Natracare Regular Tampon with Applicator Review

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20 ct tampons with cardboard applicators
5.99 CAD available at

natracare tampons
Natracare tampons are all made from only certified organic 100% cotton and were the world’s first fully certified organic cotton tampons. They are non-chlorine bleached and women can be reassured that they do not contain synthetic materials, such as rayon, or chemical additives such as binders or surfactants.
Certified organic cotton removes the risk of direct exposure to residues from chemical pesticides and fertilisers used on traditional cotton.
natracare tampons
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I received this as a sample so I don’t have the original packaging to review, only the wrapped tampon.

The paper wrapping is easy to unwrap but quite fragile so I don’t think it would survive the battlefield of your purse. I would recommend putting in the side pocket or in a tampon case.

Tampon & Applicator

Natracare tampons have a rounded tip but I did not find that the shape of the tip helpful with insertion. This was my first time using a tampon so perhaps I was just nervous. During insertion, I could feel the tip scrape the sides of my vagina =[ and it was uncomfortable. It did not glide in smoothly like other tampons I tried after.

The cardboard applicator was easy to use and can be easily taken apart. When I failed to put in my tampon correctly the first time, I just took apart the barrels and put the tampon back into the applicator.

The tampon is unscented and the string is securely stitched into the center of the tampon (see last photo).

natracare tampons
natracare tampons
natracare tampons

Natracare Regular Tampon applicator measures:
Tip diameter: 1.5cm
Barrel length: 5.0cm
Total applicator length: 12.7cm

Natracare Regular Tampon measures:
Tampon: 5.8cm
String: 11.5cm


According to their chart, the Natracare Regular absorbency tampons are the lowest absorbency of their line of tampons. I am going to assume it absorbs between 6-9 grams as this seems to be the standard for other regular absorbency tampons.

I found the absorbency to be very poor. It did not saturate all the way through before leaking onto the string. After four hours of wear, I found that a lot of the tampon was still clean and absorption was not even or anywhere close to even.

It also did not expand to fit the shape of my vagina. The design of it just doesn’t allow it to do that. Essentially it is a unravels to a flat shaped tampon and is packaged into an S shaped cylinder for insertion.

natracare tampons

Wear Test

The Natracare tampon was easy to open and the applicator is easy to use.The marked grooves let me know how far to insert it. The tip is rounded but I did not find that this was very helpful with insertion. I could feel the applicator rub against the sides of my vaginal walls.

About two inches of the string remained outside of me. I wore it for four hours on a normal flow and experienced some leakage. I saw that much of the string had blood on it at the four hour mark and that is usually a good indicator that it is time to change the tampon. However, with this tampon I found that my tampon wasn’t saturated but was just leaking.

It did not expand to fit the shape of my body and it did not absorb evenly so much of it leaked onto the string before the tampon was saturated.


Natracare Regular Tampons are great for your body and the environment but they fail to succeed in performance. The cardboard applicator is easy to use, with marked grooves  to let you know how far to insert it, but I did not find its rounded tip helpful for insertion. The tampon does not expand to fit the shape of your body and does not absorb evenly. I found that it frequently leaked before the tampon was anywhere close to saturation.

Normal Flow: Recommended for 4 – 8 hours
Light Flow: Not recommended. Use a lighter tampon instead.


Tampon & Applicator:


Wear Test


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  1. I remember using these once, but I can’t remember if there was a security veil on them or not. From the pictures it looks like maybe there is. Does anyone know for sure? The strange thing I’m starting to notice is that applicator tampons usually have veils and non-applicator tampons don’t.

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