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Worst Period Story: I had to go to the hospital!

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Reader Submission Jenni Rempel writes: I was 21 and had just moved to NYC to do a summer internship. I was living in an intern apartment with my first-ever roommate and was a little embarrassed about having my period around someone I didn’t know well. I had bought a Diva Cup to use during my trip but had never tried ... Read More »

Funny Period Story: That time I wore WHITE pants

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Reader Submission When you wear your cute white pants and your period comes… Backpack Blues writes: I was at school and it was my last class for the day. Some girlfriends and I were talking about periods and I said, “I am seriously praying I don’t get my period today because I’m wearing white pants!” 10 minutes later the bell ... Read More »

My First Period Story: It came during Church!

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Reader Submission Church girl, 11 (Jamaica) writes: Well mine started at church last year August 24. It was during service when I felt something wet down there. I also needed to go pee but the service was awesome so I waited until it was finished. When I got to the restroom and pulled down my underwear, something red caught my ... Read More »

Submit Your Mother’s Day Period Stories!

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We love moms and to celebrate this Mother’s Day on May 10, we’re looking to feature your period stories with your mom! They can be funny, terrible, embarrassing, helpful, anything! If you have a period story to share, send them in and your story could be featured on our blog! My Funny Period Story with my Mom:  I remember when ... Read More »