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Thursday Mail: How do I keep my cool when I’m PMSing???

Welcome back to our irregular (but soon to be regular!) postings of Thursday Mail, where we answer your anonymous reader submitted period questions.

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Sarah asks: “You’re the period queen so you’ve got to know even more about puberty! How do I keep my cool and not wreck my social life when I’m PMSing and my hormones are in whack?? I mean I’m already a dork as it is so how?
(P.S I love your blog! It helped me so much and also getting more comfortable with knowing. Soon I’ll get a period and I know it will be completely fine! #TotalLifeSaver”

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The Period Blog answers:

Hi Sarah,

It makes me so happy to hear that my website has helped you!!! PMS can be a frustrating time especially when our hormones are giving us some crazy mood swings.

The first step to keeping your cool is to recognize that you’re not feeling yourself.

When you’re feeling moody, more sad, easily irritable, or crazier than normal, just stop, take a deep breath and remind yourself:

You’re PMSing, you’re not feeling yourself and what you’re feeling is just temporary.

The next step is to bring yourself to a calm place until I feel less irritable and more like myself.

For me, sometimes this means being alone or going somewhere quiet where no one can bother me or further irritate me :P.

When I’m having crazy mood swings or just can’t seem to keep my cool, I just tell the people around me “Hey I’m not feeling very well. I have my period and I’m really irritable right now.” Most people will be completely understanding and also more forgiving because they now know that you’re not feeling yourself. They also try not to bother me which really helps me keep my cool too.

I hope you find this helpful Sarah!

Your friend,
The Period Blog

How do you keep your cool when you’re PMSing? Share with me in the comments section below!

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