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TOM Oxygen Releasing Pads Preview with Photos

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Humidity

Recently the sister brother duo of TOM Pads (it stands for The Oxygen Movement) sent me some of their pads to try out. These pads are unlike any other pads on the market today.

TOM pads release oxygen making them super comfortable for women living in humid climates. The patented technology was created by Frank and Nancy Tsaur after Nancy complained about how the humidity affected her period.

So how does it work?
The TOM pad releases oxygen once your period comes in contact with the pad. Once activated, it can produce up to 50 mL of pure oxygen. And while I am not sure just how much oxygen that is, I’m going to assume it’s enough to keep you feeling less sweaty down there.

The oxygen also puts the breaks on odor-causing bacteria on your pad and on your skin.

Aside from being thin, flexible, and absorbent, TOM pads are also guaranteed to keep you more fresh and comfortable during that time of the month.

Initial Thoughts
TOM pads sent me 2 boxes – their regular pads and night time pads. They came packaged in a very cute cardboard box but I was disappointed to see each box only had 8-10 pads! Typically a box of pads is meant to last you one full period so they are sold in boxes of 16 pads or more. You would need to purchase at least 2 boxes for 1 period.

The night time pads are very long and have a wider back which is common for Asian pads and has recently become popular in North America. If these pads live up to their claims then I think these pads would be perfect for the hot summer nights when you have a heavy flow.

I’m planning to try these pads on my next period (it’s coming up very soon!). I can’t wait to share my review with all of you.


TOM TO2M Pads dimensions

TOM pads

TOM TO2M Pads founders Frank Tsaur, Nancy Tsaur

TOM Pads founders Nancy and Frank Tsaur

Check out their successful Indiegogo campaign here: TOM Pads on Indiegogo

Will you try the oxygen releasing pads?

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