How to find your Vaginal Opening

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In this blog post, I’ll show you 3 easy steps to finding your vaginal opening so you know where to insert your tampon!

Many girls tell me they need help finding their opening because they aren’t sure where to insert their tampon. But many girls also tell me they think period blood is icky and want to find their opening without looking!

The easiest way to find your vaginal opening is by looking and feeling.

I know period blood can be kind of icky but you will need to get used to it. It’s your own period blood and your own body. There is nothing to be afraid of and you cannot break anything down there. If you get period blood on your hands just wash it off!

Step 1

Use a hand mirror and place it in between your legs so you can see your vagina.

You will see something like this:


Step 2

Use your fingers and spread your inner lips apart.

Your vaginal opening is located in between your inner lips so use your fingers to spread your lips apart. You will see something like this:



Your vaginal opening may not look like an open hole like it is in this diagram. That’s because the vaginal opening isn’t just an open hole you can see. It is an opening that can stretch to open like you see in the diagram and can shrink so that it is concealed or hidden.

If you haven’t found your vaginal opening yet, move on to Step 3.

Step 3

Push your finger in between your inner lips. Your inner lips will spread apart to your opening

You do not need to spread your lips in this step.

Your finger may even slide inside your vaginal opening. This is exactly how a tampon applicator slides inside.

Your vaginal opening leads to your vaginal canal. Remember your vaginal canal isn’t perpendicular (straight up and down). Your vaginal opening is PARALLEL (sideways) to the ground. So to find your opening, insert your finger at an angle like you see in this diagram here:

Pretend the tampon applicator is your finger!

It’s much easier to find your vaginal opening when you can feel with your fingers!

Don’t worry, you cannot break your hymen by sliding your finger or tampon applicator inside. The hymen is like a ring of skin that can stretch to fit your finger or tampon applicator.

It is also impossible to accidentally put your finger or tampon applicator inside your urethral opening or pee hole. The urethral opening is too small and your finger is too big.

Are you still having trouble finding your vaginal opening?

Don’t worry! I have some very helpful tips to find your vaginal opening by looking and feeling:

  • If you are on your period, feel with your fingers where the blood is coming from. Your period blood leaves your body from your vaginal opening.
  • It may be helpful to not look at all and just feel for your vaginal opening using your fingers. It is the only hole your finger can slide into.

If you still haven’t found your vaginal opening yet, leave a comment and tell me which step you are having trouble with.

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132 thoughts on “How to find your Vaginal Opening

  1. Hi! It was great to find this blog!! So I have never used a tampon because I cannot seem to find where I’m supposed to put it. Except, when I use your tips, I stil don’t even see a hole, I just see more muscle, no hole at all. Help?!

      • I tried all of these steps but I still can’t seem to slide my finger in and find the right place. Maybe I’m just too scared to try but I can’t feel the opening. Please help :(

        • Hi! Have you tried using a mirror to look and guide your finger? It helps if you hold your inner lips apart with your free hand.

          • Thanks this website has not only helped me but built up the confidence to actually try a tampon. I have my period and I have just started using tampons today but I can kinda feel it, it doesn’t hurt or anything but I can feel it. I tried ousting the tampon in further but that makes it hurt so I think that’s as far as it will go. As I use them more will my body get use to it or will I have to love with being able to feel it? :) Xx

    • When u start ur period, I’ve heard that ur vaginal opening gets bigger. I know it’s gross but I felt with my finger and found the only opening in between my legs. So I guessed that, that was it!! Try feeling one ,ore time!!:D

      • So I have already started my period a year ago but I need to use tampons. The first time I had to google diagrams and porrn just to figure it out man what a tough time

        • I started my period 2 years ago and I looked up where my vagina is and even had to look up porn. But I still couldn’t seem to find it! You aren’t alone, but at least we know where to find it thanks to this account!

    • Thank you so much! I really wanted to know how to insert a tampon so that if I need to really quickly need to go swimming I will know how to insert the tampon so I won’t panick. I told my mom but she doesnt use tampons. My older 17 year old sister uses them but I thought it would be to awkward to ask her. So I searched up on google how to insert a tampon. I had no clue where to insert it. But finally I found the answer! Thanks so much. Now I need to try it out!

