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ElleBox Coupon Code & Review : Use code “THEPERIODBLOG” for 30%OFF! Organic tampons and pads delivered to your door step

Organic tampons, pads, and specially selected self care items delivered to your door step

Ellebox Comfort Box Review

ElleBox is a period subscription box that delivers 100% organic cotton tampons and pads straight to your door step.

Each month, Ellebox subscribers will receive Natracare pads and Organyc tampons along with chocolates, tea, and 2-3 natural and organic self-care treats specially selected with your health and wellness in mind.

So many major brands of pads and tampons contain chemicals which can be harmful to your body. That’s why all of ElleBox’s products are free from wood pulp, chlorine, bleach, dioxin, pesticides, synthetic fibre, crude oil, and rayon.

ElleBox invited me to review their popular Comfort Box and is offering The Period Blog’s readers an exclusive 30% OFF coupon code!

Ellebox Comfort Box Review

The first thing I noticed when I opened my ElleBox was that it smelled so good!! The natural aromas of the tea and the organic goodies smelled like a spa. So soothing and calming.

Ellebox goodies

My ElleBox was filled with all my period essentials and enough self-care goodies to spoil myself for the entire month.

Here’s what I got:

  • 10 Natracare pads
  • 10 Organyc tampons
  • Nourish Lip Butter by Om Organics
  • Hand + Foot Repair Cream by Om Organics
  • Tumeric Face Scrub by Scrub Supply Co
  • Tea by Tea Sparrow
  • A Truffle Pig Dark Hazelnut Chocolate Bar by Hagensborg Chocolate
  • Ellebox pads and tampons

    Ellebox Natracare pads

    Natracare pads
    I’ve tried these before and they are perfect for ladies with sensitive skin. Natracare pads are made from 100% organic cotton and without harmful bleaches, dyes, or added scents. They’re also packaged in a quiet biodegradable paper wrapping – so perfect for public washrooms!

    Organyc tampons
    100% organic cotton tampons with cardboard applicators. Unlike plastic applicators, these cardboard applicators are 100% biodegradable and great for our planet.

    Ellebox lip butter
    Nourish Lip Butter by Om Organics
    LOVE THIS!!! This lip butter smells like cacao and nourishes your lips with nature’s best ingredients like shea butter, cacao butter and argan oil. I’m a big skincare junkie and so impressed that this lip butter contains squalane which is more commonly found in high-end skin care. Squalane has powerful moisturizing properties and is an excellent source of antioxidants. I would definitely buy this again.

    Ellebox cream
    Hand + Foot Repair Cream by Om Organics in Wild Plum, 59 grams
    While plum is not my favorite fruit or scent, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this cream. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients for severely dry, cracked hands and feet. It’s not too heavy or thick and feels a little oily at first but it absorbs quickly. It’s like a tall drink of water for your skin.

    Ellebox face scrub

    Click to enlarge

    Tumeric Face Scrub by Scrub Supply Co
    Scrub and mask 2 in 1. Vegan and all natural. Tumeric is a potent antioxidant with skin-soothing properties, can even skin tone and even fight acne – perfect for that time of the month. I’ve already used it two days in a row and my skin is glowing! Will definitely rebuy.

    Ellebox tea

    Click to enlarge

    Octet Tea Blend by Tea Sparrow
    A caffeinated green and white tea blend with fruity notes of mango and lychee. I would consider this a light tea but I like my tea super bitter so take that with a grain of salt ;).

    Truffle Pig Dark Hazelnut Chocolate Bar by Hagensborg Chocolate
    Melt in your mouth chocolate shaped like cute little piggies! I can’t get enough of this chocolate. I only wish it came with 2 instead of 1… *hint hint ElleBox ;)*

    I think the best part about ElleBox is that you get to discover high quality natural products proudly made by Canadian companies. The self-care goodies are the perfect size for pampering myself all month. I can’t wait to see what’s in my next month’s Comfort Box!

    If you like any of the goodies that came with your box, you can rebuy them at ElleBox but sometimes you won’t find them because the favourites sell out very quickly.

    ElleBox currently ships to the USA and Canada.

    Remember to use code “THEPERIODBLOG” to get 30% off your order!


    ElleBox Review

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