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Why it hurts so much to take out a DRY tampon

Tampons that are ready to be changed seem to slip and slide out with ease but a dry tampon is a different story. There are two reasons why it’s more difficult and sometimes painful to remove a dry tampon.

1. A dry tampon creates more friction making it harder to remove
Taking out a dry tampon like…

The period blood from a fully absorbed tampon can help your tampon slide out but without this lubrication, a dry tampon can’t slide out so easily. This is why you have to pull harder to remove a dry tampon.

2. A dry tampon feels more rough making it a little painful to remove

the office gif steve carral
This perfectly describes what it feels like to remove a dry tampon

The pain you feel from removing a dry tampon has to do with the anatomy of your vagina. The lower part of your vagina closest to your opening is very sensitive to touch (whereas the upper part of your vagina closest to your cervix is sensitive to pressure).

When you pull out a dry tampon, the absorbent fibres can feel very rough making it uncomfortable or sometimes even a little painful to remove. But don’t worry, you can’t seriously hurt yourself by removing a dry tampon.

What are your experiences removing a dry tampon?

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