How to insert a tampon

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The method that I will teach you is what I find works best and that is to insert the tampon when sitting down. I have tried different methods such as inserting the tampon while standing up with one leg up and squatting. You can read about my experiences with that here:

My First Tampon Story Part 2

Before inserting a tampon, it’s important to understand how a tampon works and where it goes in your body.

A tampon has four parts: the barrel, grip, plunger, and the tampon itself.

Basically the barrel goes inside you, you hold onto the grip (it stays outside) and you push the plunger into the barrel to insert the tampon inside you. Once its in place, you won’t be able to feel it. If you can feel it, then it’s not inside far enough.

Things to do before you start:
  • Wash your hands
  • Give the string a light tug to make sure its attached properly to the tampon
  • Check the tip to ensure it’s smooth, no sharp plastic parts

How To Insert a Tampon

Step 1

Sit on the toilet and spread your knees apart.

With two fingers, hold onto the grip. I like to use my middle finger and thumb and then place my index finger on the plunger.

Click on Read More for steps to how to insert a tampon.

Step 2

Using the tip of the tampon, find your vagina, and slide the entire barrel inside you. The grip that you’re holding stays outside.

When you’re sitting down, your vagina is parallel to the floor, not perpendicular. So when you slide it in, slide it in at an angle. This is the angle of least resistance. Do not push it straight up because it won’t go in smoothly.

There is no wrong angle to put it in. If you got it in, then you have it in correctly :)!

Having trouble finding your vaginal opening? It is okay. Put a mirror down there and look. Don’t be scared. It is your own body. You can even use your finger to find your it. It is the only hole you can put your finger in and is bigger than your urethra. It is impossible to accidentally put your tampon in your urethra or pee hole.

If you got it in even an inch, then it’s the right hole. There is no other hole so if you got it in a little, it’s the right one! Keep going!

Step 3

Now that the barrel is inside you, hold the grip and push the plunger inside. This will push the tampon inside you and into its proper place.

I like to hold the grip using my middle finger and thumb so that I can use my index finger for this step.

Step 4

Hold onto the grip and pull the rest of the applicator out. The tampon is now inside you and only the string should hang outside of you now.

Do not flush the applicator. Properly dispose of it in the trash.

Now you are finished! After a couple of tampons, you will be a pro at this!

But wait! Can you still feel it?

Okay don’t worry! This is very easy to fix. You can do one of two things:

  1. Take out the tampon and start over. Push it up higher this time.
  2.  Wash your hand. Insert your index finger into your vagina. Feel for the tampon and push it further up until you can’t feel it or as far as you can.

Okay now you just got your first tampon in! So easy!!


  • When you’re sliding in the barrel, twist the applicator at the same time. It will help the barrel glide inside you.
  • It may take a couple tries to get it in right the first time and this is completely okay. Take a break and try again in a couple hours.
  • If you are nervous, your muscles may tense up making it harder for you to insert a tampon. I know telling someone to just relax almost never works so just keep trying and eventually you will become more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Make a mental note of the time. A tampon shouldn’t be worn for over 8 hours. (There should be more information about this on the box)
  • You can pee with a tampon inside you. I find it helps to lift up the string so you’re not peeing on it.
  • A good indicator that you need to change your tampon is when you feel a bit wet down there or if you see your period leaking onto your panties or the string.
  • Wearing a pantiliner will help catch leaks

If you have questions, please go through the comments first! I’m working on a FAQ at the moment so please be patient. I’ll try my best to answer any questions you have :)!

610 thoughts on “How to insert a tampon

          • People keep saying if it didn’t work, just try tilting it diagonal. I’m not sure if you should do it diagonal towards your chest, or the floor. If anyone could answer me, it would mean a lot. Thanks.

          • hi! it should be tilted towards you lower back (about 45 degrees). Towards your tail bone area should make to easy to slide in :)

          • Put a new one in! You’re not necessarily wasting them because you’ll need to try if you want to use tampons. If you get it in on the first try then that’s great! If you don’t that’s not big deal, just try again with a new tampon.

        • I tried using a tampon three times and I always have the same problem. I can’t find the hole! I’ve used a mirror, i’ve tried standing with on leg up, i’ve tried sitting and still can’t find it! I find a spot where i push it up and about half of the tampon goes in then i feel resistance. Then I put it on an angle but its like after that theres no where to go! Help! Ugh!

          • Make sure u push the thin tube in once when the thick one goes in. That may be the problem. Once when you push that in the applicator falls out.

          • Have you tried tilting it so the applicator is facing towards your lower back? Also you could have put it in the wrong hole, not that there really are any others. You should put one leg on the toilet or bath tub and put a mirror under your “area” and spread or lips apart and find a hole. There is only one, and wiggle the tampon in. I twisted it in, which helped. I hope I helped! I recently learned how to use a tampon. I couldn’t find the hole either! Finally I learned, and I am glad i did it. Good luck!

          • I have the exact same problem as you and I still haven’t been able to work the tampon but I told a friend and she suggested that I talk to a really close friend that uses tampons and show you what she does or if you don’t want to do that just ask her for her personally tips and please make sure you are relax. The first time I tried this I had never looked down there with a mirror and thought there were only 2 holes but there are 3 holes, anyways my friend who was helping said to just find the middle hole and push it as hard and fast as you can…bad mistake I ended up hitting the wrong hole(pee hole) and injured my vagina. Embarrassing I know but at least you did better than me. But please do be careful to say the least.

      • Dear the period blog,(or anyone)

        You keep saying if it didn’t work, just try tilting it diagonal. I’m not sure if you should do it diagonal towards your chest, or the floor. If anyone could answer me, it would mean a lot. Thanks.

        • the “diagonal” line means towards your tailbone (the lowest part of your spine).
          I find that if I aim it parallel to the floor, and then try to follow the natural curve inside, it works a charm.

      • Hi, I stumbled upon your blog, and reading it made me feel better about using tampons. I’m 15, my period’s been going on for years, and it’s as heavy as heck.

        I have ONE ovary! Anyway, I wanted to share that little bit of irony before I try my first tampon.

        Thank you for the info, it was very reassuring! :)

    • Same here! The 1st time I had 2 use a tampon was at valleyfair and luckily my friends had some quarters so I could get a tampon and then my friends were also nice enough 2 show me how 2 use it. So nice wen a girl sees what’s happening and understands without freaking or asking questions

    • I just started my period and my mum has tampons but no applicator she gave me some to try. How do I insert a tampon with no applicator???? Please help ^ ^

    • I have had my period for like 2-3 years and it is still not even at all! One month i get it in the middle of the month and sometimes in very end, it is so annoying. Do you know why?

      Also, can i use a tampon even though i’m virgin??

      • Periods can take awhile to regulate and when you’re younger there are SOOO many things that can affect your cycle such as sports, stress, hormones regulating etc.

        Don’t worry about using a tampon even though you’re a virgin! My bff started using them when we were like 12 and has never had any problems! It doesn’t take away your virginity and it won’t “hurt” the way ppl say having sex does for the first time

      • Really I don’t think there is a reason why your period isn’t regular. It’s different for everybody for some people it’s regular for others it’s not.

        And yes you can use a tampon even if you are a virgin :) or if your not. I hope I answered anyone’s questions! :)

        Oh and pleez don’t be afraid to use a tampon it’s really not as difficult as it seems and once you get the hang of using them you won’t even think about it !! :)

        • I haven’t had my period yet but I’m nervous I talk 2 my older sis or mom bcuz it’s so awkward! And I’m a swimmer so I have swim practice 5 days a week so I will have to use tampons…what I’m nervous about is that I don’t know how far to tilt the tampon and which way?!

      • Yes!!! A tampon can be used and is just like a pad, in the way that people use them the first time you get your period. A tampon will also never take your virginity. Whether you are pure or not, anyone can use a tampon :)

    • I’m going to a pool party today and my period just started this morning. I was so worried so I found this site. It helped me so much. After months of trying I can finally put a tampon in.

    • Help!!!! I can get the tampon in a little bit and I keep pushing put then it starts to hurt and when I take it out there’s blood on it not period blood either!!! What am I doing wrong

    • Hi ThePeriodBlog, I’m about to get my period. I want to keep a little kit in my backpack incase I get it there. What things should I have the most of? And I need some tips when I get it so I don’t lash out every second. (I know this will happen)


      • From what I’ve read you just need to push it in a little further. I just bought my first tampons today so just waiting for my period to roll around (any day now) to try them out :)

    • im slightly scared. Im 11and i got my period three days ag. But my cls is going swimming today and so i cant wear a pad…

    • I’m about to go on vacation in two days and I just got my period! People tell me that pads are okay to swim in, but I am a heavy bleeder and I’m scared that my blood will leak into the pool. I want to try a tampon, but I want to know if it hurts. Also, people say to insert the tampon towards your tailbone, but it that down or up??? Please help me out!


      • Hi Natalie,

        Sorry to tell you but pads are not okay to swim in. Pads not only absorb period, but they absorb all liquids! So if you were to wear it in the pool, it would also absorb up all the pool water!

        Your best bet is to wear a tampon. Your tailbone is tilted upwards. See how in the diagram it is aiming towards your back and not straight up and down?

        -The Period Blog

  1. I remember my first period because I had to use a tampon for the first time and didn’t have help! My best friend was having a birthday swim party that day. Wish I could have seen this back then! Ha!

    • Ok, so I’ve been trying all day to do this and it’s just not working!! Barely half of the tampon goes in and it hurts when I try to take it out…please respond

      • Are your muscles relaxed? If u r having trouble try to take a hot bubble bath with lavender soap and bath salts. I’m not on my period yet but its commin soon but i know thats what will work

      • my first time using a tampon was very traumatic. The only reason being was I had tried to use one for months. Wouldn’t go in. Finally on my vacation to Hawaii (around march 2012) I got it in and I was so proud. Turned out I had a problem down there. I had a septate hymen. So when I went to take it out, it was completely stuck. It wouldn’t move at all. I even had to get my mum to try to help (awkward). We ended up going to the hospital and they ripped it out.. That summer I got surgery to fix it. I have absolutely no problem using tampons now. (I’m only 14) I didn’t mean to scare anyone with that. I’ve just never shared it before because it’s personal.. Don’t be scared to use a tampon. They’re so easy. I personally like to put a foot up on the toilet seat. Works best for me :) Good luck to you all.

          • The hymen is the thin layer of skin that gets “popped” during sex for the first time (the saying “popping the cherry”). A septate hymen is when there’s an extra bit of skin covering the vagina opening (in a half moon shape) which makes the vagina appear much smaller than average. Because of that, inserting tampons is more difficult, and very hard (if not impossible) to remove it after it’s expanded with blood. A septate hymen can be fixed by sex for the first time, or a minor surgery can fix it :)

    • Hi!

      It’s completely normal to feel nervous your first time. To be honest, you will feel a bit of discomfort for the first inch or maybe when you’re trying to find the opening just because your muscles may be a bit tense. But after that, it should slide right in. You’ll feel it but it won’t hurt. I find it helps if you twist the tampon as you’re sliding it in.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes :)!


  2. It is confusing me on how when your sitting down you nesd to tilt it when sliding How and which way do you tilt it..

    • Hi!

      Your vaginal canal isn’t straight vertical, it’s more like on an angle like 45 degrees so when you slide it in, try to slide it in at the same angle.. taht’s what I mean by tilting it. If you try to slide it in without tilting it, it just wont’ go in and it will hurt.

      Hope this is helpful!


  3. How young is too young for a tampon? Some say not till after sex (I don’t agree with that)…. My 10 year old just started and keeps asking about tampons, I think 10 is too young…. Opinions?

  4. im just having such a hard time i tried a million times and i just can’t get it in. Everyone says it hurts, but to me it doesn’t. My problem is that it wo’nt go in. I am trying to put it in and i did everything uand other resources say to do, but my tampon will not go in all the way ughhhh!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  5. can someone please awnser me. I am the question from june 13th, 2012. I am anonymous. PLEASEEEEEEEEE I HAVE SOMEWHERE VERY IMPORTANT TO GO TO AND I HAVE TO SWIM. WHAT SHOULD I DO???????? PLEASE GIVE ME AN AWNSER ASAP!!!!!!!! THANKS IT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL:)

    • Hello!

      Which specific step are you having trouble with? Can you find your vaginal opening? Can you get the barrel inside you?

      If you could answer these questions, we can better help you :).


  6. hey its me again for some reason my reply button is not working. ummmm im not sure exactly what step im confused on. like i mean i will get it up there up then it gets stuck about half way. im not even close to my fingers touching my body so i know its not all the way in:(

    • ooh ok. Does it hurt when you push it further in?

      Try tilting it at an angle when you push it in. Don’t push it straight up.

      Also, try twisting it when you push it in. That may take the focus off just getting it in. I find that it slides in quite effortlessly when I twist it.

      It also helps if you are well lubricated… So don’t wipe away all your period blood before you put in the applicator. Leave it. The blood will help the applicator slide inside your body with less friction.

      Let me know how it goes. I hope this is useful!


  7. hey its still me,my reply button still wont work. i tryed doing everything that u said 2 do an it didnt work. i still dont know if im doing it right. i have tried different angles,different brands, sliding it,twisting it. i have tried everything. i feel like such a loser. everybody else had no problem sliding it. they just said it hurt…a lot,but not me. im just so confused. i really thought your advice helped too. i didnt really try doing everything that u said. i am just really mad uggggggg:( All of my sisters been through it and well yeah it was fine for them. i have tried my mom with advice,but nothing worked. i reallllllly liked this advice though. i am glad that i actually got somebodys advice from the real world so it made a lot more sense to me thanx

    • Hello!

      Thanks for keeping me updated. I’m glad you found my reply helpful.

      Perhaps you can try a lighter tampon? Those are usually smaller.

      It sounds like you have tried many times already so your body is prbly getting more relaxed with the inserting process. If nerves are a problem, I think if you keep trying, you will for sure get it!


      • Hi, I’m an eleven year old girl, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to ask my mom to show me how to use one??
        I know I can, because I already know how to finger myself. (Mom said i “needed” to know how to do that)
        And so I use pads, and also my period didnt come, but its only my 2nd one so prob just not regular yet

    • Hey I’m 11 and I’m scared to use a tampon because a. I’m a virgin and b. I’m very sebsitive and afraid it will hurt I’m using pads but its sooooo annoying and messy. I know I’m ready to use tampons I just think I’m nervous plz help.

    • If your not sitting in the toilet as if your going to pee, your body closes the vaginal canal because if the pressure you put near it. Try sitting differently. Hope it helps.


  8. I HATE THIS!!!!!!!! i have tried like not even exaggerating 80 times. all together i put about 6 hours in to try to put a tampon in today:( i think im just about done i have tried today,yesterday,a week ago, i even tried about a month ago,i just cant seem to get it right.

    • Ok, I know this sounds funny, but what I do, is right after I pee I take my tampon(plastic applicator, it glides in easier) and I get a lil bit of pee on it, than I very slightly twist my tampon, than push it in. If I am not relaxed it does not work, so I take a few breaths, and relax, than slide it in. If I were you, Id use a mirror.

      • Hi,

        So I was wondering how you are supposed to know when he tampon is in far enough. I keep thinkin it is so ill put it in but then it’s never far enough and it hurts. What do I do??

  9. Hello my period just started on june 13th i am a really active person and i can’t stand using pads because it feels like a diper. Another problem i have had is that i am really scared to use a tampon because i am afraid it will hurt. So if anyone has any advice i would love to hear it and try it.

    • If you’re afraid, than u are not relaxed. I reccomend wait a few months, and get used to your body, than you will become more comforatable, and relaxed which will help

    • Hello,

      My first period was really tough so the above comment is actually advice I would follow… I know that at first pads to feel like diapers but there are some really great ones that don’t feel like diapers that you may want to try :). Always Infinity is a really great one!

      The tampon won’t hurt but it may cause a little discomfort at first. There is lots of great tampon tips in the June 14 comments above :).Good luck!

      • So I was wondering how you are supposed to know when the applicator for the tampon is in far enough. I keep thinkin it is so ill put it in but then it’s never far enough and it hurts. What do I do??

        • Insert the applicator until only the grip part you’re holding is outside then push the plunger in :).

    • ya i know how you feel.if you are a teen or tween i would reccomend u by kotex tween packs. i love them cause they are like memory foam i dont even feel them

  10. Alright… I’ve tried using tampons like a thousand times but, as awkward as it is, I don’t know where to put it. Once I got it in for an inch but I freaked out and pulled it out because, you know, I’m a virgin and it feels a bit unnatural jabbing a huge ass stick up my vagina. Since then I haven’t been able to get it in again. Although how do you know it’s in the right place? Help?

    • I am having the same problem !! I can’t find where it goes and it is so frustrating!! It kinda hurts wen I try so I stop becaus im afraid I’ll hurt something

      • I found the vagina hole, and I have the right angle but whenever I try to put it in it always stop right at the top. Is my hymen to big? What do I do. And I am always relaxed!

