How Often Should I Change My Pad?

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This is a question that I know a lot of young girls search on google. I’ve heard numerous answers and it blows my mind how differently other girls deal with their periods!

In theory, you could use a pad until it is all filled up and entirely saturated but that would not be hygienic or comfortable. I usually change my pads as often as I need to satisfy my comfort, to feel clean, dry and for hygiene, to be clean.

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Keep in mind that there are many types of feminine pads and that it is best to select the right absorption for your flow.

Overnight using heavy or overnight pad: I just change it when I wake up. Sometimes I find that my pad has leaked or is completely saturated after an over night’s sleep so I like to sleep with a towel underneath my bum. If you are ever at a sleep over, don’t be shy about doing this! I’m sure your friends will understand and appreciate your care for their home. I have never had a flow so heavy that I needed to wake up in the middle of the night to change my pad.

Heavy flow using heavy pad (~days 1-3): I usually change at least every four hours. Sometimes I change at the three or two hour mark. It just depends how heavy my flow is and how much of a bitch my uterus is. This is to ensure that my flow is not too heavy that it flows or leaks over the sides. Also I feel less clean and more wet during my heavy days so I like to change often to feel fresh.

Normal flow using normal pad (~days 3-5): Again I usually change at around four hours. Usually with a normal flow I don’t find that my period flows as fast so I am less concerned about leaks.  I just change when I start to feel wet or uncomfortable.

Light flow using normal or light pad (~days 5-8): Sometimes I find that the end of my flow is so infrequent and light that I can get away with changing only twice a day. I would even describe it as “spotting” a couple times a day. I almost never get the wet feeling during this time so I just change whenever.

How often should you change your pad?

So to answer this question, the answer is “often”. It really comes down to just personal preference.

Keep in mind your heavy, normal, light flow may be different from mine! If you are unsure how often you should change yours:

  • Try to remember when was the last time you changed your pad
  • Look at your pad and see how much blood your pad has absorbed
  • Look at your pad and see if it has creased in anyway that may make your period absorb too close to the sides
  • Ask yourself if you feel uncomfortable or too wet down there. That is a good indicator that you should freshen up and change your pad.

Sometimes my pad will fold and crease in a way that makes all my period absorb at the sides so I just change it anyway to prevent leakage.

Why you should change your pad often

I hear some women use a pad during their heavy to normal flow for up to 8 hours during the day. I find this very unsanitary and dirty because normally one does not carry around a saturated napkin full of blood with them all day everywhere they go right?? So why would you carry one right against your vagina?

Changing your pad often isn’t so pad companies can take more of your money and make you buy more pads. Changing often can help prevent any unnecessary discomfort, bacteria build up, infection, and eliminate odour. Jeez that is one scary list of words!!!

Along with changing your pad, you should also shower daily during your period to keep your vagina clean and smelling nice :).

Anyways, I hope that this post has been helpful for our younger readers! If you’re still unsure, try asking your sister, mom, a trusted friend, family doctor, or even your school nurse.

If you have any questions or too shy to post a comment, you can send me an email at

The Period Blog does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor regarding your personal health care decisions, and seek immediate care in emergencies. The Period Blog is not a substitute for medical or other professional care. If you are experiencing any problems with your period, please DO see your doctor! After all, it IS your uterus and you only get one.

353 thoughts on “How Often Should I Change My Pad?

    • Hi everyone i am 12 an i havny had my period yet is this normal. My boobs have devoled already. I also have a white discharge in my pant is this normal. Can u predict when my period will come???? Should i be nervous.

      • No this is not weird. I’m 14 and I just started a few days ago. I also had the white discharge in my underwear for a long time. You are completely normal!

        • yeah i had that happen and my period came 2 days later(my first!) and i am 13. It was a little weird and scary at first but it is your body after all.

        • Hey I just started my period and the first day was heavy and then for the 2 and3 days I have had no blood I’m a bit worried if something was wrong with me. Plus I have had the brown stuff is that normal???

          • My period is brown when it’s lighter, so that’s normal. :) It’ll get heavier as you get older.

          • You should keep two pads in your backpack just incase you are like me when I first got my period I was so scared that I put my emergency pad in the garbage and had to use toilet paper and it does not work well if you are like me and you put it in the garbage then you should use your sock I am eleven turning twelve in July so just keep that in mind

          • ok so having brown stuff is totally normal and periods have a mind of their own .(that was weird.) so when you get it ,your period can start and then come back like 2 months later . don’t be scared its all natural.

      • Hi, yes this is completely normal, you are in your menstruation time, this is when white or clear stuff (that looks like snot) comes out of the vagina. I had this and I used to wear small pads to prevent it from coming on my underwear. You will probably get your period at the sometime as you have started the mentruation after a year, so it’s pretty close, but don’t worry.

      • I had the same thing happen to me and what I’d say is just to have a pad in you school bag and just keep clam. But tell your mom and remember that it is just something your body does. This is all normal and will happen when your body is ready. The white is normal just shower more and wear clean panties every day ;)

      • You will probably start when your 13 I was exactly in the spot your in now when I was 12 and I started at 13
        No need to be nervous it is not as bad as you might think

      • I was like you. I got my first period on the 31st December 2013. I would reccomend wearing pantyliners every day and night until you do start. I didnt have any pains at all so it was unexpected. I was stopping at my friends at the time and had to ask her for a pad!! Dont worry it is absoulotly normal. Ask your mom how old she was when she started her periods and it will be around the same time!! My mom was 13 when she started hers!! Your time will come soon enough :) just dont worry about it. All girl is different, you will start between 11 and 16 :)

      • This is all normal, trust me. I didn’t get my period until I was 16. Yet I had boobs and got the white discharge for years before my period came for the first time. It’s nothing to be nervous or scared about. You will know when the time comes.

      • I’m 11 and I just started my period today I to young? how do I tell my mom? I am bleeding quite heavily, and I am wearing a pad but I don’t know what else to do!! How much longer will it last I have a sleepover to go to in two days. What should i do I am really scared. Prior to starting my period today I had extremely heavy vagnial discharge like going all the way through my underwear the pad is working great but should I use a tampon at the sleepover what if it gets stuck I’m so scared please reply thanks

        • OK well yes definitely tell your mum. I did and she was like really and said yeah and she wanted 2 look so she did (at underwear) and then she explained everything. don’t worry this is new to me too. i got mine on Xmas day last year. but is was the first time and it was light so im thankful. also no your definitely not to young at all. don’t be scared and if it was me, then i would tell my friend like I did and shell probably tell her mum, every girl goes through it so maybe just miss out on this sleepover until your period stops. Your welcome for the advice .

      • Hey Shannon
        my name is aleyna and im 12 and my boobs have grown and I had white discharge and after a while I got my period so its normal and my aunty hasn’t had her period since she was 16!

      • Im exactly like you. I started mine on 31st December 2013 and i have to change my pad quite often. I think its normal. My mom said that you go Heavy for the first couple of days, then normal flow (dont have a clue what that is… Yet) and then you finish the week light. I had to ask her because i was unsure if i was supposed to be heavy or not!!

    • Hi, I just got my period on my birthday, which was father’s day, and it’s all clots.. Is that normal? I just wanted to make sure. Also, is it normal for it to be all brown? At first I thought it was, you know, poop. o.o But it was towards the front and it was sorta in two places on my undies. Is that normal?

      • Hi Destiny,

        Is this your first period? If so… congratulations :)!

        Everything sounds normal to me! Sometimes it is a bit chunky and those are the clots you see. Period isn’t all liquid blood. And yes it’s normal for it to be that dark brown red colour.

        • Hi every one I am a 14 year old girl my name is Sundays coleman I am on disney channel shake it up. I stared my period. And I was scared to tell my mom. But you know what all girl’s Have to go through puberty and it’s part of life. And every girl is different. Every girl has a vagina. I use pads and I have a calender for my periodically. To keep track when is my period going to come. It’s normal ok girl’s sorry for writing to much I just want to introduce myself. And I will give you my cell phone number is 7418-836-8040 call me anytime please send a message please or voicemail by people.

          • Hi zendaya, im a really big fan of your show and so glad that you are willing to give everyone advice and stuff. My little sister is a big fan and wants to talk to you about her period. She is 9 and wants confirmation from her FAVORITE star to give it to her!

          • Hi zendaya I’m jasmine I am happy to actually says this to you but thank you for sharing your story also I wish I was as lucky as you to be on a television show is my dream.

          • Thanks I just started and was really nervous but you really calmed me down thx so much! ;)

          • Omg i love ur showthanks for the advice i really need it.
            I havnt had my period yet . Im 12. Thanks anywaywill text u some time.

          • I don’t believe you are the real Zendaya Coleman. You wouldn’t give your phone number to the world. BUT, if you are then good for you.

    • Umm my physical is tomorrow and I started today (not the first time)! My doctor is a guy and my mom doesn’t know. Can I still go? Will the doctor check down there?

    • I had my first period yester day and then I told my mom and every thing but when I woke up this morning and it was extremely heavy in my opinion….. And my back lower back hurts really bad and im going on a plane ride from California to Virginia what should I do!!!?? Ugh is the heavy overnight period normal?? Please help!!!

      • Yes it is, for different people still different amounts at different times. For me I get more during the afternoon, which sucks by the way, and just a little drop or two during the night, but my friend is the opposite she gets most in the night. So you have got to buy those comfortable night pads that are extra absorbent. Don’t worry, every girls body has a plan, a they most likely will differ.

