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Feby bracelet

The Feby Female Empowerment Bracelet was created by Alison when her oldest daughter just started her period. Seeing that her daughter’s school didn’t provide adequate information on menstrual cycles, Alison created a bracelet with 28 beads to represent each day in the average menstrual cycle.

The Feby bracelet serves as a learning tool to help young girls learn about their menstrual cycle by guiding them through the different stages in their cycle.

From Feby.com:

This bracelet is made up of 28 wooden beads of different colours in a specific sequence. The user is meant to move the knot of the elastic cord of the bracelet through one bead a day to better understand her probable position in her cycle. You don’t have to wear it, you just have to use it. Feby’s unique colour arrangement acts as a guideline to what you can expect during different phases of your cycle.

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How It Works

The bracelet is super easy to use. The bead on the left side of the knot represents the current day of your cycle. Each morning, move the bead on the right through the knot so the bead is on the left side of the knot.

You don’t have the wear the bracelet to use it but if you choose to, be warned that this is definitely a conversation starter! I had so many girls ask me about the bracelet just from having a picture of it on my desktop.

It’s also a bit fragile too so I chose not to wear mine. Instead, I left mine on the dresser. I found it easy to remember to slide the bead over each morning and since the bracelet is quite bright and colourful, I found it hard to forget.

Each colour represents a different stage in your cycle.

period chart

[credit: Feby.com]  
The bracelet also comes with a small pamphlet that explains the four colours in detail. It lists all the various symptoms of the black PMS beads. I find it very helpful to circle the symptoms that apply to my own body. It’s a great way to learn about my own body and helped me understand when to expect these symptoms.

How to use if your cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days

The bracelet represents the average 28 day cycle so there are only 28 beads. Most women will have longer or shorter cycles and this bracelet will be suitable for you as long as you get your period on any red or black bead.

How to use if your cycle is shorter than 28 days:

If you are on a black bead and get your period before the red bead, simply move the knot ahead to the red bead and continue using the bracelet normally. If you get your period before the black bead, then this bracelet may not reliably represent your menstrual cycle.

How to use if your cycle is longer than 28 days:

If you are on a red bead and haven’t gotten your period, simply stay on the red bead to a maximum of five days until you get your period. If your period takes longer than five days to come, then this bracelet may not reliably represent your menstrual cycle.

My menstrual cycle is ~35 days and sometimes longer so this bracelet was not suitable for me. I found that it was accurate starting from the red beads up until the pink beads started. I did not ovulate as predicted by the bracelet so the bracelet wasn’t accurate for me.

There currently isn’t any option to add additional beads to customize the bracelet. Though, I think if there was this option, mine would be more of a necklace than a bracelet!

period bracelet
Feby bracelet


The Feby Female Empowerment Bracelet bracelet serves as a learning tool to teach girls about their menstrual cycle by guiding them through the changes that occur in each stage while experiencing their own personal cycle. The bracelet tracks the average 28 day menstrual cycle with different coloured beads to represent different stages in the menstrual cycle. Each day, you slide a bead to the left of the knot to represent a new day in your cycle. It comes with an informative and easy to understand pamphlet and even more information can be found on their website. The bracelet is very eye catching and definitely a conversation starter but doesn’t need to be worn to be used. It’s also a bit fragile so you’ll need to be careful with it.

I must stress that this is such an invaluable teaching tool for young girls and especially girls that are new to periods. This bracelet taught me things I already know about my body now, but when I was twelve I was completely clueless as to what changes were actually happening inside my body.

The Feby bracelet is suitable for most girls. However, if your cycle is significantly shorter or longer than the average 28 day cycle, this bracelet may not be suitable for you. Also, since it is fixed to only 28 beads, it isn’t a reliable period tracker for longer or shorter cycles.

This bracelet would be a great gift or addition to any period starter kit. To purchase a Feby Female Empowerment Bracelet, visit Feby.com.

Overall Rating

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5 thoughts on “Feby Female Empowerment Bracelet Review

  1. Interesting idea. I read about some country (not sure where) where a business wanted women to wear a certain color when they were on their period so they could be excused for more bathroom breaks, or something like that. Have to look it up.

  2. I believe you are referring to Norway which had one company request women wear red thread bands when on their period to explain their frequent bathroom breaks. (check out article here http://jezebel.com/5702631/boss-makes-female-employees-wear-red-bracelets-when-menstruating)
    The difference with our bracelet is that you don’t have to wear it…it’s just the nature of our cycle that it’s cyclical so a bracelet makes sense but it’s more about function than fashion.

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