    • Hello :),

      If you’ve got it up an inch, just keep going! I know the first inch always feels a bit discomforting or unusual but if you’ve got it up an inch, you have got it in the right hole and right place. There is definitely no where else it can go that your applicator can go up inside you an inch.

      Try twisting it when you push, that really helps it slide in. Also, if don’t wipe all your period away before you put insert the tampon. Leave some there, it will help the applicator slide in.

      Good luck!

  11. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! I have tried what feels like 30 times to use a tampon and I still can’t find the hole where it goes!! It doesn’t even look like I have the dam hole!!! Every time I try I just waste tampons and I am so DAM tired of using pads!! THEY R SOOOO MESSY!!! When I’m on my period all I do is stay in bed cuz I’m so miserable!! I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!

    • Hello! Are you trying to find your vaginal opening with the applicator? It may help if you use your finger. It is the ONLY opening your finger can go into. It’s impossible to put your finger or your tampon into your pee hole. And don’t be afraid, it’s your own body :)! It may be a little hard to find if you’re using a mirror and trying to look for it. I find it’s easier to find by feeling. Or feeling and looking, that may help too.

      Let me know how it goes! Good luck!

    • Ok so I found the opening! YAY! I’m getting somewhere but I still can’t insert the tampon. It kind of hurts when I try. Either that or I’m just so freaked out I might hurt something that I don’t try hard enough. I’m not really tense when I try so I am pretty relaxed so that’s not the problem. I have a question that might help me. If I’m sitting down when I try to use a tampon, do I try to push it in upwards or more straight but still a tiny bit upwards? Thanx for any help or info
      ~A Little Less Miserable

    • Hello!

      Glad to hear you’re making progress. Just slide it diagonally in.. like at a 45 degree angle.. don’t push it straight up because your vaginal canal isn’t straight up and down. (see: )

      The first inch or so might hurt or feel a bit discomforting because it may be a new or different feeling for you but after the first inch when you have it in, sliding the rest of the applicator in doesn’t hurt.

      Good luck!


      • I’m really not to woried about the whole process of putting it in I am more worried about taking it out. Some of my friends have said that it kind of hurts while taking it out! Helppp!!?

        • Hi! When I use one I like taking it out better than putting it in. I’m super ticklish so I kinda freak out when I pull it slowly. I find it easier to pull it kinda fast. It doesn’t hurt to take it out, it just tickles a little bit :)

      • I noticed you kept saying 45 degree angle. But to which direction. Would you tilt it backward, like to your butt, or forwards to your stomach. Thanks!

  12. so, i don’t usually use tampons,except for when i swim. im going swimming soon, and i need to wear a tampon in the pool. my problem is, that i always feel like i have to pee when i have one in and i can feel it. also, my tampons (tampax pearl light snd regular) ALWAYS leak. i dont have a really heavy period so idk y. plz help!

    • Hello!

      From my experience, the Tampax ones only expand width wise.. in one direction so I find that they may be a bit more likely to leak. (I’ll do a review on these tampons soon).

      The U By Kotex tampons ones offer an all around protection.. they expand in all directions when it absorbs your period. You can see my review here: U By Kotex Click Tampons review .


    • thanks a lot for the advice! i picked some up and of course tested them before i went swimming to see if they leaked or not. and they were fantastic! it was the second day of my period which is always fairly heavy, and i didn’t leak at all! which was very good because i was swimming in a public pool at a packed community center. never using tampax again.

  13. I think I found the opening, but I don’t think the tampob will go in. I am a virgin and this is one of my first times putting a tampon in and it seems like it won’t go all the way in. And when I try to put It in I feel like I have gas that wants to pass and go up through my tampon towards te pee hole opening side

  14. Ok. So I’ve never used a tampon before and I’m 17 and I think I’m ready to use them (finally) but I’m really nervous. I’ve tried a couple times, the first time was REALLY uncomfortable and I was really hesitant to ever try again but I have. Anyways, I’ve read just about every tip on this page and I’m definitely gonna try again. So thanks for all the advice you give everyone!

  15. I’m 13 and am visiting family and was invited to a water park… Is there any way to make your period go away faster lol. But I guess I need to use a tampon and I’m really scared. And I’m also thinking: what if something happens while I’m on a ride?
    will i have issues with it on bumpy rollercoasters? Please help

  16. Im 14. I never tried tampons before so iim scared . I bought playtex sport regular .
    Im Going to pool party TOMORROW with my friends.
    So what if it leaks or the string breaks?

    • Hello,

      It’s very unlikely that the string will break. If you’re leaking in the pool, it’s not a big deal.. it will prbly just wash away into the water. Take washroom breaks and check your tampon every 3-4 hours :). Don’t worry, tampons are really discreet!


  17. I just tried a tampon and I think I got it in right and I didn’t feel anything but when I took it out it really hurt :( did I do something wrong ???

  18. Hey! You really have helped me know what I’m doing, BUT I’m afraid to insert the tampon for fear it may hurt!! Does it hurt? I’m super relaxed and not nervous, but just sensitive to pain!
    With love(:

    • Hey!

      Glad I could help! It doesn’t hurt if you’re relaxed. It may be a new and different feeling and can be a bit uncomfortable but overall you can’t really feel it. The applicators are made to be as smooth as possible so you don’t feel anything :)!

  19. Hello,

    I need help, I am able to get the tampon in but can always feel it…. I know you will probably say that I haven’t got it far enought but when I’m inserting the barrel I’m pushing it as far as I can…….. Help!!!

    • Hello!

      With tampons, sometimes when you squeeze your vaginal muscles, you can feel tampon.. but this is different form person to person.

      If you’re sure your insertion process is all correct then maybe you can try a smaller/lighter tampon? Sometimes when I wear heavy tampons I can kinda feel them too.

  20. I have had months of trouble with the angle and this is the first diagram and blog that I have come across that has helped me with finally understanding the angle! Thank you so much I’m going to a vacation and I’ll probably have my period so I think I have it handled now.. The stress level has really gone down! Thanks!

  21. Purchase tampons according to your menstrual flow. If you have a heavy period, you ought to get super tampons that are made larger for heavier flows. If you have different flow on different days of your period, you can buy a package of assorted sizes.


    how to use tampons

  22. Hi there, just wanted to say I’m 24 years old and I’ve never successfully been able to use tampons until after reading your blog. Woohoo! thanks for sharing :)

  23. Hey,
    I got my period a week ago and i really had wanted to go swimming with my friends. so i tried a tampon. I don’t think it worked because i wasn’t sure if i was supposed to put it in vertically or horizantally. I cannot even find the hole. please help me! i am leaving in three weeks on a vacation and we go swimming every single day. Please help me!

    • Hey!

      There is only one way for it to go in so don’t think too much about going in vertically or horizontally. If it’s going in then you got it in right!

      You can try to find the hole with your finger. I find that’s the easiest.

  24. Can u plz help me i have no idea on how to put it in it just wont go in i have noidea how to hold it or anythink plz help
    from stressed 14 yr old x

  25. Hi,
    So I’m 12 and I have only actually had a tampon in my body once before. I didn’t get it in all the way. I was using a light tampon and I pused the tampon in and the end of it was still hanging out. I was going to try it again but now my period is slowing down. I am afraid of TSS and I don’t know if I should try again or not. I am going swimming on July 10 with my aunt and cousins and I am super stressed out. Help???

    • Hey!

      Just try again! It sounds like you didn’t put it in properly. The string hangs outside of your but the rest of the tampon is inside. Use one with an applicator, it will be easier to insert your tampon.

      Do you think your period will end in time for swimming? If not then try again with the tampon :).

    • I think it will end by tomorrow. :) I barely had anything on my pad when I woke up this morning. Plus, I have dance tonight for two hours so I’m hoping that will help get the remainder of my period out of my body.
      I plan on trying to use a tampon again during my next period. I did a little research, and is it possible for my hymen to be blocking the tampon from going in? Because obviously I’m a virgin and I’m not sure exactly where my hymen is, I just know it’s there. I asked my mom about it and she didn’t know either. Could it be my hymen blocking the tampon?

    • Hello,

      The hymen is a ring of skin around your vaginal opening. That’s how your period passes through. There are many types and shapes of hymens and it is very unlikely that your that your hymen would block your opening.

      Try finding your opening using your fingers first. If you can put your finger inside, you can put a tampon in. Wash your hands first!

    • It can’t be your hymen because you wouldn’t be getting your period my mum told be to just move it around which should help even if you like when your period stops get lubricating jelly put it on the tampon all over and try that

  26. I’m 27 years old and never used a tampon before (I know right, yikes). I just spent 30 mins or so trying to put it in after a bath and had pain (because I was tensing and psyching myself out) but did your twisting method and it suddenly just glided in – just like you said! I sound surprised because I’ve been trying to do this for years and never been able to and now it’s worked – thanks for putting together this page for us younger and older folk ;)

  27. Gosh please help!! I just tried to put one in but it stopped halfway. I need it because I’m going to camp and I really want to swim. It was about 1and 1/2 inches in.

  28. I would like to try using tampons for the first time, but have no idea which ones to get. Which brand and size do you recommend? I usually have a heavy flow, so super would probably be the best, but do you think that the super ones would hurt me because I’ve never used tampons before?
    Also, if i would like to try putting on the tampon, would it be safe to do so when I’m not on my period? because I’m thinking that my next period will occur when I’m on vacation, and I would like to make sure that I can correctly insert a tampon before going, as I really cannot miss out on swimming. And what do you mean by the twisting method that you mentioned above? Thanks

    • Hello,

      A tampon can’t hurt you so no need to worry. I would recommend trying a Regular absorbency first then move up if you feel you need a heavier absorbency. Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow. I recommend a tampon with a plastic applicator for your first tampon. The U By Kotex ones are one of my favourites: U By Kotex Click Tampons Review

      Don’t try on a tampon when you don’t have your period. A tampon still has that absorbing power so it’s going to absorb your natural lubrication and wetness which will be unhealthy for you.

      Push & Twist method: When you slide in your applicator, twist at the same time. The applicator will glide right into place. Then all you have to do is push in the plunger.

      Good luck!

        • Pull on the string and remove all of them immediately. Tampons are only meant to be worn one at a time. There will never be a time when you need to wear more than one. For heavier flows just choose a tampon w more absorbency like “super”.

          Can you pull on the strings?

          Put on a pad after and take a break from tampons for the rest of this cycle ok?

  29. I’m using tampons for the first time, I have no problem getting it in. I know that when you have it in, you are not supposed to feel, but I do. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Also, when you say to put it in at an angle, are you angling it toward your bellybutton or away? Thanks

    • Hey,

      If you can get it in, then you are getting it in at the right angle.. the vaginal canal only goes one way, one angle. Aim it towards you bum, it slides right in.

      If you’re feeling it, try to push it back a bit further, or try a smaller tampon. Sometimes size plays a role in whether or not you can feel it.

      Good luck!

    • Some are labelled “flushable” but essentially they are not flushable since none of them break up or disintegrate in the water like toilet paper does. Basically when you flush a tampon, it’s probably gonna go down but there is always a chance it’s gonna clog your toilet. Plumbing is $$$ so you might as well just throw in the the trash can!

  30. :O( Feel’s stupid in Ontario Ok so i put a tampon in, was getting ready to go swimming in my pool, put tampon in had to put a load of clothes in the washer and fold the clothes in the dryer. I went pee and found,i saw some blood I dont know what i did wrong i got the tampon in ok no problems dont know if i didn’t put it in far enough or too far is it normal to leak?? is it true blood will run or drip down your leg after you come out of a pool if wearing a tampon

    • 1. is it true blood will run or drip down your leg after you come out of a pool if wearing a tampon? no, this will happen if you’re NOT wearing a tampon

      2. is it normal to leak?? yes, you’ll have to find the tampon that fits for u and works best for your body.. just gotta try different ones til u find one u like.

  31. Feels stupid in Ontairo What tampons are the best or do you use the more or liked more??? I am using Playtex for heavy and i found they leaked my period right now is kind in between light and heavy. Anyone

  32. I know that you can find your opening with a mirror but i still cant find my opening can you be more specific please??

    • I personally did not find the opening with my finger. I used a hand mirror but I found relaxing and then tensing multiple times helped me find the only hole that opened and closed as I made the motions. I too felt like there was to many holes and got so frustrated but it is the biggest hole the furthest to the back. U cannot see ur butthole from sitting down so don’t think wat u see is that. Hope that helped

  33. Hey I’m in anonymous but so u know the difference, imma put the number 15. Okay so I’m 13 and still haven’t had my period. I am too embarrassed to talk to any one I know about this. Now I know about everything. But 1. I’m afraid it is going to happen at school. 2. I have this strange white discharge and some magazine said it was bcuz my period was coming. Do u think I should start wearing tampons and pads occasionally just in case?

    • Hello,

      Don’t be embarassed :)! It’s completely normal. You can start by wearing everyday pantiliners. You can find them in the same place where they sell pads. That way, the white discharge won’t get on your panties and just in case you get your period, the pantiliner will absorb that too. When you get your first period, you’ll prbly notice it because it will feel a bit wet down there. Start carrying pads with you, pantiliners should be okay for now for discharge and just in case period.

      Don’t wear tampons if you don’t have your period. A tampon goes inside you and absorbs.. so even when you don’t have your period, it’s still absorbing your natural lubricant which is not good. You can wear pads if you’re not on your period because it stays outside of you.

      Good luck!

      • For some reason it’s really hard to push the tampon in. I’m pretty sure I have the right.. hole.. but it just won’t go in and it hurts.. help! and I have a pool party tomorrow, will a tampon for sure not make me bleed in the pool?

    • When I first got my period I had cramps and back aches bad the day before and don’t worry, wen it does start its not going to come gushing out. That’s wat I thought but it’s very light. If it does leak through ur panties wen ur not wearing a pad and u don’t have extra panties just put a pad on and between ur panties and pants put some toilet paper so the blood won’t leak through ur pants I wouldn’t recommend using toilet paper instead of a pad though cuz toilet paper has fibers that can be harmful but if u have absolutely nothing else then I would

    • I started getting the white stuff wen I was around 10 and I didn’t get my period until I was 13. You are probably getting pretty close to getting urs now. Most girls get their period around 11-15 years but some get it sooner or later. Just be prepared and you will have nothing to worry about :)

  34. Hi. I was wondering what you think is the best tampon brand and size overall for you and young girls. I have been trying to use tampons every month but with no victory yet. I try using the U By Kotex Click ones. I think they are for regular flow but I am not sure if they are the right absorbency for me. Here is a little info: my periods last 7 days, I have only had about 5 periods going on 6 in a couple of days, I am 13, my periods arnt exactly heavy but not light, it is about regular to heavyish flow. I am not sure if I need a lighter tampon or not wen I finally learn how to use them properly and especially for swimming. I have already read ur review for the U By Kotex Clicks but I’m not sure if they are right for me but I’d really like your input. I love everything about those tampons so far but being that I have never successfully used one I wouldn’t know if they are good. Please help. Any information would help greatly. Thanks :)

  35. Hey I am 11 and I got my period on July 17. My mom wants me to use tampons but I am having trouble inserting it. When I look down there the hole(the right one) is too small or sometimes closed for me to insert the tampon. I am going to a swimming party so this is an emergency!!!!! Please help me!!

  36. I know this has nothing to do with tampons but I was wondering if there is any way to get rid of that “period smell” with out using feminine products. I shower regularly but not to sure if that’s doing the trick or am I just perinoid that other people can smell it too.

    • If the smell doesn’t go away advise your mom, or your health instructor…. Regular periods do not have ‘bad’ smells. If anything your not cleaning properly down in your virginal area, make sure to get between the 2 flaps.
      Hope this helps I learned this a while ago.

  37. Hey Anonymous,
    The smell i feel is just peranoinding. I always ask my sisters and mom if they smell anything and they don’t. so…. just ask you friends or family. If that is too embarassing just wear perfume. But i would advice asking people. And showering does help for about the next two hours until you change the pad. And Q. are you wearing tampons or pads? it might help to were pads. hope this helped!

  38. I just had my period, and I’ve tried to use a tampon , it’s not quite going in all the way, it kinda stops half way……and it doesnt hurt… Should I keep pushing or what should I do??? Help :s

  39. hey so i play a lot of sports and that includes vollryball, and volleyball starts on monday and i know that my period will happen soon, with the spandex wearing a pad is not an option!! i glad that im not the only one with this problem!! your blog has helped me, but i get really nervous and start to freak out, and then i just stop trying, so do you have any hints or tips on how to stay relaxed while doing this???

    • You want to stay relaxed because this keeps your vagina more loose- It is all about muscle control. The muscle group that pulls your vagina tighter is the same that lifts your butt and that controls the flow of your urine. Weird huh? THis is called your pelvic floor because all of the muscles are connected. When one muscle is contracted (or tight) the rest of them are too. You can practice tightening and loosening this muscle group if you want to get a better feel for it- this is called a Kegel exercise. This is a great exercise for making child birth easier! But anyway, when you are inserting or taking out a tampon you want to make sure that you aren’t contracting these muscles and it will be a LOT easier.

