Stayfree Overnight Ultra Thins With Night Guard Zone Pads Review

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14 ct individually wrapped feminine pads
~5.49 CAD available at and other drug stores

Stayfree overnight


It’s the only overnight pad with NIGHT GUARD™ zone and eighteen anti-leak channels, designed to help block leaks from side to side, and front to back, too. No matter which way you toss or turn, you get the maximum leak protection. Combine that remarkable absorbency with the cottony softness of STAYFREE® Overnight pads to feel comfortable and confident throughout the night. STAYFREE® Overnight pads features: 

• Unique NIGHT-GUARD™ zone* designed to help block leaks from side to side, and front to
back too
• Anti-leak core locks in fluid and helps keep you drier 

Trust STAYFREE® Overnight pads to keep you protected while you sleep so you’re free to move throughout the night. So, go ahead, enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing the absorbency of STAYFREE® pads is on your side.

Stayfree pads


Stayfree overnight


There are 14 Stayfree feminine pads and they come in an extremely compact plastic package.
Pads are individually wrapped in white plastic wrapping with no sticker or adhesive. I find that the plastic wrapping didn’t make too much noise but the plastic is weak and the sides started to tear open as I was just pulling it out of the package.
The Stayfree Overnight pads are one of the largest pads I have reviewed and is packaged in a way to minimize the plastic packaging. This great but it makes disposing of the pad inconvenient since there is just enough plastic wrapping and also little adhesive on the plastic to keep a used pad rolled up.
Stayfree overnight

When wrapped, it measures 13.4cm by 11.0cm and is 0.5cm thin.
When unwrapped, it measures  30.7cm by 7.2 – 15.0cm and is 0.1cm thin.


This pad features eighteen anti-leak channels, NIGHT GUARD zone for extra protection and is advertised for overnight heavy flow.

Absorbency is super fast thanks to its Thermo-Control technology to quickly wick away moisture and to keep you dry. Sound familiar? Their Thermo-Control was inspired by athletic wear that wicks sweat from your body. I know you are all wondering.. Does this work? Or is it just a gimmick? Even on my heaviest day, I felt very dry even after experiencing a gush! So yes, it keeps me feeling dry even at my heaviest flow! Impressive!I experienced zero leakage and  most times even the period that somehow drifted off away from the center was absorbed and spread out along the edges. I found that most of the period absorbed into the blue Anti Leak Core. There was as much period on top as there was on the bottom. This pad has an amazing ability to absorb and spread out the period so it does not over saturate.


The pad has a nice clean scent that is not advertised and Thermo Control technology to wick and absorb period away from your body to keep you feeling dry and clean. Even on a heavy flow night when I felt the most uncomfortable, I still woke up feeling dry and clean down there.What I love most about this pad is its cottony soft cover. This used to be my go-to pad in highschool and I remember trying new pads to find the softest cover and I always went back to this one. I think the addition of the Thermo Control technology really improves the performance of the Stayfree line. The cottony soft cover felt dry to the touch even after a night’s sleep! The breathability is very good in that it keeps my skin dry and the pad dry without ever feeling soggy or moist.

Wings & Adhesive

I find that pads with a paper backing rather than a plastic backing have a stronger adhesive and this pad is no exception. It is sticky enough to keep the pad in place but not so sticky that I have to pry the wings off when I change my pad. I find that the combination of the large size and adhesive works best on cotton panties and not on satin or stretchy panties.

Stayfree overnight
Stayfree overnight

Shown above in blue are the parts with adhesive.

Wear Test

This pad is one of the largest pads I’ve tested and despite its large size, it measures only 1mm thin and does not feel like a diaper. I experienced zero creasing and the pad was highly flexible, always bouncing back into shape, something really important especially for night time wear (because it’s not like you will know you are leaking when you are asleep!)My favourite feature of Stayfree is its Ultra Soft Cottony Dry Cover and stays soft even after absorption and hours of wear.  I found that the cover in combination with its Thermo Control Technology and Anti Leak Core really worked effectively to keep me dry and the pad cover feeling dry even on a heavy flow overnight wear. Quite impressive and provided maximum comfort!

