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My Period Diary: My insides are beating me up!!!

Constant cramping….


I normally do My Period Diary at the end of my period but this time I thought I would do it at the beginning.

I don’t keep track of my period with apps or a calendar. Instead I rely on the rhythm method – I keep track of it in my head and go by how my body is feeling. I’m not on any hormonal birth control so I have a natural cycle which can sometimes be a little early or a little late. I’ve been using the rhythm method with a lot of success for years and years now so I have a really good idea of how my body feels when my period is about to come.

So the other week I felt like my period was coming and my body was telling me 2 weeks or so but boy was I wrong! The next day my boobs got really tender and sore (red flag for period is coming instantly). My period came the next day!


Me cramping all day…

The following day, my period really started to flow… and all day I had been cramping. I used to get terrible cramps when I was younger (stay in bed, fetal position cramps) but on the pain scale, these cramps were only a 1/10 BUT I’d been cramping ALL DAY – every minute, every second! It’s annoying, tiresome, and so taxing on my body. It feels like my insides have been beating me up all day.

By day 4, my period was only a light flow and ended after about 5 or 6 days.

I also picked these up on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart.

stayfree and always infinity pads

Stayfree Maxi Pad $3.49, Always Infinity Overnight 3.99

I’ve tried the Always Infinity pads before but I haven’t tried the Stayfree Maxi yet. I only grabbed these because they were on sale and I love Stayfree pads so I didn’t even look at what type I was getting. Only when I got home did I realize these were MAXI and I was surprised because they are actually quite thin!

How was your last period? Share with me in the comments section below!

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Worst Period Story: Blood bath road trip


Reader submission
Ashley writes:

It was a Saturday and as usual my period was heavy. I was out all day and forgot to take extra pads along. So as I was in the car I felt as if the pad was leaking and my mom just said maybe it’s just squishy.

I came down from the car when we got to the mall and there it was blood everywhere even on the road and the chair was soaked!!

My mom entered the mall bought tampons and pads and walked me inside and allowed me change my clothes too. It was the worst experience in my life.

Got a story to share? Send it here!

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My Period Diary: I visited my vagina doctor

Visiting my gynecologist for my annual check up

Every year when March rolls around, I have a big TO DO item for the month and that’s to visit my vagina doctor for my annual check up.

But scheduling an appointment isn’t always easy because I have to make sure I can get the time off work AND make sure I don’t have my period. I had ONE day off work – my union mandated family day – so I decided to book my appointment on that day even though it was close to the start of my expected period.

And what do you know!!! The day of my appointment, I go to the bathroom, WIPE…. AND I STARTED SPOTTING!!!


It was so hard to get the appointment too because my clinic is always super busy so I wasn’t going to reschedule my appointment. I went anyways and when I checked in I let the lady know I was spotting lightly. She told me it was okay (PHEW) and that she would call me up shortly.

Well the clinic was so busy that there wasn’t a single seat in the waiting area. I waited for so long. My appointment was at 2:30pm. I checked in at 2:15 and by 3:20, they had still not called me up. I saw that some people were waiting longer than I was so I assumed they were just very busy and running very late. I went up to ask the lady and -_____- THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME and MISPLACED MY FILE. UGH!!!

So finally I see my doctor and she realizes the ladies at the front messed up and she feels bad that I waited so long. At this point, I really didn’t care because I am too anxious about my appointment!

Normally at my annual check up I go for my pap test and to get my Gynefix IUD checked out but I was told that since my pap results for my last few tests came back normal, I wasn’t due for a pap test for another 12 months.


I undressed from waist down and sat on the examining table and covered my bottom half with a very large sheet. My doctor first checked my IUD using an ultra sound and when she was done, I was so relieved that I sat up right away! But I forgot that she wasn’t done and she told me she still had other exams to conduct.

She performed a physical exam with her fingers – feeling around to make sure everything felt normal. She she also inserted a speculum and looked inside to make sure everything from my vaginal walls and cervix looked okay.

I am always so relieved when she’s done and gives me that news that everything is fine.

We ladies have no way of telling if our cervix and vaginas are successfully reproducing cells and looking normal inside which is why it’s so important to go for your annual check up.

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My Period Diary: Heavy flow tampon rant!


Generally tampons are the answer to a more mess free and more comfortable period but it doesn’t mean all the problems of having a period are just POOF gone.

Heavy flows & Cheap tampons

So I had a heavy flow and I had purchased these Life brand tampons from Shoppers Drug Mart to try. They were on sale for… only $2.00! Yes a toonie!!!

I can’t pass on a deal like that so I just had to try them and what a better day to try them than on a heavy flow day.