    • thanks ill try this tomorrow!! i just started and i have volleyball tomorrow, im nervous but confident! ps once i tryed to use a tampon but it stung when i tried to put it in, am i doing something wrong??

  40. When I try to use a tampon wen I start to push it in it really hurts and it doesn’t even go in. I try to push it in at different directions but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m really tired of using pads and plus it’s barely going to end a day before my bday and I don’t want to have to deal with that icky feeling wen I’m getting ready for my party. Someone please help :(

    • You need to relax, insert a small tampon (maybe even put vaseline on it), and/or use it when you are on a heavy flow. If you are not relaxed and you are dry it will be almost impossible to do it. If you can’t get the handle of it try using a pad like always infinity for when you are getting ready for the party. They are thin and very absorbent- I feel like they are a lot better than regular pads and I don’t feel icky when I wear them.

    • Im scared to use one because im scared the string will break what do i do ?? Do the strings break? And is it true that if it is not fully obsorbed it will hurt?

  41. Hi, im 12 years old and im going to the beach with my friends but i never used a tampon before!! :( im really scared if i pull the tampon out it will hurt cus i know it will expand! im scared it will rip my hole and it might hurt… and im really embarresed and i dont know how to tell my mother to buy me tampons cus she only has the superplus ones… and i want to start with some regular ones… please awnser ASAP!! bcus the beach party is in 2 days!! :(

    • It should not hurt to pull it out. If your flow is quite heavy then the tampon will be really full but also very wet and slippery, so it will come out very easily. And if your flow is really light it will not have expanded much at all and will be only slightly uncomfortably if it is really dry. But it won’t hurt or rip you- some women can push 8 pound babies out of their vaginas and not tear! :)Just remember to relax.

  42. To the young ladies who are afraid of using a tampon: Just remember that a tampon (even the super plus cardboard applicators!) is not going to hurt you in any way when you are inserting it. The vagina is a muscle that contracts and expands like any other muscle. The instructions and diagrams on this page should be enough for you to know what you are doing- the rest is all in your head. If you are scared and nervous then your vagina (because its a muscle strong enough to push a baby out) is going to contract and it will be very hard to pass the applicator in because it is so tight. My advice is to try to use a tampon when your flow is heavy and you are relaxed. Even though I am 27 and have used thousands of tampons before, it is very hard to insert a tampon if my flow is light. If you need to use a tampon for swimming and your flow is light, try putting some vaseline on the applicator and that will help.

  43. hey im not sure what to do, the applicator wont go in and my vagina hurts becuase the applicator keeps pushing on the side of my vagina

  44. im going to great wolf lodge with my frinds and usally i leak and i dont want 2 embarrase myself infront of my best friend snd all my other friends. im just really scared because pads dont work with me and i dont understand how to use a tampon even though i look at videos and pics, and im leaving tomarrow at four fiftypm.
    im not the samp person as the one before my message

    • Hello,

      It sounds like you are nervous. Just give it a try and even if you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying. Your body will just become more relaxed and it will be easier to insert.

      If your mom or older sister uses tampons, ask them for help too. They may be able to offer you more hands-on help.

      Good luck!

  45. Hi. Whenever i insert the tampon its feels uncomfortable and burns inside, i suck it up and keep pushing but it just hurts worse. I was 3 cm away from the applicater going totally in so i pushed it in and it burned like fire inside, no joke. Help!

  46. hi. i really need to learn how to use a tampon because i am going on holiday and i am going to be on my period when i go.

    Are you supposed to put the barrel completely inside of you? becasue when i have tried this it feels really like unsmooth and feels like too dry or something. I have managed to get it like 3/4 of the way inside, but i cant like get it the last bit and it really hurts. i am also prone to fainting- and inserting it makes me feel really faint.

    anyway hope you can help!

    • Hi!

      1. Are you supposed to put the barrel completely inside of you? Yes, insert it all the way up until the grip (the grooved part you’re holding onto).

      2. Unsmooth? Try a different tampon, plastic applicators are smooth. Also try waiting until you have a very heavy period. Use your period blood as lubricant to help slide the applicator inside you.

      3. Fainting? Yikes! See your doctor =[.

      Good luck!!!

  47. Hi, so this weekend I am planning on going up north with the family & during the middle of the vacation I should get my period, we will be going to the beach & the ride back home is about 7-8 hours. I just started not that long ago & this will be soon my 2nd period. I don’t know if I should start you use a tampon or what…I’m just alittle nervous to use one. Any help?
    -Scared :(

    • Hey,

      7-8 hours is a rly long ride! If there are no washroom breaks, I would actually recommend a pad. A pad can definitely hold more than a tampon and pads safe to wear for long periods of time whereas tampons are not. The pad will just be a bit uncomfortable but safe!

  48. Ok so heres my problem. My period came unexpectedly a little later than usual and is going to end 2 days before a party at a water park. I’m pretty sure everything will be ok but should I be worried about any leaks or anything. I don’t want to have to worry while everyone is having fun. Help anyone?

  49. Hi! I’m turning 13 in a week and I just started my period. It’s been 2 days and I’m wearing pads. I’m supposed to go up to my family’s in a week and they have a pool. I know they’re going to want me to swim, but I don’t think I’m ready for tampons. My Q is how long does a regular period last and what if my period hasn’t stopped before they want me to go swimming?! Please help!!!

    • Hello,

      Congrats on your first period! It is normal to not be ready for tampons. Getting your first period is a change in itself.

      Periods usually last anywhere from 4-7 days. It can be longer or shorter but it is different for each girl and that’s totally normal to not be the same as your friends. Your first period may last longer and this is normal too.

      Don’t be embarassed or shy to just straight up tell them that “I can’t swim today”. Usually, people get the message and they are totally cool with it. They just say okay, it’s not like they want to talk about it either haha. Tell your mom or older sister too.. they will understand. Maybe you two can find a non-water activity to do together :)

      In highschool I was the only girl in my swim class and every few weeks I would miss my lesson and the guys would just get it. They really didn’t care, it’s not a big deal :).

      Good luck!!

  50. Hey, I’m 13 and trying tampons for the first time. I have had my period before and I am really tired of pads. But when I’m using the tampon I’m finding it really hard to put it like I will get it in but the the tampon isn’t fully in and when I try to push harder it starts to really hurt and now I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!

    • just relax and put it in at a angle, trust me, im 12 and started using tampons about 2 months ago, once you get used to them there a breeze! if you find your having trouble try a lite tampon or ask your mom for help, she will know what to do, hoped this helped! good luck and just keep trying!

  51. Hey I am 12 and I can get the tampon in but it doesn’t feel like I put it in right. When I’ve pushed it up as far as I feel it can go the cotton thingie feel wrong when I push it in… and I feel like I am tugging it out as I walk, like it’s not put in correctly. So when I go to take it out it hurts really bad and I still feel it after I pull it out like I am dry or something…am I making any sense? Help!

    • Hello,

      It sounds… like it might not be in far enough. Perhaps you can try using a smaller tampon. That might be easier for you to insert. You may feel slight discomfort when you pull it out but it shouldnt’ cause you any pain unless it’s still dry.

  52. Hello … iv used a tampon more then oncr and the first time I used on it went in good but it killed to take out…. I just figured it was b/c it was my first time using a tampon so I tryed another tampon and still hurt to remove maybe it was b/c it was a tampon that exspanded in one I was on vacy and got my period so I used a tampon and it was a different brand it was a brand that exspanded in all directions and it didn’t hurt at all to take out ? So I was wondering if thetes any difference between the tampons that exspand sideways and tampons that exspand 360°? And why it didn’t hurt to take the 2nd brand of tampon out then the first brand?

    • Hello,

      If it hurts to take it, it may be because it was too dry. Try using a lighter tampon or if time permits, leave it in longer (no longer than 4-6hrs, see the box)

      There are a couple notable differences with tampons that expand in all directions and two directions. Tampons that expand in all directions have less leakage, and in my opinion, a better fit but this of course depends on your body.

      Hope that helps!! xoxo.

    • Hello,

      It’s impossible for your hole to be too small for a tampon. Your hole can stretch big enough to push out a baby :)! So it’s definitely big enough for a tampon.

      If you want the smallest tampon, use a light absorbency or something like o.b.

  53. I tried using a tampon for the first time today a couple hours ago and it just got stuck. I’m pretty sure I was at the opening of my vagina but it got stuck in between and I just couldn’t push it up anymore cause 1. it wouldn’t budge and 2. it hurt.. advice please??

    • That’s prbly the first two cm of getting it in. That part sometimes is a bit uncomfortable, but once you get past that, you can’t feel it and it won’t hurt.

      If it hurts, wait until you have lots of blood. Don’t wipe it away. Use it as lubricant to help the applicator slide in :).

  54. I finally got it in (fourth try!!!). It hurts a little but the secret (that i used) is to hold a small handheld mirror and watch yourself put it into your vagina that way you know FOR SURE you’re going into your vagina. For some reason this helped me to relax a bit knowing I was going into the right hole. It does hurt a little (i think it’s because i’m using a cardboard applicator which to me feels a bit rougher) but only the insertion! Once you give it a little push and twist it slides right in (: CONFIDENCE IS KEY. AND LOTS OF DEEP BREATHES. don’t be afraid! nothing bad will happen

  55. hiya , i have tried so many times to get a tampon in , i dont really understand where to insert it as i have never seen inside a vagina before , so i dont know what im looking for , please could you help me as im becoming a swimming teacher soon.

    • Hello,

      Lots of people have never seen their own vagina before so it’s ok. Grab a mirror and look :)! Don’t be afraid, it’s your own so go ahead and look and explore. Use your fingers to find your hole or look for some diagrams online. It’s the only hole you can put your finger into and really the only one you can see. GOOD LUCK!

  56. Hii. I have no problem getting it in but after an hour i can start feeling it and it hurts. Im not putting it straight up i am doing it on an angle. Also the blood goes down the string and leaks after a couple hours and i dont have a heavy flow.. Any tips? What are the best tampons to use that you cant feel?

    • Hi! As long as you got it in, the angle at which you insert it in won’t affect whether or not you can feel it.

      As for the leaking and being able to feel it, it is different for everybody. You just have to try different tampons to find one that fits your body well.

      Try U By Kotex or o.b. tampons, those expand in all directions = fewer leaks :)!

    • Thanks! also when i put it in and i push the applicator it feels as if the tampon has hit the end and it wont go any further, and it kinda pushes the barell out and is just a couple cm away from the opening… is that where its suppost to be?

  57. Is it normal to feel a tearing sensation when inserting a tampon for the first time. I just tried it for the first time and I felt like something is ripping.. Advice please!!!

    • Hi, you probably didn’t put it in far enough, u can do one of 2 things, wash your hands, take your finger and push it in farther, or take it out and try again, remember, if it is in correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel it. good luck!

  58. Ok so I tried to put a tampon in about 3 times now and it goes in but it feels so weird. When I sit down it hurts or when I flex my butt it hurts. I think Im not entering it deep enough. How deep do u have to put it in? And I dont get what u mean by the angle? Does it have to be angled towards ur anis or away?

    • If you got it in, then don’t worry about the angle. That’s just to help you slide in the applicator.

      Put the applicator inside you up until only the grip is outside of you.

      If you still feel it, just put it in a bit further next time. Don’t worry, it’s impossible for it to go too far. Your vagina is like a cul de sac.

  59. Hi! I’ve had my period for about 2 years. I am going to a waterpark with my family tomorrow, and I’m not sure if my period is gonna be over by then. It started on Friday, and when I checked this morning, it’s pretty light. But I was scared that I would still have my period tomorrow, so I tried a tampon for the first time yesterday. I tried 3 times, but every time I couln’t get it in all the way. I tried relaxing, but I still couldnt get it in. I used a mirror too, but still couldn’t get it. Then I tried again this morning, and I think I got it in a little bit farther (about an inch) but I still couldn’t get it in all the way.I also put vaseline on it this morning. All 4 times, even though the barrel wasn’t pushed in all the way, I still inserted the tampon (but obviously it wasn’t in all the way), but that hurt really bad. Any advice would be helpful, as I only have today to practice!
    Thanks :)

    • It sounds like your period is ending so use the lightest tampon absorbency. Try to wait until there is a lot of blood. Don’t wipe it away. Use the blood as lubricant to help slide in the applicator.

      Also, I think with just a bit more practice, you’ll get used to the process and be more relaxed :)

    • Keep trying with the mirror! The hole you are looking for is not the first one (for urine) nor the last one (anus, for feces) It is the middle one. Look down there and find the center point of where the blood is coming out, that is the hole you are looking for. Open the lips of the vagina, it’s the second one.

      Hope this helps!

  60. Hey I’m trying to insert a tampon and I find I have to push quite hard. Is it unwise to force a tampon in? I haven’t successfully inserted one yet, I always pull out when I think I am pressing too hard. How hard should I press? I feel like I may damage something down there if I push as hard as it seems like I have to. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Please help me!!

    • You might find you need to push hard if you’re not well lubricated or too dry. Use your period blood as lubricant to slide in the applicator. Try to twist and push the applicator at the same time. It should slide right in :).

      There is a pretty low chance of damaging anything down there. Vaginas are pretty powerful, they’re designed to push a baby out! So don’t worry :).

      After you get your first one in, you’ll be a pro.

  61. Hey….. Im almost 14 and my mom is pushing tampons. Im ready for them and she’s sick of me having to sit out on pool/ water related activities. So today i have tried using a tampon twice so far, and i only have one left so i dont want to mess up again! I am able to push the applicator up ok but when i push the plunger nothing really happens, and the actual tampon doesnt come out so i end up just throwing the whole thing away… Any help? And i kinda want to learn fast because im at a lake and i dont want to sit out on getting in the water because i cant use a tampon.

    • Okay…… I think i figured out what i was doing wrong! What nobody told me was that you have to pull out the plunger all the way until u hear a click! I havent tried again yet because i want to wait a little bit (i have a little sister who is curious as to why i keep escaping to the bathroom…..) but i hope that this was the case in why i was doing it wrong! Wish me luck!

  62. This site.. Is awesome!! M 30.. Yes 30 n gave up on tampons after trying during my teen yrs.. I had promised 3 yr old niece a swimming today.. Her 1st!! N i got mi period last nite n out of despair not wanting to disappoint mi lil princess.. I decided to try tampons.. N you hv been wonderful.. Really. I bot the U Kotex Regular n followed ur advise.. 3 tries later i got it in fairly easy.. M on my way as promised n happy i found you!: :) Thank youuuu.. Xoxo

  63. HI! I’m sixteen and just got my first period, I used pads and went to bed and because it was so heavy it just went everywhere….! So, I really want to move on to tampons but 1. I don’t know where my opening is because it doesn’t really look like there is an opening 2. I’m nervous and frustrated for that reason… what if it hurts or just isn’t going in???

    • Hi!

      It will go in. If your period is coming out, it will go in.

      It may be a bit uncomfortable at first because it’s all new to you but after a couple of tries, you will relax and the insertion process is really easy:)!

      Practice makes perfect.

  64. hi…i asked questions before and you answered quick and all (and it helped) but i really cannot get the tampon in. i am 13 and i just really want to put it in. I thought i found the opening but it would go in. i used tampax pearl as my mom bought for me. pads are fine for me but i usually go swimming once a week during the school year and i don’t want to miss out. please please please help me. i just really want to do it cause as it seems if you do it once you can do it a million times. please give me a really good explanation.. THANK YOU!!

    • Ok I’m not the period blogger but I’m 14 and Also couldn’t get one in… Make sure you do it on your heaviest day! Relax! Take a deep breath and I sat on the toilet and it just slid right in… It might hurt a little bit. Just keep trying you will get it. Aim It at the small of your back aka lower back

    • great advice ^!

      Wait til you have lots of blood and don’t wipe it away. Use it to lubricate the applicator. It will help the applicator slide right in!

      Try to twist when you push it in too. It will pop right into place :)!

  65. When I used one for the first time I used Kotex regular. So I had a swim thing the next day and I was practicing all day and couldn’t get it so just got in without one so I did it the next month when I was heavy and it went in fine I lolearned the easiest way for me is to sit on the toilet and tilti it down a little but I still can’t figure out how to get it out without a a lot of pain help?!?!!

    • Hey,

      If it hurts, it might not be time to change tampons yet. Wait until it’s absorbed more period. But if it is saturated and time to change your tampon then I suggest switching brands. I hear the Kotex ones hurt =/.

  66. Hi,
    I’m 14 years old and I’m in an aquatics class for my PE credit. My teacher informed me that I can’t skip out every time I have my period, so she suggested a tampon. I have never used a tampon before and I’m very scared. I tried about more than half of my box of tampons but I still can’t get it in. I have trouble finding where it is located, it doesn’t look like there’s a hole.. Your blog helped me alot with how to insert it parallel.

