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Support Planned Parenthood with Married To The Mob’s T-shirt

Sold out! Order now for pre order!
All proceeds go towards Planned Parenthood

Married To The Mob's Planned Parenthood t shirt

Planned Parenthood is an organization near and dear to my heart. As a teenager (yes I was sexually active!), I got all my birth control and check ups there. I wasn’t able to talk about sex with my parents, and having PP as an option made me feel supported and safe. PP provides women’s healthcare to many who can’t afford it. Besides providing sex education, PP provides low cost services to women including birth control, breast cancer screening, std testing, and abortions. Women’s health and reproductive rights should not be a political issue, but a personal one. Roe Vs Wade is in danger, and that is extremely disturbing. Every woman is entitled to a safe and legal abortion if she chooses. I am showing my support for women’s equality and PP with this tee-shirts. All proceeds will go directly to WWW.MTTMNYC.COM #IStandWithPP#NoRoeNoGo #WomensHealth

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