U By Kotex Click Regular Tampons Review

18ct | 36ct tampons
starts at 5.99 at Well.ca and other drug stores

From U By Kotex :

  • Small size with big protection
  • PerfectTouch Grip for “just right” placement
  • Smooth tip and slim for easy and comfortable insertion
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U By Kotex Click tampons come in a small reclosable cardboard box. The tampons are compact and the box it comes in is too!

The tampons come packaged in three super fun and bright colours and also feature an easy tear opening. The packaging also makes it easy for me to slip my used applicator back into the wrapper for disposal.



The applicator is super cool!!!! It comes in it’s compact form and you have to pull on the plunger until you hear a click. That’s when you know the plunger is properly extended and ready for use. Don’t worry though, you can’t pull too hard.

The applicator looks super cute too. The barrel is slim and stays the same width throughout. The grip has U By Kotex’s cute swirly design on it and is quite small. I can only use two fingers to hold it. The middle part is clear so you can see the string and see the plunger click into place.

U By Kotex Regular Click applicator measures:
Tip diameter: 1.2cm
Applicator length: 7.8cm when compact, 11.4cm when extended to full size
Plunger length: 5.0cm


Though not advertised, the tampon appears to have a veil over the tampon. Veils act as a guard to prevent shedding of the tampon fibre. The bottom of the tampon isn’t covered by the veil and you can easily pick out the fibers with your fingers which might make you think it’s a poorly made tampon. However, once the tampon is inside your body and absorbing period, the tampon holds together very well. Afterall, once inside your body, there isn’t a hand picking at the tampon fibres, so rest assured this tampon isn’t shedding everywhere inside you.

The tampons all feature a  very long (it measure 15cm!) pink tampon string. This is really cute but sometimes when I use the washroom, at first glance, the pink makes me think that I’ve started to leak!

U By Kotex Regular Tampon measures:
Tampon: 4.5cm
String: 15.0cm


The regular tampon is meant to absorb 6 to 9 grams of fluid and works best with faster flows.

The tampon expands evenly all around to provide protection in every direction and this is something you’ll notice when you change your tampon. Absorption is also really fast, something I definitely notice during my slower flows. During slower flows, I usually experience leakage but very little leaked when I used this tampon.

Wear Test

These tampons are really compact and convenient to carry. They’re also super cute and I didn’t feel like this was something I wanted to hide. It’s always nice to have something colourful and cute perk up your day when you’re PMSing.

The applicator is super fun and easy to use. My fingers are small so I didnt’ find the grip too small for me but I definitely think some people would prefer a longer grip. The applicator tip is rounded and the sides are smooth and stay the same width throughout the barrel so you barely feel it during insertion.

I went for a run with this tampon in and didn’t experience any leaks. The all around expanding really worked for me to prevent leaks.


U By Kotex Click tampons are compact tampons that extend and click to it’s full size. They come in their signature colorful packaging and the tampon even features a cute pink string. The tampon expands evenly all and absorption is fast to prevent leaks, making it a perfect choice for exercise or sport wear.

Recommended for:
-Regular flows
-Fast flows

Not Recommended for:
-Lighter periods; choose the minimum absorbency necessary for your period

  • Super compact applicator
  • Expands all around for total protection in every direction
  • Easy to tear open packaging
  • Security veil to prevent shedding
  • The material comes apart easily
  • Small grip






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37 thoughts on “U By Kotex Click Regular Tampons Review

  1. does it hurt to take these out? I have some in my washroom so when I get my period and I read some reviews to see how they were and I read many reviews saying it hurt to take it out. please help!!

    *p.s. I am a 12 year old girl and have been using tampons for about a month now, and I’ve been using Playtex sport and tampax, but I didn’t like the tampax, just some info to help u answer! :)

  2. Hi, i am 12 years old and i havent got my period yet, but im learning about anything and everything about it and what to use. I have discharge everday, and i have already grown my brests a little. But i have a question about using tampons…When i do get my period, about how many times of getting my period is it safe to start using a Tampon? Do you think i may get my period soon? And i know the tampon should be placed at a 45degree angle, but does that mean you go up and in, or down and in? Please reply asap, thankyou!

    • Me again, also is it OK to be wearing a pantiliner everyday to school when you dont know when your first period may come…because it could possibly leak?

    • Me again, lol, because i use pantiliners for discharge everday, but if my first period comes unexpectly in school, i dont know if the pantiliner would hold in the blood at first or not………….?

    • Yes, that’s fine. Your first period should be okay with a pantiliner, it won’t be that heavy (generally). You may experience cramps with it as well so that will be a big sign that you just got your first period!

    • No, you pull the applicator until it clicks. That tells you it’s ready to put inside you. :) At least, that’s how I do it. I imagine it’s also possible to put inside you and then wait to hear the click.

  3. As far as the tampon questions go, its up at a 45 degree angle… and you can start wearing tampons as soon as you get your first period, I started wearing tampons my second period, but only cuz that’s when I got the nerve to ask my mom. Hope that helps :D

  4. I haven’t had my first period yet but I’ve had discharge for about a year or two and since yesterday I’ve been having like a brownish color of discharge, Any advice?