    • I’m using night time pads but they feel uncomfortable on my vagina when its been shaved. Is this normal?
      Also how can I stop the smell?

      • hey. it’s normal with the smell when your in period time. i have them too, your not alone. i think you should keep using night pad if there’s too much blood down there :)

      • You should be fine make sure to bring extra underwear and pads or tampons to your liking and don’t stress out if it gets on something or bleeds through bring a sweatshirt and tie it around your waist I wish you good luck and remember every girl gets their period so it’s all well and good…. I shared it with my 2 BFF’s and they totally understood…..

  1. hi, im a 14 year old girl and i think i just got my period today. i had brownish- redish spotting on my undies when i went to pee but no blood was dripping. as i wiped to see, blood had appeared on the toilet paper. i have used 1 light tampon in about 4 hours (bu didnt leak) and im using a heavy one for night, but it feels very “dirty” after 3 hours. i am afraid for tomorrow at school for the odor, and if i leak! google helps a bit, but im scared i wont change my pad on time and i leak! please help me!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    You can wear a pantiliner as back up for your tampon to catch any leaks. Also, you can try a pad with a heavier absorbency to ensure you don’t leak. Always Infinity has great absorption so definitely try that! I hope this helps!


        • hi people I just wanted to say ….
          why is no1 talking to me when im on my period.
          I really need help .
          so if any1 knows why, please text me and let me know why.
          I really feel left out in school .
          cause some people are bullying me and I don’t know y.
          I see if I need to change my pad every 4 hrs.
          or see if thee smell is not the best that was weird.
          and I watch my emotions.
          so y is every1 not hanging around with me.

  3. Hello, I started my period today, I am 13 and mine is really light right now. I used a pantyliner for 5 hours and it wasn’t really even that full. Will it get heavy? I just wanna be prepared for tomorrow at school. Also how long do periods usually last? I am a jazz and tap dancer and I dance for a total of 2 hours a week, and I am a sprinter in track. Track practice is 1 hour every monday through friday


  4. Hi im 12 almost 13 and i just got my period today :/ im wondering if i should sleep with it in at night incase i leak in my bed. I’m afraid to ask my mum. can you tell me?

    • Hi Sammy,

      Yes wear a pad at night when you’re sleeping. If you’re afraid of leaks, place a towel on your bed to catch any leaks. Most leaks happen from the bum, so try to place your pad a bit further towards the back. Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask your mom! She had to go through this one before too :).


  5. Hi im 16 years old and have only been using pads ever since i started my period, i have decided to start using tampons for the first time, is it normal that i feel scared or nervous?

    Thanks Anonymous :)

    • Hi! Yes it is completely normal to be nervous. It is something new but just know that it is safe and once it’s in you won’t be able to feel it! If you don’t get it in on the first few tries, don’t feel discouraged! Take a break and try again in a few hours. After a couple times, you will be a pro! Good luck <3

    • Hi! I just used a tampon for the first time today! It was super easy didn’t hurt like at all just make sure you know how to put it in correctly angle the tip repairs your lower back! Its really easy!

      Hope this helped (:

  6. What if you have a medium flow and use an overnight pad, how long will it last until red starts to come under it?

  7. I change my pad every 8 hours… :/ My period’s not heavy and I never leak or anything, it’s just that I find it embarrassing changing pads at school. Is it really that unsanitary?

    Also, is it normal to not bleed at night? Whenever I wear an overnight pad to bed, I always wake up with only a blob of blood on it, and it looks fresh lol, like it just came out… why is that?

    • Hello! If you’re comfortable changing your pad every 8 hours then that is okay too but I prefer to change it more frequently because I feel cleaner that way.

      Sometimes I don’t bleed that much at night too and that’s normal.

      I’m not quite sure about the blob but I don’t think that’s something to worry about. Maybe that’s the gush of blood from standing up after laying down all night?


    • Hi, i don’t bleed at night either. I think it’s just because you lay down all night so the blood doesn’t really come out. as for the blob, i think it’s just from where you’ve been lying down and if you suddenly sit up the blood may come out.

  8. Hi I’m 12 and last Sunday night i spotted some brownish-reddish spot on my undies that i just thought is a stool but when i woke up in the morning i saw some red spots on my new undies then my mom said that my period already starts but I’m a bit worried about how often should i change my pad.Will changing pad twice a day will be good?

    • Hi Patricia,

      Congratulations on getting your first period! I’m really glad that you are asking questions.

      Sometimes it may be hard to estimate how often you should change your pad so I like to just go to the washroom to check. I like to change mine frequently so I feel clean. Other times, I just go by how full my pad looks.

      If your period is heavy, you may need to change your pad more than twice a day. My advice is to just change it as often as you feel comfortable with so you feel clean and to prevent leaks.

      I hope this has been helpful. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


  9. Ok, so I know everybodys body is different, but my period usually gets heavy near the end, and my cycle is usually short, and my period usually lasts about 5 days. Any suggestions as to why?

    • Hello Cleenroom,

      Hmm I’m not quite sure why.. mine is opposite, heavy in the beginning and also lasts about five days. Does anyone else have a suggestion or have a similar period pattern?


    • it is because some girls get differnt flow types like mine was like that for the first six mothes of my first period but after that it is all differnt flows some times it heavy light regular extremly heavey but i mostly get light periods but when i get light i really bad cramps but when i have cramps i just take midol

    • hi,I’m 11 started my period at 10 and it was fine at first but then after a while my period went blackish brown and I also realised I don’t get cramps. Is this normal????

  10. Is it normal to have thick periods when having my period for the first time? Is it normal to change my pad at least 5 times a day? And is it normal for blood to constantly flow from my vagina all day? Sorry about all the questions, I’m young and don’t know that much so if you could be helpful in answering all my questions that will be greatly helpful.
    Thanks… Anonymous

    • Hello,

      1. If it’s your first time.. it may be a bit heavier so a thicker period can be normal but if it keeps happening, then you may want to see your family doctor about it just to make sure it’s normal for you.

      2. Yes

      3. Yes. It doesn’t flow out all at once but throughout the day it’s coming out… that’s normal :)

      All very good questions :)! Thanks for asking!

  11. Does watching porn help you get your period because I know my friend (13) watches porn and she’s began having her period! Does it help?

    • Hello,

      This is a very good question. Nearing the end of your cycle (as in before you start your period), your hormones may make you feel a bit more turned on so you may be more likely to watch porn. Watching porn doesn’t help you start your period though.

  12. I started the other day I have belly pains but not alot of blood on my pad all of my friends change 5 tines a day cause there full but I change 2 because I’m never full why is this happening? Xx

    • Hello! Every body is different and every body will react differently to a period. I don’t really have direct answer for you as to why is happening as a lot can be happening. It sounds pretty normal though but if it keeps happening, see your family doctor just to make sure it’s normal for you :)!

  13. I just got my first period about 4 days ago now would it last a long time.I change mine a lot because I feel dirty and it feels like it leaks a lot but there’s barely anything there.I’m 11 and thinking about joining volleyball so should I wear tampons or are pads fine?

    • Hello!

      Congrats on your first period! Yes sometimes it may feel like a lot has come out but really when you check it’s just like a drop! That’s completely normal to think you’re leaking.

      You can definitely wear pads to play volleyball. You don’t have to wear tampons. It’s really just a preference.

      Goodluck :)!

    • volley ball is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pads are probually better

  14. Hi sorry this comment is pretty late. I am 12 years old (almost 13) and I just got my period 2 days ago. I use tween by kotex. I fell like I change my away to many times. I change it about every 3 or 4 hours and its very light. Is that too many times? Also, I am a competitive gymnast, and I swim, so should I use a tempon or a pad when I go to practices? I am a little scared to use a tampon but my cousin used on and we are the same age and she says its not bad. Any advice? Thanks a bunch!!! (:

    • Hello, change however many times you need to feel clean during the day. Sometimes I will wear a pad the whole day if I am super light but some days when my period is really heavy I change every 3 hours or even less.

      Being scared is very normal but tampons are definitely more comfortable for active wear and necessary for swimming. It sounds like your cousin has had some experience with tampons, maybe she can help u with it? You can find lots of tips on my how to insert a tampon post here: How To Insert a Tampon Good luck and congrats on your first period!

  15. hi im 13 ive had my period for almost a year now and im irregular and preety heavy, this month my period is about a week and 2 days late and i dont really have any symtoms except that my vagina is really dry…..i usually get really bad cramps bfor my period but im nt feelling anything whats wrong???

  16. hi i am 14 almost 15 and i went to the bathrooom and there was a brown-red spot on the underwear and when i wipped red came off but there was nothing in the toilette (like at all, nothing) so i ignored then i went to work for 3 hours and i came home went to the bathroom again and i was a big brown-red spot so i took one of my moms pads and put it on. i waited a few hours and changed it and there was hardly any blood. can i leave a pad on at night and how long do first periods last. also i didn’t have any usual symptoms like stomach pain, headaches, ect. (again nothing at all) i am to scared to tell my mom because i am embarressed and it is sunday night i have a beach outing with my friends are thursday is there any chace it will be gone by then if not what do i do. please help me

    • Hello,

      I am guessing this is your first period?

      Yes, you can wear a pad overnight. You can wear a pad for as long as you are comfortable with. It may get a bit sweaty or uncomfortable so even if there is nothing on your pad, you can change it anyways or if you are okay with it, continue wearing it.