    But I am still very uncomfortable about the tampon still, and I haven’t got it in yet… I’m so nervous I even cried. Don’t judge me, I have my period so I get VERY moody. But I really don’t know what to do. Almost everyone who commented said that when they put the tampon in, it hurt. And I didn’t put it in, but it still hurt. Do you think that where it hurts is where the vagina is located?

    By the way,
    My aquatics class is in 2 days from now, so I have today and tomorrow to insert it in.
    Please hurry up, and reply. Thanks

    • There is only one hole. If you feel that you’ve found the hole and it only goes in a little bit, YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT HOLE! Just keep pushing. Use your fingers to find your hole too. It’s impossible to put your finger in teh wrong hole.

      If you have trouble getting it in, wait until your have lots of blood, don’t wipe it away. Use it as lubricant to help the applicator slide right in.

      Good luck!

  67. Hi,

    I’m 15 and I’ve tried using a tampon before but without luck. I usually just wear pads but my boyfriends family invited me to come over tomorrow and spend the weekend with them and we’re going to his cottage where I really would like to swim so I need to use a tampon. I have the playtex sport tampons because my friend says they work really well and I’ve had sex before so I know it won’t hurt however my flow is sometimes too heavy that when I go to put in the tampon it just forces more blood out while I’m trying to put it in and it gets everywhere, is there anything I can try to help? I really don’t want to let this stop me from having fun or having to explain to his mom why I can’t swim with everyone else.

    I would really appreciate it if you could reply today so I have the chance to try inserting one before I get to his house tomorrow evening.
    ~Thanks a bunch :)

  68. I tried using a tampon a few months ago for the first time, I’m not sure what I did but it started burning. I think I may have inserted it wrong. Like I don’t know WHERE to insert it.

    • You cant really put it in the wrong hole.. But for me putting in a tampon was extremely challenging as well. Im not sure about you, but I was terrified (which I believe made it worse). So try to relax and try to not think about the pain or burning feeling. I cried every time I tried putting one in, untill I decided to try laying down (with your knees up) and inserting it. The initial push in may sting a bit, but once you get past that if your anything like me…you’ll laugh at how easy it actually is and it will get easier each time!

  69. Hi! I’ve used tampons twice, tampax pearl, and I managed to get them in both times (though the first time, it took awhile ;) ) Anyways, both times I took them out, it took me an hour and really really hurt. I sobbed both times. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and my doctor confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with my body. I want to swim for my school this year, so I need to figure this out.

    What should I do??

    Confused Sophomore

    • Oh, and I used the lightest absorbancy avaliable and it was totally saturated by the time I took it out but it still felt really dry.


    • I have found that the pearls hurt the way they expand when they fill with blood makes it painful to take out. I would try playtex, or kotex…i like both! And just try not to take it out too early.
      Hope this helps!

  70. Hi,
    This is my first time trying to put in a tampon. I bought a whole box and I only have 3 left!! I just cannot seem to get it in the right place. This may seem really weird but whenever I do it I get the applicator in and it slides in perfectly but it kinda feels like its going up my butt crack? Then when I push the actual tampon out it is stuck between my butt cheeks. I’m sure I have the right hole. Maybe I’m putting it in at the wrong angle? Or maybe not far enough? Idk but it’s really aggravating me because I’ve always wanted to use tampons!!

    • Hi, It sounds like you are not putting it inside you.

      The applicator goes inside you and then you push the plunger to push the tampon into place.

      Use a mirror, your hands to find your hole :)! I’m working on a diagram so I’ll show you when it’s done. Hopefully that will help!

  71. hey,i’ve tried a tampon 2/3 times and i just cant get it all the way in but i’ve just brought sliky smooth ones but i havent tried them yet i really need to use one i feel like im wearing a nappy useing pads? btw im 14

    • Are you using the o.b. silk ones? If it’s your first time using a tampon, try one with an applicator. I find that the applicators are much easier to insert.

      When I first tried tampons, I had the same problem too. How far can you get it in? If you even get it in an inch, just keep pushing. Try to twist or turn the applicator when you push too. It will slide right into place!

  72. Thank you. Seriously. Thank. you. I’ve had my period for 12 years and have never been able to successfully use a tampon until today. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. ALL the other websites I checked just said to “keep trying” — not really helpful.

  73. Ok so I am a dancer, and I know that I really need to use tampons (I am a competitive dancer) but my mom doesn’t approve. I have tried talking to her, and I showed her websites but she thinks they are disgusting. I have no problem with them but since I can’t drive and am not in waking distance of any stores I don’t know how to get them. I know I shouldn’t be disobeying my mom but it feels necessary to me. How should I get them??? Also I carry change around with me and I always try public bathroom machines but they never work!!

    • Hi! Oh no! Do you know why your mom is against tampons? Maybe you can show her how they work. They are perfectly safe as long as you follow the instructions (I say this cause my mom is closed off to tampons because she says they’re not good for the body).

      Do you dance with other girls? Perhaps you can ask them for one to try? I am sure they will share.

    • I don’t know why she is so against tampons… And I would try that definitely, those girls I dance with are
      My best friends, but the only thing is most of them are about a year younger and the ones my age haven’t gotten their periods yet :( so I don’t know what to do :( I got three of them from the bathroom at dance (but now the box Is out ) and I’m nervous to put it in! I usually start my period in the middle of the month so probably next week… Any ways to help me get less nervous?

    • hi! i’m a dancer as well, for me i was always worried about tampons (not so much now) but i found pads worked fine enough, but i can see why you want to wear tampons, especially as you’re competitive there’d be a lot of jumps and kicks and whatnot involved! Seriously just talk to you mum and tell her how much easier dancing will be if you use a tampon compared to a pad, no body is exactly the same, if she’s uncomfortable with them that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. it’s your body. maybe you can talk to your dance teacher and see if she’ll talk to your mum???

    • Just bring it up in conversation… “hey mom what do you think about tampons?”

      I know the question can be a bit weird but just ask and see what her reaction is. Tell her that you have been thinking of trying them :).

      Let me know how it goes!

  74. Hello, I’ve tried putting tampons in a couple of times but when try to put them in they only go in about an inch. I’m think I’m putting it in the right hole but I’m not sure if it’s at the right angle. Also, I’m on a swim team and we practice 6 days a week, is it okay to use a tampon everyday, even if your period is light? Help please :)

  75. Hi i just had my first period a fewdays ago and i tryed putting a tampon in and it started to hurt so i took it out is that normal for it to hurt at first? And i am sooooo nervous to put another one in and i dont want to talk to my friends about it and my mom only uses pads! Is there anyway that you can put it in wrong? And there is a wide opening which side do i put it on the bottem, top, or middle? And should u like not even feel it if u have it in all the way? Please respond i really need answers!

    • Congrats on your first period!

      1. Your first attempt at putting it in may hurt a bit. The first inch is usually a bit discomforting but after the first inch, you won’t feel it.

      2. No there’s no way to put it in wrong. If you don’t get it up high enough, you will feel it but you can just push it in deeper with your finger. You can also just take it out and try again, just push deeper.

      3. What do you mean by wide opening?

      4. You may feel it when it expands. But for the most part, you won’t feel it at all.

    • It may hurt because you are nervous. Try to relax, that way you vaginal muscles will become less tense. It will feel uncomfortable the first time you put it in, you just have to get used to it and it will become easier. There is no wrong way to put it in and there is only one hole. You pee hole is much to small. Try a 45 degree angle ( horizally ), but a LITTLE tilted upward. You know it is in all the way when as you hold the grip part, your fingers begin to touch the opening as you slide it in farther. After putting it in, you have to way a little for it to soak up some blood or else it WILL hurt when you take it out when its dry. Good luck i hope this helped!!

  76. mine keeps drecting itself to the right when I am putting it in… :S. So I frequently just give up and use a pad. And I don’t use applicator ones. Hope to God my thick pads don’t show through my clothes.

  77. Hi!
    I can easily put the tampon in, but my problem is when I push the inner tube, it hurts, so i pull back as I push it in, and as a result, I can feel the tampon! PLEASE HELP!

  78. I can’t stand the cardboard applicators… the plunger always gets stuck, and I have to take it out and push it up with my fingers… and it hurts so much pushing them up myself that I literally leave the bathroom sobbing.

  79. Im 12 years old and i got my period when i was 9 and ever sience ive been using pads. pads are ok but inbetween my legs i get a rash from my pads rubing up against my legs i know how to use a tampon but my mom dosnt know and she dosnt want me using them ive used one before and i feel comfortable with it but what should i do with my mom

  80. ok well im 12 and i got my period when i was 9. ever since ive been using a pad. but the pads give me rashes where my pad rubs against my legs. i know how to use a tampon and ive used one but my mom dosnt let me and she dosnt know i do. im ready and comfortable using them… but the only problem is my mom……. what should i do

    • Hi Hayleigh, have you talked to your mom about why she dosen’t want you to use tampons?

      You may want to discuss and go over how to use a tampon with your mom so she is confident you know how to use one properly and safely. Good luck!


  81. HELP reply ASAP PLEASE!!!!

    im on my period right now about a light-medium flow. I was talking with my friend about our bunchy pads XD, and she was saying how she could see my pad… my mom said that if i wear granny panties ill be fine…IM NOT!!!

    Just last night i was asking my mom to let me use a tampon she let me have at it. i found th correct hole and every thing got it in mission accomplished..NO! now i had to pull it out it hurt really really bad i cried even a little tug hurt i knew it was in right it felt normal but it hurt is that OK do u pull it out fast or something i did after but it hurT


    • Hi,

      If it hurts when you pull it out, you may want to wait longer until it is more saturated. It will hurt if the tampon is too dry.

      Otherwise, it shoudlnt’ hurt. You may feel it come out and it may feel funny but it shouldn’t hurt.

      If it’s dry and you need it out, just pull it out. You won’t break anything. Just wait til it’s more saturated next time.


  82. whenever i put it in, the tampon hits something everytime. Like something is blocking it i feel like. I have gym tomorrow and it will be horrible if i don’t get this in

    • Hi! This is a little late!

      It’s not just a hole that you’ll look and find… it’s covered by your vaginal lips so if you push with your finger btwn the lips, they should spread apart and your hole is there. Your finger should be able to slide inside.

      Alternatively, you can use a mirror and spread your lips apart with your hand to find it. Good luck!

  83. hey!! ok so i am oan my 2nd period and i am only 12!!! i have a pool party in about 12 hours and my mum isnt here so i cant ask for advice or anything and no one is around… i am two scared to put it in because i am afraid it will hurt like hell also i dont have an applicator and i cant get one at the moment. its a pool party and i really really want to swim but i am scared about the tampon but we were given at school some small u by kotex tampons very small mini ones so help me pleae

    • Hi! Looks like you caught me at the right time.

      Are you sure the U By Kotex one doesn’t have an applicator? (I think they don’t make non appliator ones).

      In any case, just relax :)! Wait til there is a lot of blood because that will help it slide right in. If it’s non applicator, you’ll have to put your finger inside you to push it into place. Don’t worry, it is your own body and you can’t hurt or break anything. The first inch may be a bit uncomfortable (that’s why it’s good to wait til there’s lots of blood to lubricate it) but after that, you will barely feel it :)!

      Good luck!! lemme know how it goes.


  84. I’m 15 and I have a really heavy period. I only ware pads wen I go to bed. I use two pads to help catch any leaks. I use a normal flow that I put near my butt and a maxi pad by my vagina. I wake up and it’s leaked on my sheets….. Any ideas???

    • Hmm… sounds like your pads aren’t doing its job! Sometimes that happens to me too. I find it helps to wear snug fit panties that help keep my pad closer to my body. This way it ensures that when my period leaves my body, the next thing it comes in contact with is my pad and not my sheets!

  85. Hi :) I’m 14 and my mum bought me some tampons for the first time. I hate pads because I contantly worry about them leaking and I really want tampons to work…Im going to try them in a week (thats when Im due) but Im a bit worried though that they wont go in-like if I have a hymen that covers too much of my hole. I know it’s a stupid question :/ sorry if this is too graphic too…I think ive found the hole though as I looked and i put my finger in until the first ‘knuckle’ but it hurt a bit so i took it out…is this the right hole? :) x

    • hi! Don’t worry about being graphic. I’m happy to help. Your hymen is actually a ring of skin around your vaginal opening and it can definitely stretch to accommodate a tampon. If you can put in your finger, then it can definitely fit in a tampon since tampons are about finger size anyways.

      And yes you definitely have teh right hole :)! Lemme know how it goes! It sounds like you’re on the right track. Good luck!

  86. Hi! I have practiced inserting the barrel and I’ve mastered getting it in. I’ve only practiced when I haven’t had my period so it felt ok even when it wasn’t lubricated with blood, and I feel confident. What I want to know is if it will hurt when I push the plunger to insert the tampon. Answer A.S.A.P.! Thank you!

    • Hi! It sounds like you got it! Pushing in the plunger doesn’t hurt at all. You will feel it go in maybe but the part girls usually find uncomfortable is the first inch when you insert the barrel and it sounds like you’re good :)! Lemem know how it goes. good luck!

  87. HELLLLPPPP!!!! I try so hard to use tampons And I can never get them in. I’m pretty sure I found the right hole but when I try to push it in It doesn’t even go in an inch and it kinda hurts. I’m afraid to break something down there if I force the tampon so I stop and waste another tampon. What do I do cuz I’ve already tried the twist method and the blood as a lubricant and a hand mirror but nothing seems to work. And to make it worse I get really emotional on my period so I start crying and then get mad for being such a baby (I’m 14) please please pease help

    • Hey! If it goes in any bit at all, you have the right hole! You can’t break anything down there really… if you want to keep trying, you can try using vaseline or personal lubricant to help slide it in.

      The real trick is just to relax though! If you keep trying, you will become more familiar with the process and just naturally become less tense. Good luck!!!

  88. Hi! so i usually use pads as they’re just easier for me, but last month i used a tampon for the first time because i was on holiday and we were going swimming!! i had only tried it once before and it did not work, but i tried again and it went in okay and everything, it worked fine but it was so uncomfortable, i kept thinking it was going to pop out, i could just feel it the whole time and it made the whole day so annoying!! was it the angel? (i’m from australia and we don’t have those ‘barrel’ things, or maybe we do, but i’ve never seen them, we just get the tampon bit!). or maybe i needed to push it in further?? who knew a woman’s body could be so frustrating!

    • You just need to push it farther up.

      If you can feel it you can do one of two things. You can use your finger to push it farther up or you can take it out and start all over with a new tampon.

      It won’t pop out if it’s too far down but you’ll just be able to feel it.

    • if you can still feel it, you can do one of two things:

      1. use your finger, put your finger in your vagina, feel for the tampon and push it further up

      2. take it out and insert a new one.

      good luck!

  89. Ok so i no problem getting it in but when i walk i can fell it. I dont think its in far enough but i am pushing it in all the way to my fingers but i still feel it and i cant get it to go in any farther help please!

  90. This is going to sound really dumb, and I’m embarrassed to ask this, but is the hole you put the tampon in, the same hole You get fingered in? Sorry for the awkward question, I just have to know.

    • Yes, you are right :). Thank you for asking this question as I’m sure other girls are wondering too. If you can put your finger in there, you can definitely put a tampon in there.

      Good luck!

  91. Hi I have tried different angles and positions but I’m not sure how far up or down it should be like under me or more in front… I’m really scared of this because if have been using pads since I got my 1st period a year ago. Any advice would help thanx!!

    • ??? Do you mean you are having trouble finding your opening?

      Don’t be scared :)! It is your own body! Just put a mirror down there and look. Use your fingers, feel around and spread your lips apart. It is much easier to get it in when you can see and feel where it is instead of just blindly poking. Again don’t be scared!!! It’s your own body. You can’t break anything down there.

  92. Oh My Gosh. I Got My Period Yesterday! Im Using The Smaller Tampon’s. but i think i have really upset my mum by crying alot as im scared. i have no problem by getting a tampon in! but its the fact that im scared of if i move to much something might happen? and also, im confused as to, i must have it in right as i feel nothing. but i can feel the string hanging out.. its like. blocking me if that makes sense , and its not painful but its irritating and scaring me !

  93. Hey, I am going on a rafting camp on Monday and will be in a wetsuit and bathers for 3 days. I have never used a tampon before so I am just wondering what can I do about leaking? Like how can it be avoided? And also how do I find the right hole without having to use my fingers or a mirror? thankks please reply asap!!

  94. I’m 28 and using tampons for the first time since stores have taken my old standby (Always Maximum Protection for 14+ off the shelves) and nothing else contains it all.

    I’m getting it in okay, but when it’s time to take it out, after the tampon has expanded, it’s uncomfortable. And it’s definitely saturated! (I’m small but with a very heavy flow, so I use regular absorbency and then a pad and the tampon is soaked through the string and the pad always has quite a bit on it).

    I’ve pushed out a baby so I know it’ll be okay :), but is it normal to have discomfort even when it’s saturated? I’ve only seen the discomfort addressed when the tampon might be too dry. I’m always scared that I’m going to pull so hard that the string will come off.