    • These are signs of getting your first period soon this ok happened to me before my first period and like a month or two later I got my period. Hope this helps!(:

    • These are signs of getting your first period soon this happened to me before my first period and like a month or two later I got my period. Hope this helps!(:

  5. Hey! I really enjoy reading your reviews.
    But I have a question.
    For lighter slower periods, what tampon would you recommend? I’ve tried Tampax Pearl Lites and they don’t work for me. I know they have the Compak Lites but I’m scared to try them because of how much I disliked Tampax Pearls. (The way they opened really was uncomfortable) Liners & Pads really irritate my skin if I use them for the whole cycle of my period.
    Thanks so much. :)

  6. I’m about to turn 15 and I’ve always used pads since I’ve gotten my period 3years ago, cause I’ve been to scared to use tampons and I’m embarrassed to ask my mom or older sister to help. So for my age is there a size tampon I should use?

    • You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask for tampons as I’m sure the women in your family are familiar with them (and likely using them!) There is not likely to be an issue with tampon size as the vast majority are no bigger than a finger. Be sure to experiment a few times as the first time you wear a tampon it can be an unusual experience. Sometimes there is a little discomfort because the vagina can be too dry for insertion or removal. However, if you can insert a finger then most tampons will fit you. Overall tampons are a very convenient product and you may prefer tampons to pads over time as you get better at using them. Good luck!

    • I’m 15 and I started my menstrual cycle when I was 10. I wish I could have started wearing tampons a lot more earlier, it would have made me feel way less disgust about blood. I find that pads are anoying and disgusting because you sit in your own blood. I started using tamponss for the first time about 4 cycle ago. I’m am very impressed by them. I feel more clean and fresh. Don’t be afraid to try tampons. it dose not hurt the only way it would hurt is if you put it wrong. your vagina is a 45 degree angle not straight up . its always easier to use Vaseline because it goes in easier. Also try to look with a mirror it might help a little to find the hole. Now girls who’ve just started their period I’d advise you to use pads for the first 6 months. the reason for that is your vagina is not completly developed yet and it might be a little more difficult. If you sleep more than 8hrs I’d advise you to use pads at night time. you do not want toxic shock syndrome.

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  8. Hey bloger! I am a 12 year old girl and my parents are divorced so i live with my grandparents. My grandma doesnt have periods because her liner for her vagina (the stuff u shed when you have ur period blood). Was growing on the wrong side of her vagina. I dont really feel comffy talking to her about periods i wouldnt mind talking to my aunt except she lives in indiana and i live in ohio. My school nurse said you can always look at blogs/videos and practice and my grandma and aunt both say dont it will hurt you so i dont know wether to practice or not i was just gunna google it but people lie. I trust you and your information so i ask you should i practice or should i not? Please dont tell me to ask my mom or dad because my mom is a dunk and NEVER sober and so is my dad.

    • Hi Kenzi!

      You can try or practice inserting a tampon during your period. Check out my guide here: http://www.theperiodblog.com/2012/03/how-to-insert-tampon.html

      You can’t insert a tampon when you don’t have your period because there is nothing to absorb okay?

      A tampon may hurt to insert if you are dry, so do it during your period when there is blood to help the tampon applicator slide in. Also since you are very young, you are probably petite too so choose a tampon with a slim applicator like a light flow tampon or just look at the boxes in the tampon aisle. Lots of them will advertise that they have a slim applicator.

      I hope this helps! Good luck Kenzi!


    • I practiced and no it dose not hurt my dear . it may pinch alittle at first but after a few times it just slides in easier. you will feel way better with a tampon than a pad. than you can go swimming when ever you like. vaseline nakes it wasier to slide in. put it on the tip of the aplicator stick up to a 45 degree angle. than tou should be good.

  9. What r some bad things about the tampon like? Does it hurt to get out because my friend said she tryed and hated it. And the string is like really lose looking!

    • you should you use regular tampons or lites from tampax pearl ,playtex sports have lights also. I use to have a light flow and as I got older my flow began to be abut heavier. even on light days I put a super tampon on because sometimes my flow can change within hours. im do not want to leek. I use to always use regular and light but I kept on leeking through and it would piss me off lol. but I always use a super tampon and make sure you let your tamon absorbe the blood. so when it comes to remove it wont burn it will slippe out. do not leave a tampon in more than 8hrs

  10. Hello Period Blog-
    I am a 13 year old who started my period just under a year ago.
    I play a lot of sports including ice hockey, track and field, and softball (Considering lacrosse) and I don’t wear tampons at all. My mom uses them, and I tried one once. It hurt SO BAD that I started bawling my eyes out.
    Since then, I have not DARED to try a tampon again.
    Just a couple days ago, I started another period. it was so heavy that I bled thru my pants even though I had an adult pad on. I decided that I wanted to think about tampons again. I don’t like the application, but because my period is heavy and wet, maybe it won’t hurt as much (Before it was dry) as before. I need a tampon that is small enough, and one that inserts really fast. I saw this one on my pad box, and the applicator looked shorter, which might meant that the application takes less time.
    If you have any tips for me, I would really appreciate it.

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