      Usually periods last about 5-7 days.. could be longer or shorter, everyone is a bit different. First periods are a bit harder to say.. because it is your first one it could be really short or really long. I would definitely tell your mom though! She has been through it before and I’m sure she will be very understanding :)!

  17. Hi! I am 13 and I started my period a couple days ago but noticed last night and my had already fallen asleep so I couldnt tell her and now shes at work so I don’t have any “Girl Items” so I have a problem here. I need something fast because its REALLY heavy. What I am using right now is a bunch of cotton balls wrapped in toilet paper and its kinda working. But I need something that works better.
    By the way- Is it normal to like feel the blood coming out? and is it normal for it to be coming out like urine but like for not as long (2-4 seconds)? The puberty video kinda helped but it didnt tell us anything like this. I don’t want to ruin another pair of underwear so please help me and answer my questions. :) Thanks!!

    • Hey!

      1. Is it normal to like feel the blood coming out? Yes

      2. is it normal for it to be coming out like urine but like for not as long (2-4 seconds)? Yes

      Thanks for reaching out to me for help! Good to hear you’re holding up okay without any girl items. If you can, head to the store and purchase some pads. Since it’s your first period, I would recommend you purchase night time pads, so you get full coverage even when you’re sleeping and you can wear them for day time too. I would recommend the Stayfree ones: These are super thin so you won’t see them if you’re wearing tight jeans.

      Also, if you’re still in school (not sure if you’re out for summer yet), ask to speak with your school nurse. She should have some in her office for you :)!

      Good luck and congrats on your first period!

  18. Hey. Just got my first period. Is it normal that for a hour or 2 no blood came out? And then suddendly there are blood again! Are tampons comfortable? I am too scared to try them. Pads are ok but gets annoying!

    Thanks so much

  19. Hi! How long does it take for my period to be normal? I’m 14 and have barely had my first one & I’m going on vacation tomorrow. Do I need to bring pads?

  20. Hey! I just started my first period today, but I have summer camp in three days and there is going to be swimming! Is it too early for me to use tampons? I really want to swim.
    Thanks a lot!

  21. hi, Ive been having my period for almost 4 years now. I am 15. The first few months ( about 3 months ) my period was regular, 7days every 5 weeks. then all of the sudden it changed. I would get brown dry blood. (used to be red normal looking blood) it would ALWAYS be brown dry blood during my period for 7days & sometimes comes 3 weeks later again. it’s been like that for 3 years. rarely normal blood would appear but it will go back to dry blood. would I ever have my regular period again? is this normal? I used to take birth control go regulate my period & it actually did! but I stopped taking them becuz I heard it was bad for me in the future. I’m a virgin, so I’m not sexually active. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hello,

      if it’s been consistent like that for three years, then it sounds like that’s normal for your body. I can’t give you any definite answers but I would suggest you ask your family doctor about it!

  22. how i can choose perfect pad size for me. what i have to ask from shopkeeper or how to select a pad for me which doesn’t leak.because i listen during periods that comes from the side of the pads?

    • hello,

      Just choose a size that is long enough to cover the front and back.

      To be honest, I would suggest you buy all the sizes and just use the size you are comfortable with. Also, wear form fitting panties, that will prevent panty shifting and help a bit with leaks!

  23. I just got my period. My cousin says that i need an actual bra (i ‘ve just been wearing training bras) but i’m scared to ask my mom. Me and my mom aren’t very close. I know that that has nothing to do with period but i havve questions about that to. Now on the period i’m 12 and i can’t tell if i have a ‘heavy’ flow or ‘light’ flow or anything in between. And like u said me and my mom aren’t close.

    Please help!

    • Hello,

      1. If your breasts have started developing then you may want to start wearing bras… otherwise the start of your period isn’t really an indicator to you needing to start wearing bras.

      I was embarassed to ask for my first bra too. Are you close with your cousin? Maybe you can go bra shopping with her :).

      2. With experience, you will know when your period is heavy and when it’s light.. when it’s heavy you can fill a pad and when it’s light, you will barely feel anything :).

      Good luck!

  24. Hi, i’m 14 and my flow is heavy. I usually sleep without my pj pants, cos I don’t wanna leak on them, so I do usually sleep on a towel. I have to use 2 pads (regular and overnight) so I don’t leak too much but I still get blood on my undies which I don’t know until the blood gets on my pj pants when I put them back on. How do I stop this?!

    • When I was younger that always happened to me
      What helped was to sleep on my side and when you get up change your pad as soon as possible

  25. Hi,
    I am 12 and I started my 4th period yetserday.
    people everywhere say that periods suck and in a few years im gonna hate them but personally i think its really cool!
    so i guess my questions is, is it normal for me to be really happy and excited when i see that it has started?

    oh and is it unusual to feel disapointed if my period is really light the whole time?

  26. Hey x i am 12 13 in febuary and i think i got my period today . I had a panty liner on just in case because i had spots of blood the day before.i didnt have anything in the morning it is just at night i looked and there it was. When i wiped there wasnt any this because i did lots of excersise that day ?

    • Hey! It can be for a whole bunch of reasons so it’s hard to pinpoint it.

      An irregular flow/spotting is pretty normal especially if this is your first period. In fact, I still experience spotting every now and then.

      Good job on being prepared with a panty liner. Keep some pads on you too in case your period does come with a more steady flow.

  27. Hi! I am 14 and I just got my first period today. It is pretty light and I haven’t experianced any cramps or anything. I really don’t have a lot of time in the day to change my pad so I was wondering if changing it in the morning around 6am and then at 4pm would be alright? Thank you so much xoxo

    • Hi! Congrats on your period! How often you will have to change your pad will depend your own period flow. Sometimes you may need to change more frequently if your flow is heavy.

      6am to 4pm definitely is too long unless you are just spotting. It doesn’t take long to change your pad. Just do it when you use the washroom :).

  28. Hey,
    I have been on my period for ages now, and I change like every half hour but yesterday my period was really heavy and I had to change 8 times in 10 minutes is this normal, also when I go for a wee I get thick lumps of bloody coming out is that normal as well?
    Thanks <3

    • Hi!

      1. Every half hour is quite a lot. You might find that you are going through your box of pads too fast! 8 times in 10 minutes is too fast.. taht is changing nearly every minute. Trust your pad, it can absorb take quite a lot!

      2. blood clumps are totally normal :)!

  29. Hi. I just had my first period TODAY. Yes. I’m fifteen, late bloomer, I know. And I don’t know how many times to change my pad a day? I woke up and used one at 11 but now i dont know what to do. And i don’t know how to tell my mom because I’m not close with her at all and im just nervous.. Help!

    • Hi!

      Change it as often as you feel comfortable. Every period is different and every girl is different. After a couple periods, you’ll be able to tell how much a pad can hold.

      Don’t be too scared to ask your mom! She’s been through it before too :)!


  30. Hi i am 12 going to be 13 in November. This is my 3rd period and i have really bad cramps. I take some Midol and i keep on a heating pad on my stomach on and off like my mom told me to but they really hurt! And i am in the bathrom nonstop. And school is gonna start tomorrow! I was just wondering if having really bad cramps is good for my 3rd period? And what should i do about my cramps? PLEASE HELP ASAP!

    • It’s not good but it’s not bad. Your body is still adjusting to getting a period. It’s a huge change on your body.

      Everything you’re doing is great for your cramps so keep it up. I find that taking the effort to eat healthy helps significantly to lessens my cramps.

      Good luck!


  31. Hi, its my second period and by general predictions I am two weeks late and it’s during dancing, I am 15 and dance 17 hours a week. Is there anyway to delay a period or shorten it? Pads aren’t a possibility during dance competitions obviously with the costumes, I do use tampons but it’s just such a hassle
    Thanks xx

  32. Hi. I am 13 and I got my first period today. I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer.
    1. When I wear a pad to bed, is there a nighttime pad specifically for sleeping that I should buy, or can I just wear the kind I use during the day?
    2. I havent had any cramps today. Does this mean I won’t get them? Do you know when they might start? (Did I just not have any today since it’s my first period)
    3. My pad will get scrunched up in the day which means the blood is all on the side. As I was scrolling through the blog I saw that to help with this you can get panty liners. Will this help with my problem and if so, where do I put it?
    4. Does a pad or tampon work better to control blood flow? I have been using pads but I am curious about tampons. Do tampons hurt? Pads don’t but it can be annoying.
    5. Is there any advice you can give me in general about periods? And also is there a brand of pad/ tampon you reccomend for beginners?
    6. It scares me when I go to the restroom and there is blood when I wipe. Is this normal?I know there are a lot of questions but I am curious. Thanks a MILLION!! XOXO

  33. Congrats on your first period!

    1. Night time pads are just longer. You dont need a pad specifically for night time. Just choose a pad long enough so you don’t leak and that you can’t sleep comfortably in.

    2. Cramps can occur at any time throughout the day. They usually start right before your period and during the first part of your period when you body is really trying to get your period out.

    3. Pantiliners won’t help with that. You’ll just have to try a different brand and see what works for your lifestyle. Try Always Infinity:

    4. You can’t control period blood flow. The first time you put in a tampon may be a bit uncomfortable cause you’re not used to the insertion process but after a couple times, you’ll be a pro!

    5. Use a hot water bottle for cramps!

    6. Yes it’s normal.

    Good luck! and happy period!!!!