  95. I just wanted to tell you how much your blog helped me. I’m 15 and had my period for about a year and I’ve always worn a pad. I’ve tried putting in tampons before but I could never get it in all the way. So I found your blog and decided to try again. Failed a few times but I just finally got one in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it in all the way and it hurt like heck to get it out. But I did! Now I plan on trying again In a few hours. So thank you!!

  96. Please help me my boyfriend bought me tampons as on our last date i was having a heavy flow and stained my skirt. I havent used tampons before but he says its bettert than pads. Im so scared that it’ll hurt so havent even tried it n he said that he’s gonna insert it for e if i dont. Im terrified..

  97. Please help me my boyfriend bought me tampons as on our last date i was having a heavy flow and stained my skirt. I havent used tampons before but he says its bettert than pads. Im so scared that it’ll hurt so havent even tried it n he said that he’s gonna insert it for e if i dont. Im terrified..

  98. Ok, I tried inserting a tampon 3/4 times, and it only goes up half way. I tried twisting and pushing, pushing the tampon in at different angles, and leaving the blood too. I know it’s the right hole when I take it out, it has blood. Advice would be great.

    • Hmmm… does it hurt when you keep pushing up?

      If you get it up half way, I suggest just pushing the plunger in (this will push the tampon inside you) and if you can still feel it, insert your finger and push it up higher until you can’t feel it.

      Good luck!

  99. I can get the barrel all the way up and then i start to press the plunger up and when its almost up, it feels like it hits something and wont gp up any further. So i take it out and the tampon causes dicomfort when i walk and sit.

    • If you feel like it’s hitting you when you’re pushing it in, start pulling the barrel out as you’re pushing in. Every body is different so it’s likely that you just can’t push it up as high.

  100. Hi i just put in my first tampon but I took it out right away beacuase putting it in is not a he scary part for me. The problem is that I’m terrified about taking it out. Will the string break… will it expand a lot plzz help

    • 1. Will the string break? Very unlikely. Give the string a tug before you put it in to make sure it’s securely attached. I have never had it break. (Even if it breaks, you can still get it out!)

      2. Will it expand a lot? It depends on which tampon you are using. Start with a light absorbency one. Those are smaller.


    • It sounds like it’s not high enough. You can do one of two things.

      1. Take it out and reinsert, put it up higher this time
      2. Wash your hands, use your finger to push it up higher until you can’t feel it.

      But if it stings, definitely take it out and take a break! Switch brands if it doesn’t work out for u.


  101. I’m 14 and I don’t know how to do this I’m really scared some people say it hurts and some don’t but everyone is different and I get really nervous about it I’ve tried to but I just can’t get it and I don’t know what to do.

  102. This is so embarrassing but I can’t even find the hole, I have tried so many times! I have looked in the mirror, I have tried all the different positions, i just cant get it in…all the I end up with is blood everywhere, I’m 16 and have been wearing pads for 4 years but I’m sick of the messiness and I’m always afraid of leaking, so I have been desperate to try tampons.

    • Hi! Spread your legs and feel for where your period is coming from. You will find that it’s coming from inbetween your vaginal lips. Push your finger between your vaginal lips and that’s where your vaginal opening is.

      Lemme know how it goes! Good luck!

  103. Haii
    umm im 13 and i first started my period when i was 10 i think..? the first time i had my period i tried to wear a tampon but it really hurt when i put it in and it hurt the most when i took it out.. i havent tried since then. im about to start on my period and i wanted to start trying again ,to wear them and all.. ive read about half of the comments and replies and all the problems there might be when i tryed it..the ones i have right now, they’re uhh.. tampax pearl/plastic regular. i took one out and looked at it for a bit and it kind of looks like the one in the picture.. i was just asking if you would recommend anything for beginners you know.. xD and ones that’ll hold the most and the best ones cus you know i’d evolve from the beginners to the better ones.. oh and i know all the tips.. twist/let the blood stay to go smoother/ put it in at an angle and that it’ll feel weird at first.. so just asking if you have any other tips..
    Thx c:

    ,Weirded out Teen

  104. I was born premature (13 weeks) and I am now 11 and all my friends are going through their periods so I find that its really embarrassing that I have not even grown boobs yet,I’m shorter than all my friends and I’m really skinny so I feel that i’m ages away but I seem to be getting angry about everything these past 3 weeks or so. Do you think that this has something to do with being born premature (as in not growing up as fast as everyone)?

    • It sounds liek it’s not high enough. You can do one of two things.

      1. Take it out and insert a new one.
      2. Use your finger, insert it inside, and feel for your tampon. Use your finger to push the tampon further up until you can’t feel it.

      I would also suggest trying a smaller tampon to start.

  105. Hey

    I just tried to put a tampon in like 5 times and finally it worked but it hurt and felt super uncomfortable. I just took it out and gave up. what did i do wrong?!?!

    • Hey! It sounds liek your’e not putting it up far enough! It could also just be that you were very tense. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable if you’re very tense when you’re putting it in.

      If ti’s not high enough you can do one of two things:

      1. TAke it out and put in a new one.
      2. Use your finger, insert it inside and feel for the tampon. Then with your finger push it up higher until you can’t feel it.

      Also, try a smaller tampon if you’re still finding that it’s uncomfortable. Good luck!

  106. hey ive a horse riding competition on saturday, and i am meant to get my period.. ill bring my tampon with me and its my first time using it ..i have had boys fingers in me before;)so it wont hurt and itll be easy to gind yeh ??

  107. Ok I am 10 years old,and I am really worried about getting my period. Somebody told me that it hurts taking it out. They also said that if you don’t use a tampon you are going to get pregnant!
    Is this true?

    • Hi!

      It’s normal to be worried about yoru first period. Good job on doing some research and preparing! If you suspect you may be getting your period soon, you can start by wearing pantiliners. They also help protect your panties from vaginal discharge.

      Regarding tampons, they are NOT a form of contraception or birth control.

      It won’t hurt taking a tampon out. If it does, wait until it’s more saturated. If anything you will just feel a little bit of discomfort. You’ll live :)!

  108. hay….
    k so i just inserted a tampon for the first time, yay! been trying for ages but was reading some for the comments and replys so that helped alot… isit normal that the hole is so small, and is it supposed to hurt when u pull it out? i may of put it in at the wrong angel tho, but not too sure!? PLEASE HELP, am woried i might of damaged something?

    • If you got it in, then it’s the RIGHT ANGLE. There is no wrong angle. I only mentioned the angle because that’s the path of least resistance and easiest to insert so if you got it in, good job! you dont’ need to worry about the angle :)!

      If it hurts when you pull it out, wait till it’s more saturated next time. It won’t hurt really… if anything it will just be slight discomfort. You’ll live!

      You can’t damage anything :). Good luck!!

  109. I’m so embarrassed but I’ve been trying to do this and I just can’t. I tried twice last night (I didn’t wanna try too many times because I knew that would just be stressful and make it worse) and I could get it in part of the way and then it would be too uncomfortable to make it go the rest of the way. I found this blog and read the post and a lot of the comments before bed and it made me confident enough to try again today. Unfortunately, I seem to have regressed since last night. Now I feel like I’m not even finding the right place and it’s even more uncomfortable than last night. I feel like giving up. =(

    • It sounds like you have been trying a lot! I’m going to assume you already tried the twist and push method and waiting for there to be lots of blood.

      I’ll recommend something I haven’t recommended yet on this post: try inserting your entire finger into your vaginal opening. It’s basically just like putting your applicator inside except you are using your own finger and you can feel so in this way it’s not as scary. If you can get your finger up there, you can get your tampon up there! Good luck!

  110. I was born 13 weeks premature and im in year five, all my friends have got their periods and everything but I dont even have boobs yet and I cant wait till I grow up so Im getting really frustrated that Im not growing up do you think that Im not growing up because I was born 13 weeks premature ?

  111. Hello I have tried tampons probably. 15 times and can get it in all the way but I still feel it. I got my period in August and am 14…… I can’t stand pads and need help soon thank you

    • Use your finger, insert it in your vaginal opening, feel for the tampon, and push it up higher til you can’t feel it :)!

      Sometimes the super absorbency tampons are bigger and you can feel them expanding inside you. There’s not much you can do if that’s the case but if the feeling bothers you, switch to a lower absorebency/smaller tampon.

  112. Ok so I’m seventeen years old, run and swim a lot but I wear pads because I’m scared to death to use tampons but pads are really uncomfortable. I have sat down and tried, but I can’t seem to find the hole and by then I psyched myself out so much that I just put another pad on and sucked it up… please help me I have read all the other commemts but none seem to make me feel better.!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Your stories all seem rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy stressful. I am going to get my first period soon and I am afraid it will bleed through my pants and I won’t even know it! How can I tell if its coming THAT DAY???

  114. hey,
    ok so i tried twice, three times to put one in and all times i wasn unsuccessful. It just hurts and i can’t push it in any further. argh so annoyingt. so like i am leaving on the 4 and i am going overseas. i got my period yesterday so it will be like my third day. i tried this morning and i always find the hole, get it in but i can still see it so i don’t know. Then it begins to hurt and i can’t sit down with it in. I know you are supposed to twist it. I did -didn’t work. I am feeling really desperate. Maybe i am using the wrong ones? I use tampax pearl. for my first time should i use different ones. ugn i am so confused. and another question. is it just me or do i smell really bad? is it all in my head. I don’t want to be on the plane and the random guy next to me scoochng away cause i smell. please help

  115. Ugh, I feel like giving up with tampons. After reading your blog i felt so happy to try tampons, i thought ‘i got it, i can finally do this, no more getting scared of getting my period because now i have tampons’
    but when i tried to put one on again it STILL didn’t work. i’ve tried hundreds of times and for some reason it still doesn’t work :(
    What am i doing wrong? Why does it hurt so much??? I feel like i tilted it at every freaking angle. -_-

    Please give me other suggestions or something, i’ll keep checking on this blog. I’m really tired of living in fear of my period bleeding through, which it does 95% of the time. :((((

  116. Soo I’m 15 and i have not been able to insert a tampon . I have tried several times with the regular kind but it just won’t go in!! Is it possible that my vagina is too small??? Help please!! So tried of wearing pads

  117. So I’m 15 and still can’t wear a tampon. i have tried tons of times with the regular ones it seems my vagina is too small. is that possible??? Help!

  118. Hello, I have had lots of trouble trying to get a tampon in. I am 13 and have had my period for a year, and I am totally sick of getting blood all over my undies. Pads just aren’t good enough, and today blood started to soak through my shorts at school! Lucky it happened late afternoon so I could hide it.

    Anyway, I am finally ready to try again with a tampon, and I have relaxed and tried using appilcators and used a mirror and tried different positions, and it still has never worked. Finally I turned to the internet and found your site! I haven’t tried again yet, but have found all of your tips very hopeful, so am actually looking forward to trying again!

    Thank you so, so much! I will hopefully get back to you with my results.


  119. I have tried to put a tampon in soooo many times but it just doesn’t go up!!! I can easily put my finger in and it goes all the way up but when i try to put the tampon in I get so frustrated that it won’t go in!!! I do all those things like relaxing my vagina and inserting it in an angle. My best friend got hers in on her first ever try and yet I am still trying to complete this impossible task!!! I have to go swimming a lot this month and I don’t want to sit out:( PLEASE HELP IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!! Thankyou:)

    • Maybe try plastic applicators? They’re a lot easier for me, and try putting it in on a different angle, aim for your lower back. Also, if you twist the applicator, it glides right in! And don’t tense up. Stay relaxed! Hope this helped :)

  120. I just used my first tampon yesterday aand it hurt! I’ve been trying for a year now and I just got it in! But it still hurts and I can always feel it! Why??? I’m putting it in at the right angle, I know I am! But I can always feel it and I get this sharp pain when I waalk, and also when I remove them it kills!!!!!!!! Help!!!!

    • if u feel pain when u walk, it usually means that the tampon ins’t high enough. I had the same problem. try pushing it in a little further, and maybe u could try a tampon with an applicator?:) for me they are easier to insert atlest(:
      Good luck with that! I hope that my advice helped!:)

  121. omg thanks so much! I’ve tried to insert a tampon so many times, and now with the advice on your blog I did it!:) I have to happy and thank full also because, I’m leaving on a holiday to Thailand in a few days and I really had to learn how to insert a tampon, so that I would be able to swim at the beach etc. And to all you girls who have trouble finding your vagina, and trouble inserting the tampon, it will take time, just relax and take a deep breath:) good luck to all you girls who are trying to learn how to use a tampon! and still one more big thanks to this blog owner:)

  122. Hi so I finally got a tampon in for the first time by using a plastic applicator, and i left it in for about two hours. It started dripping, so I changed it, but I couldn’t get it out. When I finally did, I actually left the bathroom crying. It hurt sooo bad! :( is there any way to get it to stop hurting?? Thanks :)

  123. Im 17 and tried like 10 times today to put one in and i thought i had it in but it wasnt in right, and it hurt a lot :/ and i am already uncomfortable with my vagina because i think its really ugly so i dont want to be looking down there for 3 hours trying to figure it out.. and do they hurt when you take them out? ive heard they do :/

  124. heey, I’ve never been able to use tampons and I was very frustrated today because my period came the day I have to swim infront of about 80 people, after reading your blog here I decided I would give it another go and attempt to put it in again…. IT WORKED!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  125. I can now finally. wear a tampon!!! Thank you so much!! My question is how to you know if your period is light or regular? I really can’t tell. thanks again!

  126. Just spend 40 unsuccessful mintues in the bathroom trying to get my tampon it. I’m so frustrated! I’ve never used one, and when I decided to try them I didn’t know how much trouble I was going to have.

  127. im sooo scared and i need to use one because in 2 days im going swimming with my friends!! Do you think i should tell them that ive got my period and id rather go roller skating or something only 2 of them know i have it and i dont want to go out and say it to all of them at once.

  128. Wow Excellent blog post. Thanks for sharing this informative information about proper insertion of tampons. If you insert the tampon, the way it has been shown in the post then your chances of losing virginity are negligible. My friends girlfriend uses tampons and one we have discussed a lot about the pros and cons of wearing a tampons and finally i have come to the point that tampons are really safe and very effective to keep you happy and free during your most annoying days.
    ponerse un tampon

  129. hi, i can insert the tube all the way but as soon as a try pushing the plunger and it started to release the tampon it was really uncomfortable and hurt a bit. Also removing it was VERY uncomfortable but it was fully saturated. I was also wondering if there is a huge difference absorbancy wise between lites and regulars.
    Please help!
    Thanks you!

  130. hi!! ASAP!! i got my period today after i came home from swimming and i dont know what im gonna do about tomorrow’s swimming lesson!i dont think i can buy tampons cause i dont think its available here would a pad work? i have a heavy flow during the first 3 or 4 days and my mom wont let me skip what if theres a blood trail in the sea?? HELP!!!

    • Hi!

      1. You can’t use a pad to go swimming. It will just absorb all the water!

      2. You won’t leave a trail of blood. The water pressure will keep your period from leaving your body. It’s hard to explain.. but basically, you won’t just bleed into the water but when you get up from the pool, you’ll feel that GUSH and that’s when you’ll bleed. So also not a good idea to swim w.o a tampon!

      My recommendation is to just skip out on lessons, your swim instructor will understand. They prbly encounter this lots of times. I used to skip out on my lessons too.

      I don’t think your mom will let you go swimming on your period without a tampon. Let her know you have a heavy flow. She will understand. She’ll either let you skip out or teach you how to use a tampon in time for your lesson :)!

  131. When I put my tampon in, it hurts! Yes, a lot have questions like this but I do twist and it still hurts! Im pretty sure its in the right angle and Im in the right position and I think its in the right hole. Im really confused and I need to use a tampon because I have a sport!
    -Just another girl problem

  132. Hi,

    I have recently brought tampons with an applicator, but I’m so scared about everything and I don’t want it to hurt, and I don’t even really know where the hole is so I need heaps of help…Any tips on how to calm myself down…

  133. I have tried every brand of tampon and I always use the slender ones. It will not go in. I get it about an inch or 2 and then I can’t get it in anymore. I am a ballerina and pads are the most uncomfortable things to dance in. Also, wearing underwear is super lumpy for dance and I want to just lose the underwear and pads for this. What else should I do? I am so frustrated. It’s so annoying. Everyone can do it but me. Please help it’s urgent.

    • Hii,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      It sounds like you have at least got it in a bit. That’s great! Now to complete the insertion process, you just need to push it in until only the grip is outside of you. Many girls find it helpful to twist the applicator and push at the same time. It will slide right into place!

      Try this trick and if it doesn’t work, leave another comment ok :)? I’ll try to answer faster next time.


  134. Hello!
    First I’d like to say that I really like your blog! It’s very helpful. i just have a question about tampons. I have tried many times to use one but have the problem of getting the barrel to stay in when I push the applicator. The barrel seems to slide back out when I do. And when I do get it in it feels like it’s not far enough. Any suggestions on what I could do to change that?
    Thank you so much.
    - Miss Anonymous

    • Hi Miss Anonymous,

      I’m glad you found my blog helpful :)!

