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Playtex On the Go Personal Wipes Review

Posted on April 15th, by The Period Blog in Feminine Wipes, Feminine Wipes Reviews, Playtex, Reviews.

16ct individually wrapped feminine wipes
4.39 CAD available at Well.ca and other drug stores

playtex wipes

Refreshing Clean Feel!

I reviewed this wipe previously in its tub refill packaging and these are one of my favorite wipes.  Unfortunately this on the go packaging is very tough to tear open. I had to tear it open with my teeth and I’m sure this isn’t how it’s meant to be opened! Aside from the packaging, it’s a great wipe and does the job.

After exercise or a long day: This is perfect for freshening up especially when you don’t have the opportunity to shower. It left a light scent on my skin but it doesn’t last for long. The wipe isn’t too wet so I don’t feel the need to wipe myself dry after. It’s very refreshing :).

During my period: The wipe performed best on light to normal flow days. On a heavy day, I recommend wiping away excess blood before using this wipe otherwise you are just smearing the blood around.

The wipe is thick enough so that I can use just one layer and not have the blood seep through onto my hands. I like to wipe once first using 1 layer and then I fold it over to wipe again and then repeat if necessary.

The wipe isn’t wet enough to clean dried period from your pubic hairs but if you choose to use these wipes for that purpose, you’ll definitely experience some tugging (ouch!). A wipe perfect for this job are the Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Cloths.

The wipe measures 5.7″ by 7.8″ or 14.6cm by 19.8cm.


Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths are hypoallergenic to offer the most gentle cleanse with natural botanicals and no alcohol. They are the perfect thickness and wetness so you can wipe with one layer without folding over and still get the refreshing clean you want. I love the product but the packaging is too hard to tear open.

If you are looking for an even wetter wipe, try Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Cloths or Always Feminine Wipes To Go.

Recommended for:
- Everyday use to freshen up
- Before or after intimate occasions
- During periods

Not Recommended for:
- Dried period on pubic hair

  • Alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and natural botanicals for a gentle cleanse
  • Thick enough that you can wipe without folding it over
  • Perfect amount of wetness for refreshing feeling
  • Lightly scented but scent doesn’t stick around long
  • Extremely hard to tear open packaging
  • Not moist enough to remove dried period from pubic hairs




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Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths Review

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16ct | 40ct cleansing cloths
3.39 – 4.89 CAD at Well.ca and other drug stores

From Playtex.com:

Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths are gently formulated for everyday freshness, offering natural botanicals, soft flushable cloth, and an alcohol free and hypoallergenic formula. Perfect for anytime you want to feel refreshed.

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