But as I went to change my tampon throughout the day, ugh… I pulled out the tampon by the string and then PLOP a goop of period plopped on my hand.

UGH. yes a GOOP.. tampons only absorb liquid… period, blood, whatever you want to call it! But the lining that sheds during your period is not liquid – it is like soft tissue. Sometimes you will find them on your pad like little period whales.

This happened twice in a day. Sigh.

My period was comfortable but even after 13 years of having a period, I still find some parts of my period icky.

How was your last period?

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Worst Period Story: It was so bad the doctors gave me MORPHINE!

This is a true story of endometriosis and contains details that may not be suitable for younger readers.

vancouver ambulance

Reader Submission
Jenni Rempel writes:

I was at home when my period started and right away I headed to the bathroom. I had horrible cramps and really had to go to the bathroom, but each time I tried I was just left feeling constipated. I was in so much pain I couldn’t see straight. I laid down on the bathroom rug and closed my eyes.

When I work up I had leaked all over the rug and left a big red stain. I was so bloated and had so much abdominal pain that it hurt even to wear underwear. I felt like there was nothing I could do! I asked my boyfriend to call the ambulance.

I was in so much pain I had to go to the ER.

At the ER is was a busy day and the chair I had to sit in was broken. It hurt too much to sit down so I laid on the floor. Then I threw up right there in the middle of the hallway.

I have always been really scared of needles and hadn’t even had a blood test in several years. On this day I was in so much pain that I was hurting too much to be scared. I let them do a blood test and then they put an IV in and gave me antibiotics for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) before giving me a full course of morphine for the pain. I finally started to feel a bit better so they said I could go home but I had to come back for a week of IV antibiotics to treat this UTI.

I thought my Mom would understand and come help me but she said I should suck it up and refused to come get me from the hospital. Finally she agreed to come pick me up but she was very angry at me for making such a big deal out of my period. When we got home my Mom yelled at my for leaving a period stain on the bathroom rug. So ontop of being so physically sick I also felt very sad that my Mom was being so mean.

Even though my Mom didn’t understand, I am now more informed about period pain and women’s health. I later found out that the cause of my pain and problems was not a UTI but was Endometriosis, a chronic disease.

Period pain and problems are nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of and if you or someone you know had painful periods that interfere with their daily life it may be a sign of a medical problem or condition. I hope no one else has to have an experience like mine, worst period ever!

Learn more about Jenni's endometriosis surgery fundraiser

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My Period Diary: What it’s like to have a period & things that always happen when I get my period

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for a very long time but just haven’t gotten around to it. Usually my period diaries are very short, uneventful, and impersonal which I don’t really like. I used to do a lot of personal blogging and hope to do a lot more of that now. I want to share more of my personal period experiences with my readers so everyone knows what periods are REALLY like.

I started my period when I was 12 and getting my period in my preteens/teens to now in my twenties has been a very very different experience.

My period during my TEENS

In my preteens/teens – there was a lot of guess work because back then, there wasn’t that much information on the internet.. because the internet was fairly new back then LOL. So we relied on pamphlets and books etc but even then every girl’s period experience is unique so I was just learning more and more about how my body worked with each period.

I used to worry A LOT about my period. Like most girls I was worried about stains from leaking, not having a pad with me, or OMG how will I do the campus run when I have my period and all these crazy cramps?? This pad is so thick – will other girls be able to see it through my pants? Or omg my pad is SO loud when I open it – that it ECHOS in the girls bathroom LOL!

My period during my TWENTIES


Now that I’m in my twenties – I still worry about stains and whether or not I have supplies with me (I am bad at planning LOL) but I no longer count the days of my period or worry about my pad being too thick! I don’t even care if someone hears me opening my pad in the bathroom!

Over the years I’ve gotten very familiar with my body. I know when my period will come without counting the days and instead I rely on just how my body is feeling and what it’s telling me.

Also if you’ve been following this blog for a while – you know that I have a copper IUD. One of the side effects is that it can make your cramps worse which really worried me because my cramps used to be pretty bad. Fortunately I am one of the lucky ones because my cramps went from very painful to little to no pain at all.

Anyways even though my experience with my period has changed a lot over the years, that have been consistent over the last few years…

Things that ALWAYS happen during my period
1. Period Poops

Ughhh yup – IT HAPPENS. And it’s best summed up in this picture:

period poop volcano

But why does this happen to so many girls?
My guess is that while your body is producing oxytocin (the chemical that makes your uterus contract to push out your period) and trying to send it to your uterus – some of it gets sent to your lower abdomen area hence the cramps in your lower back and inner thighs. In the mix of all that, some of the oxytocin is ends up in the digestive tract area.

