New Years Worldwide Veeda Tampon Giveaway!

Posted on December 16th, by The Period Blog in Giveaway, Worldwide. 13 comments

Veeda Tampon Giveaway

Yes you read that right! Our first giveaway open to all readers worldwide!

TEN lucky winners will win a box of of Veeda’s 100% natural cotton tampons!

Veeda Tampons provide the comfort and reliability you value without compromising your health, the environment,or pricing.

Made with out Rayon, wood fibers, additives, chemicals, synthetics, Veeda offers peace of mind that what is touching your body is nothing but the softest, most hypoallergenic and purest material on earth. 100% Cotton.

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Leave a comment and answer this question: Do you share your pad or tampon stash with anyone?

I have a huge stash that I share with friends or donate to the food bank. I used to share my pads with my sister and mom but my sister’s moved out and my mom doesn’t use them anymore.

This contest is open to all readers worldwide. You have until January 21, 2014 to enter. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

This contest is sponsored by Veeda tampons.


13 thoughts on “New Years Worldwide Veeda Tampon Giveaway!

  1. yes , i shared them with my classmate , as i always keep at least one pad/tampon in my bag :) if anyone of them need them for emergency i would happily shared my pads/tampons with them .

  2. Definitely! I always have a stash with me at all times. I would share my pads with my friends. In case of all emergencies, they can count on me if they need pads/tampons/wipes! BFF’s are always there for each other! :)

  3. Nope, I usually use expensive organic cotton tampons that don’t have applicators, and I rarely carry pads anymore. But I did have some with applicators once, and a swimming buddy of mine needed one so she got lucky!

  4. Of course!!! I always have a lot of tampons, pads and liners, because I always buy some when there’s a sale or something, and I always keep a lot with me. I even keep different brands with me incase my friends like different ones!!!

  5. I used to share with my sister and mum but i have currently moved out of home and i am the only lady at work. So no sharing with anyone unless i have a friend over who needs one badly…

  6. I got it the spring AFTER my sister moved out for college. So no, However my cousins do come over quite a bit and I do end up sharing like %15-%25 of my stash with them…

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