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#PeriodMail: I’m 13 and I haven’t gotten my period yet. Is there something wrong with me?

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Isabel asks: “My mom and sister got their period at age 11 but I haven’t gotten mine test and I’m thirteen. Is there something wrong with me?”
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Isabel asks “I’m 13 and I haven’t gotten my period yet. Is there something wrong with me?” #PeriodMail

The Period Blog answers:

Hey Isabel,

Good question Isabel! You may have already noticed that the girls in your grade have already started puberty at different times with some girls growing faster than others.

Some girls started growing taller while some girls have not grown very much. Some girls may have already started developing breasts while some will start developing breasts in their late teens. The fact is – your body will start developing when it is ready.

This is the same for periods. Some girls get their first period as early as 8 and some girls get their first period as late as 16 or 17. And whether you get it at 8 or 16 – it is all normal :)!

While the age your mom and sister got their periods may give you a general idea of when you may get yours, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it when you turn 11.

A better indicator of when you expect your first period is:
  • Around 2 years after your breasts start to develop
  • Around 6 months to 1 year after you start noticing vaginal discharge

I hope this helps Isabel! Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Periods and FAQ to learn more!

Your friend,
The Period Blog

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  1. I know how you feel! My mom got hers when she just turned 12 and doctors said I would be 12 when I got my period. Well I was almost 13 and a half when I finally did. About a month before I got it, there was a week where I got brown discharge. Nothing happened and it stopped but the day before I got my first period, I had that same discharge. If this ever happens to you it is a big sign your period will be soon.

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