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Veeda Natural Cotton Tampons with Applicator Review

16ct individually wrapped tampons with compact size applicators
6.17  CAD available at Veeda.com

Veeda tampons

100% Natural Cotton Tampon + a Plastic Applicator

Made with out Rayon, wood fibers, additives, chemicals, synthetics, Veeda offers peace of mind that what is touching your body is nothing but the softest, most hypoallergenic and purest material on earth. 100% Cotton.

All their cotton is prepared using oxygen-based cleansing agents for a totally chlorine free, dioxin free, and pesticide free product.


The tampons come in a small cardboard box with an easy fliptop. It’s very easy to tell regular from super from the color of the box and this is always a plus if you’re grabbing these last minute as you leave the house!

Most cotton tampons come in a paper wrapper which usually gets destroyed in my bag but not this one. You wouldn’t be able to tell from its colorful plastic wrapper that this is a cotton tampon! They’re compact and will definitely survive the battlefield of your purse or backpack.


The tampon expands width wise all around so it expands to fit your body shape — which ideally, would prevent leaks. However I found that like most all natural cotton tampons, these tampons tend to leak well before the tampon reaches full saturation.

There were a few times I removed my tampon after seeing blood on the string but discovered the tampon still had white parts and wasn’t fully saturated. I would highly recommend wearing a pantiliner with these tampons and would not recommend these for sport or active wear.



This applicator looks just like the Tampax Pearl Compak applicators: compact, with flat tips, and see through.

The grip is short and the grooves are too shallow which makes it hard to get a good grasp. This might be a bit tricky for girls new to tampons but if you’re familiar with tampons, then this shoudln’t be an issue for you.

The instructions say to insert or push the plunger until you hear a click but don’t do that, just push it as far as you can. Don’t force it, otherwise the end of the plunger will stick out and some of the plungers have little plastic pieces that can poke you. See picture below.

Veeda tampon applicator

Veeda tampons



Made of 100% natural cotton, Veeda tampons come in a compact plastic applicator. These tampons expand all around width wise and like most cotton tampons, they tend to leak before reaching full saturation so make sure to wear these with a pantiliner.

If you’re looking to try other cotton tampons, try the Maxim Organic Tampons

Recommended for:
- Slow flows with a pantiliner
- Regular flows with a pantiliner

Not Recommended for:
- Heavy flows
- Sport Wear

  • A+ packaging: easy flip top box and colorful plastic wrapper
  • 100% Cotton, chemical-free, synthetics-free, dye-free
  • Expands width wise, making it comfortable when worn
  • Like many cotton tampons, it sometimes leaks before reaching full saturation
  • Poor applicator design: barrel is too short, grip is almost non-existant


Tampon (Overall)



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U By Kotex Sleek Tampons Review

18ct | 36ct individually wrapped tampons with full size applicators
6.49 | 10.99 CAD available at Well.ca and other drug stores

_DSC0062 copy

Comfortable Insertion + Leak Proof Protection

If you’re active or participate in sports, this may be the tampon for you!

U By Kotex Sleek tampons are full size tampons and much like the U By Kotex Compact tampons, they expand all around for leak proof and confident period protection.

I wore this during my heavy and regular flows and I really liked how the tampon expands to stop leaks. It absorbs period very quickly so this will work well for active or sport wear. In the pictures below you can really see that it expands all around width wise to fit your body’s unique shape to stop leaks, making this a tampon that will work for every girl.

U By Kotex Sleek tampons are also known for their slim tampon applicator, comfortable insertion and tampon wear. The tampon itself is very small, allowing the applicator to be slim. The grip is clearly marked too, making it perfect for beginner tampon users to see how far you should insert the tampon.

I would describe the PerfectTouch grip very much like the grip on some pens. If you are eco-conscious, this may seem a bit excessive especially since it is just going in the trash after you’re done with it.

The packaging features an easy to open tear top, which I really like. You can also put the used applicator inside for disposal too.


U By Kotex Sleek Tampons


U By Kotex Sleek tampons get my seal of approval for active sport wear and regular wear! Perfect for girls new to tampons, the U By Kotex Sleek feature a slim and comfortable applicator and expand all around for  leak proof and confident period protection.

