashley writes:

One day me and my best friend met at our other friend’s house to get ready for volleyball. My friend went to the bathroom and soon after we heard her yell, “OMG I’m on my period!”

We were immature so we started to giggle at first. We didn’t want our friend to go to volleyball with her soiled panties so we went to our friend’s older sister’s room and grabbed a pair of random panties for her to change into.

We gave them to her along with a tampon but we didn’t realize we gave her a thong!

Even though she wasn’t comfortable wearing someone else’s thong, she still put it on and went to volleyball with us.

She actually thought the thong belonged to our friend’s and got mad when she found out it was in fact our friend’s older sister’s… BUT! She still said it was better than nothing!

Even though I didn’t act the most mature, my friends and I always believe in girl code.

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Girl Code: The time a popular girl helped me

Reader Submission


Delilah writes:

So I got my period and it was only the third time I had ever gotten it. I had pads and everything with me so I thought I was pretty prepared.

I walked down to lunch and I felt wet down there but I assumed it was nothing. Periods were still new to me so alarm bells weren’t going off yet.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I felt this GUSH.

But again assuming it was nothing I continued to lunch. I sat down, ate my lunch and after I went back up to class still feeling wet.

I was about to get a pad and go to the bathroom when one of the popular girls asked me if I needed a pad.

I said I have some and they told me I had blood on the back of my pants. UGH.

Oh great lucky me! I was so embarrassed I just said I didn’t feel well and went home.

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Girl Code: When I stained my pants and had to leave work

Reader Submission

Conference Call

Vanessa writes:

It was on a Friday, which means a dress down day at work. During the summer, it was common for us to wear shorts and so forth.

It was a great place to work and it was my first job right out of college. We were doing a conference call and my job as Administrative Assistant was to make sure meetings run smoothly.

Anyway, during this one meeting, it seemed to go longer than any of us had planned. Don’t you just love the people who try to impress the right people by asking loads of questions? It was annoying, and some people already got up and left. I couldn’t however.

I was due to start my period soon and had a pantyliner on. I was wearing light pink shorts, which was probably not the best idea. But I never thought much about it since I hadn’t started.

After half an hour I started having stomach pain. Then my head started to hurt, so I grabbed some ibuprophin from my purse and took it during the meeting. I was really feeling bad in another half hour.

My face must have looked flushed because the lady next to me, Veronica, asked me if I was okay. I whispered that my cramps were really bad and hoped the meeting would end soon. She had sympathy for me. She asked if she should cover for me, but I said I’d be ok.

But I wasn’t.

I soon felt the wetness of my period, but didn’t panic because I had the pad on.

The meeting went on for another 20-25 minutes even after I heard “last question,” and “wrapping up.” Ridiculous! I knew I had to go soon but didn’t want to irritate my boss.

About 10 minutes before the meeting wrapped up, I was really uncomfortable and feeling really soaked. I looked down and was shocked. I had stained right through my shorts. I checked the chair, but it was spared for the moment.

“Problem,” I whispered back to Veronica.

I motioned to my shorts and her eyes lit up. She started to pull a tampon from her purse but I shook my head no. I whispered I had a pad on.

That last ten minutes were like an eternity. I sighed my disgust as I continued to type the meeting minutes.

I was a mess at the end of the meeting and Veronica waited with me until everyone was out. She walked in front of me and I carried my laptop back in front of my shorts.

There wasn’t much I could do about those shorts and I had no extra clothes with me. I would have to leave work early for sure. I changed to a new pad, and Veronica said she would tell my boss I wasn’t feeling well and went home and I would call later.

I went to leave and she briefly rubbed my back and said she’d help with any work needing to be done. This has nothing to do with the story but a few weeks later Veronica and I went on a date and were a couple for a few months. She later on moved but we still keep in touch.

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