      Hold the applicator by the grip and hold it in place when you push the plunger in. This way the barrel won’t slide out :).

      If you feel that it’s not in far enough, just use your finger, insert it inside your vagina, feel for the bottom of the tampon and push it farther up until you cannot feel the tampon anymore.

      Good luck!


  135. I find da best way to insert tampons sitting on da toilet with one leg on toilet seat and one on da floor,relax den simply place da top of da tampon where u think the hole is and gently move it around till u find da hole(couple of seconds)deb push up far enough don’t be afraid:)hope this helped!5th time doin it now nd i swear its much better than wearing pads…damn things are like nappys nd are so uncomfortable:/

  136. I’m 13 and started my period yesterday. I told my mum I was fine to use tampons but they really hurt when I put them in and sometimes they get stuck and even when the are in they really hurt when I move. I push them in quite far so I don’t know why it hurts so bad! also I haven’t been bleeding for 4 hours now so has my period stopped and should I bother putting a tampon in?there are no pads or liners in my house and its kinda late now. any tips in getting it to hurt less??

    • Hi!

      1. If the tampon isn’t in far enough, which may be why you can still feel it, then use your finger to push it in farther. Just insert your finger into your vagina, feel for the bottom of the tampon, and push it up farther.

      2. If your period has slowed down so much that you haven’t bled in four hours, do not use a tampon. Use a pad instead. If you have no pads, just ask your mom! She must have some in her purse or other hiding spots ;)! Do not use a tampon when you are bleeding so lightly.

      3. If it hurts putting in a tampon, wait til there is lots of blood. It will help the applicator slide in during insertion.

      Good luck.


  137. Hey, do you still answer these? Hope you do, I need help. And kinda, like now. I am on my period, and have been using tampons for around 2 periods now. Problem is, I can never get it in right! I can ALWAYS feel it, any advice? Thanks.

    @Anonymous Same for me. But not pushing it up, maybe, you have the wrong absorbancy level? Try a lighter one.

    • It sounds like you at least got the tampon in already. Good job! Now if you can still feel it, use your finger, insert it inside, feel for the tampon and just push it farther up until you cannot feel the tampon anymore. Don’t worry, it can’t get lost in there or anything :)!

      Good luck!


  138. Hey.

    I get back to school soon and it turns out i get my period first week back so i have two swimming lessons and swimming sports that i HAVE to do. I have wasted a few boxes of tampons trying to insert them and i cant even get them into the opening where they are supposed to go, i’ve read heaps of different instructions but i still cant do it. Im also pretty scared whenever i try and i start to shake and things like that. Is there anything you would suggest to calm me down?

    -scared ‘n confused 14 yr old

    • Hey! It’s okay to be nervous. Just take a deep breath and try again. Millions of girls have successfully put in their first tampon and you will too!

      I find that the more you try, the less nervous you get. It’s a pretty simple process, you can’t break anything down there :).

      Good luck!


  139. Hi! When I put my tampon in I could still feel it and then I pushed it in a little further. Then when I started to take it out, it hurt. Is there something wrong with me? Please help!!!

  140. Umm I keep trying but I can’t find an opening!!! I don’t even know where to insert the tampon!! I mean I can’t locate the whole and I’m way too chicken to et with my finger……..I’m scared it will hurt! And I have swimming classes tomorrow and I need to figure out how to use a tampon!

    -terrified 14 year old

  141. Hi,
    I’m 13 and i wear tampons to school (have been since september) when i have my period, but every hour, when it is time to go to the next class, and i stand up i can always feel it. I put them in all the way but it feels like it is sliding out whenever i walk….so how i walk to classes every time is a little scurry, with my legs close together and i am almost late to class. I change it before lunch (so around 11:30am) and just wear a pad for the rest of the day.

    • Hey! If you feel that it’s coming out, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and insert your finger into your vagina to feel if it’s falling. If you find that it is low, just push it farther up with your finger.


  142. Hi,

    So I’m only 12 and I’ve had my period about 5 times before this one and in my last one I tried putting a tampon in. I got it in a little bit ( it was the right hole ) but then I got scared and I couldn’t push it in any further, so it probably wasn’t the right hole, but I didn’t get in in a tiny bit, but I could push it in anymore…So I took the tampon out…Plus every time I think about putting in a tampon my tummy gets sore…..

    From Charlotte

    I have to wear a tampon, cause I hate carrying a pad in my hands trying to stop everyone else seeing it ( So I have to wear a tampon, that way, I wont need to change it at school )…And I’m going into High School this year

    • Hi!

      If you found a hole that’s not your bum/anus, it’s the right hole! Cause the pee hole is just too tiny to even fit the tampon in even just a little bit.

      Just try again. Do it when there is lots of period blood. This will help it slide in.

      Also, you MUST change a tampon just like you should change a pad. You can wear a pad all day if you want, it is just dirty and unhygienic to do so but with a tampon, you MUST change it. This is because there is a risk for TSS when you wear a tampon. You can wear it for a maximum of 6-8 hours but most women change it long before then because it will become full and saturated.

      Good luck!

  143. I can’t seem to find my vagina… I’ve tried this tons of time s… :( When I use a mirror, I can’t find it either and I’m super uncomfortable with the idea of using a finger! What should I do?

  144. please please help!! I’ve just started my period, not the first time or anything but I only have non applicatir tampons with me! I’d never used them before but I thought they’d be fine, so I went to put one in after a shower and I just couldn’t! I started to and it was just so dry, I really couldn’t! It was so painful, I was crying, trying for half an hour but couldn’t! I’ve got school tomorrow and I really don’t know what to do, I don’t have the time to change a pad every hour and if I leave a pad on for more than 2 hours I’ll leak! I’ll have some applicators in a few days but for the mean time what do I do?! And I can’t just deal with the pain an get it in, it’s honestly too painful, I was crying my eyes out! PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

      I know that feeling you are talking about. It just feels too dry to insert sometimes cause the tampon is absorbing during insertion and this makes for an uncomfortable and sometimes painful insertion.

      When I first experienced this, my reaction was to push slowly but this actually makes it hurt more.

      The trick is to just push it in quickly! The pain will be minimal, it slides right in, and no, you cannot break anything down there.

      Try it. Good luck!


  145. i am 13 and have had a few periods i can not find my vagina opening so cannot use a tampon i tried but think i put it in the wrong hole as it wouldnt go in and hurt how can i work this out for definent not jut in general exactley i am really confused please get back asap thanks

    • Hi!

      If you found a hole that’s not your bum/anus, then yes! You have the right hole!!

      Another way to find your vaginal opening is to wait to just feel for where the blood is coming from using your fingers. Wash your hands first and yes it sounds gross but it is your own body and it is not that gross.

  146. Hi, I’m 14 years old and I’ve had my period for about 4 years now. I’ve been using pads for a while and I decided I wanted to try tampons. The only thing is, I’ve looked at pretty much EVERY tutorial and I STILL can’t get insert the tampon! My fingers don’t touch my body for some reason and every time I push it in, it only goes in a little less than halfway and it’s kind of painful! Help!!

    • Hi! What do you mean your fingers dont touch your body?

      If it’s going up half way and it hurts to push farther, it sounds like your are a bit dry. Use a tampon with an applicator, this helps it slide inside you easier, and also wait until there is lots of period blood, this will help lubricate the tampon to slide inside you.

      Hope that helps!


  147. i am super nervous about tampons. At school my classes are 45 min. each and my lunch is 6th period. can i manage to change it until lunch. My teachers never let people go to the bathroom

  148. Hey Im 11 and I have my period, now is it normal for the first time for it to hurt, because I gave up. I dance 4 nights a week till 9:30 and I ave to be in shorts and I hate it because u can here my pad and see it sometimes, please help.

  149. Is there anything else that can be used other than tampons? cause ive struggled with the tampon for so long and some times resorted to swimming with a pad, which I know your not ment to. I find it such a hassel to change pads at school and I know there is no way I would he able to change a tampon at school

  150. Hi…I just started and my best friend said its easier to use gallons butbwhen I try I feel like I’m pushing the plastic in on acceding but I cant push any farther on the plunged I need help please goon on a road trip and I dnt want to have to wear pads on the road!!!!!!

  151. Umm okay so I got one in and put it all the way up till the grip and angled correctly but it feels as though it’s slipping should I put the grip in to next time

  152. Hello! I am fourteen so the world of periods isn’t new to me at all. But the world of tampons is. I have put in several tampons doing exactly what your blog says. Unfortunately, every time I insert one I get so sick to my stomach that immediately have to pull it out. It doesn’t hurt at all, I just get very, very nauseous. Help!

  153. Hi im 14 and just started my first period yesturday. I am wearing pads but i hate it and i feel gross when i have to change it. I want to use tampons im not scared of it hurting or anything, but you say it is a god idea to open your labia with your finger. I would find it too gross to touch my period blood and to leave it there as lubricant, i always wash it off. Is there a way to do it without me touchig my blood?? Thanks xx

  154. Hey,
    So I’ve been on my period for about five years now. the thing is, I’ve always used a pad… I’m starting to think that maybe it would be a good idea to try using a tampon.. I’m really nervous about trying though… I don’t know how much it’ll hurt, where it should go. I feel really stupid for not feeling confident enough to use one.. Any advice? I’ve read through literally every question and answer and I’m really just panicing like mad..

    • Hello, I know that I’m not the Period Blogger but I have been there! I am the person that gets nauseous after inserting a tampon :/ to be honest you just need to relax first (read a book, take a bath,etc) it doesn’t hurt at all (for me) it just felt super weird not pain just a little discomfort until I got itTake a deep breath and use this blog as a guide, you can do it!!! I hope this helps you :)

  155. Hello. I’m having a difficult time trying to find where the tampon should be inserted. I think I found where it goes I just can’t get the hang of putting it in the right way. And I’m pretty scared because I start softball pretty soon and I don’t want anything to leak. Please help!

  156. Hey, I’m feeling a little discouraged :( I’ve tried to insert the playtex small and the playtex regular and i can barely get it in 1 inch :( I’m a virgin and I’m 15 and I thought i was ready for tampons, but they are SO uncomfortable!! :( I’m not sure I’m ready for them! but I’m tired of missing out on fun things like pool parties with friends, because i don’t know how to/don’t want to wear a tampon!! :( HELP!! :(
    Sincerely, Discouraged :(

    • When you put it in, aim for your tailbone.. it should slide right in! Twist it when you push in too.. it usually pops right in… Let me know if that helps!

  157. I am so happy!I GOT IT IN!! thank you so much for posting this, it helped so much! I was having trouble before, but i followed your instructions and i got it! Im so excited! i ran out of pads and i live with my dad so i had to learn how to insert a tampon right away! Plus, i absolutely hate pads! anyways, thank you for the help!!

    • Yup… just the applicator though.. don’t push the tampon inside of you ok? You can’t practice wearing a tampon but you can practice sliding the applicator inside you.

  158. I don’t use tampons yet but I want to know if u can wear a tampon for longer than eight hours if you are going to bed? Will I have to wear a pad while I sleep or can I wear a tampon that long?

    • You can wear a tampon to bed but you can only wear it max 6 or 8 hours. Depends on the tampon… see the box! This means, you have to make sure you get up at 8 hours to change your tampon okay?

      If you think you’re gonna sleep in / oversleep then just wear a pad :)

  159. I’m 16 and i’v had my period for a few years now. I just tried on a tampon because I have to go to an island and i’ll be in the water a lot. It was hard for me to get in but i kept pushing and it did. When I walk or si down i feel really uncomfortable and can still feel it. I tried pushing it in further but it won’t go in more and i’m scared i’ll hurt myself. What should i do? Does it feel uncomfortable just because it’s my first time or? Please help!

  160. Hi, I have never used a tampon before and I was going to today, but I saw white stuff coming from my vagina. Is that normal? I’m not sure if it was just discharge. Also, most of my area is healthy color, but there is this one spot where it is brown. Is that normal too?I know this is kind of off topic but I’m scared. Pls help!

  161. Hi, I have never used a tampon before and I was going to try to today but when I looked at my area, I saw white stuff coming from my vagina. Is that normal? Is it discharge? Also, my area is a healthy color, but one spot of it is brown. Is that also normal? I know this is off topic, but I’m scared. Pls help! Thanks.

  162. Ok. So I got the whole thing about putting the tampon in, but like when I take the covering off, the thing that goes inside u is still sticking out. What am I doing wrong?

  163. ok so i had my period on about the 5th in march. For easter we are going camping at this festival thats kind of hippy so drop toilets no concrete on a farm next to a river (i live in australia so the rivers are murky and brown)we leave that place the day before i had my period last. my period use to go about a week earlier everytime but now its starting to fall around the same date but im still worried. i talked to my friend about and we both havent used tampons. She said that i didnt have to and that when she weent snorkeling she didnt wear one she wore black bathers instead, does that work or would there be a red puddle around me. Also can i use a pad going swimminng?? is there a way of not using a tampon?

    • Dont worrie Im having my period and next month im going to a swimming place for my friends b-day and it’s all about swimming NEVER wore a tampon today it’s scary I’m trying to learn today

  164. Okay this is my first time using a tampon and I’m not really scared I just don’t want it to hurt. I also can’t find where to insert it… Help Please..

  165. I’m 90% sure I have it up there fully.I put use the applicator to push the tampon up I know it’s in there. Problem is I can feel it, and it is very uncomfortable, I have tried so many times. That is legitimately as far as it goes. but it is so uncomfortable that I can’t even walk properly. Any tips?!

    • Insert your finger inside your vagina until you feel the bottom of the tampon. Push it up higher until you can’t feel the tampon inside you anymore. You shouldn’t be able to be so uncomfortable that you can’t walk. That might be because it’s sitting too low.. as in it’s so low it’s very close to the opening of your vagina….

    • I’m not the Period Blogger, but no. This is not true, thats what I heard and it scared me for a while then I asked my mum and she said it wasn’t true at all. :)

  166. What i first did was take a mirror to know your body especially if your a virgin…..using a mirror to see where or hole is, then you have an idea and will feel more comfortable instead of jabbing around and irritating the area

  167. Hi! I felt like this was very Halpful. Howevar, I do not us the applicator. I us the cind. With just the tampon and string. Annie halo?
    (Pardon my English. I am French. Not American.

  168. Hi, i tryed a tampon for the first time yesterday and it hurt but i eventually got it in. You said in your thing that you can pee with a tampon in so i went to the toilet to pee with it in to try it but the tampon got all wet and puffed up from the pee? Please explain:)

  169. Hi, I’m scared of using tampons but have to due to my competitive swimming, please give me advice because I get worried when it doesn’t go in properly. I have only started my period for the first time a few days ago
    Thanks ;)

  170. Hi, I have only used a tampon for 1 day. And when I try to pull it out, it hurts. Is there something I did wrong? And I know I’m not suppose to feel it but I do when I walk or sit down…

  171. Hello!
    its been months that i had my period, and i can’t seem to get in the tampon in a right positiion. see i have P.E for school and i can’t get in the Tampon right, i dont like using the pads when i do physical activities it feel gross. i ask my mother for help, but that never helps at all. I need help!! how to sit in the position to put it in the tampon together, and i can’t seem to find the right place to put it in.

  172. I want to know how far it goes.into you because with a applicator it goes….really up there and with a normal tampon…how far does it go.up there… PLEASE RESPOND ASAP

  173. Heey ! So I just tried to use my first tampon using your steps and I only got it partially in and it started to hurt so bad so I took it out&it still hurts I’m afraid to try again any suggestions ?!

  174. Hi, there. I just wanted you to know your blog has helped me so much! I successfully inserted my first 2 tampons today with no problems. I was just patient and once I found the opening, it slid right in no problems. I’m going on a beach vacation next month and want to be comfortable using tampons before my trip. I’m on my heaviest day today (I have to use Always super pads when I’m not using tampons) and I used Tampax Lites as I’ve read it’s good to start using Lites for first time tampon users. I left the first one in for 1.5 hours and the other for 30 minutes. Both were difficult to pull out. Any recommendations? Thank you!

  175. I tried to put in a tampon for the first time today, but it hurt to much when i got to the pushing the tampon out of the barrel. Is this normal?

    • Hi,

      Wait until there is more blood and your tampon should slide in effortlessly. It also sounds like you are not inserting the barrel high enough. Did you insert it up to the grip?

  176. Awkward question…

    But it seems that sometimes my vagaga is open and sometimes it’s not. I just tried to put a tampon in, but it kind of hurt after inch so I pulled it back out. I sucked it up and tried again but when I looked, it’s like it just magically closed back up. What the hell is going on? Thanks for reading…

    • Hi!

      You’re absolutely right! The vaginal opening can expand and contract, open and close. If you are nervous, your muscles will probably clench and your vaginal opening will probably close up again. With practice you may find yourself relaxing more and much easier to insert your tampon too.

      Try again and let me know how it goes! Good luck!

  177. Hi! I luv ur advice. It’s great. But im having some trouble. Im using a tampon without an applicator and I know im putting it in all the way and im using the “smallest” ones (my mom got them for me). So why does it hurt when I sit? Or bend or sometimes walk?