    • Honestly I just tried putting my finger in and after a year of not being able to use tampons I can now. This seriously kind of made my night!!!!!! I honestly couldn’t before and this page helped me so much!!! At first it feels weird but just explore down there with a mirror and buck up courage to use your finger.

    • hey im going on holidays tomorrow and ill be swimming my mam is saying your period stops when your in the pool not sure if thats right i cant seem to use a tampon at all any advice

  2. Hi,

    This is beyond embarrassing but every time I take out a tampon I make a huge mess; it drips everywhere and I’m at risk of staining my clothes/hands… I try to catch it right away with a wad of toilet paper but it still gets messy. It’s really stressful to have to deal with this in public bathrooms, especially when I’m in school. Any tips?

    • You should practice at home in a bathroom alone and just use pads at school until you feel ready to use tampons. You also might want to find a comfortable position to insert a tampon.

    • Hi!

      I had this problem when I first started too. It’s completely normal to experience this.

      When you go to remove your tampon, sit on the toilet but sit a little further back than you normally wood. Spread your legs and then use your hand to pull out the tampon. This way, any blood dripping from the tampon will just go into the toilet bowl and not onto your panties or pants.

      I find it super helpful to have a folded up wad of toilet paper nearby to put your used tampon in to wrap up and throw away.


    • Perhaps try changing the tampon more often. It is proabably just not able to soak up anymore, and the excess is what is all dripping. I found that helped when faced with the same problem.

  3. Hi I know this has nothing to do with this subject but I felt because it was the newest post my question will have a better chance of getting answered. I’m 12 almost13 and I just got my first period. My mom was at work when I got it so I used one I got as a sample from watching the purbety video at school. Now it’s 2 days later and my mom dosent have a clue! Help me please I’m too embarrassed to say anything and I will soon run out of pads cause I’m am sneaking them from my mom and it will become obviuse soon. BTW I’m todally recommening this website to all my friends.

    • Just tell your mom~ She was a girl once too and getting your period is a natural thing, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. When I first told my mother she was screaming in joy because I finally became a “woman” LOL.

      But if you still are too embarrassed to say anything, why not do it indirectly? Maybe tell her that you’re having your period through email or a text? That way you don’t have to say it directly to her.

      Hope this helps! And best of luck ; v ;

    • I agree with you 100% your mom has been 12-13 and if you dont wan’t to talk to your mom talk to another trusted adult!

  4. So I’ve been on my period for like 9 months and I’m ready to try tampons, and I tried using them and (whoot whoot!) figured it out and got one in. I want to let my mom know I’m using them, but don’t really know what to say (I know she won’t mind) if you know what i mean lol

  5. Hi, I’ve had my period for 1 year and a half now and I want to use tampons, but I don’t know how to tell my mom because I’m embarrassed, any tips?

  6. Hi!
    I’ve been using tampons for about two periods, and I’d like to use them again for my next period. When I put the tampon in, (when I’m pushing it in using the applicator) it will go in, but when there’s about a cm of the applicator to push, my lower stomach starts hurting badly. it feels like something is blocking my tampon from going in.I’m pretty sure they aren’t cramps, because my stomach hurts only at that stage of inserting a tampon . What could this be? Also, my tampons go in only once in a while. About 2/5 of tampons would go in. What could be the problem? When the tampon doesn’t go in, it hurts when the applicator is about a cm inside me. The rest of the times when the tampon does go in, I don’t feel any pain, except for the stomach thing I told u about earlier :/ What could be causing this? Also, I can feel the tampon inside me. It sometimes hurts, but most of the time it just feels uncomfortable. Is this normal? One last thing: when I remove the tampon, no matter how much it has absorbed, my lower stomach (again) hurts. Is there a problem with my lower stomach? What do u think is the problem?

