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TOM Oxygen Releasing Pads Preview with Photos

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Humidity

Recently the sister brother duo of TOM Pads (it stands for The Oxygen Movement) sent me some of their pads to try out. These pads are unlike any other pads on the market today.

TOM pads release oxygen making them super comfortable for women living in humid climates. The patented technology was created by Frank and Nancy Tsaur after Nancy complained about how the humidity affected her period.

So how does it work?
The TOM pad releases oxygen once your period comes in contact with the pad. Once activated, it can produce up to 50 mL of pure oxygen. And while I am not sure just how much oxygen that is, I’m going to assume it’s enough to keep you feeling less sweaty down there.

The oxygen also puts the breaks on odor-causing bacteria on your pad and on your skin.

Aside from being thin, flexible, and absorbent, TOM pads are also guaranteed to keep you more fresh and comfortable during that time of the month.

Initial Thoughts
TOM pads sent me 2 boxes – their regular pads and night time pads. They came packaged in a very cute cardboard box but I was disappointed to see each box only had 8-10 pads! Typically a box of pads is meant to last you one full period so they are sold in boxes of 16 pads or more. You would need to purchase at least 2 boxes for 1 period.

The night time pads are very long and have a wider back which is common for Asian pads and has recently become popular in North America. If these pads live up to their claims then I think these pads would be perfect for the hot summer nights when you have a heavy flow.

I’m planning to try these pads on my next period (it’s coming up very soon!). I can’t wait to share my review with all of you.


TOM TO2M Pads dimensions

TOM pads

TOM TO2M Pads founders Frank Tsaur, Nancy Tsaur

TOM Pads founders Nancy and Frank Tsaur

Check out their successful Indiegogo campaign here: TOM Pads on Indiegogo

Will you try the oxygen releasing pads?

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About Dedy Wong

Dedy is the founder of The Period Blog and creator of The Little Red Kit. Her period is around 30 days long and likes to use pads and tampons -although she has tried just about everything including menstrual cups and period subscription boxes!


  1. Has anyone else actually tried these yet? I just switched to Cherish and I can say w/out a doubt that they’re the most absorbent pad I’ve tried. They also eliminate cramps and odors. There’s many others who can testify to the same if you follow the hashtag #CherishTestimony

  2. I am a chemist and I am confused.
    It seems like the pads contain some sort of peroxide, which releases oxygen gas when contacting blood (you’ve probably seen that foam produced when H2O2 contacts blood), hence claims about odor and bacteria control.

    First of all, I would not want any peroxides around my sensitive parts. Would not want pure oxygen either. These are both oxidizers. I don’t want any burns there.
    Second – vagina does not need oxygen gas, period (lol). Some air (which contains only about 21% oxygen) is good for skin of course.
    Third 50 ml of gas, which gets released into space and dissipates very quickly does not really make any difference.

    So …

    I hope it is at least harmless, hope it was tested.

    • Hi Key!

      Thanks for your insight! I am not sure how the product works exactly but I will direct your question to the TOM pad creators :)!

      The Period Blog

    • Hello Key and Hello Dedy! :)

      My name is Frank, one of the founders of The O2 Movement™ Feminine Pads. It is a pleasure being here! I would love to explain a little to help everyone reading this gain a better understanding what we’re all about.

      We definitely understand that safety not only an incredibly reasonable concern to have, it should be the main concern of any product, especially when dealing with such sensitive and delicate areas of the body.

      My sister/cofounder, Nancy, the TO2M team and I have extensive knowledge of the safety of our products not only through excessively testing the pads involving thousands of women, with one user reported wearing it 3 days straight with no signs of irritation, but personally going as far as adhering the pads directly on multiple parts of my body with water for over 24 hours at a time. I’ve even soaked my hand in a much more concentrated solution of our formula for 4 hours with no irritation!

      Our pads does 3 simple things:

      1) It releases oxygen once water (our blood, which is approx. 93% water by volume) comes into contact with our patented technology, in fact up to 50mL each for our regular pads!

      2) It creates a slightly acidic condition within the pad that closely simulates the vaginal and skin’s natural pH of around 4.5-5.5; this helps fight those pesky anaerobic microbes that can cause irritation.

      3) It absorbs all liquids and holds for dear life!

      To elaborate further:

      1) Oxygen is the key component here.

      Here are a few things Oxygen is known for: Oxygen kills anaerobic yeast and bacteria, being an essential factor for wound healing, and being essential for our skin’s health! In fact, more recently, it was discovered that our atmosphere exclusively supplies 100% of our epidermis’s oxygen content, even supplying a bit of our dermis’s oxygen supply! If we remember a bit about anatomy, we’ll see that our epidermis consists of the first 0.13mm in thickness, while the dermis starts from 0.13mm to a thickness of 1.1mm. Oxygen diffuses to a depth of 0.4mm! Oxygen is VERY safe, especially at the levels we provide. Remember, it is not 100% seal, and even if it were, we would not be harmed as hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used for extremely bad cases of burns, where it helps in wound healing. Our skin needs oxygen!

      As stated earlier, oxygen is well known to kill many types of pathogenic yeast and bacteria. Even the good lactobacillus bacteria found in plentiful amounts in a healthy vagina, actually produce oxygen (in the form of peroxide) to help kill the bad bugs within the vagina!

      Which brings me to my other point: We are just providing (or replenishing) oxygen in the soaked-pad environment where it severely lacks oxygen! The vagina doesn’t need oxygen, but the vulva does! We can’t forget that when women are not on periods, their vulva is constantly exposed to approximately 21% oxygen even with clothes on! But once a normal pad is saturated with blood there is little room (if any) for the oxygen to reach the usually oxygen-rich vulva!

      2) The Acidic Condition has a synergistic effect against odor-causing bacteria with oxygen.

      Bacterias that are associated with Bacterial Vaginosis causes odors and LOVES a hot alkaline nutrient-rich, oxygen-free environment. Our pads create a surrounding similar to that of a healthy women’s vagina and skin. The slightly acidic pH created is not irritating to the skin, while causing havoc to the environment bad bacteria thrive in. At the same time, the good bacteria (lactobacillus) CAN survive with the presence of oxygen thanks to the enzyme catalase and prefers the pH of 3.8-4.5! Our skin’s natural pH ranges from 4.5-5.5, while the vagina has a healthy pH of 3.8-4.5. Our pads create an pH environment within the pad ranging between 4.5-5.5. Bad bacteria likes higher pH’s, while the good bacteria likes a slightly acidic pH. Old-school pads usually have a pH of 7 and above due to bloods pH being around 7.35-7.45; if there are synthetic scents used, that number is even higher. That is just what the bacteria loves to live in! Couple that high pH with the lack of oxygen and we start to understand why the bad bacteria grows in crazy amounts, which leads to irritation and discomfort.

      3) Absorption

      Old-School pads don’t usually absorb humidity and absorb only moisture. Our pads do both. How? There are two ways. Our super absorbent material absorbs and locks in the actual beads of liquid, while the humidity in its tiny vapor form, is adsorbed by our patented material! No other pad does this and it is dramatically noticeable. Our top layer also traps the liquids while allowing oxygen to flow through :) As a pad should do.

      Whew! I hope that explains a bit! Please let me know if there is anything I missed or if there’s anything that needs to be further clarified :) I’d love to chat about it!

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