Carefree Thong Pantiliners with Stayput Wings Review

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49ct | 98ct feminine pantiliners for thongs
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carefree thong pantiliner



Sometimes, you don’t want to compromise your style to accommodate your pantiliner. That’s why we created CAREFREE® THONG Liners with stay put wings to keep your liner in place. Designed specially to fit your skimpiest, sexiest undies, CAREFREE® THONG Liners have end-to-end adhesive to eliminate bunching and keep you moving.

carefree thong pantiliner

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The feminine thong pantiliners come in a specially shaped cardboard box with a flip top and they are not individually wrapped. The box is close enough to a normal shape so that the box is easy to store.

The liners are packaged with the narrow side pointing towards the top.  Normally I would prefer to have the wider side up but the opening of the box is wide enough for my hand so this is not a problem.

The pantiliner measures 16.5cm by 6.3cm – 1.3cm and is ~0.1cm thin.

carefree thong pantiliner
carefree thong pantiliner


This pantiliner is advertised as non-scented and it actually smells like nothing. I feel clean and dry when I use these and the pantiliner allows my skin to breath so it does not stick to me.

The paper backing suggests that it may have the Carefree’s odour control ingredient “acti-fresh” but this is not advertised on the box. I emailed Carefree and they confirmed that the Carefree thong pantiliners in fact do not contain acti-fresh despite what it says on the paper backing.

Actifresh is an ingredient from Carefree meant to deordorize odours and keep you smelling fresh.


This pantiliner offers medium protection and is perfect for daily to heavy discharge or as a tampon back up. I find that most of the absorption occurs on the skinny part of the liner, so I like to stick the liner a little further back so I have more liner to absorb my discharge.

I also recommend this for days when you are expecting your period but still want to wear your sexy panties or prefer to wear a thong. The Carefree thong liner should be able to hold up until you find a pad!

Wings & Adhesive

The adhesive is edge to edge to keep the liner in place and the edge to edge adhesive also allows you to fold the sides around the shape of your thong.

The wings are also strategically placed so they do not overlap each other. One is higher than the other and this makes it easier for removal and also keeps the tail end of the thong liner in place.

carefree thong pantiliner
carefree thong pantiliner

Wear Test

The Carefree thong is very comfortable and soft but it is a bit poofy so it is a noticeable when worn. The cover and the sides are very soft and gentle and feels comfortable throughout the day.

I love how flexible this pantiliner is. The edge to edge adhesive allows the liner to conform to whatever shape you want to fit your panties. The wings did an excellent job keeping the liner in place and I never once experienced the tail end of the liner shifting out of place.

I felt very clean even after wearing it all day on a heavy discharge day. Breathability is great and I would say it is as good as if I was only wearing a thong.

carefree thong pantiliner
carefree thong pantiliner

carefree thong pantiliner


Carefree Thong Pantiliner has edge to edge adhesive and flexible sides plus wings allows for the liner to wrap perfectly around the sides of your thong and keeps it in place all day. It is a bit poofy and this makes it more noticeable when worn but the cover and sides feel very soft. It has medium absorption making it perfect for heavy discharge to light period or as a tampon back up.

On light period day: Ok but I would recommend wearing normal panties and a normal liner for these days
As tampon back up: Good for tampon back up, excellent adhesive and has medium absorption
On heavy discharge day: Highly recommended
On light discharge day everyday wear: Recommended, may want to use a lighter pantiliner

Packaging: 4.5/5
Absorption: 4/5
Adhesive: 5/5
Breathability: 4/5
WearTest: 4.5/5

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