    • Hi,

      How far are you pushing it in? Can you slide your finger inside past the second knuckle before you touch the bottom of the tampon when it’s inside you?

  178. I pushed the tampon in until my fingers were against my skin and did the rest of the process. But I can still feel it inside me… I know I did the process right, so do I need to try and get it further up next time orr??

  179. umm…. im kinda scared to pull it out like, i got it in but.. i dunno im just scared because all my friends say it hurts when you take it out. /:

  180. I’ve never had my period. I am 14. A couple of days ago I had a brown discharge. Today I had a really little spot of brown but a little red liquid like blood. Is this my period? Can I use a tampon?

  181. I have never had my period. I’m 14. The other day I had brown discharge some people online say this is my first period. Is it? Today there was a litle spot of blood. Very small. Can I use a tampon? I plan to go swimming tomorrow.

  182. Hey I’m 13 and I’m going to the waterslides tomorrow.. and I just got my period yesterday. I’ve never used a tampon before and I’m wondering if wearing a tampon on waterslides will hurt?

  183. I’m 18.. never used a tampon before -_- its driving me insane. I’ve only got the tampons without the barrel & I’ve followed like every step, even looked at the “how to find your vaginal opening” page, but still! I still can’t get the freaking thing to go in! I tried twisting it, tried standing in different positions, even tried different angels. Nothing & its getting so frustrating. I’ve used a whole pack of tampons trying this. But I don’t want to give up because I hate pads! I am so sick of them! Help!!!!
    Do you think it would be better to buy the tampons with the barrel or keep trying these?

    • Hey Roberta,

      I would recommend you try the ones with applicators. You may find that the applicator helps the tampon slide in much easier than without. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Good luck!

  184. Hi. So I have had my period for a a few months and have only used pads. Yesterday my brother was going swimming in our backyard pool and it looked like gun and I wanted to come. My mom said to use a tampon. I got nervous cuz that’s a wierd thought. She gave me a small one with no applicator and I thought this should be easy enough. I tried but It grossed me out the thought of something ‘up’ there. I finally got one in but it felt all tight when I walked. Now I’m really nervous cuz I want to swim this summer but tampons feel wierd and I don’t like them. Any advice? Help please someone!! I’m haing cousins over tomorrow and I want to go swimming with them!!

  185. Hi! I’m twelve, and I just got my period for the first time. My family is all going swimming soon, so I need to lean to use a tampon, but I’m a bit afraid. Does it hurt a lot?

  186. ***Please read!***
    Hi, I’ve been using pads since I first got my period and I am so tired of them! They feel like diapers and I am beyond annoyed when I use them. I have read the stuff above and it has made me so confident in trying tampons!
    Although I am confident, I have a few questions because I’m still slightly nervous.
    1.) If you take a tampon out before its full, how bad does it hurt? I am very sensitive to pain and I want it to be as painless as possible.
    2.) Is there any way to tell if its full?
    3.) Is it a good idea to wear small pads/pantiliners until you find tampons that are right for you?
    I’m pretty sure my period is almost over because my flow is getting lighter, 4.) Is it okay to still use tampons then?
    5.) If so^, what are the ways to get a tampon in easier?
    I’ve tried using a tampon before and I’ve gotten it in probably about an inch or so, but I’ve never pushed it in further due to the fact that I don’t want to mess anything up or hurt myself.
    If any of this helps, I am 13, I started my period last year, my flow is somewhere between regular and heavy (I think, but I’m not really sure).
    Please read/answer!

  187. hi i just got my period for the first time a couple of days ago. I do gymnastics a few times a week and cant afford to miss so many lessons every month. Is it too early for me to start putting tampons? i’ve never put my finger up there either so im not sure how its gonna go. but im nearly fifteen so hope you reply :) xx

  188. so i know many people have said this but i am 13 i have had my period since i was 9 and a half (early i know) and i have tried tampons but it never worked out because i didnt know what the applicator was and this helped a lot and now i where tampons so thankyou very much

  189. I just started using tampons today and this explaination was EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I had no trouble inserting the tampon, but I had problems taking it out.
    Any advice?

  190. Hey im on vacation and using a tampon for the first time because we are going to the beach should I be a bit worried of leaking since its my first time??????
    Please get back to me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi! Are you going swimming too or just hanging out at the beach?
      If you’re just hanging out in your swim suit and not getting in the water then wear a pantiliner just in. case. Otherwise you should be fully protected w a Tampon :)!

  191. Ok so this is my first time using a tampon and I got it in halfway but it hurts when I push it in further or try to pull it out. HELP!!!! What do i do???!!??!!

  192. Hi there! I hope you get to answer this :) I just tried my first tampon today, & it kind of hurts to sit down. I can walk around and do my gymnastics fine, but it hurts to sit? Can you please tell me why this might be?

  193. So i have had my period for about a year now but I’m still really confused because NO ONE explains this to me. What hole is my vagina? like i feel really stupid for asking this but i cant figure it out please please please help

  194. Hi,
    I just got my period at midnight (it was very light so I caught it on time) Anyways, I’m going out to the lake with my family tomorrow morning and I’m pissed off that I got it today. I hardly ever get it on Fridays. I’m 14 now and I don’t know how to wear one. It would be useful because then I can stop wearing two pads!! Will it be safe to go swimming with? I’m embarrassed to ask my mother about it… Weve been planning this trip for a while and I don’t wanna be a party pooper.

    Please reply :)

    Thanks, Jmorg

  195. When I tried to put in the tampon for the first time, is it supposed to hurt? Cause when I tried it really seemed to hurt for my first time an it makes me scared to try again…

  196. It’s not my first time using a tampon I used to use them a lot but then I stopped using them now I’m trying to use them again because I find pads kind of gross, I can get the applicator in no problem it’s that I can feel the tampon in me and its very uncomfortable and painful HELPP!!!!!!!

  197. I just got my period yesterday and I already do.t like pads cuz they are so messy. I want to use a tampon because I am I softball and we wear white pant and I am afraid the pad will leak or some one will see the pad. My mom wont let me use gallons though what should I do?

  198. Ok so I have my period and I want to use tampons. My mom has tampax regular ones are those all right to use for a 15 year old with a light to medium period. Some one please help!

  199. can you start wearing tampons at the age of 43..Family vacation an the kids want me to go swimming an I have never worn a tampon before so I didn’t know if I could start to late in my age…

  200. i have tried to use tampons about 3 times and each time i do i always feel pain and can’t get it in past the first 2-3 cm. please please help. i cant swim when having my period coz i’m afraid it will leak.

  201. I am 20, yes, 20 years old!! I’ve had my period since I was 12. My period has always been heavy flow. For as long as I can remember I’ve attempted the tampon route. Trying again and again. Taking advice from any and everyone. It makes me feel like less of a woman because I STILL can not put a tampon in :( I am comfortable with my body, know my body, and yet it still is just not working. It hurts. Every time. I’ve tried different positions, entering the tampon in in different directions, different sizes, brands…everything. I’m starting to think I’m in that 2% of women who’s vaginas just aren’t constructed to be using tampons. I just feel pathetic about it though.

  202. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! When I made my original posting (see Fed Up making a post about the tampon-less 20 year old) about failing for 8 years straight at every attempt to use a tampon, I had actually just got done attempting to use a tampon for the thousandth time (honestly not exaggerating). So I found this site and made my angry post then resumed with my life and watched tv. A few hours later, I grab a different tampon that I had gotten as a sample in the mail (different from the one I’d attempted with earlier). I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, took a few breaths, noticeably my muscles were more relaxed than they are when I attempt this with one foot propped up on the counter, I grabbed a mirror, opened the tampon wrapper, and followed these steps by entering the tampon parallel. Holy crap!! Can I just say….8 years of complete monthly frustration has come to an end!!! And I finally felt like a woman the second “it happened”…..sad I know. But I just never felt like a woman when using pads – I am insanely self conscious when I’m on my period because of the pads, always worrying about it showing, leaking, etc. It was an INSANE night and day difference from ALL my attempts before. The moment I actually began entering the barrel into my vagina, it just happened so naturally and fast and holy crap the only reason I can tell I’m wearing one is because I’m so freaking stoked that I’m wearing one.

    Wow I’m pathetic LOL!!!
    Needless to say, let my story alone be a testimony, never give up! Practice most definitely makes perfect! And even though I thought I was in that 2% of women that aren’t built to wear tampons, and was ready to give up, my very next attempt was successful.

    Love this site, love this blog, love the person that created it. And everyone else on here attempting to begin wearing tampons….don’t give up! 8 years y’all….8 years and it finally happened for me!


    Fed Up No Longer ;)

    P.S. again…I’m extremely lame….wow lol!!

  203. Okay, so, I’ve tried many, many times to insert a tampon but I can still feel it. I’ve tried putting it in every which way at every angle but it’s still uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s my muscles tensing because, like I said, I’ve tried it many times. My sister has said I’m just not putting it in far enough but I can’t get it to go any farther and I don’t want to force it. Any advice? I’m kind of afraid it might be my body or something. Is that a possibility? Gahh >_<

  204. i tried for hours today with it only been my 3rd day of having a period and tomorrow imgoing to my friends for a sleep over she dosnt have her period yet and my mom said if i wanna go swimming i needed to use tampons and your site really helped i whanted to try today so i dont take ages in the bathroom and after reading your blog i whent straight upstairs and walah it whent in like a dream it did hurt a little but i took it out straight away to see how it works and it works great im hopping my period ends in a couple of days cuz its a bit of a ball ache lol thanxs for your help helped soooooooo much.

  205. Hi! I love your tips on this blog! I have a school camp TOMORROW and we have to do lots of water activities, i don’t ususally have my period this time of the month but it just desicided to come the day before camp (of course) haha and I’ve tried to insert some tampons but they HURT me so so bad! I can only get it in 5cm at the max and then it hurts me so so much! is there something wrong with me? or am i just not doing it right?

    Also i was trying it in a different position to what you have suggested, so I think I’ll try again later hahaa


  206. HELP!! I’m on my period now and I really want to use a tampon before school starts! I don’t feel comfortable asking my mom to help. It hurts hen I try to get the tampon in. Heck, I can’t even find where I’m supposed to put the tampon. I’ve tried using a mirror but I’m stilll having trouble. Please help!

  207. thank you so much period blog! thanks to you, i’ve finally gotten rid of my fear of tampons! i was finally able to put one in, and i do feel a slight discomfort, so i tried pushing it in further with my fingers, but it didn’t make a difference so i’m guessing the feeling is just because i’m a beginner. is that a correct assumption? anyways, it’s ignorable (not nearly as bad as my cramps, uhhggg, those are a pain).

    • Wooh! Congrats!

      You’ll get more familiar with tampons as you continue to wear them. You may find that some tampons may fit your body better than others too. Good luck!

  208. When you’re going to bed, do you just change before you go to bed or wear a pad to bed and just change it right when you get up? Please answer my question i need too know!!!!

    • Hi!

      You can wear a tampon to bed but make sure you get up before the 8 hour mark to change it (look on the box for how long you can wear it) and wear a pantiliner to catch any leaks.

      If you know you’ll be snoozing for a long time then go with a pad.

      If your flow is extra heavy and you know you’ll fill up the tampon quickly, then skip the tampon, wear a pad to bed.

      Good luck!

  209. Dear The Period Blog,
    I have been hesitant and nervous to put in a tampon for awhile. I’m a swimmer and runner so it’s become difficult to stay as active as I am with only pads. I was wondering which position you would recommend the easiest to relax and insert comfortably. I’ve tried squatting but it hasn’t really worked out well.
    You’re advice helped a lot. I read through the comments and the I think that the twisting technique may be a good solution. Thank you so much again!

    • Hi Gracie!

      Thanks so much for writing to me!

      I never liked the squat position either. I find that its easiest to insert when I’m sitting on the toilet as I normally would when I pee or one leg up is easy too.

      Let me know how it goes Gracie! It gets easier and easier to insert after the first one :)!

  210. I just wanted to thank you so much. This was so helpful!
    Third times the charm, it has finally work for me after a while of trying and tomorrow I am comfortably going swimming for the first time on my period. Because of this!
    Wish me luck! :DDD

  211. ive watched all the how to videos, but none really help. is it supposed to hurt when you put the tampon in? and if i get dizzy does that mean i have shock?

  212. Hi, I got my period when I was 11 and was not really interested in using tampons because I was pretty young. One summer when I was 12 or 13 I realized what a pain it was to not have the option of using a tampon, especially when I wanted to go swimming. I tried to use tampons then and couldn’t, which was frustrating, but I was still pretty young and didn’t really mind. However, I still wanted very badly to use tampons and every time I would get my period I would try again and it just wouldn’t work. I don’t know if other people have similar stories but I tried to use tampons for a good 4 and a half years, and it killed me that other girls could so effortlessly do this while I would sit there, knowing exactly what to do, but something wouldn’t click and it would leave me feeling like there was something wrong with my body! I have had a boyfriend for just over a year now; we have not had sex but we have tried. He could never get inside me and even when he fingered me I would experience extreme discomfort. This just heightened my worry that there was something wrong with me. I found so many resources like this one and they all said the same things: relax your muscles, use a lighter absorbency, try a different position, look for the hole with your finger… None of this helped, I just couldn’t do it. I am almost 17 now and have finally achieved the ability to insert a tampon and I’m sure you all can imagine what a relief that was. I know this isn’t too helpful in a technical sense, but I’m here to tell you there is hope. I tried for YEARS and was convinced I would never succeed, but I finally have, and I want you to know that you will too.

    Here are some funky tips that may help…

    -I use a little compact hand mirror to find my hole (I was never too into that hands-on process of finding it)

    -I thought that maybe there was a problem with the shape of my vaginal canal, so just to make sure that there was an actual path for something to travel up it, I guided a Q-tip up there. This was super reassuring and it also helped prepare me for what a tampon might feel like

    -I used super thin tampons (Tampax radiant compak, the regular size is very narrow and I’m not sure if being compact made a difference but since they’re so little in appearance maybe they’re less scary?)

    -I talked to my mom about it! There wasn’t much she could do to help me but she would listen and I think that really helped. So if you’re lucky enough to have a female mentor in your life then you should use that resource.

    I hope this is sort of helpful <3

  213. Thank you sooo much for this! I was reading all the feedback and replies and finally felt comfortable enough to use a tampon! I’m 14, almost 15 and my flows can get pretty heavy. I got it in on the first try!! I feel super accomplished lol :)

  214. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t get the tampon in all the way it caused me pain but it was the right hole. What does it mean? I’m also EXTREMLEY nervous to try and use another one.

  215. Hi I haven’t had my period yet but I can tell its coming (cause if the pain) but I’m a bit nervus about putting it in cause I might put it in the wrong hole and I don’t want that to happen! :(

    And I don’t want TSS but I also LOVE swimming and I love going outside and running around so pads can only be a temperary thing

    And I’m not to sure how to tell my mom when it happens

    HELP!!! PLEASE !!!

  216. I am absolutely terrified of putting a tampon in. Like when ever I think about it I start crying and I can never bring myself to do it, but I’m a swimmer and have really heavy periods and I need to do it but I can’t and I’m crying just writing this comment because I’m so scared. I have so many questions like, what if the string breaks? Or what if it hurts taking in our or putting in. And it’s just so overwhelming and I read every article known to man about this stuff and I can never do it and every article I read I cry and I just need help and I feel they’re is no straight answers and no one is helping me and I need help desperately.

  217. Hey, I’m a swimmer and I can’t seem to get the courage to use a tampon because I’m afraid that it will hurt. I had to miss a few practices and now I’m afraid I’ll miss a meet! I read the comments and the “How to” at the top and I always scare myself out of useing the tampon and the pads gross me out, so whenever you can help that would be awesome ;)


  218. Hi, I am 14 and I have never used a tampon before. At the moment I am one day into my period and I want to try and use a tampon.
    I tried what you said and used my finger to look for the right hole but I can fully stick my finger in my pee hole and my vagina. I dont know which is which and I dont want to put a tampon in the wrong one!! Could someone please reply I’m desperate. School starts tomorrow and we have swimming in PE, last thing I want is to be leaking all down my leg! (my PE teacher doesn’t let you skip class because of your period).

    ~~worried and anxious

  219. so every time i try to have sex or even insert a tampon it will go in like half an inch and just stop, ill push as hard as i can but it hurts sooooooo freaking bad. Iv tried getting fingered and i cant because it will stop. Once when i tried having sex i bled so im assuming my hymen broke..? but nothing has ever been able to go farther then like an inch or half an inch. what i would like to know is… is it possible to have a wall os skin inside of your vagina? that you have to brake thru? or something like that? im so confused and its really emotionally frustrating to me. can someone PLEASE HELP ME. Its really hard to talk to people i know about this because they dont understand the pain im going thru.

