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Jenni Rempel’s Endometriosis Story – Surgery Fundraiser

Jenni Rempel’s Endometriosis Story – Surgery Fundraiser

My periods were pretty irregular and uneventful until turned 21 when I suddenly had cramps so painful I ended up in the hospital.

When I was a teen and growing up people used to tell me that period pain was normal and something all women deal with.

I remember some girls at school would use it as an excuse to skip gym class but I never knew there could be a disease or serious problem that could cause periods to be extremely painful.

I always thought cramps were normal and that everyone has period pain, but now I know better.

Did you know?
Painful periods and extreme cramps that cause you to miss school/work or interfere with your life are not normal. They may be a symptom of endometriosis or other health problems. Learn More.

I had never heard of Endometriosis or endo until I became sick myself and started having extreme period pain and other abnormal symptoms like vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms with my period.

My periods also became very heavy, which was unusual for me. In my family it was taboo to discuss periods so I was also really embarrassed about the medical problems I was having.

Now I know that chronic diseases like endometriosis are nothing to be ashamed of. No one knows what causes endometriosis for sure but it certainly isn’t anyone’s fault.

I have also found it so difficult to get help for this disease because there is such a lack of information out there. My local library only has one book on the topic! I have seen several different doctors and many of them have told me there is nothing they can do for me.

That is why I am campaigning to raise awareness about Endometriosis and funds so that I can have laparoscopic excision surgery. You can learn more about my story and campaign here:

Learn more about Jenni's endometriosis surgery fundraiser

With Endometriosis, every period is the worst period ever. For myself and many others the pain and symptoms only get worse over time.

I hope one day there is a cure for this disease, and until then I hope we can continue to raise awareness so that no one ever think rehabilitating pain is “normal”.

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As of August 1, 2015, Jenni has raised almost half of the cost of her surgery! Please help her by donating to reach her goal.

About Jenni Rempel

Jenni was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2013 and works to raise awareness about Endometriosis, chronic illness and women’s health issues by sharing her personal story. She lives near Vancouver, BC and graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Interactive Arts + Technology from Simon Fraser University where she also studied Communications and Theatre Performance.

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