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My Period Diary – My PMS makes me feel depressed

I spent the entire day in bed feeling sad

About 1 week before my period started, my PMS symptoms began… First I started to get really irritated at things that normally wouldn’t irritate me. Rude clients at work.. clients not listening to me and wanting to argue when I was just trying to help them. I knew I was feeling off because normally clients don’t get to me and I just brush off their rudeness.

Then that night I felt very depressed. The kind of feeling where you just want to lay down and do nothing. I felt like I was failing at a lot of things in life and I just wanted to lay down and do nothing. That’s exactly what I did the next day – all day… I laid in bed and slept.

It’s weird to think how much my hormones and period disrupts my life sometimes. Cramps, cravings and period diarrhea – that I can deal with. But my PMS can really disrupt my mood and literally my entire day sometimes. #PERIODBRAIN

The next day I felt better and although still emotional and feeling a bit down, I got through my day, went to work and did my usual stuff.

A few days later my flow started just like I expected.

My boobs really hurt right now too. They are swollen and it hurts just walking down the stairs… girls that have experienced this.. you know exactly what I mean!

And while having a period is just so annoying (LOL), I am grateful that I have my period. Several weeks ago I was experiencing some tummy problems and went to see my doctor. She made me take a pregnancy test just to rule that out and though I knew I wasn’t pregnant – the thought of that reality scares me!

Anyways I’m on my period right now. The flow is slow so far and I’m not feeling as irritated as I was a week ago. I’m still feeling emotional though like the kind where watching this commercial can just make me start sobbing! LOL

How is your period? Share with me in the comments section below!

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Worst Period Story: I should have changed my tampon!

Reader submission

period story justin beiber

During 6th period, I begin to feel some blood on my pants. But I thought I was probably imagining it, and just went on.

Jena writes:

I had always used pads and hated them. So, I decided to use tampons. I wore a tampon to school and everything was fine for the first half of the day. During lunch, I had to go change my tampon. For some reason, I decided to not do it.

So, during 6th period, I begin to feel some blood on my pants. But I thought I was probably imagining it, and just went on.

As 6th period ended, I realized my period was actually leaking. Thank god I wore black jeans!

I tied a jacket around my waist, just in case. When I got to 7th period, I looked in my bag for a tampon or pad. I thought I had something, but NO! I didn’t have anything with me. I went to the bathroom to check and of course, there was blood all over my underwear. I did not know what to do.

I had P.E. next, and it just happened to be the day where I was going to be sprinting. I told a teacher and went to the office, so I could get a pad. But when I got there, a random guy was standing there talking to the lady. I didn’t want to ask her for a pad in front of the guy, so I just asked her if I could call my mom. I called my mom and got her to pick me up. I was probably the happiest person ever when she showed up.

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Worst Period Story: Be careful what you wish for!

Reader submission

Worst Period Story submitted by Kristina

Kristina writes:

I got my first period last year and within a few cycles, I regretted saying “Ugh. I wish it was heavier than this. This isn’t even a period!”

I was the girl that was really wanting hers and researching EVERYTHING.

Well, the day started off with me waking up and starting. I figured… Welp… Probably just another small one once again. NO.

Never have I been so shocked at how much blood I was losing!

I went through heavy pads within an hour and I was only 12! Talk about being paranoid.

I even leaked through my pants a bit and on the sheets.

Luckily, I have been somewhat regular and haven’t had a heavy period like that again!

So girls, remember I was just like you – wanting it so bad till I realized what it was actually like!

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My First Period Story: I thought I broke my butt!

Reader submission
first period story

Upbeat Teen’s first period story

Upbeat Teen writes:

I was playing outside with my best guy friend’s little brother (and btw I had a major crush on my best guy friend).

I thought it would be cool to build a type rope to walk across so we found this long piece of rope and tied it to the two trees in my front yard.

I got at least half way across when I suddenly hit the splits and fell over! I told my best guy friends brother that I thought I broke my butt! LOL

I ran in the house and went to the bathroom to see if my butt was split in half and I saw blood so I called my mom.

She said it was just my period. I was like no mom I’m pretty sure I broke my butt! And I even told her what happened.

Any way try thats the story of how I got my first period!

Got a story to share? Send it here!

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My Period Diary: I got my period in Tokyo!

I got my period on vacation!
Recently I took a 1 week trip to the amazing city of Tokyo. I had been planning this trip for a longggg time and it was really tough getting the vacation days I wanted so I didn’t plan this trip around my period by any means.

When I was packing, I thought to myself… well I just got my period two weeks ago so I’m not due yet.. but JUST IN CASE I’ll pack some supplies. So I just threw the ziplock of pads and tampons I had packed from my last trip in my luggage.

In the middle of the week I could feel that something was happening in my uterus.. it was cramping a bit and my boobs were so big! These are all my tell tale signs that my period is coming very soon which was ODD because I wasn’t due yet!!

I really didn’t want to get my period on vacation because we were walking around a lot and I hate trying to find a toilet and constantly checking to see if I’m leaking.

The next day, I had spotted quite a lot so I thought for sure that my period was coming early so I changed from a liner to a pad.

