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Always Infinity

I reviewed the Always Infinity pads earlier when it first came out and recently I was approached by Modern Moms to review this product again. This review will be very similar to my first review but will primarily focus on its performance during exercise. I tested this pad during a four hour hike on my heavy first day.

You can read my previous review here: Always Infinity Regular Pad Review


  • Always Infinity’s revolutionary Infinicel core is made up of two foam layers. The top layer absorbs fluid fast while the bottom layer stores and distributes it.
  • Microdots that may look like holes but are actually tunnels designed for really fast absorption. They channel fluid towards the back of the pad and away form you. So you can go with the flow- even if there’s a sudden one.
  • Form fitting grooves trap fluid and help stop leaks no matter what you’re doing
  • Like advanced workout gear, this high tech top sheet wicks fluid away and helps you feel dry.
  • Beyond keeping your pad in place, these wings actually help stop leaks by keeping fluid where it needs to be.
Always Infinity

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Always Infinity


The pads are individually wrapped coloured plastic according to their absorbencies. Regular flow is yellow, heavy is green, and orange is overnight.

Always Infinity Measurements
Wrapped: 12.0cm by 9.75cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 24.7cm long by 8.0cm to 10.0cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.8cm by 10.5cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 27.0cm long by 8.0cm to 10.0cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Wrapped: 12.5cm by 12.2cm and is ~0.4cm thin
Unwrapped: 29.7cm long by 8.0cm to 10.0cm wide and is ~0.2cm thin

Always Infinity
Always Infinity
Always Infinity



Always Infinity pads are made with their revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection. You’ve probably heard this a lot in their commercials but what does it mean?

The pad is made up of two foam like layers, a top one and a bottom one. The top one has micro-dots and those are the holes that you see. They act as one way tunnels that quickly absorb your period to the second layer where it spreads out and is stored securely.

The layers are clearly distinguished after-use. The top layer will look clean with little period on it and the bottom layer will look very full.

  always infinity

Always Infinity


The pad allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap any moisture or sweat. The cover is described as advanced work out gear and works to wick away fluid to keep you feeling dry and keeps the pad from sticking to your skin. It remains comfortable breathable throughout the wear even on a heavy day.


The adhesive is held by the plastic wrapping and sticky enough to keep the pad in place during exercise and sport wear. Most notably, the Always Infinity pads have long wings to wrap around your panties to ensure they stick and stay in place. I didn’t experience any lifting or shifting at all.

Wear Test: Hiking

I had committed to a hiking adventure and coincidentally gotten my period on the same day. I was going to wear a tampon but I wasn’t familiar with this trail so didn’t know how long it would be until I got a chance to freshen up again. So I went with Always Infinity.

Throughout the hike, the pad stayed in place and I experienced zero shifting or lifting. The pad flexed with my every move and didn’t crease at all. The cover also felt very soft against my skin and didn’t stick to my skin. Thankfully, it was very breathable throughout the entire four hour hike! Even when I felt sweaty, I didn’t feel sweaty down there.

The absorption was very fast too and the top and bottom layers became very apparent. I found that most of my period was pooled at the bottom layer with very little of my period on the top layer. The Microdots on the top layer helped with fast absorption and the bottom layer helped with the spread and storage of the pad. That’s why in my previous review, you’ll see more fluid collected on the bottom than on top.

During one part of the hike, my friends and I stopped and sat down by the river to eat lunch. I cringe at the thought of sitting down on a full pad… my mind fills in the action with a squishy sound effect. To my surprise, it didn’t feel squishy, my period was locked into the bottom layer, and the cover still felt soft. When I stood up, the pad still flexed with my body without sticking to my body.

Finally at the end of our hike, I had the opportunity to change my pad in an outhouse. I know I said this already but after a four hour hike, the pad really didn’t stick to my body and didn’t seem to trap any moisture. Also, the top layer of my pad looked like it was still clean and had more room for absorption, however the bottom layer was nearly full!


Overall the Always Infinity pad performed very well for a heavy flow during high activity. The pad flexes with every movement and never creases. The cover stays soft and highly breathable and never stuck to my body.

