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Girl Code: Large Red Stain And Surrounded By Boys!


Reader Submission Large Red Stain writes: It was the day after my birthday and it just so happened to be Ash Wednesday. ( I attend a Catholic school so students are required to attend mass.) My stomach had been cramping the day before on my birthday. I assumed the pain was from eating too much cake! I mean, where else could ... Read More »

Worst Period Story Ever: It Stained The Chair!

Michael Cera falls down in embarassment

Reader Submission Embarassing Day At School writes: I was in 8th grade and it was the second day of school. I had no idea what the different colored pads meant. So I was wearing an always ultra thin regular on my heavy days. I forgot to change my pad at lunch and things went bad… During my last class we ... Read More »

My Period Diary: Finally My Heavy Flow Is More Manageable!

Young woman holding water bottle in gym

It’s finally back to my normal! For the past year or so, my menstrual cycle has been getting longer and heavier. I thought this was normal but lately my menstrual cycle has been getting shorter, more frequent and my flow has become more manageable! At first I thought this was because I was reaching my prime for having babies so ... Read More »

Funniest Period Story: My grandma told EVERYONE!

gymnastics with olympian gabrielle douglas

Reader Submission Miss R writes: I was on about my third period and that was when it started becoming very HEAVY. I’m talking lots-of-blood HEAVY O_O. I was at an outdoors event doing my gymnastics routine for my family when I started to feel wet down there. I was wearing a tampon so I told my family I was going ... Read More »

Worst Period Story Ever: I got soaked at Boy Scout camp!

backpacking through desert

Reader Submission Camping Celine writes: I got my period at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. I am in the Venturing program in the Boy Scouts, and decided to go backpacking in the back country at Philmont. I missed my period the month before, and hoped as hard as I could that I wouldn’t get my period at camp. Unfortunately, on day ... Read More »

My First Period Story: It looked like poop!

poop icon

Reader Submission Fiona writes: The first time I got my period, I thought it was crap. It started with me going to the bathroom after shopping. I noticed on my underwear there was an area covered in brown. My first thought was: “Is that crap?!” I couldn’t have possibly crapped my pants and not noticed have I?! But then I ... Read More »

Girl Code: Even my brother followed Girl Code!

movie theatre

Reader Submission Fanny writes: In 2009, I went to watch the movie G.I Joe with my brother. I had my period and it was heavy. I knew it was heavy because after I stood up… …All my period blood gushed out and flooded my jeans!!! I told my brother and we went to the other exit. We ended up on ... Read More »