    I love your blog btw, I’ve started my period about five months ago and it really has helped me! My mom isn’t a tampon user, so I can’t really ask her questions :/

    • When I started my period, if hurt to put tampons in too. Have you checked what size you’re using? It might just be too big. at target, there are many different brands (I use the kotex but I might switch) I know that there have slim sizes (smaller tampons). They’re easier to take out. After a while of using them I would recommend regular size. It had an r in the packet. Just be careful with the slim sizes. The packaging has an s on it but so does super size. Last I remember the slim was a yellow packaging color.

  7. Your tampon isn’t far in enough if it is uncomfortable. Also some people say that that there stomach hurts worse if they use a tampon. You might want to stick with pads! Hope this helped. I just startes mine today. My mom told me about it. I’m already using a tampon now.

  8. Well ok, so im 13 but i started my period when i was 9 so ive had it along time, ive always asked to use tampons but my mom wont let me becuase she doesnt use them, should i just use the ones we have and use pads when i run out cuz pads r super gross

  9. im going on holiday soon and want to use tampons as i will be spending time in the pool. If the tampon is fresh will the pool water make it expand? x

  10. Hi, I have a few questions. I’m 14 and got my period in December. I’ve know that summer would come and I would need to use tampons and pads make me feel moist and gross anyways. I always get nervous for no reason and it just makes me upset that I can’t do it! I’m fine with the blood and everything, that’s normal, but I feel like I’m going to be in pain like quite a few people say when they first use one. Also, I wear my pads for about 8 hours at school because there aren’t any disposers in the stall, so I would have to put it in the trash outside the stall, so that makes me not change all day, will that be fine? It also makes me feel gross. Your blog has been a lot of help, but if you could just guide me on some stuff that would be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Hello! I know this is a little late, but better late then never! I had the same problem. I hated changing my pad at school but I felt gross like it was sitting there all nasty and stuff. But don’t worry! As long as you change it as soon as you can and keep that area pretty clean most of the time, I think it’ll be good. I’ve haven’t had any problems! And if you Do it right, it shouldn’t hurt at all! Don’t be nervous, it’s defininetly not like you’re the only one!

  11. hi i stil cant find the opening, and i evev used my finger. ever time i try it kinda hurts. i just got my period yesterday and i cant put a tampon in. i swim and im really nervous. i dont know what to do!!! help

  12. I have had my period for quite some time now, since I was ten, I’ve always been afraid to use tampons. I have six sisters and all my older ones say it is easy. I pretend like I wear them but I really don’t. Every time I try to put it in, it hurts so bad I start crying. I don’t know why it hurts… am I doing something wrong?

  13. I found my vaginal opening, I think. I have been to the gyn who said i had teensy hole (literally the tip of a finger), and I have been trying to widen it but literally just the top of pinky manages to get in, and from the outside its not at all visible. heeelp me please, im 17 and so bored of not using tampons!

  14. Hi i hav a super heavy flow nd at school they dont let u take your bag to the toilet in lesons so i always leak . Also i leak a night plz can any1 help me xx

    • Hi Jasmine,

      I think it’s pretty silly that they don’t let you take your bag with you! What about a cosmetic bag? Is that allowed? I usually put my pads and tampons in there.

      As for leaking, you can wear panties that have a more snug fit. This way, you can be confident that the first thing your period touches after leaving your body is the pad! Your period gets absorbed immediately and this generally helps with leaks.

      Good luck!

      • My school doesn’t allow us too take bags either. They think we are texting are something, and with all the school shootings and a lot of people do drugs, so they think we are going to try something stupid (like bring a knife in the bathroom, or text in the bathroom,,,or try drugs)

        It really sucks cause I only have five minutes between four of my classes and I had to travel long distances and by time I use the restroom and get to the classroom the bell has already rang and I have no time to go to my locker, etc.