The absorption for the Always Infinity line include “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight” but the absorption performs the same for all pads. They all absorb 4X more than you may need and the only difference is their size. The pad consists of two layers; the top works to quickly pull down fluid to the bottom layer and the bottom layer works to absorb, distribute, and lock in the fluid.

I would definitely recommend this pad for sports or exercise if tampons aren’t an option. Their quick absorption power makes them suitable for heavy to normal and fast flows.

Recommended for:
-Heavy, fast flow
-Exercise, sport wear
-Overnight wear

Not Recommended for:
-Light days, as a tampon back up
Save these for your heavier days!





Wear Test

Modern Mom

This product was sent to The Period Blog for consideration for review from the Modern Mom and is not a sponsored post. Any compensation received will never influence the reviews, opinions, content, topics or posts made in this blog.

45 thoughts on “Always Infinity Pad Review

  1. I’ve never felt comfortable with tampons so having gym class when I was in hs or going to the gym now have had some embarrassing problems. My pad never seems to stay in place and I worry about it being noticeable. A complete stranger told me in the locker “I don’t mean to embarrass but I could see your pad while you were on the treadmill.” I told her I always have these problems and she recommended tampons. I don’t know. I don’t know why I should worry about people seeing a bulge- guys don’t have problems with people seeing theirs :)

  2. These pads are magic! There is nothing else like it. I got samples when they came out and since then I buy no other pads-even though they cost more.
    They pull moisture down so well that the pad can look unused from top but when u look at the bottom you can see that it did absorb quite a bit. My skin is thankful! (I use both pads and tampons)

    • Hi!

      These are one of my favourite pads too! I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. They totally look unused until you flip it over! I’m glad you found a pad you really like :)!


  3. These pads are amazing! I went on a field trip for band to an amusement park and I was really scared of leaking, so I tried these out and lasted all day!

  4. I adore these pads. I have a really heavy flow and when i go to school i’m always afraid of leaking, these pads never leaked!!! Just AMAZING.

  5. I’ve been using the infinity pads (heavy) for about 2 years, after the first use I was amazed how much better & different they are. I haven’t used anything else this whole time because I trust them. Sure they have the occasional leak, everything does, but it doesn’t bother me too much. They are very comfortable and they custom conform to my body so I get that safe, covered feeling. It’ll take alot for me to get committed to another product. Until they come out with something new that claims to be better than these, I’ll remain committed to infinity. Today is the first time in those 2 years, that I used another product, (always regular ultra thin w/ wings) because I ran out of infinity, and happened to have a pack of them, and I’m not happy. I only trust my infinity.

  6. Amazing review! My only problem was the smell. I only used these on heavy days, and it did not lock in that bloody odor. I like the ultra thin line a lot more from Always :)

  7. I personally found the adhesive on these pads pretty weak and if my panties have even the smallest amount of stretch-ability, the pads will come off completely (except sometimes for the wings).

    • Agreed with this – though my problem was with the wings – too flimsy and adhesive is weak. How does it stay in place if the wings won’t stick…to a full cotton panty? :I

    • Also agree with this. The top of the pad is too narrow. it’s like they’re cut corners to save money. A 1/4 of an inch of extra padding up top would of felt more secure.

  8. I agree with the leaking problem. The top part is very narrow and the pad didn’t draw the continuing flow toward the back of the pad after the front of the pad filled up. I like the material. It feels like cotton and not a piece of plastic that makes you sweat. Yuck! It’s bad enough to have to be on your period, then top it off with yucky plastic material. Overall I think this pad needs some work. I leaked through these pads regularly and I had the most obsorbant pad they sell. I won’t buy them again, the other always works a little better. :(

    • Yeah, the material is better than Always’ normal pad. Their plastic top makes you feel wet…if I wanted to feel wet I’d sit in a tub. lol This is why I usually gravitate towards Stayfree or Kotex because of the cottony feeling. But yeah, the top is way too narrow. I purchased this because it was on sale, and currently I don’t have the luxury to choose. Beats store brand, but not a 4 stars all-round. :/

  9. Thank you! I’ve been looking for size comparison and not even Always website has the information. I typical use the Always Overnight thin but with birth control the flow has improved and I thought I could go for a smaller pad but needed size info. Thanks again!!!