  34. Hey :)
    Ive had my period for about 5 years now and ive never used a tampon! Ive tried but it never seems ti be able to go in because it hurts to much. My period flow is very light and i only have to change my pad about 2-3 times a day. So what do i do?? Help please!!!!

  35. I’m 12 and I just started my period. I’m using pads but ive already had to change them 4 times in the day is the normal? And in your preference what is easier to use a tampon or pads? I haven’t tried tampons yet

    • Yes, it’s normal! Just change as frequently as you need to feel comfortable.

      Pads are easier at first because they are pretty straight forward to use. Once you get the hang out putting in a tampon, it’s a breeze too!

  36. Hey. I just got my period yesterday. I think it’s pretty cool and all and I am using pads. They are pretty uncomfortable and I find it to be awkward when changing them at school. I am 13 so I have some questions. I don’t have a heavy flow and blood comes at times throughout the day. The area around my pad tends to get sweaty a lot. Is that normal? It’s my second day but im already thinking about tampons. Should I try tampons? I’m not sure but I think my period is only going to last three days. Can I be sure? How can I relieve cramp pains?

    • Sweaty? Yes, it’s normal. You may want to try different pads to find one that’s a bit more breathable so it’s not so sweaty.

      Length of period: It’s hard to predict but when it gets lighter, that’s when it’s ending.

      Try tampons? Sure! If you’re ready :)!

      Cramp pains? Bananas, hot water bottle, and…. exercise!

  37. hey Im 19 im on birth control I do have sex. usually my period are heavy but this month its very light. I feel it but its not pouring out. Im SOOO SCARED!!!

  38. Hi, i got my first period today and I’m 12 and i was just wondering, how do you know if its light or heavy flow? and is it normal to have cramps three or four days before your period?

    • like stick to the pad? It’s just your skin oils/sweat sticking to the plastic pad cover.

      Try other pads for better breathability and you won’t get that sticky feeling.

      Go for pads with a dry cottony cover.

  39. heyy I just started my period yesterday. I have a question that how long does period lasts and when we r having periods for the first time do we have to eat something else rather than which we eat evryday! Is there something we should avoid eating in periods..

    • How long doe periods last: Anywhere from 4-7 days. Everyone is a little different.

      Diet: Eat your normal foods. Avoid cold foods (cause cramps) and I highly recommend eating healthy! You will just feel so much better!

  40. Hi. I got my period for the first time today..I think. It was really heavy when i first saw, then when i changed my pad 3/4 hours later it was slightly lighter, and when i changed it a few hours ago there was barely any blood on the pad. When I use the loo there is blood in the toilet and on the tissue so I think it is my period. Can you tell me why it got lighter over the day? I had been moving around lots.

    • Hi! Congrats on your first period Louise!!

      I can’t really explain why it gets lighter over the day other than it’s just normal!. Everyone is a bit different so not everyone may have a lighter period as the day goes on. I am like that too. It’s normal :)!.

  41. Thanks for that information. I just started my period this year and have been reading up on stuff about periods and have learned a lot actually. I’m on my period as I type this, today is day 1 and it’s a heavy flow today which has been normal for me, it gets lighter as my period goes on. I use Stayfree Super with wings for my heavy days and regular for my normal to light days.

  42. I just started my period for the first time today at 14. Is every time I go to the bathroom good? Like if I change my pad every time I go to go pee?

    • Hey! Everytime you use the washroom might be a bit too much. Just look at your pad and see if there is still room. If it’s still empty obviously you don’t have to change it :)! Change when it’s full or u start to feel uncomfortable or dirty.

  43. Hi i started my period 5 months ago, but this month i didnt get my period im going to be 13 next month. What should i do? Is that normal?

    • Hi! During the first one or two years, your body is still adjusting to getting a period so it’s normal for it to be irregular. Missing a period is pretty common. So nothing to worry about.. it’s prbly just late.

      If you are sexually active and you are missing a period, there is a chance of pregnancy. Visit your family doctor!


  44. Hi i am 14 and i started my period two days ago which i was really exicited about because i have been worrying that i had something wrong with me; silly i know! – but i haven’t told my mum. everytime i pluck up the courage she is with someone! it is not that we arn’t close it is just that i am nervous!! and i don’t even know why!! what are good ways to start the conversation or shall i just say it out right? :) xx

  45. hi! im 13 ( got 13 this august ) and this was my fourth period and it happened yesterday. it was pretty light yesterday but i had an exam today so i put two just in case cause in my past 3 periods it was very heavy actually.After exam the blood was on my uniform so i had to wait until everyone was outside and not even a bit a lot! the uniform is white too !! tomorrow i hav a nother exam and also until the end of the week. an exam lasts about 3 hours or so is there anyway to light my period or do something to stop it leaking to my uniform cause it is sooo embarassing!!

  46. Hi =) im 13 and wanted to ask you some questions if ti ok with you? =D
    1- should you avoid drinking coffee and such on periods? id so right type of diet?
    2- is it normal to have to change every 1 or 2 hours?
    3- (and embarassing one) yu knw it gets how you sayy… ok let me tell you this way after standing up from the chair theres like sweat kind of thing on the chair? ( UGH !!) is that normal?
    4-i live in a rural place like my country is not even visible on some maps so it doesnt hav ways to get period panties or right kinds of pads the ones that use right now are :-,r:11,s:0,i:99&tx=199&ty=104 –> the blue kind and when i go to school it is very uncomfortable >.< help??

    • hi!

      1. Avoiding coffee is a good idea. Caffiene is a diuretic and can dehydrate you. Stay hydrated!
      2. You can change every 1 or 2 hours if that’s waht you’re comfortable with. If your pad is saturated every one or two hours, and it’s not normal for you, then speak with yoru doctor on this one!
      3. Haha yes.
      4. Ah it definitely sounds uncomfortable! Have you considered having them delivered to your house? Places like or even ebay! Good luck!!

  47. hie im just got my period yestarday but wats bothering me is that i was on on the 20th of october is this nomal as is has jus been like 9days inbetween… please help

    • Hi! Is it one of the first times getting your period? Your body might not be familiar with your period and all the new changes happening to your body so your flow may be more irregular because of that. An irregular flow is normal for the first couple years of getting your period.

      I would still recommend visiting your doctor to get checked out tho!

  48. Hi! I got my 2nd period on November 3rd around 1am or Early early Sunday morning 1am which ever you prefer, haha But anyways I started using tampons yesterday (Tuesday November 6th 2012) And today i’m not leaking, I put a tampon in, in the morning around 8:00 am and I took it out at 11 am and put a pad on. When I got home from school my pad didn’t have any blood on it. I’ve only had it for 3 days. I usually have it for 4 or 5! Is it normal??
    Help<3 (:

  49. ask your mom. It might seem weird but that’s what they’re there for. And if she starts telling you embarrasing stories just be like “mom, stop.” I hate asking my mom about anything personal but this is one of those things that she should be involved in.

  50. Hi, I’m 22 and slightly confused. I have a SUPER heavy period that soaks through a super pad in 1-2 hours, and it doesn’t let up at night either. Is this a normal thing? I know I’m old enough and should know but it’s not something everyone talks about you know? I’m just worried because I never know when it’s coming and end up ruining a pair of underwear every time I start. Also, it’s heavy enough that even when I don’t cough I can feel it flowing out… normal?

    • Hi Cyndie! It sounds like your heavy flow is heavier than your usual heavy. If it’s not typical of your usual period flow then I would suggest getting it checked out.

      It’s okay, no one is ever “old enough” to know everything about our bodies :)! Thankfully there are doctors and clinics dedicated to our reproductive organs :)!


  51. Hi, I just got my period yesterday and I really need your help. I am 14 years old and my period seems to be kinda heavy right now, will it kinda die down soon? Also how long do “normal” periods last? Thank you so much!

    • Hi! Usually it starts out heavy and then becomes lighter with each day. A normal period lasts anywhere from 4-7 days. If it’s your first period then it is normal for it to last longer too :).


  52. hi! i’m 15 and i only have my period for about 3 days and its usually really light, is that normal? i started my period 3 years ago, and they used to be heavy, and im really scared! could it be because of stress, because im doing my exam’s at the moment, and that makes me sressed. thanks

  53. Hi!

    So I’m 13 and got my period about 2 months ago. I havent relly been keeping track of what time of the monthe I had it but is it possible that one month it can be in the beginning and the next month it can be at the end? And today I had a pretty heavy flow but now theres only a few spots..will this happen often? Thank you so much!

    • Yes it is possible for that to happen cause its happens to me before and your last question it will happen sometimes just keep your body healthy and drink lots of water

    • Hey! That sounds pretty normal for the first year of yoru period. The first couple years it’s normal for it to be irregular. Your body is still trying to adjust and get used to having a period. Start marking when your period starts. You’ll start to get a better idea of your cycle.

      Your flow sounds normal :).

  54. I just had my first period 3 days ago and my mom just found out but i dont feel comfortable talking to her just yet. i have a really heavey flow right now and am changing my pad every 1-2 hours. is it normal to have a heavey flow at the begining or will that keep going the whole time?

    • I hope I’m not too late! Since it’s your first period, yes it’s normal to have such a heavy flow. It will get lighter as I’m sure you have recently discovered :).

      Congrats on your first period! I am guessing you told ur mom by now :)?

  55. So i started my period in june and im 13 but in october and november i didnt get my period. Is that normal? And im not sexually active

    • Hey! Getting your period is a huge step for your body so it will take some time for your body to get used to having a period. It’s normal for the first couple years for your period to be irregular. So yes it’s normal to skip a period or two.