        OH! and I’m not allowed to go to my locker without this planner pass (we have to use it when we go to the restroom also)

        • My school has the same rule (and for almost the same reasons) I think it is stupid but I understand why they would put that rule into place; Then again I’m only 13 and I’m not incredibly heavy flow and I’m only at school for about 6 and a half hours so I just change right before and right after school and I’m fine… But that is definitely a concern of mine. Your not alone on this one : )

          • If you’re not allowed to take a bag try to put your tampon/pad in something really small or by itself so that you can put it in your pocket or hide it somewhere on you. Or you can tell them you have to take a bag because ‘you’re a girl and it’s that time’ haha and hopefully they’ll understand, especially if it’s a woman teacher. And if all else fails, just ask to go to the nurse and they should give you what you need to do your thing, if you know what i mean lol

    • Hi I’ve had my period for about a year and a half and I’ve tried using tampons multiple times. I’ve looked up other tutorials and pictures and videos and nothing helped me. I couldn’t find my hole at all. So I tried feeling around for it and when I thought I found it, I tried shoving the tampon in but it didn’t go in. So I tried a mirror like you said , and I found it! I can’t believe after all this time, I was getting worked up and upset about it because all my friends would be at swimming parties and I’d be home. Thanks, you have a great blog. I can’t believe something so simple as using a mirror helped (‘: you’re a life saver.

  15. when I spread my outer lips apart I still can’t even see my inner and can’t see any openings. what should I do?

  16. I’m having trouble, I’ve been trying to get it in but it won’t work! It feels like it’s part way in but then it won’t go in anymore what do I do? Help please??

  17. Hi!

    First of all I wanted to say thank you for this website! This website is how I’m using tampons now! I do have a question though, I would have asked my mom, but she uses pads, and doesn’t know a thing about tampons! I know I’m getting the tampon up far enough because it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable at all! But when I go and take my tampon out, it hurts so bad to pull it out! And when I finally get the tampon pulled out, it is fully soaked but it’s all clumped up! Is this normal, and it is supposed to be clumped up like that and hurt? I really need your help!

    Thanks and bye!

    • Hi Christa,

      what do you mean by clumped up? If it’s fully saturated then it shouldn’t hurt to pull out. Which brand of tampons are you using?

  18. I can’ tell where my vaginal hole is I move apart my inner labia and I can see the blood but I can’t tell specifically where its coming from even when I clear it away I have tried the finger thing but nothing works … Any other tips ?

  19. i am very much afraid to touch my vagina..because i am virgin & i heard it cause pain to me..due to this i can’t even see my hole..i tried once to see & touch but due to panic i can’t…is it cause pain..??? if something goes wrong it will lead any health problem.???

    • Hi Kanika,

      No, touching and exploring your vaginal area won’t hurt. If you want to use a tampon, it is best to know where to insert it first so go ahead and look and feel with your hands. I hope that you will find the diagrams helpful if you are scared to look :).

      • Thank you so much for answering! :)

        pictures are really helpful.. ^_^

        i have found my vaginal opening..but i can put only 2 toes of my index finger inside it..there is no more space for another finger too…is it normal in starting..??? or is there some problem.??

        can i put my 2 fingers inside it later on.?

        • Hi Kanika,

          To insert a tampon without an applicator you will only need to insert one finger inside.

          Also a tampon applicator barrel is about the size of your finger so if you can slip one finger inside then you can fit the tampon applicator inside. You don’t need to put so many fingers inside…

          Hope that helps!

  20. I’ve tried the finger method and using a mirror but I’m still frustrated. I thought I found it becuase blood came out of it on my period but when I went to the bathroom I found that is where my pee came from as well! Is this bad or am I still learning here?

    • It’s okay! The pee hole is very close to the vaginal opening but the vaginal opening is closer to the anus than the pee hole. Does that make sense? Hopefully that helps to differentiate the two…

      Feel for where the blood is coming from. With a clean finger try to slip your finger inside. That’s your vaginal opening! And that’s exactly the same thing you’ll do with a tampon applicator… sliding the applicator inside.

  21. I’ve never had my period but a couple day ago I noticed like a brown discharge. I looked it up and some people say it is my period. Is it? Pads gross me out so I tried to put a tampon in but can’t find the hole. I’ve tried feeling it with my finger and I found a hole but it hurts when I try to stick a tampon in. Is this normal? Help

    • Hi Kara,

      It sounds like you just started your period. Do you have a flow yet? Do you see blood on your panties? You cannot use a tampon unless you have a flow or when you actually start to bleed from your vagina.

