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The Little Red Kit – a first period kit for young girls

Coming Soon!
the little red kit coming soon

This Spring, The Period Blog is excited to launch our first period kit for young girls: The Little Red Kit.

Girls today can get their first period as early as 8 or 9 years old and we’ve learned that young girls are very eager to learn about their bodies. That’s why we spent over a year creating The Little Red Kit.

The Little Red kit is age appropriate for girls as young as 8 years old and it is both fun and easy to understand.

The Little Red Kit comes with:

  • My First Period Book – a 32 page full colour illustrated guide with easy to understand information
  • Carrying Case: Choose our cute logo or flip it inside out for a discreet black colour
  • Resources for parents to support your daughter’s growth
  • Pads & pantyliners

We can’t wait for you to take home your Little Red Kit!

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If you’re interested in ordering in bulk for your school or day camp, please contact me at thelittleredkit[at]theperiodblog.com

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