  56. Hi.. I got my period 5 day after my 13th birthday in September. In October, I didn’t get it at all. Is this normal? I’m on my period now and it’s really heavy and it’s my 3rd period. Is this normal? Is it okay to change my pad like 4/5 times a day? I’ve changed it 4 times today and it’s only the middle of the day.

    • 1. Yes it’s normal to skip a period or two during your first couple years of starting your period. It’s a huge step for your body so it’s normal for it to be irregular while your body is trying to adjust to having periods.

      2. We all get heavy periods every now and then. It’s normal.

      3. Yes it’s okay to change 4/5 times a day. Change as much as you need to stay comfortable.

  57. This Is kinda weird but I only get my period when I wipe in the bathroom. Even the heaviest I’ve had. And when I tol my mom about my first period i said, “Hey mom… I’m bleeding…” and she got the message so you could try that!

  58. Hi! I have a rather personal question and I hope you can help! So, I’m having a really heavy flow and even though I have a pad, it leaks through. I’m worried about church and school. How can I prevent it from ruining my underwear and pants?

    • What sort of pads do you wear? I have a very heavy flow and I usually need to wear 2 heavy-flow pads (one at the front of my undies, and one at the back of my undies) for the first 2-3 days to prevent leaking. Sometimes I even have to change my pads every hour or every two hours. It can be annoying changing it so often, but it’s better than leaking everywhere :)

      This is also another option (and you might not agree with it depending on your personal/religious beliefs), but taking the contraceptive pill will lighten your flow and allow you to plan your period so that it won’t land on a church or school day.

  59. I got my period about a year ago, and at first everyhing was fine, but now i’m starting to leak. Since i’m at school for 6-7 hours a day, as well as in gymnastics and horse-back riding, this makes that time of the month super stressful. I find that i don’t leak through the front or back often, i always leak through the sides. What happens is the blood seems to seep into and around the wings of the pads i use, so that the parts of the wing on the underside of my panties have blood in/on them, and then the blood leaks through my pants. The pad doesn’t even look like it’s full when this happens, there’s still white space in the front and back of my pad. Sometimes it leaks after only about 1 or 2 hours of changing my pad in the morning. I’m scared shitless of tampons, and I haven’t talked to my mom about it. Please help!

  60. I’m 15 and I just started my period on Sunday. My flow is very very heavy considering it’s my first (well, I think so, but I don’t really have anything to compare it to). I’ve had to change pads at least every 2 hours. I want to try tampons since pads feel so sticky and uncomfortable but my mom only has the massive ultra ones so I have to wait until we can get out and buy some smaller ones to start with. Will my flow ever get lighter? :( The pads are so uncomfortable that I can barely walk and exercise isn’t even an option for me right now.

    Also, lying down I find that my legs go kind of numb. So when I first wake up in the morning, it’s very hard to get out of bed, I kind of have to swivel sideways before I sit up and drop my legs down… is this normal?

    Aaaand finally (sorry this is so long, I have lots of questions!) the sight of my blood makes me want to vomit. Every time I change a pad I get lightheaded. Yesterday morning before school I changed the pad and shortly after I passed out several times in a row and had to stay home from school. I felt pretty lightheaded all day but it’s better now. What can I do to stop getting so grossed out? Normal blood doesn’t bother me at all but for whatever reason, this totally freaks me out.

    Thank you SO MUCH!

    • 1. Will your flow get lighter? I can’t give you a definite answer but usually it will be more managable once your body gets more used to having a period.

      2. Not sure about legs going numb. Ask your family doc!

      3. It’s ok I’m scared of blood too haha. You get used to seeing it.

      Good luck!

  61. Anonymous from December 16 at 3:59:

    I’ve done this too, especially overnight. I’ve just had my first period and throughout the day being in different positions (sitting, standing, lying down) it’s hard to predict where your flow will go, and the pad may not cover everything. So you take two pads and put one in the upper part of your undies (so it covers your vajayjay and the other end points up to your belly button) and one on the lower part, partially overlapping the other (from your vajayjay pointing toward the top of your butt crack, for lack of a better term). This minimizes your chance of serious leaks.

  62. my period is heavy today as i type this and just started today and heavy. should change it now? and have bad stomach cramps what should i rake?

    • Change it when the pad starts to get full or when you start to feel uncomfortable/dirty. Just make sure you feel comfortable and clean.

      Drink warm liquids and apply a hot water bottle to your tummy area for cramps. Good luck!


  63. Hi I’m on winter break in sunny Florida and ive had my period since August and I wanted Togo swimming so my mom bought me tampons but every time I try to put one on I panic is this normal also I got my last periods eight days apart is that bad thanks anonymous

    • Hi! 8 days a part is a very short cycle but since you just started your period, it’s normal for your period cycle to be irregular. See your doctor if this keeps up.

      It’s normal to be scared because it’s such a new feeling to insert a tampon. Just relax :)! The insertion process is pretty simple and very safe. You can’t really break anything down there with a tampon.

  64. Hi, I know this is kinda late, but.

    I’ve had my period for about 6 months now. I got it when I was ten. Is that too early? I also want to ask how many times I should change it. I change it about 3 times a day and I have a normal to semi-heavy flow. Is 3 times enough? Too much? Also, how long does it take for your body to adjust to a cycle? I feel like mine adjusted but my cousin’s took a year. Is it adjusted? I’m nervous, because usually I get it on the first week now, but I don’t want it to come up when I’m not prepared! It’s been on the first week for three months now. Does that mean I’m adjusted to it being on the first week? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m still very curious.

    • 1. No, it’s not too early. That sounds normal. Everyone’s body is different. Your friends will all get it at different times.

      2. Change it as often as you need to feel comfortable. 3 sounds normal.

      3. It normally takes about 2 years but I think I took about 3 years. If you think your period might sneak up on you, wear a pantiliner for days when you think you might get your period and always have some pads on you :)!

      4. Your body will continually adjust to having a period. It’s not set in stone that you will have it on the first week but it sounds like you should continue to expect to have it on the first week :). Good job on keeping track!

  65. Hi I’m 13 and I just got my period today but about a year ago I had a single period type thing that was fairly light and I never got one again til now is that normal? I’m pretty heavy but only have thin long pads and sleep on a couch what should I do? Also is it normal for periods to come out somewhat stringy? P.S I’m small for my size and any size pad is fairly uncomfortable but I’m not quite ready for tampons… Any response back will be much appreciated – Anonymous needs help :) thx

    • Hi!

      1. Single period type thing: It’s normal for your period to be irregular in the first couple years. Remember when it happened, write it down and if it keeps happening, see your doctor. But otherwise it is normal.

      2. Put down a towel on the couch to catch leaks :)!

  66. I sometimes use tampons and before I use one my period is normal but then it slows down after I take it out!! Then my period lasts longer but it’s just spoting for like a week!! Why does it do that?

    • Hi! It’s normal for the flow to be inconsistent. Sometimes you may find that it will become heavy even after it has slowed down for a couple of hours. It’s just your body doing its thing at its own pace.

  67. I’m in the sixth grade I just had my period, school’s tommorow I’m scared to death and to make matters worse it’s our first swim day in P.E. so I don’t know what to do… My mom suggested I should change my pad every two hours, but I only have four minutes between classes. I don’t think I have enough time, I gladly have female teachers so that makes things a little better but if I tell them will they understand? I’ve also hard about people getting all emotional on their periods, I haven’t been feeling in a mood but I’ve been really hungry.

  68. Hi,I am a 15 year old girl and last month my period started on the 16th and it it the 17th today and I don’t know why its not coming. Is it bad if it is a little late? Oh and by the way I havent even had my first kiss so I havent done anything bad haha

    • Hi! It’s fine. Cycles are on average 28 days but this is the average. They can be longer or shorter. Just take note of when it comes. The first day of your last period to the first day of your next cycle = one full cycle.

      Congrats on your first period!


  69. oh and my first period was only 3 months ago so do you think my body is just still getting used to the fact that Im on my period? Thank you so much!

    • It is starting to! But usually it is irregular for the first couple years. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be completely unpredictable but your body is still adjusting so sometimes it may be late or early.

  70. What is the most comfortablest way to sit on the couch when you are wearing a pad? And the most comfortablest way to go to sleep? Cuz im laways afraid the when i lay down on my back or on my side that the blood will go like through my underwear, like in the back. when i go to sleep i try to sleep on my side but im still scared please help!!!!!

    • Hey! I used to obsess over sleeping positions too but I find the best way to sleep in any position during my period is to wear snug fit panties (this way, the pad is closest to your body so you know the first thing your period touches is the pad and not sliding down your bum!) and also to position your pad closer to the back if your sleeping on your back or to the front if you sleep on your tummy.

      Good luck!


  71. Hi I’m 13 and I just got my period today. I was wondering if it would be ok if I put on a pad at around 7:15 am and change around 4:30 pm? Is that too long? My friend told me to change during lunch. And can I sleep with a pad on? Is it ok to sleep on my side if I do? Should I be running if I’m wearing a pad?(I like to race, A LOT. I also run even if I have cramps…I believe it helps the pain go away.) I also have gym tomorrow and I’m afraid it’ll fall out or something. What should I avoid eating?(I like to eat a lot of candy and junk food)Is there any way to help cramps besides taking Advil and eating bananas? Sorry for all the questions >.< I’m just really nervous and scared.