      For now, I would highly recommend you stick with pads until your first period is over. In the mean time do some more research on tampons and toxic shock syndrome. Tampons and pads are very different. Pads stay outside of you and tampons go inside and it’s very important to understand the health risks with tampons before you use them.

      Pads aren’t gross and periods are very normal. Get used to it because this is going to happen every month!

      Congrats on your period! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

      • There has been no blood flow,and now the brown discharge is starting to stop. Will I get my period next month? Or soon?

        • Hey it’s me again.. There was a little spot of blood and when I wiped tree was a little blood. Should I still stick with pads?

          • I would recommend sticking w pads for now. It’s easier to get a better sense of your period flow when u can see it. You’ll find this especially helpful because its your first period.

  22. i was so frustrated when trying to look for my vagina opening hole to put the tampon in since i will be going swimming at camp and i will be on my period around that time but the problem is that when i tried to insert the tampon it was hurting so i stop please help i really want to go swimming

  23. I was so frustrated when trying to look for my vagina opening hole to put the tampon in. Since I will be going swimming at camp and I will be on my period around that time. But the problem is that when I tried to insert the tampon it was hurting so then I stopped, please help I really want to go swimming.

  24. im 13 and havint had my period. Once i found out some wemen cant have kids i tried to look amd i cant find the opening! please help

    • Well if you haven’t had your period your body isn’t ready for children. It’s much easier to find your opening if you’re on your period or have had your period because there are methods (as explained on this blog) to find it when on your period. So don’t worry! When the time comes, it’ll come. Until then, enjoy the time you have before you get it!

    • Hey! If you haven’t had your period yet don’t worry about it. I’m 14 1/2 and I just got my first one 3 days ago. Believe me.. enjoy it while in lasts!! Some of my friends were jealous if didnt have mine. If you haven’t had your period by the time your 15 then you should mention it to your doctor. Hope this helped!

  25. Hi, I think I can see the vagina opening but when I try to put in a tampon I get a really sharp pain as soon as it touches. I am doing it wrong?

  26. Hey all…2 things. First off, is it supposed to hurt? I thought maybe there was a certain age that would be considered “too young” (though im 13, just curious”). Second, should you only insert tampons when you’re on your period, or can you try one before to test it out? Lastly, do I only have to wear a tampon to be OK swimming? Like, 0 leakage? Please help! : /

  27. I’m just kinda scared of using a tampon but I know they are way easier than a pad. I used a tiny mirror but I still couldn’t find my vagina :(


    Ok, so I tried everything here to find my vaginal opening. I think I finally found it so I put lube on my finger and tried putting it inside. IT HURT LIKE H*LL!!!!!!! Idk why!?!?!! I have had this pain prob for over a year!!!!!!!! I really want to be a mom some day and if my finger hurts, think of a guys thing!!! I really need an answer on this pain!!!

  29. So I’ve had my period for three months so far and I just got it again, but I’m going to camp tomorrow til Friday and were going to the pool practically every day! I’ve tried putting in a tampon using all the advice you posted and I’ve even used my finger to try and find the hole but any bits I can put my finger in I can’t go in far! Also, there’s a 1-inch bit of skin-ish stuff dangling out of my “down there”! Please help! I can’t find ANY holes AND it hurts and aches so much! Please respond ASP!

  30. I’ve been searching for my vaginal opening for a while now, and still can’t find it. I sat down on my bathroom counter so I could use a mirror like the pictures said, but I’m still not seeing it! I’m scared that I’ll never find it, and that I won’t be able to have sex or clear out any of my bodily fluids. My body doesn’t look like these pictures, either… Instead of ‘lips,’ I have a long thing that looks like a fleshy snake. Is this a problem?

    • Some people I know started it in college so you shouldn’t worry. I started mine when I was 11 and I’m only 12 now but what’s the difference. You will start when ever your body is ready. It’s different for everyone.

      Hope I could help.