And OF COURSE, the day I put on an Always Infinity pad and walk all around Tokyo, there is not a drop of blood. -___-

period meme

At the very end of my trip, I got my period on the flight home which is about exactly 3 weeks since my last period. Thankfully I still had some supplies to use on the last leg of my trip!

Check out my photos from Japan:
japanese pads

Can you spot the Always Infinity?

Can you spot the Always Infinity?

See more here:
Periods Around The World – Tokyo, Japan Pt 1/2
Periods Around The World – Tokyo, Japan Pt 2/2


How was your last period?

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Embarrassing Period Story: The whole class saw my period stain!

Reader submission
embarrassing period story

Embarrassing Period Story submitted by Anna

Anna writes:

So, I was in 3rd period as usual, Math. I thought that it was lunch so I got all excited to use the bathroom (change my pad).

So I got in the classroom, remembered I had three periods before lunch and sank in my chair. It had passed 30 minutes before my teacher let me use the bathroom. And when I got up I didn’t look at my seat, just pulled down my jacket.

When I got in the bathroom I check for a blood stain, and there it was, a bright red period blood stain.

Then, I walked back in the classroom and everyone stares at me. I’m not talking about just 3-5 people, I’m talking about 18-20. Yeah, so I sit down all nervous and junk.

Then, my bff leans over and says there was something red on your seat! She then explained how when she saw it she told the WHOLE CLASS, but it gets EVEN BETTER, OUT LOUD!?

Yeah, to then add, my cousin asked if “it” was on my pants. Then, I got called to go stand up, yet again, and go do makeup work.

So, I get to the bathroom again, pull out my phone, and call my mom. She then tells my GRANDPA! Of all the people, my GRANDPA!?

So, yeah that was my embarrassing period story… Well, hope this inspired you to wear thicker pads and also maxi if your heavy. Stay clean and DRY!

Love, Anna

P.S. I am in 6th grade and this happened last week!

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    Worst Period Story: Sleepover Nightmare!

    Reader submission

    worst period story, period memes

    No not today!

    Anonymous Reader writes:

    This worst period story is about my SLEEPOVER NIGHTMARE!

    It was my best friends birthday, she was having a sleepover at her house. They wanted to go swimming and me being on my period refused.

    I didn’t want to tell them the truth because none of them have gotten it yet. I told them I forgot my bathing suit and well my sister did too.

    We went to the mall and her grandpa offered to buy me and my sister a bathing suit. My sister got a bathing suit and when we got back they tried to push me in the pool (swim suit or not).

    After an hour of fighting them off we decided to watch a movie and set up our beds.

    I was sleeping on an air mattress, her grandpa gave me WHITE sheets and a WHITE blanket.

    I didn’t think the blood would soak through my pad but it did.. When I woke up I felt it, the damp spots on my shorts.

    Everyone was still sleeping so I tried to clean myself up. I changed and put on a new pad, put toilet paper on my panties too because they were still wet >.> (I should’ve brought an extra pair of panties).

    Everyone woke up and her grandpa came to grab the blankets and sheets. I put the sheet in a ball and handed it to him to wash.

    I’m not sure if her grandpa found out or seen the stain but I left right after that. I told no one.

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    My Period Diary: My Period Makes Me So Tired!

    Does your period make you tired?
    period cramps comic laughing uterus

    My last period started so suddenly. I know my period is on its way when my boobs start to get bigger and more sensitive… But they weren’t too sensitive so I thought that my period was still a few days away.

    NOPE! The next day – it was here and it wasn’t holding back. From day one it was heavy and by day two it was SUPER heavy. I was filling up super heavy tampons in a matter of hours and I was EXHAUSTED.

    Having a heavy flow and losing a lot of blood can be really stressful for your body. With the period blood leaving your body, you’re also losing nutrients and oxygen rich iron that’s carried in your blood throughout your body.

    With fewer red blood cells and less iron, you also have less oxygen in your blood which can make you feel more sleepy and lethargic.

    Even though I had a relaxing day at work, I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 6:00PM. I used to try to fight the exhaustion to stay up and make use of my day but now I just give in. The rest feels too good to resist!

    And then by day three, I had a very light flow. As quickly as my period started, it ended. Then I spotted lightly for a few more days.

    What was your last period like?
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    Worst Period Story: The 3 Cs – Cramps, Constipation, & Crying

    Reader submission


    Lisha writes:

    I just started my period the day before with severe abdominal pains and constipation….. I wanted to cry so bad!…

    That night after I begged my mom to come get me from school because I was in soo much pain… I got a pillow and placed it under my stomach to help me sleep but my period had already filled up my pad completely and my pjs were covered in blood. I rushed to the bathroom to clean myself up.

    Afterwards my mom told me she wanted to go shopping so I went and decided to wear a pad, underwear, a new pair of pjs, and sweats over the PJs AND I still bled through everything!

    Got a story to share? Send it here!

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    My First Period Story: My mom laughed at me!

    Reader submission


    Mudatu writes:

    So my first period was on March 14 2016 and I was coming home from school.

    All of a sudden I felt like I peed on myself so I told myself okay don’t pee your pants again…

    Then when I got home I went to the bathroom to change my underwear and instead of pee I found a red circle of blood that was turning brown!!!

    I freaked out and yelled because I was so shocked! I told my dad and when i told my mom she laughed out loud!

    Got a story to share? Send it here!

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