    • Hi! Congrats on your first period!

      1. Change when your pad starts to get full or however often you need to feel fresh and clean. On heavy days you will need to change more than lighter flow days.

      2. Yes you can definitely sleep with a pad on. Yes you can sleep on your side.

      3. Yes you can run with a pad on. And yes! Exercise does help with cramps! It sounds like you already know a lot :)! Good job!!

      4. Eat healthy on your period! Avoid cold drinks, they can make your cramps worse,

      5. Cramps can be soothed with a hot water bottle or just applying heat to your tummy. Eating healthy can also contribute to less painful cramps.

      Asking questions is great!!


    • Hey! I’ve never been to Singapore but I have been to Asia… anywhere that sells pads should sell tampons (at least that is how it is in North America).

      Try places like Watsons or other drug stores :)!

  72. My mom got her period when she was 12 I’m 12 going to be 13 in 1 month should i be expecting my period lets say within like the next year?

    • Hi! Every girl is different but 13 is around the age girls get their first period. Better indicators of whether you should expect your first period are other signs of puberty like… have your breasts started developing? do you have vaginal discharge yet? If you answer yes, then that is a good sign that your first period is on its way :).

      I think my period started a couple years after I started to develop breasts and have vaginal discharge. But that is my experience and everyone is different. You may expect is earlier or later.

      Hope that helps!

  73. i am 11 and have no period but inearly all my friends do.i get discharge and am puzzled as i cant remember when i got mum got hers at 16 and ur supposed to get it close to ur mum right ????????????????????

  74. is it normal for my stomach to hurt after a couple hours (2 or 3) while wearing a tampon or pad? Also the stomach pain indicates that my flow has stopped. once i change my pad or tampon the pain goes away and the flow stops. but is that normal????
    is it possible it’s a side effect of the pad (and any chemical/scent) they put on it???

    i’m kind of concerned. this had been my experience for about the last 2 years of my period. The years before this wasn’t a problem before (earlier).

  75. Hi, I’m 11 years old, nearly 12. Quite matured. Um, as far as I know I have started my period. I was on the loo and when I wiped there was quite a lot of blood. I’ve just now put a pad on not a tampon, but a pad just in case. Have I started my period, will it be heavy, and for a first period do you have any clue how often to change it? I know it’s a bit hard to judge for another person but how many hours would you go? xxx

    • Hi! Congrats on your first period!

      Your very first period may be very heavy and this is normal. The first couple days are usually the heaviest and then they will get lighter.

      Check your pad every time you go to the washroom okay? If it starts to get full or if you just feel uncomfortable or dirty from your pad then change it okay? I usually change every 3-5 hours.

  76. How long does the blood stuff last? Does that go on for the whole 28 days or like 18 or something? Sorry i know nothing about periods >.< So how long will there be blood?
    And will I get cramps through the whole 28 days or just when there’s blood? x

    • Hi! Your period (the time when you bleed) will last anywhere from 5-7 days on average.. it can be longer or shorter though.

      Cramps usually happen during your period and a couple days before your period. The rest of the time during your cycle, your body is not bleeding.

      Day 1 of your period is the first day you bleed.
      One full cycle is number of days between Day 1 of your first period to Day 1 of your NEXT period okay? Just count the days inbetween. The average is 28 days but it can be longer or shorter too. Everyone is a little different. It’s a good idea to keep track of the days so you can predict when your next period is.

      Good luck!

  77. Erm hi. I’m 12 and I’ve had my first period over a month ago and of course i’m expected to be everywhere but i really want a answer. Before I kept getting stringy bits that’s normal but no reason to wear a pad or anything but then at third lesson at school today I just suddenly started again and it was very heavy so is there anyway of predicting you will start your period in the day so you can put your pad on in the morning or should I just go with the flow

    • Hi, you can predict your period by counting the days in your cycle. You can learn how to do that here: How To Count Your Period Cycle

      As you have more periods, you may notice a pattern in how your body feels right before you get your period. For exampls, many girls report that their breasts feel tender or experience cramps in the tummy area a couple days before they get their period.

      It sounds like you are already carry a pad with you around at all times. That’s a great way to stay prepared!

  78. I just got my first period and it was so light it didn’t even come close to filling 1 pad the whole day. Will it get heavy? I’m pretty active and would like to use tampons but my periods arent heavy enough yet and its been completely brown, when will it turn red. And yes I’m sure its not stool, I made sure it wasn’t.

  79. Hi i’ve had my first period and i’m not sure when i’m due my next one because I used a tampon at the endish and then it stopped that day then the next day there was a little bit more blood… Is that normal, I’m really worried, Thanks HEAPS :)

  80. I have a question… can your period be clear? Or is it just going to be blood? Because i have not had my period yet and i am 12 and sometimes in my underwear there is some clear stuff and i have no clue what it is! Please respond i need to know!

  81. Hi,
    I think i got my first period today. I want to tell my mom but i dont want it to be awkward. I am 11.My mom thinks i dont know want a period is so….

    And also, I dont want my dad to know about it. What should i do?

  82. hi
    i had my period before,and they are between 24 days from eachother,but this time its 1 month late.i had it about 5 times already and im not sexually active either….

  83. hi,
    does anyone have any tips on how to stop a pad leaking at night down your bum?? It is super annoying but it happens every time i have my period!! (I always sleep on my back)

  84. Hi,I`m 11 and I just got my period yesterday, and I`m not sure how often to change it. I heard your supposed to change it every 3-4 hours, but I`m nervous changing it at school because there is a few kids who always hang out in the bathroom, and i`m scared they`ll hear me. So I was wondering do I have to change my pad at school, could I just wear a heavy flow pad, If not what do i do. I`m too scared to ask my mom, so PLEASE help me, I`m super nervous!

    • no you shouldn’t be nervous to ask your mom. All girls go through this, and she will understand…like me I’m only 12, (and lol this sounds insane but I started on the exact same day as you), and since I already knew it was coming I wasn’t really scared. But trust me, your mom will understand, because she went through the same thing. And besides..some of those kids might be on theirs to…don’t be scared or nervous.

  85. I’m thirteen and I haven’t started my period yet. Am I normal? Also, what do all the different terms on the packets of pads mean? Like “ultra” and “maxi” and “wings” and stuff? Thanks a lot for any advice given!

  86. Hi. I’m 12 and I started my period this morning. My mom was working and I kinda knew what to do. But the thing is, I’m hosting an ice skating get together with a couple of my friends on Saturday and I’ll probably wear skinny jeans. If I wear skinny jeans, should I use a tampon or what kind of pad should I use? Im kinda scared of using a tampon sooo.. Please tell me I can use a pad..? How long will my period last? Will it last past Friday? Im scared.

    • Hi Janelle,

      Congratulations on your period!

      Yes you can wear a pad with skinny jeans. You can wear a pad with anything you wear really :)! Choose an ultra-thin pad so it doesn’t show through your jeans. I find the maxi ones show through tight jeans more. I recommend starting with pads because they are so easy to use even without instructions. I would recommend you start tampons once you get a better idea of how your flow is.

      Your first period will last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Your first one is usually the heaviest and not indicative of what the rest of your periods will be like. My first one lasted two weeks but after that my period usually lasted 5-7 days. It is different for everyone.

      Good luck! I hope you get a chance to speak with your mom.

  87. I got my period this morning. I don’t know when to change my pad though. I need help with knowing when to Change it. Could you help me?

    • Change your pad once it starts to get full. When you get more familiar with your body, you’ll get a better idea of how often you need to change. Start by checking every 3 hours or so or just every time you need to use the washroom. When it gets full or you start to feel dirty or uncomfortable then change it to a fresh new pad.

  88. Hi, I’m 13,14 in September and I got my first period today,I was at school and wasn’t feeling very well so went home, when I went home my mother asks if it was my period and I replied with I’m not sure so I went to lye done and got up to go to the bathroom just as my mother was about to leave, adm noticed the blood so told her, she gave me a bunch of always pad and I put it on, she left and I was fine.

    I’m wondering how often I should change my pad also if it is okay just to change my pad to a new on but the same type to wear at night? X

  89. I just got my first period and the pad normally doesn’t have much blood on it but most of the time my underwear are saturated is that normal

  90. Hi,

    Im 13 nearly 14, and i started my period about 3 days ago. Im really scared about telling my mum, and i dont know what to say! Also, how can you tell if you have a light period or a heavy one? Sorry about all the questions but im new to this. Thanks x

    • Hi!

      Congrats on your first period and thank you so much for commenting! I know it can be a bit scary to tell your mom but just know that your mom has been through this before and has a period too! She is also probably expecting you to get yours at your age so don’t be scared to tell her :). Just tell her you need to talk to her and that there was some blood on your panties or that you got your first period.

      Once you become a bit more familiar with your own flow, you will know when you have a light flow vs a heavy flow. When I have a heavy flow, my pad will usually fill up within 3-4 hours and on a light flow I have trouble filling the pad even after 8 hours. It’s a bit different for everyone though!

      Good luck!

  91. Hi again,

    I managed to tell my mum, and its ok now. I wish you could have given me some advice, but i have read some of the other messages people have sent and it helped me a lot so thanks :)

  92. hi! I started my period yesterday and I told my mum last night. I had today off school because of it being my first day, I have pads, don’t want to use tampons! The pads say ‘normal’ flow, and my mum has a full draw of pads and things so I will never be short, but I feel as if I’m changing tthem way too much? Blogs say 4 hours on heavy, but I’m changing 1-2 hours? Do I need a better pad for heavier flows?

