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Funniest Period Story: My grandma told EVERYONE!

gymnastics with olympian gabrielle douglas

Reader Submission Miss R writes: I was on about my third period and that was when it started becoming very HEAVY. I’m talking lots-of-blood HEAVY O_O. I was at an outdoors event doing my gymnastics routine for my family when I started to feel wet down there. I was wearing a tampon so I told my family I was going ... Read More »

Worst Period Story Ever: I got soaked at Boy Scout camp!

backpacking through desert

Reader Submission Camping Celine writes: I got my period at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. I am in the Venturing program in the Boy Scouts, and decided to go backpacking in the back country at Philmont. I missed my period the month before, and hoped as hard as I could that I wouldn’t get my period at camp. Unfortunately, on day ... Read More »

My First Period Story: It looked like poop!

poop icon

Reader Submission Fiona writes: The first time I got my period, I thought it was crap. It started with me going to the bathroom after shopping. I noticed on my underwear there was an area covered in brown. My first thought was: “Is that crap?!” I couldn’t have possibly crapped my pants and not noticed have I?! But then I ... Read More »

Girl Code: Even my brother followed Girl Code!

movie theatre

Reader Submission Fanny writes: In 2009, I went to watch the movie G.I Joe with my brother. I had my period and it was heavy. I knew it was heavy because after I stood up… …All my period blood gushed out and flooded my jeans!!! I told my brother and we went to the other exit. We ended up on ... Read More »

Worst Period Story Ever: I leaked in the car

car ride

Reader Submission Fanny writes: A couple of days ago I felt a really bad back ache coming on… and hoped that my period wasn’t coming because my sister and I were going shopping 2 hours away. But nope! I woke up to extremely bad back ache. This has happened before and I layed helpless on my bed for the 2 ... Read More »

Girl Code: I stained everything

doctor holding tablet

Reader Submission Linda writes: In the middle of summer, I started to have really really heavy period and it lasted for over a month and I’m not even kidding. I used over 5 overnight pads a day. My mom and I really started to worry and so she brought me to a doctor and as it turns out, I have ... Read More »

Girl Code: Spare clothes come in handy!

pile of blue jeans

Reader Submission Jackie writes: On one of my first periods I had a really heavy flow and wasn’t wearing a good pad. I was in one of my first classes when I felt it leak. I told my friend and made her walk right behind me so no one would see it. I tied a jacket around my waist to ... Read More »