  10. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Fibroids. As the fibroids grew my period got heavier and heavier. Sadly Always overnight (my trusted option) did not hold up to the flow. Thankfully always infinity was launched! On my really heavy days I’d use 9-10 Always overnight, with infinity that was reduced to half! Yes, I’ve had leaks but those were the extremely heavy days when I should have perhaps stayed home as my flow was extremely heavy. Outside of those occasions I trust Always infinity to keep me safe and secured. I agree the front of the pad could be a bit wider and the odor when mixed with menstral blood is just awful. However I am yet to find a product on the market that makes me feel as secure and confident that I can feel my best on a period day. Thank you Always Infinity!

    • I have recently used these new pads by Always and didn’t realize until later that I actually had it on backwards. But in my experience, I tend to flow heavier near the front of the pad, where the lines should be not how they are designed for the back. I also liked the way the moisture was absorbed into the pad away from you even on your heavy flow days. I would like someone to come up the a panty liner that is a little wider and not a skimpy as they tend to be. Overall I like these new pads, but do agree with other reviews that the price is rather more than regular pads.

  11. I really like these! My on problem is y’all are saying its too wide when in my case (12 yr) I’m well i guess you would say smaller or curvyier so they are a little too wide for me but over all I likey and I’m a hard person to please

  12. I actually had to give up on Always Infinity because I have an extremely heavy flow and it always goes towards the front, not the back. I tried the new Stayfree because they have wider fronts and I’m actually extremely pleased with the brand. I actually trust them enough to wear their next size down. Before, I had to wear Overnights all the time because I’m big enough that I needed the extra coverage and, oddly, my period is heavier during the day than at night.

  13. My mom bought them mainly because they were on sale. I get infections every time I use this particular pad. My doc says there is some kind of chemical in it that give me the infections aswell as withdrawing too much moisture that I need so I can’t fight the infection.

  14. Horrible! I dont usually do reviews but i feel like these pads are the worst ! I was really exicited to buy them and so I did .. when u put it on about an hour later I noticed I bled all over my pants! And I don’t have a heavy period but I guess when I was sitting down at school it all soaked on to my pants ..Its like a sponge! Yes it absorbs great but once you put pressure on it such as sitting all the blood will soak onto your pants! Definitely DO NOT recommend to anyone..first and last time i buy infinity pads.

  15. These are the best pads I have ever used! I think I’ll use these for the rest of my life. I never feel wet or have had any leaks. They’re thin and comfortable.

  16. I really like these pads I like the overnights better because it last longer and more protection than the others because there longer but they are so comfy but expensive than any other pad ever so I only get overnights

  17. Love these, love these, LOVE THESE!! I’ve been an Always fan since age 11. And at over 20 yrs later, the infinity is their best so far. It is definitely worth the extra $1 or $2 for them. My flows are usually BEYOND super heavy, to where I need a pad and tampon, but their overnight wings does the trick every time. I never have that icky wetness you get with other brands. I can safely wear Infinity for 4-5 hrs with no leak. If you have heavy flows, Infinity is a must! Don’t let it’s thin size fool you!

    • Let me address the leaking to the front: I put the pad on in the opposite direction, the wider part at top and slimmer at bottom. They should really relabel that for the average active person as the vagina doesn’t angle straight down whether sitting or standing…

  18. I absolutely love these. After having my baby and getting on birth control my period came back with a right bloody vengeance. I first tried the heavy pads and they worked great on my normal days, now had to buy the overnights due to a slightl

  19. I absolutely love these pads. after giving birth via cesarian to my daughter and being put on birth control my period came back with a bloody vengeance. no pun intended. I fist tried the heavy pads, which work wonderfully on my normal days. Now having a heavier week i bought the overnights for leak protection and extra absorbency. So far so good, cant feel any wetness. i love the width and legnth of these as I wear lingerie like undies that tend to be easily stained and leakable. The overnights cover the entire area needed. I feel very confident these will do perfectly for overnight and during the day. Never had an issue with odor, and my flow is towards the back so these are a god send. totally worth the extra dollar or two. Totally recommend these to mothers who have heavier flows and want a super thin non noticeable pad.