  93. Hi! i started my period two days ago and apparently your blood should be reddish brown but mine is a bright red, like your normal blood color. is this normal? is there something wrong with me ? xD

  94. Is there any way to prevent leaking overnight aside from using an old towel or sheet? I’d rather not make it too noticeable… Ahaa. Your help would be appreciated!! Thank you,


  95. Hi,

    I’m 13, 14 in September and just got my period today. I woke up and my undies were soaked with blood. I’m very new to all of this and was wondering when to change my pad and how often my period will come? Also I’ve told my mum but am finding it really awkward and hard when she tries to talk to me about it.

  96. Hi my name is
    Jenna and I got my first period today I’m 12 almost 13 like in a month away. I went to a one direction concert yesterday in Hershey (Friday july 5th 2013) what could have caused it? What should I wear to bed at night? My mom knows but I’m afraid to asks her and kind of embarrassed any help?

    Thanks Jenna!!

  97. Hey,

    I’m due my peirod next week, this will be my second peirod ever,but I have crapms and have had sore breasts for most of the day on and off, ever since I finished my first peirod I’ve been having discharge but in the last couple of days it has been more like a liquid than a compound texture ( like normal discharge ) and there is always the feeling of having discharge in my underwear, I’m wondering if there is any chance if I could have my peirod tomorrow or the next day or if not will it be on the same date as last month cause I counted 28 days and it should be on Monday when I due on Thursdaythe 18th (like last month).

    Thank You,
    Fin <3

    • Hi Fin,

      It sounds like your period is going to come very soon.

      Not all period cycles are exactly 28 days. 28 days is just the average. This means your period cycle can be less than 28 days or more than 28 days. You will just have to wait and see when your period comes since this is only your second period. Your body is still adjusting and getting used to having a period so each month your cycle may not always be the same number of days.

      Stay prepared by wearing a pantiliner and always keep some pads or tampons with you. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job already. Keep it up Fin!


  98. Hi. Yesterday I went to an amusement park and I had cramps ALL day. It was horrible. It’s my first period, and this morning I had cramps and I went to the bathroom and found blood on the toliet paper. I got really scared so i took my sisters pads and I was home alone. I don’t want to use a tampon ever. It seems so scary and I’m only 13. Even though that’s the normal age. I hate being a girl and I just want my period to end. It’s so painful!!! I’m leaking everywhere and I’m afraid ill wake up with a pool of blood. I don’t want to talk to my mom because she is always around my brothers. Idk what to do! How long is this hell going to last?!

    • Hey, I’m the same age as you and I’m on my second but my first one wasn’t that but but talk to your mum if u can do it face to face text her or write her a note, also if u need supplies text her when she is out or at work and ask if she could pick some up she will understand as she has been through it before ( that is what I done when I needed supplies), when I had my first one I was terrified I also dreaded it as I have a twin sister who I don’t really like talking about that kind of stuff to but she is noise and would always go on about ( I don’t think so knows I’ve stared ) so I only told my mum but after I told her I felt better i wasn’t scared. One day I woke up early and I didn’t notice I had leaked until I went to the toilet( i sleep on a towel just incase anyway),at that point I started to shake cause I was really scared and wasn’t sure how to tell my mum but a cleaned up and went through to her room, she was up from the flush of the toilet I stood still and and couldn’t speak but I should her my pj top which had blood on it, she was like aw it is fine it happens all the time and even happens to me but when I does just change and put your underwear in the wash if they’res not a lot of blood but if they’re is put them in the bin, and after that I felt fine cause my said it happens to everyone, so don’t be afraid just talk to your mum <3

  99. Hi I’m Kaila,
    I just got my period last night. I when to bed and started having cramps. I when to the toilet and a little blood was there. In the morning I woke up and when to the bathroom and my undies were full of blood. I’m only 13, is it normal to have that much blood on my first period.

  100. Hi um , im 14 and this is only about my 7th period..ima really tiny girl but i have a heavy period? Im wondering if this is normal .. also im a cherrleader i fly , (im in the air) i also tumble too .. should i wear a tampon? Right now i put spandex on then tight shorts on.. but im just so scared of leakage.. im also terrified to start wearing a tampon.. any tips for my first time?

  101. Hi everyone. I’m 19 and have had my period for a long time now, but I just had a thought that I haven’t seen in any of the comments yet.

    I’m not sure if it’s common, but my period plays tricks on me. Around Day 4 or 5 it will stop completely and I would think it’s over. Then, several hours later, it comes right back and I bleed for another day. -_- I just wanted to mention this just in case it happens to someone so that they don’t freak out like I did, heh. If you find that it happens often (because it didn’t happen every period), make a habit of wearing the pad, even if it looks like it’s over :)

    Also, in addition to heavy flow pads at night, there are longer pads that can reduce the risk of a leak.

    I hope this helped ^_^

  102. Im 14, I start highschool in the fall. I just started my period Sunday night. And I cant tell my mom. (long sappy story) My cousin bought me pads and stuff. And today I seriously got like 2 spots of blood like barley, is that normal? And should I change my pad before I go to bed even though theres not that much blood on it?

    Also ive never used a tampon and I have PE when school starts.. And they say your suppose to use one when active. Is there anything I could do besides that?


    • Hi!

      Light period – just change when the pad starts to feel dirty or makes you feel uncomfortable. That will likely be longer than when you have a normal flow. When I have a light flow, it’s the sweat from my body’s warmth that builds up throughout the day. I can get away with wearing it for half a day. If you can, just opt for a pantiiner instead.

      Tampon – only insert a tampon when you have a flow so only when you are on your period and you are flowing normally. If you have a light period like you described above, just two spots, then opt for a pantiliner or pad instead :).

      In the mean time, you can review the instructions and check out my blog post on how to find your vaginal opening.

  103. Ok so I just started my cycle and when I use the restroom is it ok to wipe or can it hurt anything. Stupid question I know but I just don’t know

  104. Hey, I’m not on my third period but wondering, my first and second period were just normal heavy at start then light and they came when they were meant to so they were regular I’m just wondering will my third period be a lot heavier or just like the others <3 <3

  105. Hey! I just started my period yesterday and I don’t really know how long it will last. It’s not very heavy, but it’s not really light either. I haven’t told my mum yet but i m planning too

    Any suggestions?

  106. I am 13 and I got my period yesterday.

    1. I love to swim and I want to start using tampons so I can get used to it but I’m scared to. What should I do?

    2. School starts the 26th and I’m scared I will bleed everywhere because so far it has been a little heavy. (Again) What should I do?

    • Hi!!

      Thanks for writing to me!

      1. Take a look at this post: How to Insert a Tampon

      2. Don’t worry! Pads and tampons will protect you! It is good that you know your flow is a bit heavy. This just means you will have to go the the washroom more often to check your pad/tampon ok? You’ll also have to carry more pads/tampons with you in case you have to change it lots. Keep a stash in your locker or backpack :)! Good luck!

  107. I am on my 4th period and i am 13. I have a heavy flow that I have not had before. I am changing pads and tampons every half hour is this normal?

  108. Hey, I’m not on my third period but wondering, my first and second period were just normal heavy at start then light and they came when they were meant to so they were regular I’m just wondering will my third period be a lot heavier or just like the others <3 <3

    • That’s the thing about periods! You’ll just have to wait and see! It sounds like your next period has a good chance of being like the first two!

  109. I was due my period yesterday but I still have not got it I’ve had cramps since last week and tmrw is Thursday but I’m not really sure how to tell if I will possible get my period tmrw, is there any way to tell???? <3

  110. I started my period at the end of last month and supposed to get it again the week after school starts. What do I do if I get it during school?! I don’t have any panty liners, should just put toilet paper in my underwear everyday, just in case? WHAT DO I DO?

  111. How long would a pantiliner last if I got my period while wearing one? Since I haven’t gotten it yet and don’t want to waste pads, I’m thinking of making makeshift ones out of paper towels and toilet paper. How long do you think a toilet-paper-pad would last at the start of a period, as well?

  112. I started my period last night and my mum told me to use some of my sisters pads. They were medium rating but my flow is only light. Does it matter?

    • I say anon that you should use them and it will be fine but if its heavy or overnight time use thicker , more absorbing pads so it doesn’t go over the edge and you will feel more comforatable on your virgina and you won’t feel very wet xx

  113. I started my first period and I am scared of getting a bath because I feel like it will leak everywhere what shall I do because I pass out when I see a lot of blood please help !

  114. Hi, I am 12 and I think I just got my first period. When I woke up this morning, my undies were filled with what looked like blood/reddish brown discharge. I start school in a few days and we only get two bathroom passes every six months D: I was just wondering if my teachers would still allow me to go to the restroom and freshen up? Thanks :) x

  115. hey yall im 14 iv had my period for about 3 years now every time I put a tampon in It hurts and I love to swim and it keeps stoppin me from swimming what should I do and am I doin something wrong the tampon

  116. Hey I started on my birthday this year and everytime I have my period it’s really heavy. It fills my pants up at school and overflows sometimes. Help me

    • This means you need to change your pad more often. Bring extra pads with you to school okay? It is a good idea to bring more than you need just in case especially since you have a heavy flow. You may want to bring a spare pair of pants and underwear too for emergencies. Good luck Amy!