  220. Hey :) I managed to my first tampon in! Wooh! But that’s not the problem. When I try to take out the tampon it hurts… Like it stings/burns and has this weird pulling sensation in my canal. Is it because it wasn’t saturated enough? I only left it for less than two hours… It wasn’t soaked. Help please? Is there a technique to pulling out a tampon?

    • Yes, wait longer next time so the tampon is more saturated. It’s uncomfortable to pull it out when dry. There is no technique to it really.. just pull it out! Good luck Charlotte :).

  221. Hi ,
    With tampons they are easy to insert after you get the hang of it. My advice is to have sex before it makes it a hell of a lot easier. I have sex all the time it’s great. Swimming with tampons it’s hard. I LOVE SEX

  222. i dont have a mirror at home to help find my vagina hole and even though i dont have my period yet i just want to know where to put the tampon.
    how do i find the hole?

  223. Hi, I’m 13 & having trouble inserting, I get it in a little bit but then I can’t get it in further I’m in too much pain, I tried twisting, different angles, doing it over and over again! I tried everything!!!!! But nothing works!! Please help

    & Can you use like a mosturiser eg (paw paw, vasalin) etc. to help lubricate to slide it in easier, or would that cause inflection?

  224. I’ve been using tampons since I was 11. I had to use them lots for swimming and stuff. I hate hate hate pads! They are slimy, sticky, smelly horrible inventions that acre inconvenient and bulky with heavy flows.

    To answer a few questions that keep reoccurring:

    1: Where is my vagina?
    Reach between your legs. 2 holes. One is your anus which you can tell as its further back, slide your finger forward and that hole is your vagina. Its not your urethra (pee hole) as most young girls think, thats actually situated inside about half a cm… which you’ll find out if you ever need a catheter!

    2: It hurts when I put it in/out…
    You’re doing it wrong! Even at 9 you should be able to insert one without too much pain.
    Noone at all seems to advice this so:
    My advice (although some people may think its gross but its your body girls!) Take your finger after washing your hands and try and insert your middle or index finger to the hilt… You should be able to feel which way your vagina lies and why you’re not being able to insert properly. You’ll be amazed if you do this how wrong you are about the angle!! You should be inserting and pushing it slightly towards your lower back! Thats it!


    Yes you’re still a virgin if you use tampons.
    Yes you can go swimming with a fresh tampon and do everything else you normally would that pads don’t allow.

    Important thing to mention:

    TSS is a very real disease and can be very severe!
    ALWAYS change a tampon in time
    ALWAYS make sure you leave the string at the front of your pubis – you’ll need it to ‘remind’ you if you’ve already inserted one sometimes!
    Always go to the doctor if anything seems unusual!

    End of the day, you’re going to be doing this for roughly 40 years of your life so around 1200-1500 times, you’ll get used to it!

  225. Hi!
    I am on my third period and I am 12 years old. My mother got hers at the same age and she said she started using a tampon on her second one. Before I ask her if I can use one, is there anything I have to do before I try? (Like fingers or stuff like that). I have a pretty heavy flow, so how often would I have to change it? And, honestly, does it hurt at all? Scale from 1-10. I just wanna know, its not gonna stop me from doing it.
    Thanks so much, Jill.

    • Hi! It doesn’t really hurt. It’s just uncomfortable if you don’t know how to insert it. Of course blindly prodding yourself with a tampon down there is going to hurt (like on the pain scale a 2 or a 3)! So the best thing you can do to prepare is find where your vaginal opening is. You can find it with your finger or read my blog post on how to do that here.

      Heavy flow- Wear a regular tampon first and see how fast you get wet down there or how fast you leak. Wear a pantiliner to catch leaks ok? Usually I would say every 4 hours on a regular tampon or move on up to a super tampon and see how long that lasts you for.. prbly 6-8 hours. I prefer changing frequently. The longest you can wear a tampon is 8 hours and no longer so make sure you change it before then.

      Good luck!

  226. I tried heaps of times to insert a tampon but i couldn’t seam to do it. I did get it about half way in but when ever I tried to push it in it further it would really really hurt. I didn’t get any pain when it was half way inserted and I wasn’t putting it in further but it hurt so bad trying to put it in I just had to pull it out. Is it possible that the tampon was too big…?

    • It sounds like you almost have it in. It doesn’t sound like the tampon is too big if you can get the first half in. Just make sure you are well lubricated (wait til there is lots of blood), aim towards your tail bone and do the twist and push. It should slide right in.

  227. I just wanted to say thankyou so much because this is obly my third period and its coming on summer here in nz so my mum suggested i wear tampons. After reading every comment i trief it and succeeded the second time xx

  228. Hello, So I’m 15 and my period just started today – I’m using a pad, but I’m finding them uncomfortable and they feel like diapers, I want to use tampons but I’m worried about using them & the risk of TSS by using them, any advice?

    • Pads – Try different brands and different kinds. Some are really thin and have cottony soft covers and absorb just as much as the maxi ones.

      Tampons – Just follow the directions, don’t wear them for more than 8 hours. This means you should put on a new one before the 8 hour mark. If you are just starting to use tampons and worried about TSS, you can start by alternating between pads and tampons. That’s what I did :). Good luck!

    • Just use a pantiliner :). They are much thinner and if you get the ones with a cottony soft cover, they feel just like panties.

  229. This may be a weird question…. But which hole does it go into? And how do I know if it’s in the right one? If someone could please answer, I would be very grateful! x

    • It goes into your vaginal opening. See here: How to find your vaginal opening

      You have three holes, your anus (where you poop from), urethra (your pee hole) and your vaginal opening. Your urethra is close to your vaginal opening but it is way too small to put anything in so don’t worry about accidentally putting anything in there.

  230. I’m 17 and I’ve been trying to use a tampon for the last few months. It always seems like I’ve found the right hole but it only goes in not even an inch. When I try to push it in it hurts, even when I try to change the angle. I’ve tried every position and even had my mom and friend help me (on 2 different occasions). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if something is wrong with me. It’s just really frustrating. Sorry if this was gross :/

    • The same is happening to me! I’ve tried three times today and can’t put it in all the way. I’ve used my finger to find the hole and try to put the tampon in but even with my finger i can’t even go up to my second knuckle without feeling this sort of wall inside the hole. I was pretty sure i was putting it into the right place but it gets stopped every time and is super uncomfortable if i try to leave it because it leaves the labia spread apart. Can someone please help because I have a heavy flow and really want to start using tampons.

  231. i tried to put in a tampon today to get used to it but i tried 4 times and i could only get in in like 1cm and it hurt quite a bit. I think a little bit of the problem is i cant actually see what im doing but i almost got it the last time and it just wouldnt go in. any help? i have a swim thing tomorrow i really wanan do :\

  232. Hi,

    So yesterday I tried tampons for the first time since I’m a dancer. I used the Playtex Sport Super Absorbency. My period was very heavy and the regular just weren’t working for me. It was my 2nd time to wear one. I decided to use the super rather than the regular to see how it went. I left it in for about 6 hours. I came home to take it out. Note: I tried to take it out at 4 hours with it being in, but it kinda hurt and my mom said it probably wasn’t ready to come out yet. When I tried to take it out at 6 hours with it being in, it REALLY hurt for some reason, even worse than the 4 hours. I had to go very slowly, so it took me about 10 minutes to finally pull it out. It was really overflowed so I’m wondering if maybe I left it in for too long? Is that why it hurt? My friend said don’t leave it in for over 8 or 9 hours. What length would you recommend? Have you tried this brand yet?

    • Your friend is right! Don’t leave it in for more than 8 hours.

      Not sure why it would hurt so much. Try a lower absorbency next time and a pantiliner to catch leaks!

      Since it hurt so much after wearing a tampon, I would give yourself a break and alternate between a pad and try again with the tampon in a day or two.

  233. I’m 14. I don’t like pads. I’ve done a lot of research on tampons and inserting them and such. I don’t think I’m ready for tampons just yet. I’ve tried a couple times.and I can’t wow get em. But ya know.. Anyways.. I play track in the spring and I wanted to know if there is literally anyway to go through everyday practice with a pad on, well atlEast for a week.. The practices are every day after school for like 2 hours maybe. I’m not very heavy. Actually I think I’m very light but I might not be regular yet because its only been five months. Five periods.. Any advice about pads and running?

  234. Hi! When I try to use tampons, I get it in about an inch, then I try twisting. AND IT DOES NOT WORK!! So I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong??

  235. Hi so I have 2 questions. When your putting the tampon in, won’t your period blood get all over your hands? And also I’m going to my friends house Thursday and she wants to go swimming, so are you supposed to use a tampon because won’t it leak and get wet from the water? Thank you:)

    • The applicator will keep your hands clean. If you use a non applicator tampon, there will be a little bit of blood.

      If you’re going swimming on your period then yes you will need to use a tampon. You can’t use a pad.

      The tampon won’t leak or get wet from the water because the tampon is INSIDE you. A little water might get inside you so it’s normal if the tampon looks like it’s absorbed a bit of the water too. But for the most part it will just be absorbing your period :).

  236. Hi, please help!!
    So I’m 12 and I’ve only had my period 4 times and I’m still irregular but my last two cycles have been 36 and 33 days. My school camp falls on the 35th day this cycle and I’m praying that I don’t get my period then as this camp is quite major , its when everybody makes new friendships as its my first year in college, or high school… I don’t know what country you’re from.
    Anyway, I asked my mum iff I could use tampons and she said I wouldn’t be able to because she reckons that I would be the same as her; she says she couldn’t use them until she gave birth. So she won’t even let me try!! She says I’ll just have to sit out but she doesn’t realise how much this camp means to me.
    So I’ve been attempting to practise with my finger and hopefully I can convince her, but if I can’t, do you think it would be wrong for me to go behind her back to use them? Or asking friends for some? I can get my index finger in up to the first knuckle crease line without much pushing, I haven’t really tried to go in further though. Are these promising results for tampon use or not?

    Please help!!
    Love, anon

    • Hi! All girls can use tampons. If you can get your finger in there then a tampon will fit. The vagina is meant to fit a penis for sexual intercourse so it can definitely fit a tampon.

      It is all up to you whether you want to try one or not. Remember you can only try a tampon when you have your period ok?

      Good luck!

  237. Wow!!! I was uncomfortable while putting it it and when it was in I was relieved I did right the first time and now I was afraid to stand up just in case it hurt and when I I stood up I was perfectly fine I don’t feel it!!!! Wow thank you soo much now I have to get used to it

  238. Hi I just had my first period on December 27 while skiing and it lasted 8 heavy days and 2 light days I was just wondering if that was ok. I would also like to know what pads and tampons you would recommend for very very active and busy girls btw I’m 12

  239. Okay so I almost at the age where I having my periods. Just 4 months to go. (The white mousics *I think that how you spell it* is there and it been there for 2 months and they said it will do that for 6 months til your periods) But I kinda scared. Won’t it hurt? How you get the applicator out? And how you pull it out. I should just tell my mom. Always the best thing to do.

  240. when i first put in the tampon, it didn’t really feel right, so i pulled it out. But when i pulled it out, it really hurt. did i do something wrong?

  241. well I can insert it but it hurts to take it out… like really bad… I think it’s just because I’m using a super(I ran out of regulars) and they’re kinda dry. but I’m nervous it’s because something’s wrong. can someone help me?:(

  242. I’m 15 and I’ve been on my period for 3 years and I’m going on holiday in the next couple of months and will be on my period so I need to use a tampon. I tried inserting one this morning and it just wouldn’t go up like I looked in a mirror and I thought I had found it so I began to insert it then it wouldn’t go up so I tried to use my fingers to find it and they wouldn’t go up anywhere. Then I finally thought I had found it so I started to insert it at angle towards my lower back and the pain was unbearable I kept doing deep breaths but nothing work. I use tampons with a plastic applicatior and I use regular because my periods are heavy but I was too scared to use a bigger one p. help me :(((

  243. Hi I’m Abbie I’m 11 years old I’ve singes all round my body but I have not had it yet bus I’ve been feeling sick most of the time so I went to the Docter and they said that I’m going to get it soon.

  244. I hi I just my period for the first time today! since I am a dancer I need to use tampons so I went to the store and got the Playtex sport! I tried to get it in and it hurt really bad so i took out the applicator. I threw it away because I heard you shouldn’t use them more than once. I just don’t want to keep failing and having to throw them away because its a waste. are you allowed to put the applicator in more than once? Also any advise for a first starter?

  245. I found something super interesting on the Natracare website that might be helpful to girls who are finding it painful to insert tampons:

    “About 20% of women naturally have a retroverted uterus (the uterus tilts backwards towards the spine instead of forwards) and using an inflexible applicator can cause pain during insertion. The Natracare non-applicator tampon, gently eased into the correct position using the longer index finger makes inserting the tampon more comfortable.”

    There are a lot of different applicator-less tampons out there, you just have to look a little harder for them. But see what works best, if you are having troubles with the applicator, try taking the tampon out and manually inserting it instead. (Don’t forget to wash your hands first) Of course, it helps to be comfortable with your body and to understand how you are built, too.

    And I would never use petroleum jelly as lube! If it will make it easier, try to find a lube made for vaginal use, and I’ve also heard recommendations on using olive oil because it is natural. Just not safe for condom use, lol. If using lube too, put it on your vagina area and not on the tampon itself. This way the tampon isn’t absorbing all the lube.

  246. when i try to put in a tampon it hurts! but at the same time i just started, do you think that it is easier to put in a tampon if you period is heaver?

  247. So I’ve always heard that the grip part isn’t supposed to go inside of you, that you are just supposed to push until your fingers hit your vagina and then put the tampon in. Well that didn’t work, I felt the tampon rubbing down there. So I pushed it farther so the grip part was inside of me and I even tried using vaseline that time. But it STILL felt weird. So I asked my mom about what I was doing wrong and she said maybe it’s because I was putting it in at the wrong angle. I tried that and tilted it a bit and it seemed to work the first time, but I just put one in a little while ago with the same techniques, and I can feel it again. I even took my finger and tried pushing it up a bit farther but it kind of hurt and I’m scared that it is sitting wrong inside of me and I am going to get and infection. How do I keep putting it in wrong every time?! What does it mean to “tilt it towards your backbone” or “at a 45″ because when I’m down there about to put it in, where I’m aiming seems pretty confusing from my angle. It’s really upsetting me and I literally go through about 3 or 4 tampons every time just trying to figure it out. I’m down to my last 3 regularss – out of 16 in my multipack and my mom is frustrated with me because of how fast I went through them. HELP HELP HELP!

  248. I just used a tampon for the first time today and I have work tonight as well, I’m not sure if the tampon is in me properly or because it’s my first time but it feels really uncomfortable and I tried to push it in further but I don’t think it’s moving. Is it normal of you bend over you can feel it or it feels uncomfortable? And when I used the mirror I could still see the tampon but I don’t know how far it should really go in

  249. Just a little funny story I was sitting on the toilet trying to put in my tampon and I dropped it in. I’m going to take that as a sign to just give up for today and try again tomorrow hahaha

  250. I can’t tell if I’m doing it right at all. They say if you can feel it then it’s not in right. I do exactly how they say, “Push it in until your middle finger and thumb touch your body (while on the grip) then push the absorbent part in.” I seem to be able to feel my tampon but it’s not uncomfortable or painful and it catches the blood fine. Should I just keep doing it this way or what?

    • Hi Sage Kitten,

      It sounds like you got it in there! The lower 1/3 of our vagina is more sensitive to touch. When a tampon is in this region, that’s when we can feel it. The upper 2/3rds are less sensitive to touch and more sensitive to pressure and this is the region we want the tampon to be in. When instructions say you shouldn’t be able to feel it, this is the area they are talking about. But it is sensitive to pressure so sometimes you can feel that something is there!

      If it’s working just fine for you, then it sounds like you’ve got it in right!

      -The Period Blog

  251. It doesn’t go in… & I’m getting really sore and it hurts :( I got the hole but the tampon only goes in by a few mms. ????? Freaking out…

    • Hi!

      A few millimeters or a few cms? Either way, I suggest ditching the tampon for now and just try inserting your finger. It’s easier when you can feel around with your finger. Get your finger in and you can get the tampon in. Good luck!

      -The Period Blog

  252. Hi, I am 15 and I just got my first period about 4-6 months ago. I have been wanting to use tampons because everyone says they are easier but I don’t know how I should go about it. After reading these comments and everything I am a little less confused. Can anybody give me some advice to help?

  253. I know how u feel I used those of my stepmoms for a week and it hurt so bad and felt like I never put it in right and made a mess. I didn’t start using them again except at swim meets

  254. Hi,

    You’re just nervous. Just relax your muscles and you’ll get it in! You’ll also just naturally relax if you practice/get used to the inserting process more.

  255. If you have no applicator, just use your finger. I’ll do a blog post on this later.. but basically u just use your finger like the applicator. Make a little groove in the bottom of the tampon and put your finger there. Then insert teh tampon and your finger and use your finger to push the tampon in place inside of you. There should be instructions on the box.

  256. I had a the same thing but I started at 15. I was so confused and thought something was wrong with me. I never told anyone though because I was embarrassed!

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