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Funniest Period Stories

Funny Period Story: My boyfriend mixed up pads with diapers!

Reader Submission
Lily writes:

So one day I got my period and I totally wasn’t ready for it. I was wearing thin white shorts that day and didn’t have a pad on me.

I was on my boyfriends lap at the park. We were laughing and he started to tickle me! Whenever I laugh I pee a little…

And I started laughing so hard that I couldnt’ stop peeing!


Blood started to come out too and that’s when I found out I was on my period!

I start to cry but my boy friend says it’s ok! We run to his car and he drives us to the store – he runs inside and guess what he buys me???

My boyfriend bought me DIAPERS!

I started crying even more and tell him I need pads! Not diapers! He thought the diapers looked like pads so that’s why he bought them. He threw the diapers in the car and ran back into the store to buy pads.

This time he bought me EXTRA THICK pads

I started to cry even harder because my period was leaking through my white thin shorts faster and faster… so I put on the diaper and pad… then my boyfriend took me home to his house and I feel asleep.

I woke and I had a different pad on and some boxer shorts and his sweat pants.. Worst day of my life!

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Funny Period Story: That time I wore WHITE pants

Reader Submission

princess diaries it isn't fair

When you wear your cute white pants and your period comes…

Backpack Blues writes:

I was at school and it was my last class for the day. Some girlfriends and I were talking about periods and I said,

“I am seriously praying I don’t get my period today because I’m wearing white pants!”

10 minutes later the bell rang. I got up and felt something and for sure I was wet!

emma stone no

I was hoping it was discharge or something but not my period, please not blood… RED blood.

I get out of class and try to walk quickly to the band hall. Well the band hall is on the other end of school and where my mom picks me up.

I’m trying to hide my butt with my backpack from the people behind me. I get to the band hall and run to the restroom. Looks like Jesus couldn’t save me. I wrapped up some toilet paper put it on my underwear and called my mom.

Luckily, I only had a small dot of red on my pants. I ran outside and couldn’t be happier to see my car!

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Mother’s Day Period Stories: My mom made a big scene in public!

This Mother’s Day we asked our readers to send in their most memorable period stories with their mom. Here are our top 5 stories!

embarrassing deer meme

Period Story #4 : My mom made a big scene in public!
Hannah writes:

My mom hasn’t always been open to talking about anything feminine. Periods, puberty, bras, nothing like that. Even asking questions was embarrassing. The day I got my period, I kind of knew what to do (following my mom and older sister everywhere sometimes pays off!), but still I was pretty clueless.

The night I got my first period, I wanted to tell my mom but I was so scared. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react. So I just worked up the courage to tell her and she gave me pads. I thought everything was going to be okay, I was wrong.

The next day. we went to the store, and we were waiting in line forever! My mom strikes up the conversation about my period, telling me certain stuff, but not the information I wanted to know. I asked a simple question, and she wouldn’t give me an answer!
She made a super big deal about it and everyone was staring at us!

She made a super big deal about it and everyone was staring at us! One woman even chimed in by saying that “maybe we should talk about this at home” and “I think you’re embarrassing her”. Then my mom started to pick a fight with the lady. I was beyond embarrassed, I felt like crawling up into a ball and crying.

We got home, and my mom apologized for what she had done and that she just wanted to help me. So we finally sat down and talked about it.
I’m still waiting to hear some information that I want to know about, but at least I know the basics.

So, to conclude, if my mom didn’t embarrass me beyond compare, I don’t think I’d know what I know now.

Thank you mom for chatting with me, making me turn 50 Shade Of Red, and for always being there for me (with a backup pad too!).

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Mother’s Day Period Stories: I thought tampons were Q-tips!

This Mother’s Day we asked our readers to send in their most memorable period stories with their mom. Here are our top 5 stories!

lol cat

Period Story #5 : I thought tampons were Q-tips
Anna writes:

When I was about 8, my family decided to go to Disneyland over the summer break. I knew nothing about periods and didn’t even know that girls got them. I was clueless.

My mother had a bunch of tampons in her bag because she was on her period, so being the smart kid I am I grabbed one out of her bag and opened it up. I pushed the cotton part out a bit and thought it was a giant Q-tip!!

I tried to stick it in my ear like a Q-tip and that’s when my mom walked in on me. She was on the floor laughing!!!

As I grew up, I sadly learned that they were definitely not Q-tips Hahahha lol!

Thanks for teaching me about periods and tampons mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Funny Period Story: I got my first period at a Halloween Party!

Reader Submission


Slender Woman writes:

Alright. This is the funny story of my first period! I was 12 years old and It was Halloween. I go to this boys and girls club after school and we were aloud to dress out so, I dressed up as Slenderman. I was so short though…

My crush went to the boys and girls club too and we went to the hill to wait for the bus. We got on the bus and my crush left his stuff and we got there. I was allowed in the Teen Center, so I stayed there for the day.

I sat on the couch and I felt a weird squishy stuff coming out of my vagina, but I thought I was having a mini orgasm or just vaginal discharge so I ignored it.

When I got home, I was waiting for my cousin to get there so we could go trick or treating, So I went to the bathroom. I saw some brownish,poop stuff in my underwear and I knew it couldn’t be poop. My cousin came in and I pulled her into the bathroom. She said it was period and my mom and her mom came in and said it was period.

My cousins mom screamed “YOURE A WOMAN!!” And that’s my first period. I’m so glad I was wearing two pairs of black pants that day, but I had to go to Disneyland the next day. XD

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My First Period Story: I bled in the hot tub and thought I was going to die!

Reader Submission


Thought She Pooped Herself writes:

Well, I was a happy twelve year old girl, and when it first came, I was wearing purple undies. Of course, red on purple looks brown!!!