  31. Hi, I’m going to the beach with a friend and I got my first period last month. It would be the 2nd one so idk if it would be that heavy but my 1st one was really heavy. I am already going for sure to the beach but I haven’t inserted a tampon ever yet and my mom said it kind of hurts if you pull it out while its drystone I can’t try. I have no idea what to do. I can really trust my friend but I don’t want her in there while I’m doing it and I don’t have anything to look on your website with. If you could let me know as soon as possible what to do before I go to the beach that would be really helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi! Have you taken a look at this post yet? How to insert a tampon

      It hurts if you pull out when it’s dry but it doesnt’ hurt that much. Just wait until its fully absorbed, then pull it. You’re more likely to pull out/change your tampon when it’s fully saturated anyways.

  32. So I tried to use a tampon today and I think I know where it is but when I try to put it in it kind of hurts..I chickened out and didnt put it in ..why does it hurt?? Is it normal?

    • you might want to try an extra “slim” tampon, and it might seem gross, but you might want to try to lubrcate it with something

      • You can use vaseline or personal lubricants but best lubricant is just your own period. Wait until there is more blood. Good luck!

  33. Another question…where is the tampon supposed to stop like are your fingers supposed to stop at the outter lips or inner lips.

  34. im 11 and i havent had my period yet, but when i look for my opening, all i see is some swollen thing and i doesn’t hurt, it almost feels good when i touch it.
    is that bad???

    ps please dont email my by my email, because i share an email with a friend, and she umm…. doesn’t exactly …like?… anything to do with … umm… personel parts.

  35. Hi
    I am on my honeymoon and trying intercourse for the first time with my husband. The first night was excruciating andbit felt like there is a wall he just cpuld not get through. We decided he should try with his finger.. he finally was able to get one finher through but now I am worried he is going through my urethra instead bcs I kept feeling the need to pee every 2 minutes! Please help its been so difficult to doIit and I don’t want to be in pain :(

    • Hi!

      Congrats on your marriage!!

      1. Okay you definitely have the right hole. You can’t put your finger in your urethra, it just isn’t big enough and doesn’t stretch like the vagina does.

      2. The first time you have sex might be a bit painful. Just relax and your muscles should be less tense. It will make penetration more enjoyable.

      3. The peeing sensation is actually him hitting your g-spot… sometimes it may feel like you need to pee… all I can say is.. you’re a lucky girl haha. Don’t worry though, this peeing sensation is normal. You might need to try diff positions and see what works for you if you don’t like the peeing sensation.

      Good luck Sandra!


      • My lovely wife and I were married 5 years ago, and as fortune would have it, she was having her period during our honeymoon. :( I’m so thankful she wasn’t embarrassed to teach me about the ‘female’ stuff I never knew. It really helped me! I had no idea about anything!

        As we were driving to the hotel that first night, she told me she was ‘on’ her period. I was confused, but when we got to the hotel she showed me a tampon. I probably was blushing 10 shades of red, but I was finally understanding stuff I wished my mom had told me before I got married.

        Then my sweet wife explained how periods worked (something my mother never told her son understandably) and my sweet bride said it was only a few days a month of bleeding, and that we could be ‘together’ in a couple of days. I didn’t mind, and I felt even closer to her for being so open and honest with me!

        I wanted her to be completely comfortable and happy, so waiting wasn’t a big deal. We made do :) Anyway, I think the point is that all this stuff is just human biology. Yea, it can be embarrassing the first time, but it shouldn’t be!

        Talking to your mom, older sister, or even your dad is probably no big deal to them… it’s just normal!

        Hope this helps!

        Older dad.

  36. This really helped me. Now my mom can spend leads money by just buying tampons instead of tampons and pads. A huge thanks goes out to you.

  37. honestly, im getting annoyed with myself. I’ve been trying to use tampons for 2 YEARS and i always start to cry because i cant. i had to go to swim practice today without a tampon in and it was horrible and i started crying. blood gets all over my whole pubic area, so i can NEVER find where the blood is coming from! Also, when i try to use my finger it doesnt go in any hole. Im so scared because i have a super important swim meet tomorrow and i know i can go without a tampon BUT I REALLY DONT WANT TO

    • Hi! I know it can be a bit scary at first but don’t worry we all go through it. The tampon will slide in easily when there is period blood around your opening. Just try to find your opening with your finger. Feel for the blood and slip in your finger. It’s much easier to feel for it with your finger than prodding around with a tampon. Find the opening and then try again with the tampon. Get it in a little and just twist and push at the same time and it should glide in effortlessly. You’ll barely feel it! Good luck and let me know how it goes Caroline! xo.