If you’re looking for a more compact tampon, try the U By Kotex Click tampons.

Recommended for:
- Active or Sport Wear
- Regular flows

Not Recommended for:
- Light flows, save these for the regular days

  • Slim barrel for comfortable insertion
  • Expands all around to fit your body’s unique shape
  • Leak proof protection
  • Full size and easy to use applicator, perfect for beginners
  • Easy to open packaging
  • Security veil to prevent shedding
  • For the eco-conscious, PerfectTouch grip may be a bit excessive
  • Material seems to come apart easily


Tampon (Overall)



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o.b. Pro Comfort Silk Touch Tampons Review

Posted on November 4th, by The Period Blog in o.b., Regular Flow Tampons, Reviews, Tampon Reviews, Tampons, Tampons Without Applicator.

18ct tampons
5.99 CAD at Well.ca and other drug stores

ob tampon
ob tampon

O.b Pro Comfort tampons are described as an enhanced version of the original o.b. tampon. It’s just like the original, small, discreet, minimal packaging and with the addition of a SilkTouch smooth cover for a noticeably easier insertion and removal. It also features the o.b. FluidLock grooves for locked in protection.

If you had trouble with the original, you might want to give this one a try.

The first time I tried the original o.b. tampon I had a really hard time inserting it and I wasted 3 or 4 before I successfully got one in. The o.b. original tampon felt like it was scraping my insides when I was trying to push it up but the SilkTouch smooth cover really help the Pro Comfort slide effortlessly into place!

The SilkTouch cover is a very thin silk like veil that covers the outside of the tampon. You’ll barely notice it as it looks just like the original but it really makes the insertion process much easier! The tampon glided in effortlessly with one push and didn’t feel like it’s scraping at my insides like the original did.

For those concerned about shedding, the SilkTouch cover shouldn’t be confused with a security veil as the top and bottom of the tampon are still exposed.This is the only thing I really dislike about o.b. tampons. There’s always some fibers at the bottom that are noticeably loose and with one small tug, a whole bunch of fibers will come loose. (With that being said, don’t pick at the loose fibers!)

When period is absorbed, the tampon expands evenly in all directions even during a slow flow (which usually doesn’t happen for me). You can feel the expansion when you remove the tampon. It just feels like a tight custom fit!


If you had trouble with the original o.b., don’t give up yet! The SilkTouch smooth cover makes all the difference for an effortless and applicator free insertion.

Recommended for:
-Regular flows
-Heavy flows
-Girls that don’t like loud crinkly wrappers!
-Girls that have trouble inserting the o.b. original tampon
-Girls that leak frequently may want to give o.b a try!

Not Recommended for:
-Lighter periods; choose the minimum absorbency necessary for your period

  • SilkTouch cover makes insertion super comfortable and effortless
  • Fluid-Lock grooves guide period to the center for leak lock protection
  • Expands in all directions for a custom fit and to protect against leaks
  • Minimal packaging makes it super discreet and quiet wrapper too!


  • Lacks a security veil
  • Noticeably loose fibers
  • Box doesn’t have a tab closure, opens easily in my purse!





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Tampax Pearl Compak Triplepack Review

20ct | 40ct tampons with applicator
6.49 | 10.99 at Well.ca and other drug stores

From Tampax.com:

  • Full-sized tampon with a clever pull-out applicator
  • LeakGuard Skirt for bold back-up protection
  • SoftTip for smooth ‘n comfy insertion

Girls prone to leaking, read on! You might find your new favourite tampon!

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o.b. To Go Pack Tampon Review

20ct regular and super tampons without applicator
5.49 CAD at Well.ca and other drug stores

From obtampons.com:

  • Fluid-Lock grooves to channel fluid into the tampon core, for reliable leak lock protection
  • Expands width-wise to fit your body perfectly for custom fit protection
  • Compact size makes it easy to insert
  • Small and made to fit almost anywhere, keep it in your pocket or even in the palm of your hand

During my last cycle, I tried the tampon that claims to have BIG protection. Does o.b. live up to this claim?

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