Maxim Ultra Thin Winged Pads Regular Review

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10 ct individually wrapped pads
6.79 USD at, CVS and other drug stores

maxim pads


  • Leakage Control Channels help direct liquid to the center of the pad to protect against leaks
  • Liquid-Locking Absorbent Core secures against leaks
  • Hypoallergenic & Synthetic Free for a softer irritation free, plastic-less feel and a real breathable cotton experience
maxim pads

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The pads come in a small cardboard box and are individually wrapped with a blue sticker that can be reused to discared your pad. The white wrapper is a bit fragile and tears easily when opening.

maxim pads
maxim pads

Maxim Ultra Thin Winged Pads Measurements
When wrapped, it measures:
13.4cm by 8.9cm and is 0.5cm thin.
When unwrapped, it measures:
24.2cm by 7.0 – 9.5cm and is ~0.2cm thin.


The pad has medium to heavy absorbency and is meant for normal to heavy flow. It has fast absorption and also features a very subtle vertical line design that controls even spread and absorption. I didn’t even notice the design on the cover until afterwards when I saw my period following the vertical pattern. It promotes even spread and directs the absorption to spread out to avoid leaks making it a good choice for normal to heavy flow. There is as much period absorbed on top as there is on the bottom.


The cotton pad is unscented and is highly breathable. It feels very soft and very much like cotton panties.

As a natural quality of cotton, the pad cover does not stay dry after absorption. It feels wet and damp so this may cause some discomfort although the high breathability makes it bearable.


The adhesive is great but upon closer inspection, it looks like double sided tape. However it does its job and keeps the pad in place all day.

Though I would like to mention that this pad is quite expensive, averaging at 0.675 USD per pad, I would expect something more than just double sided tape. Most brand name pads average at around 0.15 to 0.30 USD per pad.

maxim pads
maxim pads
maxim pads

Wear Test

This pad is intended for daytime wear but I find that it is suitable for overnight wear as long as it is a size you are comfortable with.

During overnight wear on a heavy flow, my sister reported zero leakage and even absorption throughout her pad. Though highly breathable, the cover feels wet and damp after absorption.

I am a bit divided on this pad because although it performs well, the poly blend plastic backing tears easily. When I removed it from my panties, the backing ripped, exposing the underside of my pad. Though it doesn’t affect the performance of the pad, I certainly don’t expect a pad to fall a part at any time during my use. You may have to be more careful when peeling back your used pad (especially if you are used to just ripping off your pad from your panties.. anyone else?)

maxim pads


Maxim Ultra Thin Winged Pads have great absorbency and feature a vertical pattern that helps promote even spread making them suitable for overnight wear. (note: they also have an overnight version). It is highly breathable but after absorption the cover feels wet and damp so this may cause some discomfort. The pad has a poly-blend plastic backing that tore easily when I removed my used pad from my panties. If you experience sensitivity or are easily irritated, you may want to try Maxim 100% Natural Cotton Pads.

For 6.79USD, you only get ten pads, averaging at about 0.679 per pad. This is quite expensive as most pads average at around 0.15 to 0.30. The wrapping and adhesive are also subpar and I expect more especially for a pad that costs double of what most pads cost.

Recommended for:
-Normal flow
-Heavy flow
-Overnight if you are comfortable with pad size

Other recommended uses:
-Incontinence pads






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6 thoughts on “Maxim Ultra Thin Winged Pads Regular Review

  1. Such much to absorb!! :O its actually very interesting to read and very good….PERIOD! But in all seriousness useful information a great analysis. Keep it up!

  2. I sometimes when I’m on heavy period I use Always maxi. It doesnt leak but I think it’s so uncomfortable and then there comes this bad smell does anybody else have the same problame ?

    P.s Awesome blog ! helps me alot thanks ;)

    • Hi Bekkzi!

      Sometimes I also experience a bad smell when I use some Always pads. This may be because of poor breathability of the pad so I find it helps to change my pad more frequently to stay fresh.

      Thank you for commenting :). I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

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