  20. These pads are amazing!! :) I can be comfortable all day without having to worry about a leak I love them but maybe they could make the wings a lil more sticky so the whole wing sticks

  21. So glad I found your blog, lots of really good information!

    I’ve been meaning to try these and I’m glad I found your review as I didn’t want to change brands in case of disappointment, but I definitely think I’m going to try them

    Thank you!

  22. I’ve always struggled with finding a pad that feels comfortable to walk with, then I seen the always infinity advert on the tele. Whereas with a normal pad I can feel the blood moving towards the edges, with always infinity I can’t. I’ve never felt so safe and secure when I’m on my period. Always infinity have completely gave me the confidence to do a lot more than I usually did. Thanks!!

  23. I love these Pads!! Thanks to my best friend she recommended them to me because I would wear Kotex and they would stain my pants. So she recomended Always to me and that was the best thing she could have done! :D <3

  24. The worst product ever,as well as all the other pads eve,had accident 3 times per a day((they re so thin that must change them every hour,or even half an hour ,radiculous…and sleeping s possible in the standing position with them,otherwise all ll lick away((bad!

  25. I have always used Always products and decided to try the Infinity pads. I will say that these pads are absorbent and provide comfort that most pads dont. It was like wearing a pantyliner. However the pad itself is ill shaped, I mean whose panties are shaped this way?? Also the wings do not conform to most crotch areas. I have an idea on how to make a minor adjustment to make it better, but I’d have to speak with execs for that. Keep working on them!

  26. Definitely agree with you they are horrible!!!!!! This the 3rd time I buy this product and all I get is very disappointed it dont even last an hour never again wasting my money on this pads plus the accidents you are at risk wearing this pads no women wants to feel so unprotected during their period not me.

  27. Horrible!!
    Thought I would try these pads. (heavy flow and use night pads all time I’m on)Yes they take blood away quick but if you move and squash the pad it all comes out again, so then goes on knickers and thorough jeans!! Really bad as the whole point is to stop that! Also shape isn’t good-wing ones. Sorry but will not be buying again.

  28. I want to try infinity pads but after reading the reviews it seems people get many different results from them. Some people say they’re perfect, and some people say they’re the worst product in the world. I only want to wear a pad that is FOR SURE not going to leak because since I’m in 7 th grade, leaking during the day would completely ruin my self-esteem with envy one making fun off me for it for the rest of middle school. It’s bad enough I now have to tell my language art teacher my code for when im on my period. (new shoes) Did I mention my teachers a MAN??? So embarrasing !My period isn’t usually super heavy I kind-of have more options when it comes to pads. But it anyone can commend me one that ALWAYS works, isn’t too noticeable, takes away smells, and is not too expensive i would GREATLY appreciate it! Especially because whenever I try and use tampons when I actually get them in they hurt like crazy and then I have a hard time getting them out. Please help me if you can

    • I actually wanted to reply to what you said about your experience with tampons. I’m in my 20′s now, but you sound much younger and I wanted to tell you that when I first got my period (when I was twelve), I had the exact same problem that you mentioned every time I tried to get a tampon in. It was painful, hard to get them back out, etc. Anyway, what I FINALLY figured out was that I have crooked lady parts! (Sorry for the TMI!) I think it’s actually a pretty common thing, but the point is that if you’re trying to push a tampon in straight when your vagina goes at a bit of an angle, it’s not going to go in NEARLY deep enough and THAT’S what causes the pain (especially when you’re sitting down). So, if you ever want to give tampons another shot, try feeling around a bit and becoming more familiar with your body. Hope this helps!

  29. Used these for the first time today, was very impressed. They are comfortable and I love the way they absorb the flow so you can’t see much of it. Will be buying more as I only have 2 samples.

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