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Worst Period Story: I leaked at a celebrity party!

blood and tears

Reader Submission Jenni Rempel writes: I had just had the worst period ever but figured it was just a fluke incident. I was scheduled to volunteer at this fancy fundraiser party at this vacation destination. The party was a 3 hours drive away and I had been assigned to go with this guy I had never met before. There were ... Read More »

Worst Period Story: I had to go to the hospital!

justgirlythings divacup meme

Reader Submission Jenni Rempel writes: I was 21 and had just moved to NYC to do a summer internship. I was living in an intern apartment with my first-ever roommate and was a little embarrassed about having my period around someone I didn’t know well. I had bought a Diva Cup to use during my trip but had never tried ... Read More »

Funny Period Story: That time I wore WHITE pants

emma stone no

Reader Submission When you wear your cute white pants and your period comes… Backpack Blues writes: I was at school and it was my last class for the day. Some girlfriends and I were talking about periods and I said, “I am seriously praying I don’t get my period today because I’m wearing white pants!” 10 minutes later the bell ... Read More »

My First Period Story: It came during Church!

first period reaction

Reader Submission Church girl, 11 (Jamaica) writes: Well mine started at church last year August 24. It was during service when I felt something wet down there. I also needed to go pee but the service was awesome so I waited until it was finished. When I got to the restroom and pulled down my underwear, something red caught my ... Read More »