DIY: How To Make A Thong Pantiliner

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Do It Yourself: Thong Pantiliner

Vaginal discharge can make your most comfy panties wet and crunchy (you know what I mean!) and unfortunately your anti-VPL thongs are no exception.

Vaginal discharge is acidic and can even bleach and put holes in your panties.

Luckily, pantiliners can be worn to save your thongs and panties and give you that fresh clean feeling.

The best part? You don’t have to buy the expensive thong pantiliners anymore because I found a trick to save you $ and you can still wear all your favorite thongs!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make your own thong pantiliner from a regular pantiliner so you can wear your favorite thongs all the time!

3 Easy Steps To Make A Thong Pantiliner

Before we start, we’ll need…

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Thong
  • Pantiliner

Choose a pantiliner that’s flat with a good adhesive. Don’t use the poofy ones.

For this tutorial, I’m using the Kotex Natural Balance Lightdays.

You can also try these flat pantliners: Carefree Bodyshape Thin PantilinersU By Kotex Curves Regular Pantiliners

Step 1: Trace the outline of your thong onto the back of the pantiliner

I like to make it a Y shape so I have coverage in the front and back.



Click on Read More for the full tutorial

Step 2: Cut along your traced lines



Step 3: Peel back and stick it on just like a normal pantliner




Now you can wear your favorite thongs using your regular pantiliners!

Has heavy discharge ever prevented you from wearing your favorite thong?

4 thoughts on “DIY: How To Make A Thong Pantiliner

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  2. What size tampon should I use, and why does my tampon leak? I like using the regular, but on my heavy flow days, I have to use a bigger size. The bigger size feels too big though, so what should I do? I don’t like only wearing a pad because I don’t want to walk with my blood all over.
    I have a theory about why my tampon leaks. the strong is attached weird so once the blood reaches that point, it goes straight down the string instead of soaking the entire tampon. in between every other class I’ll go and check it. Sometimes it feels like it’s leaked through the tampon and pad when it hadn’t leaked yet.

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