During heavy flow, I was very impressed with the absorption and its ability to spread out even when it was along the edges to prevent over saturation and leakage. Most of my period absorbed into the blue Anti Leak Core.

Stayfree overnight


Overall the Stayfree Overnight Ultra Thins With Night-Guard Zone are a great choice for an overnight pad. They are super thin and its Thermo Control technology and Anti Leak Core make this pad even comparable to Always Infinity except cheaper. This pad has the best breathability that I have ever experienced its Ultra Soft Cottony Dry Cover leaves my skin and the pad cover feeling dry even after a heavy flow overnight wear.  The Night Guard Zone makes this pad optimal for sleeping and eliminates the worry of leaking at the back. It’s packaging could use some improvement as the sides tear open very easily but the overall product itself is great.

On a heavy overnight:  Highly recommended
On a heavy day: Recommended, but Night Guard zone works best for overnight wear
On a normal day: Not recommended for normal flow, save these for the heavy flows!
Also recommended for: Activities where you will be lying down

Packaging 3/5 
Absorbency 5/5 
Breathability 4.5/5 
Adhesive 4/5 
Weartest 4.5/5

Have you used this pad? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Stayfree Overnight Ultra Thins With Night Guard Zone Pads Review

  1. I could have used this when I started a few days ago. I started in the middle of the night and didn’t realize it until it was way too late. I start heavy and I’m not sure it will all come out of the sheets or my pj bottoms. Happens to all of us I guess, but #$%$#@. I’ve never used an “overnight” pad and may look into these. It’s been that kind of week.

  2. Recently tricked my dad into buying a bit more than i needed ( im 14 and like a chipmunk i like to store my “nuts”( or pads) for the “winter”( or TOM):D) :P and these night time pads were one of the products i got i have to say these pads were the most comfy pads i bought so far and i think i might buy these again it did what no night pad did for me before.. elimante the need to stack a pad over the back of my night pad :D these are a def come back to brand :P

    • I always only get a pack of 16 and by the time tom finishes I am left with 5.i really want at least a pack extra I wear heavy overnight all day and night

  3. Hey Cindy! I find that overnight pads that cover the bum area to be most effective and these ones defintely have you covered!

    @Breanna haha I stock up too! If they are on sale, might as well! I’m glad you like this pad :)

  4. Well, I leaked last night, and i woke up to a mess. When I went to sleep it was heavy, so I wore always overnights, but that was a disaster. I used to hate always, then I liked always infinity until they started leaking… Guess I’m gonna try these stayfree ones now! My always heavy pad leaked about an hour ago, so so far I’ve ruined 3 pairs of undies, pj bottoms, and hopefully the stain will come out of my sweat pants… I started yesterday. Ugh

  5. Hey! Along with these pads, you should give Adira Period Panties a try. I have been using Adira Period Panty for 3 months now and I must say that it is one product every woman must possess. They really help prevent stains and leaks.

  6. Hey! Love your blog! I would loove to see how you store your period supplies (you must have lots because of this blog) and keep them organized! Can you do a post on that? Thanks!

  7. Love these! They are inexpensive and comfortable even on a heavy day. My daughter uses them too. She likes a thin pad and these work great for her.

  8. Love the touch to skin and the “thermo control’.
    Not so much a fan of the adhesive. Will try the cotton panties, instead of the stretchie ones, as mentioned in another product review
    Not too thrilled about them, would like them even a bit longer.

  9. Loving the Overnights – but hating that Stayfree has changed the Ultra Thin Long and Ultra Thin Regular in the last couple of months. The backing isn’t nearly as good,and the material starts tearing fairly quickly, which causes cottony bits to start falling. I play sports, so this can get embarrassing! I’ve been a loyal Stayfree fan for years, but think it’s time to change what I use in the daytime

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