All the contracting and cramping also affects the surrounding muscles and makes your digestive tract just contract in ways that it normally wouldn’t which results in constipation or diarrhea. This is MY GUESS so if anyone actually knows if this is fact or untrue – PLEASE leave a comment and let me know!!

2. Cramps

I don’t get super crazy cramps anymore but I get a really warm fuzzy feeling in my uterus.

When I put my hand over my lower tummy area, it feels super warm and it just feels like something is going on in there! Every now and then I do feel sharp cramps but they don’t last very long for me – only a minute or two.

It sounds weird to say but I actually like this warm fuzzy feeling because it makes me feel womanly (maybe this is a weird way to put it but let me explain).

Sometimes my cramps have me feeling like this LOL.

It feels endearing to for my body go through this process because I know that my body is working in the way that it’s supposed to, that my body is running normally as it should, and that I’m healthy which I’m really grateful for.

3. Hot flashes

This. THIS I HATE! Because in my teen years, I never really experienced hot flashes. It was only in my early twenties that I started to develop this symptom!


I almost always get it sometime either before, during, and after my period. I think my body is just working over time and this is just a side effect.

One minute it is very warm – like I am on the verge of breaking out in a sweat! – and the next minute I need to put on a sweater and turn up the heat… and the next minute I am too warm again! This happens for like a good hour or so -___-. And it’s not just all in my head either because my boyfriend held me during a hot flash and noticed how warm my body felt.

It is really just an inconvenience and I can still laugh about it. My only worry is that I wear a nice warm sweater to work where I am in a client facing role and can’t take it off every couple minutes LOL.

4. Sensitive Boobs

As I entered my twenties I noticed that as my period was nearing, my boobs would always become a bit swollen and sensitive. This has always been my sign that my period will be coming in the next few days.

This is when I should be stocking up on pantyliners, pads, and tampons but to be honest I still forget sometimes! LOL I guess with being so comfortable about periods, I don’t see any inconvenience in asking another girl for supplies haha!

5. Getting SUPER tired & Falling asleep INSTANTLY


Sometimes I will just get SUPER tired during my period. I can literally just fall asleep on the spot which I have done countless times. I have done this during a lecture, at work, and I’ve even had to delay my bus ride home so I could take a nap at my school library.

First I feel unwell, like all the energy is just being drained from my body. I think this is because my body is working extra hard to push out my period. Then I just fall asleep.

When this first started happening to me, it was a bit scary cause I didn’t know if I would be okay because I never experienced this in my early teens. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I started feeling so tired and sleepy. It’s not scary to me anymore because I know that I will be okay after napping for an hour or so but my boyfriend saids it’s scary to see me go through that.

Now that I am more familiar with this, I make extra care to take care of myself during my period. I eat super healthy to ensure my body is getting all the nutrients it needs because during your period – you are essentially losing a lot of nutrients especially iron through your period / blood loss.

I have never met anyone else that experiences this so if you experience this too, please let me know in the comments!!

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Funny Period Story: My boyfriend mixed up pads with diapers!

Reader Submission
Lily writes:

So one day I got my period and I totally wasn’t ready for it. I was wearing thin white shorts that day and didn’t have a pad on me.

I was on my boyfriends lap at the park. We were laughing and he started to tickle me! Whenever I laugh I pee a little…

And I started laughing so hard that I couldnt’ stop peeing!


Blood started to come out too and that’s when I found out I was on my period!

I start to cry but my boy friend says it’s ok! We run to his car and he drives us to the store – he runs inside and guess what he buys me???

My boyfriend bought me DIAPERS!

I started crying even more and tell him I need pads! Not diapers! He thought the diapers looked like pads so that’s why he bought them. He threw the diapers in the car and ran back into the store to buy pads.

This time he bought me EXTRA THICK pads

I started to cry even harder because my period was leaking through my white thin shorts faster and faster… so I put on the diaper and pad… then my boyfriend took me home to his house and I feel asleep.

I woke and I had a different pad on and some boxer shorts and his sweat pants.. Worst day of my life!

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Worst Period Story: I leaked at a celebrity party!

Reader Submission
Jenni Rempel writes:

I had just had the worst period ever but figured it was just a fluke incident.

I was scheduled to volunteer at this fancy fundraiser party at this vacation destination. The party was a 3 hours drive away and I had been assigned to go with this guy I had never met before.

There were going to be celebrities there and I was supposed to take photos so I was pretty excited.

Just my luck, I woke up the morning of the party with my period.