  117. I just got my 1st period yesterday and I was kind of scared but I feel soooo much better after reading your blog so thank you!!! But I still have one question, is it normal to bleed while your going to the bathroom?

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  119. Hey, so I was using the bathroom and I’ve had my period for a year now but when I wiped I kinda did it harder than usual to get the blood off me and well it felt REALLY GOOD I’m just wondering if this is normal.

  120. Am I a filthy person? When I have a moderate to light flow, if my night time pad has nothing on it or even a tiny spot, I don’t change it. I just clean myself with wet toilet paper and keep using the same pad. To me it’s a waste if I throw it out and the more pads I have left over, the better because I like to make up an emergancy supply bag for each of my activities I go to. Am I normal or ‘gross’?

  121. Hi, I’m a week from thirteen and haven’t yet had my period, but I have been getting discharge for a while. What should I expect for my first period, and if it happens while I am in school and unprepared, will it be noticeable? Thank you.

  122. Hi :) i read a lot of your posts, and your so helpful! I’m almost 14 and I got my period today. I was wondering if when you take a shower, you have to wash between the legs right? Like, make sure your below is clean and fresh. I dont know what to do I have pads but when I was showering and washing my underneath my green towel got blood all over it so im wondering how to shower and stay clean below if my towel keeps getting blood >< Please help, and thankyou so much :)

  123. Hi I Am Only In 5th Grade And Im To Shy to go to the nurse and i dont think anyone in my grade has it so im also to embarassed to change it in the bathroom

    • Hi S,

      I know it can be weird at first but in a few years, it will be so normal. I just rip open my pad and make the loudest sounds now even in public washrooms. Not just me, but all the girls around me too!

      When I was younger I was shy about it too though. I would pre open my pads so they would be quiet. I’d open them so the sides were already torn open and then fold it back up with the sticker and put them in a clean pocket. You can try that too so it’s quieter and more discreet. Let me know if that helps. Good luck!

  124. I just got my period. ( sigh) . I am 13 my mum gave me some pads. I got it 2 days ago. Right now it is bothering me because, I feel that my pad is wet but whenever I check on it there is only a spot of blood. It is very annoying. I just changed it four hours ago. Plz help! I’m i wearing the wrong pad or something?

    • Hi! Congrats on your period! This is actually very normal. Sometimes it can feel like a huge waterfall down there but when you run to the bathroom to check it’s just one drop -_-. LOL It will take some getting used to. Try different pads and see if they work better for you. Good luck!

    • yes my case is same…i’m also 13 and i too feel very wet down there but when i go and check i find only a few drops of blood..and i remember yesterday when i was going to sleep i thought that i would wake up with a pad full of blood but when i woke up at midnight (for a pee) i only found some drops of blood

  125. Hello!
    I literally just started my period (for the first time) and I can’t help but notice the odor. I’m pretty ‘chill’ about the whole thing but the smell is worrying me! How do I get rid of it?
    Changing to clean pads could make it less strong but what I’m asking is if I should use perfume or something?
    Please respond asap! School is tomorrow!

    • Hi!

      To help with the smell, shower daily and change your pad often. You can also choose pads that have odor protection or added scents. It also helps to wear pants instead of skirts/dresses. It helps contain the smell.

      Good luck Darcy!

  126. hey I’m 14 and got my first period on Friday, I wasn’t scared cause I was prepared, I told my mom and she was happy that I got it and she don’t even think anything embarrassing about it :)
    anyways,, 1.can other people smell my period?
    2. why don’t I get cramps?
    3. how long will my period go for if I was heavy on Friday till this morrning now I’m light?
    how many times do I have to change my pad when I’m light?
    4. I don’t want people to know that I have my period at school and don’t want to go to the bathroom a lot how can I just act normal about it?
    thank you so much xoxoox

    • 1. With proper hygiene like changing your pad, no one should be able to smell it!
      2. No cramps? Good! Cramps are basically your muscles working extra hard to push your period out. It looks like your period isn’t giving you a hard time :).
      3. You will just have to wait and see. It’s different for everyone.
      4. I think you will find that many girls go to the washroom as frequently as you do.. and no one questions it. At 14, many girls will have started their period already so I think most girls won’t think twice about it.

  127. I’m really stressed out because I just got my first period two days ago. I’m a competitive swimmer and I swim ever day for about an hour and a half (excluding those past two days of course).
    I have a few questions,

    1. Are there pads that don’t blow up in water?
    2. I really don’t get how to put tampons in, and I’d rather my mom not help me put it in.. Is there anyway you could explain it?
    3. My period seems to be very very light, I’ve worn only two pads today with both not being close to full (just because I felt like changing it). Is that normal?
    4. Will my period affect my swimming?

    • 1. Pads are meant to absorb liquid so they definitely won’t work in the pool. Use a tampon instead or a menstrual cup.

      2. Check out my tutorial here: How to insert a tampon
      If you still need help, comment and tell me which step you need help on and what you are having trouble with :).

      3. Light period is normal :). Everyone bleeds a different amount. Is it very very light through your entire period?

      4. To be honest, people will tell you nope, you can swim with a tampon and everything will be fine. But in reality, there will be days you will get cramps and lower back aches. It sounds like you are very healthy and exercise every day and this really helps contribute to a healthy period :).

  128. Hi! g ot my period for the first time this morning (I’m 13) and I have a normal flow but I’m kind of scared to take a shower. I know that it’s unsanitary but I don’t want to see blood dripping down while I’m in the shower (Sorry, that’s kind of gross.) Scrolling through these comments has helped quite a bit but I don’t know what to do about the shower thing… Please help!! -Anomymous

    • Hi! Congrats on your first period! Don’t worry, your shower is only 15-20 mins? In that short time, you bleed very little.. like a drop or two. It just looks liek a lot on our pad cause we only check every few hours. If it does drip in the shower, it just washes way :).

  129. Hi, I started my period for the first time yesterday and i just have a few questions..
    1. It has been pretty heavy- do i need to change my pad every time i bleed? How often do i need to change it?
    2. How many days will this last?
    *note*I dont cramp really bad.
    3. If i take a bath, and start bleeding will it stain the tub?


    • 1. Change it when your pad starts to get full. You can tell by just looking or you can change it if if starts to get uncomfortable. For example on a really light flow day I can wear a pad all day and it won’t get full but it will start to get sweaty and uncomfortable down there so that’s when I change it.

      2. It’s a bit different for everyone and can last anywhere between 3-7 days. If it’s your first period it can last longer. I remember my first one lasted 2 weeks straight.

      3. Nope! It won’t stain :).

  130. I started my period today but I am afraid to go to sleep because it has been light so far but I am scared of waking up with blood on my bed.

    • Well this is really late but if you’re still worried about this just wear a nighttime pad and you can put a towel on your bed. Also, some people barely even bleed at all when they’re sleeping so if your lucky that could be you.

  131. hello =^-^=
    im 12 and I started my period recently….. tomorrow im going to be sprinting in a 200 meters race….. my whole house relys on me and another girl as we are the fastest runners in our house. what should I do im freaking out. im worried that wearng a pad will affect my performance. what do you think I should do?

    • Hi! A pad won’t affect your performance. Just wear snug fit panties so the pad doesn’t shift around when you run. Good luck!

  132. Hey I just got my period 3 days ago (my first) and I was really heavy I had to change it every 2 hours but on the second and third day I had not blood not a drop is there something wrong with me??? Plus Their is this brown stuff is that normal as we’ll ??? Thank you

  133. i had my first period yesterday…and i change my pad before sleeping,and after bathing…that’s it..just 2 times….because I’m having very light flow..

  134. Hi. I just turned 18 and before last month I got periods only like 2 times a year (first one at age 13). My doctor thinks it’s because I run long distances (half marathons, sometimes 25 miles a week). Now i think I’m getting them regularly because I had a really heavy one last month that started on the 14th and today I started another. The weird thing that was happening was that it would be super heavy all day like it would leak through a super size tampon and fill up a pad in an hour and a half but if I took one ibuprofen it would stop completely for about 3 hours. Is this supposed to happen? Also by doing this would it make my period last longer since it’s kind of being put on pause? Thanks!

  135. I’m 12, and I just got my period yesterday. Going through school was alright, but it was so nerve racking, and I’m not sure if I know what my pad looks like when it’s “full.” I always feel awkward asking to go to the bathroom and taking a purse out of my bookbag as I go out…is there a better way to do this? And when should I check; I only have 3 mins. to get to class before the bell rings… Can someone please help me out?

  136. Am i going through puberty at really young ages? I started getting breasts around 9 and armpit hair when i was almost 10. Then pubic hair a little while later. And now i got my period and im only 10!!! I feel like im different. I have told my parents and im kinda not lloking forward to the period. There is so much more blood than i thought there would be

  137. hi I just started to get my period is it normal if I feel scared and nervous how do I hide it at my school does your period smell

  138. Hi,
    I am 13 and I have just got my second period. My first period was quite light but I think this one is heavy. I have to change it maybe every hour and a half to 2 hours and I went on the Internet to see if this was too often. All of them said it was too often. Can you please tell me if this is normal for me?
    Thanks xx

    • Hi,

      Thanks for writing to me! I would wait until your next period and see if it is heavy again. If it happens again, then check in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay. It is possible that it is just this one time that your period decided to be super heavy. It sounds like you just started your period so it is normal for it to be irregular like this. Getting your period is a huge step for your body so it takes some time for your body to adjust and get used to it.

      -The Period Blog

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