  38. i love this last i found my vagina ,i never knew that so many people have a problem like me…..does it hurt when a male inserts his penis in a girl’s vagina???when a baby comes out of the vagina does it hurt???when you grow older, does the vagina become big??it is said that when a lady gives birth to a baby through normal delivery,her boobs become it true???please reply to me soon i want to know a lot about it.

    • Hi! It might be uncomfortable the first time you have sex. Just go slow and try to enjoy yourself. Congrats on your marriage!

  39. you are so good at explaining….you should open another website on breast and pussy.because may people have problems related to these topics even i.if you know anything about this please tell me….my boobs itch very is embarasing to itch them in front of people.please reply

  40. hi!!!
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    -about pussy and boobs information.
    -you should start an online chat with your friends[we people] because we have many problems and because of this website our one problem is solved:where is vagina.

  42. I’ve had my period for just over 2 years now and haven’t ever been able to get a tampon in until today!

    I’ve always been kind of grossed out about body parts and blood. Just… vaginas. Ick. And of course, I’ve always been too much of a wimp to stick my fingers anywhere “inside” my vagina – opening up my lips and taking a quick and squeamish glance in the mirror was about as much as I could handle, thankyou very much.

    Anyway, every time I tried to do the whole tampon thing, I’d end up stressing myself to bits because I just could not find the hole and was not prepared to go playing hide-and-seek with my fingers. Sometimes I’d even worry that maybe I didn’t have a hole (I know, unrealistic)!

    I’d always get frustrated and give up, leaving it until the next month… or the next… or maybe never (sad face).

    So, I pulled up a few sites about inserting tampons. I looked up pictures and diagrams of vaginas. I looked in a mirror, sitting in different positions (on chairs, on the toilet, squatting, etc), for about half an hour… until FINALLY, I worked up the guts to use my finger to explore.

    It took about 10 minutes of trying, then looking at pictures and diagrams, then trying, then re-reading all the information here, then trying… until up it went! It was a strange feeling, but it wasn’t gross. It was my body. It was just my body, that’s all.

    I was so happy that I grabbed my tampon and fiddled for a few seconds until up it went again, all the way in! Taking the applicator out with the tampon securely inside of me was the most satisfying feeling! I am so proud of myself. And I am so grateful to this site and the many pictures so readily available on the internet.

    So, for all you girls who are feeling like it just isn’t working, I have some advice:

    I promise you that you can do it! Just relax. Grab a mirror and have a good look down there. Wipe yourself clean with a cleansing wipe and then try to find where the blood is coming from. Don’t be afraid to feel around. In fact, the best thing you can do is use your finger to explore and gently try to find your hole. This is important: you will not be able to see your “hole” – it isn’t a big, open, gaping thing. What you may be able to see is what looks a bit like a squished up scrunchie. The opening is inside that scrunchie – not under or above it. Anyhow, just feel and look around until you work it out! If you just can’t do it and are getting stressed or irritating your vagina, take a break! Try again in an hour, or a day, or in a month, or in a year. Do it when you feel comfortable and don’t rush it. You WILL get there sometime. You just have to be patient and willing to get your hands a little dirty ;)

    Thanks so much once again. I’m so grateful! I hope my story helps someone just like this site helped me. Xxx

  43. i’ve been trying for the first time to put a tampon in but i can’t! I am going on holiday to a big water park so i need to be able to use a tampon! I’ve felt for where the blood is coming from and i can kinda put my finger up that hole but i’m worried it’s my anus not my vagina! Help!