Right away I started to have very painful cramps and felt nauseous. I tried to breathe deeply and took some over-the-counter pain medication on the drive over.

pristine-bathroomAfter sitting in the car for 3 hours we reached the location of the party. I stood up and felt this huge gush as all the flow from the 3 hour car ride was pulled down by gravity. I immediately went to the bathroom to change my pad and tampon.

The bathroom was all white! The towels were white, the toilet was white, everything was white, and very very clean.

I felt so embarrassed to be dumping all of this menstrual blood in this oddly pristine washroom.

As the party started I continued to feel sicker and more nauseous. I started to get weak in the knees. I went back to the bathroom and this time was in so much pain I actually passed out on the floor.

Someone eventually knocked on the door loudly and I woke up to discover there was a long line of people waiting to use the washroom. I had also leaked through my fancy dress onto the white floor of this white coloured washroom.

I was mortified! I wiped it up and put a sweater around my waist to hide any stains on my dress. And everyone I knew at the party was a guy so I didn’t even have any other girls to help me out.

I tried to avoid all of the celebrities because I didn’t want them to see anything embarrassing. And then after all that I had to take another 3 hour drive home with this guy I didn’t know very well. Worst period ever!

I keep having painful periods like this and was eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis (link to: http://www.theperiodblog.com/guide-to-periods/endometriosis-everything-you-need-to-know/), a painful chronic disease.

Learn more about Jenni's endometriosis surgery fundraiser

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Worst Period Story: I had to go to the hospital!

Reader Submission
Jenni Rempel writes:

I was 21 and had just moved to NYC to do a summer internship. I was living in an intern apartment with my first-ever roommate and was a little embarrassed about having my period around someone I didn’t know well.

I had bought a Diva Cup to use during my trip but had never tried it before. So my period started and I went to try the Diva Cup for the first time, but I couldn’t get it in right! I tried about 5 times until it finally stayed but it didn’t feel like it was inserted correctly.

My roommate and I had to run off to an event we were volunteering at so I figured it was good enough and decided to just leave.

Once we got on the subway I started to feel really bad cramps and got very woozy. Then I started to get a fever and needed to lie down. By the time we reached our stop I couldn’t stand anymore and needed to go to the bathroom, badly. I was feeling really bad so I parted ways with my roommate and switched trains to go home.

I even laid down on the subway bench (luckily it was a Sunday morning and the train wasn’t crowded) on the way back. When I got back to the stop near my house I was so weak I could barely move. I had to crawl up the stairs to the subway exit.

I hobbled into the first place I saw, which was an IHOP restaurant, and asked to use the bathroom. At first they wouldn’t let me because I had to buy something in order to use the washroom. I was so woozy and in so much pain I couldn’t think straight and collapsed on the waiting bench.

I finally asked for a bottle of water, gave her $20 and was allowed to go to the washroom. I tried to go to the bathroom but I was very constipated.

DivaCup Model 1 Review & Photos

DivaCup Model 1 Review & Photos

It took me about 10 minutes to get the Diva Cup out and it was almost full of blood when I removed it. I had never had a very heavy period before so I was pretty surprised and concerned to see this.

Even after I took the cup out and tried to use the washroom I was still in so much pain which continued to get worse.

Because I was new in the city I didn’t really know anybody to ask for help, but I knew I was too sick to climb the stairs to my apartment or walk home. The hostess came into the washroom to check on me and I asked her to call an ambulance.

As the paramedics took me away the hostess gave me my bottle of water and change. She really wanted me to buy something!

I ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital where I was diagnosed with “unidentified gastritis”.

Afterwards I keep having painful periods like this and was eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis a painful chronic disease. Talk about the worst period ever!

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Funny Period Story: That time I wore WHITE pants

Reader Submission

princess diaries it isn't fair

When you wear your cute white pants and your period comes…

Backpack Blues writes:

I was at school and it was my last class for the day. Some girlfriends and I were talking about periods and I said,

“I am seriously praying I don’t get my period today because I’m wearing white pants!”

10 minutes later the bell rang. I got up and felt something and for sure I was wet!

emma stone no

I was hoping it was discharge or something but not my period, please not blood… RED blood.

I get out of class and try to walk quickly to the band hall. Well the band hall is on the other end of school and where my mom picks me up.

I’m trying to hide my butt with my backpack from the people behind me. I get to the band hall and run to the restroom. Looks like Jesus couldn’t save me. I wrapped up some toilet paper put it on my underwear and called my mom.

Luckily, I only had a small dot of red on my pants. I ran outside and couldn’t be happier to see my car!

Got a story to share? Send it here!

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