When I first saw my panties, I thought “Uh-oh! Oh noooo! I pooped myself!” (LOL)

I was at home so I just changed my panties and forgot about the whole situation. My family was going to visit my cousins to try out their new hot tub but on the drive over, my tummy was aching the whole time. My mom knew something was up and she told me to sit up because slouching would only hurt my back and stomach more. So I did, but it still hurt, and I was a shy kid so I didn’t want to mention that I pooped my pants earlier.

I stuck it out and when we got there, I went in the spare room with all my other girl cousins. We got into our bathing suits and walked to the basement, where the hot tub was. Anyway, my aunt’s friend was invited, and I’d had a crush on her son Damien since I was FIVE.

I got into the hot tub with the rest of the kids and we chilled for a bit, me and Damien sat next to each other. The other kids got bored eventually and got out. I was left with Damien.

We talked for a bit and he was about to kiss me, but then a pool of red came up from behind me, turning the bubbles around me a deep crimson color before he screamed and ran away, shouting “Ew! EW! EW EW EW EW! You’re disgusting! That’s awful! EW!”

And I was left wondering what the heck had happened??? My mom hadn’t told me about puberty or anything yet, and I thought I was bleeding from the inside out and that my whole life was gonna end in that tub!!!

My mom came down, wondering what all the noise was. I cried as I told her I would surely die, and then she said “We’ll have a little talk when we’re home, I think” and told me about everything, and we both laughed. Until this day, I haven’t told a soul, but as you don’t know me personally, I decided to tell you guys!

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Funniest Period Story: My grandma told EVERYONE!

Reader Submission

gymnastics with gabrielle douglas

Miss R writes:

I was on about my third period and that was when it started becoming very HEAVY. I’m talking lots-of-blood HEAVY O_O.

I was at an outdoors event doing my gymnastics routine for my family when I started to feel wet down there. I was wearing a tampon so I told my family I was going to the washroom.

And I couldn’t believe it but my tampon was full, AFTER JUST ONE HOUR! Then, it happened…

I was out of tampons!

I didn’t know what to do so I just went back outside, and started making up a cheerleading routine. When I had finished, I called my mom and grandma out there to see.(My grandma doesn’t know I got my period.)

Halfway through my routine, during the heel stretch, my grandma yelled:

“Raven! Do you have a hole in your pants?!?!?”

I look down and theres this HUGE red spot in the crotch of my blue shorts!

Then she leans over and asks my mom “Does Raven have her period?” (my mom nodds,) and just as the cool next door neighbours were walking down the road to a party, my grandma screams:


OMG I died of embarrassment.

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My First Period Story: Gigi

Reader Submission

Paint Can

Gigi writes:

Hello my first period story is embarrassing. It all happened in Orlando, FL at my cousins house.

I was hanging out with my cousins when my little cousin saw me from behind and screamed:

“Gigi did you sit on red paint???”

I tried to figure out what she meant and then it dawned on me O___O. I had to think of something quickly to say…“No and I sat on the sofa that if you swipe it turns darker…”

I sat there but I didn’t know if it was going to spread. So then 10 minutes later, I looked and there was a red spot the size of a flower!

I tried to clean it but it didn’t work so i just flipped the seat over XD!

I asked my Auntie for a pad or tampon because my mom, dad and family members weren’t there. And that’s my embarrassing story and how i found out how to use a tampon!

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Girl Code: My friend let me borrow her thong!

Reader Submission


Ashley writes:

One day me and my best friend met at our other friend’s house to get ready for volleyball. My friend went to the bathroom and soon after we heard her yell, “OMG I’m on my period!”

We were immature so we started to giggle at first. We didn’t want our friend to go to volleyball with her soiled panties so we went to our friend’s older sister’s room and grabbed a pair of random panties for her to change into.

We gave them to her along with a tampon but we didn’t realize we gave her a thong!

Even though she wasn’t comfortable wearing someone else’s thong, she still put it on and went to volleyball with us.

She actually thought the thong belonged to our friend’s and got mad when she found out it was in fact our friend’s older sister’s… BUT! She still said it was better than nothing!

Even though I didn’t act the most mature, my friends and I always believe in girl code.

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Worst Period Story Ever: My crush puked on me

Reader Submission

Cinco De Mayo

Bijou writes:

It all started in my 8 grade year of middle school. I was 14 years old, and practically the only one who DIDN’T get my period.

So, we were doing this play we had for Cinco De Mayo, and we were at the part where me and this guy I really, really, REALLY liked had the solo. A few counts before we had our solo, I felt something slip through, and my pants felt slimy. I thought nothing of it, because recently this white stuff was constantly in my underwear, so i figured it was nothing to be worried about.

I skipped up to the front with him, and he got this really gross expression on his face, and his face was losing all the color, he looked like he was gonna hurl. So i was like ‘Whats his problem????’ And we were at the part where he dipped me, so he dipped me, and when he dipped me, he looked straight into my eyes, and I thought he was going to kiss me, so I closed me eyes, and leaned in.

Just as I was about to meet his lips, he threw up all over my face, and in my mouth, and he dropped me.

I sat up, and threw up across the cafeteria, and when I stood up I noticed a pool of blood. I was HORRIFIED!!!! I looked at the back of my pants, and saw blood. Everyone was quiet and staring at me. And I mean EVERYONE. The whole school, the teachers, the principal, they were even RECORDING!!!!

So, I ran out, and ran into the bathroom, and bawled my eyes out, until my BFF came running in, and found me.

She gave me her extra pair of underwear that she always carries around, a pad, and P.E. shorts.

I was SOOO thankful to have her as a friend!!!! I learned that in the toughest of times, your friends will always be there to support you and help you, even when the whole school is laughing at you.

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