  44. I’m 14 and very athletic I want to use tampons but I can’t find my hole I’ve tried with fingers and tampons one time I tryed a q tip and it went in but I just wish I could find it I’m not sexually active but there are little bumps not medical idk how to explain it I just wish I could figure it out ASAP where is my hole

    • Hi Roxy,

      It sounds like you’ve already found your opening with a qtip. Now just use your finger and follow the same path as the q tip! Use a mirror and hold open your inner lips if that helps. Soon enough you will be able to do it without looking.

  45. J
    I’m 14 and I have been having my period for about a year. I really really really want to use tampons, but I haven’t been able to find vagina hole! I have tried looking in a mirror, and feeling for it with my finger. I can’t seen to find it. I’m not scared of something being inside ny body, I just can’t find the hole. I have to go swimming with my class next month. HELP!!

    • Hi J! Just try again with your finger. It’s not just a gaping hole you can see. Use your finger and slide it inbetween the inner lips. You can hold open your inner lips and slide it inbetween the folds that way if it’s easier too. You should find that it goes in a little. That’s your vaginal opening! Just slide your finger in and it should go in. If you’re having a hard time, use a bit of personal lubricant. Let me know if that helps!

      • Hey
        Thanks for replying to my comment!
        I still can’t find it. Is it possible that there is a lot of my cherry (hymen) covering the opening? When I feel around for it all I feel is gushy skin.
        My flow was very light.
        Any ideas?

  46. Someone please HELP me :c

    I’m 15 years old and just got my period and before I got it I used to put my finger up what I’m guessing is my vagina because I was curious (I was just young and dumb). Now I want to use tampons but whenever I try to put it in or try to find it I can’t! Even in a mirror! I know I have a whole and I can feel it but it is extremely small and I can barely get my pinky in it and it’s not a clear “whole” like in this demonstration, it’s like a whole with very small flaps coming out and I’m getting quite pissed…

    I know it might seem weird but it’s a serious problem for me and I want to start using tampons but I can’t because of this.

    (p.s. it doesn’t run in my family because my twin sister can easily put in her tampon and she got her period at the same time as me.)

    Can a serious person/professional help me with this please? :(

    • I’m 14 and having the same problem!
      But when I feel around for my hole all I feel is gushy skin. I think that my cherry (hymen) is covering most of the hole and is making it hard for me to find. Is the same thing happening for you?
      I have to go swimming in January with my class.
      Could really use some help!

      My sister is 6 and a half years older than me and I don’t see her. I’m too scared to talk to my mom about it. All my friends can use them. I really need HELP!

  47. Hey well i tried looking through the mirror but all i can see is the hymen stretching does not help :( because i can’t even see my vagina its is HARDLY BARELY visible. but sometimes i find it Uncomfortable or uneasy looking for cuz its my first time and i am 15 :D. so i also researched that you have to forehand it to help find out where the vagina is located?? PLZZ HELP ME!! its really Frustrating!! :(

  48. Im 17 years old.The other day while i was exploring down there,i could insert the head of my index finger into a hole near the clit.could that be my pee hole?im really worried as other than that,i could find no hole.WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY,THANKS.

  49. Im 17 years old.The other day while i was exploring down there,i could insert the head of my index finger into a hole near the clit.could that be my pee hole?im really worried as other than that,i could find no hole.WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY…

  50. I am so confused in 11 and had my period for the first time today I tried pads im going on holiday tomorrow I wast expecting this I have a heavy flow cant find my vagina help I slid my finger in a tad then it hurt bad is that my vagina hole?

  51. I’m 21 and I just found my vaginal opening for the first time today! The way I found it was rubbing my finger up and down the length of the muscly inner part (thinking: there’s no hole, where is the hole?) and as I was doing that it got wetter & eventually I was able to slip my finger in (this is obviously something you want to do before your period starts) & as the diagram shows it is quite low & close to your anus. I’m feeling a bit sore right now, but happy I found it.

  52. I have tried tampons and cannot use them. No matter which way I push it in it hurts, it also hurts to sit and I also can feel it. Not sure what to do

    • Hi Kali,

      It sounds like you do not have it in far enough. Take it out and try again with a new tampon or you can use your finger and push it up farther until you can’t feel it. And by can’t feel it, I mean you can’t feel it in your vagina. Hope that helps!

      -The Period Blog

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