Vaginal Discharge

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Once you start puberty, you may start to find a white or clear fluid or mucus on your panties. Don’t worry! This is completely healthy and normal part of growing up.

I remember when I first got it, I was thinking.. what is this :(??? and I asked my mom and she just said “Oh it’s normal” and that’s all the explanation I got until the random puberty class was taught in school…like two years later. Back then, internet access was scarce so I couldn’t just google my symptoms. But now internet is everywhere! And that’s probably how you found this page! Yay!

What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is the mucus or fluid that excretes from your vagina. This discharge is the result of your vagina cleaning and regulating itself. Yes, your vagina has a self cleaning mechanism! Pretty cool right?

What does vaginal discharge look like?

Vaginal discharge can vary in color and texture. It is a clear, white, or off-white colour and can be of a thin, thick, gooey, or jelly texture. It dries to a crusty white texture. Mine is tinted brownish color when I am nearing the start or end of my period.

Sometimes you can feel it come out of you and when you look right away, it just looks like a wet spot on your panties.

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What does vaginal discharge smell like?

Vaginal discharge has a slight smell. It’s nothing too overpowering or stinky and you won’t be able to smell it unless you hold your panties to your nose. If your vaginal discharge has a strong odor, you should consult your family doctor.

When does vaginal discharge happen?
You will first get vaginal discharge when you start puberty and you will continue to have vaginal discharge for the rest of your life.

It happens all throughout the day as your vagina is pretty much always keeping itself clean.

How much vaginal discharge is normal?

How much discharge really depends. It is different for every girl and it also depends where you are in your cycle. Usually it will just be a spot on your panties.

You will experience the most discharge when you are ovulating. On an average 28 day cycle, this is around day 14. At this time, you will notice your discharge become thicker and heavier. This is because during ovulation, you can become pregnant. With a thicker and heavier discharge, this ensures only the best sperm gets past to fertilize the egg.

Why do my panties seem to get bleached by my vaginal discharge?

If you wear colored cotton panties, you may notice that the color at the crotch area begins to fade or looks like it’s getting bleached. This is because vaginal discharge is naturally acidic and that’s enough to make the colors on your panties fade. It’s completely normal :).

Random Fact: Semen is basic.

What can you do about it?

You can wear pantiliners which are worn just like pads except they offer a much lighter protection and are suitable to be worn on a daily basis. This will protect your panties and also throughout the day you can change the pantiliner to freshen up.

You can browse through pantiliner reviews here: Pantiliner Reviews on The Period Blog

Although the vagina is self cleaning, the outside of your vagina, your vaginal lips and crotch area is not so it’s important to shower or bathe on a daily basis.

Okay I think that is all you need to know about vaginal discharge! Questions? Comments?

The Period Blog does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor regarding your personal health care decisions, and seek immediate care in emergencies. The Period Blog is not a substitute for medical or other professional care. If you are experiencing any problems with your period, please DO see your doctor! After all, it IS your uterus and you only get one.

17 thoughts on “Vaginal Discharge

  1. hanks for posting!!keep it up!!
    Main Problems Faced by Women Trying to Conceive…………….
    Are you ovulating……..?
    It is necessary to know the RIGHT Day, RIGHT Time and RIGHT Way for conception……
    Now it has become very easy to identify the right …. Day, Time, WAY…………………
    First you must determine the length of your menstrual cycle, which
    commences on the first day of bleeding or spotting and ends on the day
    before your next period starts (known as your cycle length).

  2. thank you so much i didnt know anything about this and im just starting out
    when i first saw it i was so so scared
    but thank u so much

  3. I looked up something very different……. And this doesn’t have much of information. you didn’t say that discharge is the greatest sign of for first period. i looked up”is brow discharge normal for ** year old? and this says nothing about brown discharge and periods. sorry but i didn’t like this

  4. Question: Can you get your first period without getting discharge?

    Also people say that green tea helps you get your first period quicker. If you haven’t got discharge yet, will the green tea still work? Please reply ASAP. thanks!

    • Hi! I’m not sure but it is more likely that you will get discharge before you get your first period.

      I’ve never heard about the green tea thing though.

  5. This was so helpfull I’ve been getting discharge for a few years now and I read somewhere that you get it a year before you start your first period is that true now it’s been 3 years I’m starting to think that I will never start them how long should you have it before you start

    • I know how you feel! I was a late bloomer myself! While all of my friends around me were talking about cramps and feminine products to each other, I just stayed uncomfortably quiet, always thinking in my heast be something wrong w/ me!! All I can say is, its an inevitable part of growing up & very soon, (although it may not feel like it now) u will be a part of the club…spending the rest of their adult lives wishing they didnt have to deal w/ a period every month…lol! I know in the beginning it’s a new & exciting part of growing up with all of the girls around u, but please believe it is very much like that adorable little puppy in the petshop window! While you spend so much time thinking you want to take him home, once you do, u end up realizing that having this cute little puppy is not as fun as you thought it would be, and has now become a chore!! So, take it from me, enjoy your youth & all of your freedom, b/c soon it’ll all be over & you’ll spend a week every month wishing you could make it disappear!!

  6. I don’t get discharge at night and I won’t get it at all until about 12:00 pm and it will be gooey and very slightly yellow… also some days it’s super thick and others I might not get any but lately Its super gooey and thicker… is this normal and btw this has been happening since last January (I didn’t know what it was and thought it was pee until I looked it up lol)

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